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University of South Florida

Volume 1, Issue 1 26 April 2011

University of South Florida First-Year Composition

Join us Wednesday, April 27 from 10:45 to 3:00. About 60 students will be present- ing their ENC 1102 social action projects in the atrium of the Marshall Student Cen- ter.

Photo: On April 20, ENC 1102 students organized and partici- pated in a flash mob to raise awareness about sexual vio- lence.

in a flash mob to raise awareness about sexual vio- lence. Celebrating Student Success Words of
in a flash mob to raise awareness about sexual vio- lence. Celebrating Student Success Words of

Celebrating Student Success

about sexual vio- lence. Celebrating Student Success Words of Empowerment Daria Milligan While preparing to write
about sexual vio- lence. Celebrating Student Success Words of Empowerment Daria Milligan While preparing to write

Words of Empowerment

Daria Milligan

While preparing to write my reflection celebrating something that I have done in either ENC 1101 or ENC 1102, I sat down and brainstormed various topics to discuss. How- ever, I honestly did not know what to talk about or even how to begin. I could always go with the standard explanation of how some project significantly improved my writing and how it is so beneficial to me as a student. But I decided that I wanted to be different, maybe throw in a curve ball. I feel that my essays may not always be inspiring, convincing, or pre- cise enough to satisfy every reader, but I do know that I have gained depths of confidence in my writing. For that, I am grateful for my professors in the FYC department. However, most of that confidence did not come from writing essay after essay; it came from a special pro- ject our class decided to initiate outside of the usual curriculum. One day in class, my pro- fessor showed us a video of a flash mob and the whole class got so excited. Instantly the class started buzzing with conversation about ideas that we could organize right here on our home turf. Through many class discussions, we finally ironed out the details and today we

carried out a flash mob promoting awareness about sexual violence. The scene was truly

inspiring. I normally am shy and would never have thought to participate in something of that caliber. I am proud to celebrate my success as a confident writer through the unique opportunity to use rhetoric to turn the heads of fellow students. Realizing that I had the po- tential to make even a small difference in someone's life is something that I think everyone should discover.

Editor’s Note

The Celebrating Student Success Committee and I are pleased to present you with the first edition of the Student Success newsletter. You might wonder why the editor’s note is not the first thing you see in the newsletter. It is placed here below a student success story because this newsletter isn’t about the editor, or the committee, or the instructors. It is about the students. As instructors, we spend the entire semester telling you what we think is “good” or “bad” about your work. Now is your opportunity to tell us what you know is extraordinary about your work.

We received 55 submissions to the newsletter and had to cut it down to about 20; this was a dif- ficult task because they all showed great accomplishments. I hope that the ones selected demon- strate the variety of successes everyone has had this year.

I would like to thank all of the students who submitted ; I enjoyed reading every one of your sub- missions and am proud of your accomplishments.

- Katherine McGee, Newsletter Editor. Celebrating Student Success, FYC Program

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“Even after the project has been finalized and graded, it has motivated me to help out not only this social problem, but the others I have been educated about through my classmates.” - Doehrmann

Elizabeth Moschella

Upon receiving the assignment for Project 3, I immediately knew my plan of action. For my social injustice, I chose to write about the negative impacts that society has on victims of sexual violence. As a survivor of rape, I under- stand how it feels to have society blame you for something that is not, and never will be, your fault. I also know how terrifying it is to feel so alone because you are too ashamed to tell anyone. Too afraid to say it out loud be- cause society forces us to feel like we de- served it. In order to change the way society views and responds to victims of sexual vio- lence, I helped organize an event called Take Back The Night, which offers support to survi- vors of rape and sexual assault. Through this

Ryan Doehrmann

At first the project was just another graded assignment I was forced to do. The more I began spending on it the more that mindset of this project being nothing more than a grade changed. When I researched this so- cial problem I began to understand human rights violations occurring throughout the world. My project was on child trafficking, slavery and exploitation that has been occur- ring all over the country for hundreds of years. The more information that I began to understand allowed me to find something that I could do to help these children who are unable to do so for themselves. It's heart wrenching to look at my little sisters and

imagine them going through trafficking.

Murewa Olubela

For my third project of 1102, I focused on the idea of Africa’s “single story” as out- lined by Chimamanda Adichie. A single story is the continual portrayal of a people as one thing over and over again which cre- ates the stereotype they become. As a Nige- rian woman, I am affected daily by such images. But it was not really my paper that gave me so much pleasure; it was the result for the survey I had conduct as my primary research and action. Through presenting videos about Africa hidden from the western

Celebrating Student Success

life-changing event, I realized that I am not alone, and that what was done to me is not my fault. I learned that my own rape is not some- thing to feel ashamed of because it was out of my control, and I am not to blame for that. I would like others to learn that ignoring acts of sexual violence will not make them go away. In fact, the rate of sex crimes will increase if society continues to push the issue of sexual violence under the rug. Most importantly, not talking about sexual violence will cause survi- vors to suffer more pain, instead of receiving support from their families and finding the courage to move on.

This project makes me feel like I have done something in my life that has actually been worth while. Every dime that was donated helped rehabilitate a child who has gone through the trafficking process. Every per- son I talk to about this cause will spread awareness. It doesn't just stop here either. Even after the project has been finalized and graded, it has motivated me to help out not only this social problem, but the others I have been educated about through my class- mates. One person has the potential of doing a lot more than they can imagine. This is just the start of a whole new world to me.

world, I was able to change the mindset of 53 individuals towards their views about Africa. I dare say that now every time the name Africa pops up, those participants will not only think of ruralized areas, but of de- veloping and quite westernized countries. This was the first time since I transferred to America that I had an opportunity to write about my identity. It was a very positive experience and I actually had fun writing the project.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Rogerian Argument

Andrea Charles In Project two our goal was

a Rogerian styled argument,

which was arguing to reach

a common ground. Project

two would have to be the project, I feel I learned the most from and was inter- ested in. For this project, I wrote about the right for

homosexual couples to get

married. This is a topic that

I am very passionate about

and was happy to be able to argue for a common ground.

I did a lot of research and I learned that even though, same-sex marriage is not legal across the nation,

Jeffrey Adams

For the second project this semester I researched and discussed the issue of Social Security. While working on the project I was forced to confront many difficult questions. What is more important individual free- dom or communal support? When does the govern- ment’s mandate to protect citizens begin to interfere with the ideals of limited government? What respon- sibility does the individual have to the community? Each one of these questions and a number of others must be challenged and resolved to formulate a solution or even develop an opinion on Social Security. As a re- searched and worked toward

a solution I was forced to

make judgments on each and every one of these val- ues and how I personally felt about them. It made me address the conflicting con- cerns of my own family who relies on Social Secu-

many people would not op- pose same-sex marriage.

However, those who do happen to be at the top of

the food chain, when it comes to these types of de- cisions. When we first started the project I went to my professor multiple times stating that I just could not come up with a common ground and with her help, I

was able to find a common ground and proceed to write my paper. The entire experi-

ence taught me that you can find a common ground if you search hard enough and put in the effort!

rity and my personal belief in individual liberty. By doing so in writing this pro- ject I gained a deeper under- standing of not only my own values but also the views and values of those are other sides of this same argument. This greater sense of under- standing and the apprecia- tion for the complexity within human interactions is I feel the most important knowledge that this class imparts. Though the writing is important and services a valuable function the growth of each student as an indi- vidual is the more precious gift. Through discussion, research, and writing we all have gained a better under- standing of ourselves, our peers and the true complex-

ity that exists in human dis- course and life. Only rarely are there good and evil ac- tors in a situation, more of- ten each side simply has a different system of values while still being in many ways decent people.

Alyssa Fedgo

I want people to learn that

arguing will only weaken them because they are not learning anything. The point of living everyday is to broaden your knowledge and experience. So instead of arguing, I want people to listen to the opposing side and consider it, even if you

don't agree with it.

Words of Encouragement

Kailyn Ramos [F]rom my experiences I want other students to learn that it is okay to take on a writing challenge, whether it is writing about how to ana- lyze arguments, using Rogerian argument, writing about a social issue or even writing about something you genially care for. Overall, writing effective papers is best done when time and effort is put in to it.

Marlene Villanueva

I am glad that I spoke out

and made a difference, what

I hope people can learn is

that anyone can make a dif- ference, it does not matter

what age you are, just how dedicated you are to chang- ing it.

Bobby Punzak

I can’t wait to see what is ahead for me because I finally feel ready to meet it.

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“This greater sense of understanding and the appreciation for the complexity within human interactions is I feel the most impor- tant knowledge that this class imparts.” - Adams

Volume 1, Issue 1

Samantha Schneider

I was really excited about Project 3 because it was very new. It was one of those projects that you can pick something you feel strongly about and try and make a difference. I thought it was so interesting that they would have a project where you are supposed to try and make a difference. They had us do this by mak- ing a social action. My topic was the lack of awareness and knowledge about and for nonprofit organization. I decided to make an event to

Tracey Noelzinord

While working on Project 3 for ENC 1102, I realized that it made me grow as a person. I was able to suc- cessfully channel my crea- tivity to support a cause I am passionate about. Col- lecting dresses for underprivileged young women made me realize how lucky I am to be in the situation I am in today. It gave me a reason to be proud of myself, because I knew I was helping some- one. I made a change. I am

Cristina Vinces

Coming into USF I was blessed with the opportunity of having Mrs. Taylor- Gernenz as my very first English teacher. I learned way more about myself and the way that other people view my ideas and opinions and now for project 3 I think

benefit a specific nonprofit organization, SOLVE Ma- ternity Homes. I planned everything with a commu- nity service organization I was a part of and it became

a huge success! We were

able to raise $900 for this small non-profit that could really benefit from any type

of donation. Not only did I hold an event, but I also made a survey to spread the word about nonprofit or- ganizations. I loved doing this project because I love helping people. It was a

one person, who was able to get many people to support my cause. What I learned

most form Project 3 was that, it doesn't take a group of people to make a change. Instead, it takes one person to bring a group of people together to focus on that specific change. The Flash- mob that my ENC 1102 class participated in was also an experience that really helped me with Pro- ject 3, because not only did

it prove to many of us that

that I will learn more about myself and the way I work with others, which I would have never learned on my own. I want new freshman to come into college to learn about how much fun college can be as opposed to high school and to not be scared

really unique project to have

a whole ENC 1102 group to

do. I feel it has really helped individuals in making a dif- ference in their/our commu- nity as well as in their own

lives. Some people have now realized how exciting it is to be able to do something good for the community

through these projects and that is why I love that we were able to do this as a Project in ENC 1102.

we can all raise awareness, but it proved to me that all it takes is one voice to gain action from many. If there was anything I would want people to take from my experience it would be moti- vation. Motivation, to get out there and support some- thing they are passionate about!

about the difficulty. I think that new coming students tend to worry about not be- ing able to match up to the standards but with Mrs. TG

it made me feel a lot more


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“If there was anything I would want people to take from my experience it would be motivation. Motivation, to get out there and support something they are passionate about!” - Noelzinord

Volume 1, Issue 1

Danielle Torre

Something from Project 3 that I would like to celebrate is my accomplishment con- nected to using computer sources. I have never been someone who enjoyed using computer technology pro- grams such as creating Power Points, making sur- veys, or anything that has to do with online projects. I tried to figure out how to create a webpage but that plan failed. However, I spent a lot of time trying to think of an alternative idea

Chandler Day

Before college, I knew I was not great at writing essays. This changed when I had Ms. Farrar as my professor.

I found out that I was terri-

ble. Throughout these two classes, English Composi- tion 1&2, I have definitely developed into a better es-

say writer. I did not think that would ever happen but I can see an improvement and

I am not as embarrassed of

my work like I used to be. In this class, I have also

improved my vocabulary. My friends compliment me

Juan Racines

What I have done for Project 3 in ENC 1102 is definitely something I feel proud about and would like to share and celebrate. I partnered up with my buddy Greg to work on a project focused on the dan- gers of abusing the illegal drug methamphetamine and we took action by making a facebook page to spread the word by talking about what meth is and its negative ef- fects on the human physical and emotional health. We also posted extremely disturb-

and I came up with a desire to create a survey. First, I made sure I had the proper questions for the project and kept revising them. Then, I asked Ms. Lewis, my ENC 1102 instructor, if she knew about a website to create surveys; she lead me in the direction of surveymon- key.com. From there on, I created an online survey and sent the link to people to participate in my study. I spent a lot of time and a couple of weeks trying to

all the time about some of the words I use in casual conversations. My favorite word I learned in this class

is indefatigable, which means incapable of being weary. Like me, I would like others to feel more con- fident with their writing. I had no confidence in the beginning of the semester but now that has totally

changed. I know I am still not as good of a writer has I should be but that much needed improvement has given me the confidence to

ing pictures so that hopefully our message that meth is a bad drug would spread.

After the page had been up for a few hours, one of my acquaintances on facebook asked me if I had just "bs'ed" (made up) the infor- mation just to get done with it. I replied no, obviously, and that she could double check all the information with the link I provided at the bottom of the page. After she quickly did so, she told me that she

get focused on the computer and deal with the technol- ogy; it might have taken me awhile, but thanks to Ms. Lewis, I was successful. I would like others that don’t like working with technol- ogy to consider opening their arms to new experi- ences and attempting to suc- ceed at new things. It’s not hard once you get the pro- grams figured out; it is just very time consuming and can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing.

keep writing outside of Composition class. One unique thing that I learned from this class is a block quote. I use it all the time and teachers are very im- pressed because not that many students know who to do this correctly, and I am

very proud of myself for that. Overall, I learned quite

a lot in the two semesters of Composition and I highly recommend students to take

it seriously and aspire to

improve their writing skills.

felt very disturbed and both- ered by such images and that she would sure as heck never try such drug.

I knew then that my page had at least impacted someone's life, and I felt accomplished. I hope that others can learn from this experience and try to impact their relatives in positive ways as well, maybe little by little it could help make the world a better place.

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I would like others that don’t like working with technology to consider opening their arms to new experiences and attempting to succeed at new things. - Torre

Volume 1, Issue 1

Melissa Kelly

[T]he work I produced on Project 2 has really inspired me to look more into my topic. Although a less heard of subject than something along the lines of gay rights, abortion or abuse, the use and expansion of technol- ogy in American class- room’s is an ever standing issue. Technology has whit- tled its way into the nooks and crannies of the lives of every American citizen, as well as citizen’s of the globe. Surprising enough however, the use of the technologies we now devote our lives too are banned in the classroom setting. My

Aspen Larkins

Growing up I learned that it is always okay to try new things, and that saying really came into play in my Composition II class with Project 3. This project re- quired us to write about something we feel should be changed and get out into the field and do something about it. Once I learned this I became extremely nervous about this project and for a second I thought about not doing it, but this would

Gerard Mulles

After over a decade of taking english classes, there has always been an “unspoken” comfort zone as all the pres- entations we did were only in front of our teacher and fel- low classmates. Project 3 requires me to break out of this comfort zone and argue a topic in front of complete strangers that may have strongly opposing views.

topic, Kindles in the Class- room, focused in on utiliz- ing eReaders in place of traditional textbooks. eReaders, such as the Kin- dle, can create an increase in cost to an already decreas- ing School Budget and pos- sible distractions and liabili- ties for students and teach- ers, however as a future educator of America’s Youth and a member of the technological generation, I can greatly see how benefi- cial implementing a device used on a regular basis in the classroom would help students relate to the mate- rial presented. From my

cause me to fail the class for a second time. So I put my troubles behind me and went ahead and decided to do the project. My topic choice was banning smok- ing on the University of South Florida campus. So far this project has been challenging because it forces you to get out and do the work rather than just typing up a few words and turning in an essay. One thing I learned that was

ENC-1102 was a truly unique experience for me as it helped me to step out of my “perfect little world” and into the real world.

experience through re- searching the controversial debate as to whether or not the school systems should be “hip with the times” in learning and teaching strate- gies, I feel that I am more prepared to tackle the pres- sures of relating to my stu- dents, with or without the latest technologies. I believe that if others were provided with the chance to take a deeper look into the depths of the American public school system, they would be in for a rude awakening, I know I was.

unique with this project is that if you want something done or changed, you have to do it yourself or change it on your own. I want people to learn from my project that even though people may disagree with your opinions, it is always okay to voice them: you never know dif- ference an effective persua- sive argument can change. Allow your voice to be heard!

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“[Y]ou never know [what] difference an effective persuasive argument can [make]. Allow your voice to be heard!” - Larkins

University of South Florida

“Find something you are passionate about and go for it! Changing lives and changing the world is within reach. Go do it!” - Bennett


Sara Bennett

The power of one. No one believes they can really make a difference by themselves unless they’re crazy. Social action can be anything from promoting the awareness of recycling to

organizing a concert to benefit the American Cancer Society. By participating in Project 3,

I have learned that changing lives is most definitely within reach. Dream big, right? By

choosing to create a website for an organization that provides underprivileged children ac- cess to brand new books has changed my life. It has opened my eyes to see just how fortu- nate we are to be students in a university and be able to pick up a book to read whenever we choose. Choosing to work with First Book, it has taught me to converse with people whom I have never met. With the mindset that those people want to help you as much as you want them to help you makes your journey more feasible. Don’t be afraid to go out there.

I choose to celebrate all of my accomplishments in ENC1101 and ENC1102, but I like to

have people celebrate with me in my accomplishments. Therefore, my most celebrated ac- complishment has definitely been Project 3 in ENC1102, social action. Find something you are passionate about and go for it! Changing lives and changing the world is within reach. Go do it!

Jessica Ward

My experience through ENC 1102 has brought about tremendous amount of improvement for me as a person. I have learned so much about my writing and how I have and still can improve it. Through Project 3, I have not only written a 5-page persuasive paper but have also created media actions to go along with it. I have never had to do this before and this process has made me step out of my comfort zone and actually get out into the public to tell them about how cheerleading should be classified as a sport. I created a poster, which I have done before, but I decided to try something new and create a you tube video. I am in a soror- ity, so it was nice that we were having a philanthropy event called “Cheer Toss” where I could videotape myself and show the viewers insight about cheerleading. My video isn’t perfect but I tried my best to create it, and I think I did a good job. By creating my video I can take that knowing how to create a video is a skill I can take with me into other classes I take at USF. Overall, this class has taught me a lot about my writing style and what I need to improve on. I have enjoyed my time in English class and can’t wait to bring all of the skills I have learned with me into other classes that I take throughout my years of college.

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