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Len Bradshaw

MBA - Finance, BS - Accounting/Economics

945 Village SQ N, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760) 322-1810 *
- available for travel and/or relocation -
Seeking a Permanent or Short Term VP, Director or Team Manager Position
Revenue-Generating Business Development and Cost Cutting Enterprise-Wide Solutio
Project Management * Strategic Planning * Business Development * Accounting and
Financial Reporting * Sales, Marketing and Branding * Software Implementation *
Internet Technologies * System Re-engineering * Complex Problem-Solving
Fueled by tenacity and a never-ending thirst for knowledge, this incisive analys
t, marketer, and problem-solver calls upon his extensive experience across a wid
e variety of disciplines, including sales, accounting, finance, marketing, commu
nications, and more, to implement and maintain revenue-generating and/or cost-cu
tting solutions. Whether it be adapting to the latest in software and hardware t
echnology trends or expanding upon current applications, this resourceful manage
ment professional eagerly rolls up his sleeves to lead and/or assist teams of an
y size toward a timely realization of project goals and organizational objective
Career Highlights
* Led a web campaign that resulted in favorable contract agreements between an
international labor union and a global hotel chain, ending several boycotts and
strikes that had been costing millions of dollars worldwide in lost revenues and
employee wages.
* Directed and assisted project teams through the successful planning, design,
implementation and rollout of accounting consolidation and financial reporting s
ystems for multi-million dollar corporations worldwide, resulting in the reducti
on of overall monthly/annual closing times and costs by up to 70%.
* Developed and fine-tuned numerous strategic service business offerings that g
enerated hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue.
* Solved a variety of complex organizational and operational problems that resu
lted in millions of dollars in cost savings and cash recoveries.
* Developed an online branding strategy and web presence that reignited the car
eer of an internationally renowned civil rights activist.
Professional Experience
Amazing Web Creations, Palm Springs, CA - 2004 to Present
Proprietor, Director of Operations
Amazing Web Creations develops software applications and marketing campaigns for
the web, which include conceptualization, design, layout, and programming. Clie
nt size has run the gamut from small businesses to global enterprises. Financial
knowledge and experience add a unique perspective to this role in their ability
to lend numerical credence to projections and eventual campaign strategies, thu
s ensuring project success.
Key Accomplishments and Highlights:
Unite Here! New York, NY and Washington D.C. - an international labor union repr
esenting hospitality, gaming, food service, manufacturing, textile, laundry, and
airport industry workers throughout the U.S. and Canada.
* Laid the foundation for Unite Here's overall "Sleep With The Right People" we
b campaign for hotel and restaurant workers.
* Directed the implementation of a web-based campaign that led to a favorable c
ontractual agreement between the union and the Hilton Hotels Corporation; thus p
aving the way for the fair treatment of hotel and restaurant workers worldwide t
hrough legal protections, better wages, and increased benefits.
Center for Decision Research, University of Chicago - Founded in 1977, Chicago's
Center for Decision Research is the oldest academic center devoted to the field
s of marketing, management, and other decision research. Researchers at the cent
er examine the processes by which intuition, reasoning, and social interaction p
roduce beliefs, judgments, and choices.
* Developed online testing modules for graduate programs at the CDR.
Cleve Jones, Human Rights Activist - Cleve Jones is an internationally renowned
activist working toward the advancement of human rights for all.
* Developed an online branding strategy and web presence that repositioned Clev
e Jones to the forefront of national attention. In addition to a significant inc
rease in public speaking revenues for Mr. Jones, the positive impact his online
message continues to have on society at large is immeasurable.
InterTech Solutions, San Francisco, CA - 1998 to 2004
Director, Project Management
InterTech Solutions provides Advanced Solutions Management for enhancing the acc
ounting and financial reporting capabilities of corporate clients worldwide.
Key Accomplishments and Highlights:
* Directed and assisted project teams through the successful planning, design,
implementation, and rollout of Solectron Corporation's worldwide accounting cons
olidation and financial reporting system using Hyperion Enterprise.
* Developed programming scripts that automated complex calculations for the int
ercompany profit eliminations, shaving days off the monthly accounting cycle and
saving thousands of dollars worldwide.
* Reduced overall monthly and annual closing times by up to 70%, thereby cuttin
g costs and saving the corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars globally.
Hyperion Solutions Corporation, Santa Clara, CA - 1987 to 1998
Director, Business Development
A leading developer of business performance management software, which helps bus
inesses to gather, organize, and analyze business data; determine corporate perf
ormance; and then improve that performance through the use of modeling and plann
ing. During my tenure here, I held various Directorship and Management positions
throughout Hyperion's most formative years, helping it to grow from a start-up
software company to a worldwide leader in its industry.
Key Accomplishments and Highlights:
* Director of Business Development - developed and fine-tuned several strategic
business offerings and marketing campaigns, including the company's "System Rev
iew" package. The positioning of consultants for 2-day, paid analyses of existin
g client applications led to recommendations resulting in millions of dollars in
additional services and software sales for the company.
* Senior Project Manager - designed, directed, and implemented well over a hund
red corporate consolidation and financial reporting systems worldwide.
* Problem-solver Extraordinaire - frequently called upon to lead teams in the r
esolution of complex client technical and application issues. In one instance, a
n outstanding receivable of more than $4 million was recovered from a previously
disgruntled client after leading a team to successfully resolve their network c
ard incompatibility issues.
* Manager "Hotline" Support - Established the framework for Hyperion's telephon
e support group resulting in a 100% improvement in customer satisfaction and lea
ding to the expansion and continued growth of the company for years to come.
MBA (Honors) Finance - University of New Haven
Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude) Accounting and Economics - Central Connecticut S
tate University
Numerous Courses - Computer Software, Scripting and Technology
Defense Language Institute - Decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran, Linguist