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Optimistic Outlook m&i
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DAY DATE O P P O N E N T ! ^ $3*1 n SITE

Lakers\ Open Season Ef"V* Toes.

Nov. 28
1 % ^ Dec.!
Edinboro State -fcjgflCS
Lock Haven State i}$f%m
Ohio Northern University
gjgjgjjjjE Edinboro* Pa.
Ada* Ohio
S # ® | 5 M ^
Tues. 11 Dec .S West Liberty State I

viff Edinboro
5 ' ^^S^^r§^.Home
Fri. ft** Dec.fl Fredonia State t£&?V^9sa
j&JE Home (Gannon Audi)
Wed. Dec 13 Point Park feaW&ll*;
SpK^P Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sat. Dec 14 St. V i n c e n t
OT3$SN|t Latrobe. Pa.
Mon. Dec 18 Clarion State jfflBftwffiiJ3
^^^iffi^Cciarloa Pa.
by Dario Cipriani Wed. Dec 20 B eh rend jSBRgBESlfifl
| r a & Harborcreek* Pa.
Fri. Jan. .5 Brockport Holiday Classic
?|11§§§ Brockport, N.Y.
Mercyhurst .College is rapidly a name synonymous i for high his bench, eager to get their licks Sat. Jaa .6 Brockport Holiday Classic
i § i l g | Brockport, N.Y.
developing into a small college quality athletic teams. £ I in, who were also on that i first Tues. Jaa .9 St. John Fisher [ ( S ^ S j
3 | B J | | Rochester, N.Y.
power in the Held of athletics. In Over the last three years, the year team. And finally, how many Wed. Jaa 10 Robert Wesley an M j5j S|Rochester, N.Y.
lessf than? three I years, Laker name of - Mercyhurst has been Sat. Jaa 13 Alliance |?§ § R t F Home (Gannon Audio st game)
times does a coach have a chance Wed.
teams have become regarded as creeping across the country- This Jaa 17 Point Park Jfe j g fo Home
to recruit six other high-calibre Fri. ffi&sBHnavif
no longer a pushover but a year's Laker basketball team has players and mix them with the Jaa 19 Lock Haven State S f& Lock Havea Pa.
problem. From its inception, our Fri. Jaa 24 Frostburg State
the potential to make the name nine others mentioned above? Wed.
.'55a?: Frostburg, Md.
athletic program has strived to MercyhurstV s t a m p e d e Jaa 31 Behrend M B Home (Gannon Audi)
Answers-not J often. "Yet t Laker Thurs. Feb..! Slippery Hock State
field teams that would be com* throughout the nation. Not many coach, Dick Fox holds all the B f c Slippery Reck* Pa
petitive with any school Sat Feb.. 3 Rochester Inst, of Tech. § | P 8 | Rochester, N.Y.
coaches have the chance to see cards, and he is smiling. Sat. Feb. IS Wilmington | | : f p Home
resembling our size. From la four starters returning from a When the Lakers take the floor 8§f ™&- M^S
meager beginning, Mercyhurst Sua Feb. 11 Wheeling .•£ §
ball dub that won 16 out of 25 against Edinboro tomorrow M.OH. Feb.it Alliance Cambridge Springs, Pa.
teams-have evolved into units games the previous year. What is evening, they will display height, Tues.& Feb. 20
that are not only competitive but even stranger, is that three of quickness, good shooting, a Sua
• * £ _ H e m e

consistent winners. «Hence, the Ftb.25 Delaware State s f" % Home

them are sophomores. If this does strong I defense, and above all, Thurs. S Mar. 1 Oglethorpe ^§8 Home
name Mercyhurst is now being not make a \ coach smile, how experience. Returning from last
recognized not only as a good co- many times does a coach have year's team are starters Mike Home games at Technical Memorial High, 3325 Peach Street,
educational institution but is also five excellent players sitting on Emick, Steve Albert, Carl Jones Erie, Pa. or. (as noted) at Gannon Auditorial, 6th and Peach
and J. C. Carter. Also returning Streets, Erie, "Pa. -$ £ t 3$ • • i
will be Dave Wieczorek, Jeff
McConnell, Steve Brandon, Athletic Director and Head Coach Dick Fox
Danny Bukowski, and* Jim Sports Information Director Joe Mattis
Mahoney. The newcomers will be Ticket Manager Tom Monaghan
Jeff Davern, Curtis Hixon, Jesse
Campbell, Bryant Jacobs, Bob
Repko and John Chojnacki. These
players have the tools necessary
for success. They also have an
excellent coaching staff working
with them. About the only thing
that they are not sure of having is
support from} the Mercyhurst
Community, j
At I the beginning . of the by Joe Mattis, SID.
basketball season last year, the When Dick Fox became the "If*we can get these boys to
support for the Lakers was first* Athletic Director and attend Mercyhurst, then the
fantastic. As the year progressed Basketball Coach at Mercyhurst people who have followed their
this support died, and by the end College a year ago, he knew there playing days at the high school
of the year, it was almost non- was one situation concerning local level can also watch mem per-
ex is tant. What happened? Who high school players that he would form for the Lakers," continued
knows? Perhaps the old apathy like to remedy. As a high school Fox. "There is no doubt in my
(L.R.) Coach Fox, Steve Brandon, Captain J.C. Carter, bug was on the loose. But that coach in the area for 11 years, the mind that*:these3local boys can
was last season. Tomorrow last four of which were in Erie help us have a winning basketball
evening there is another new itself, Fox saw too many top area program here at Mercyhurst, but
AsstJCoach Bill Weborg. beginning. Not only the Mer- players going out of town to play Mercyhurst can also help the
cyhurst Lakers of 72-73, but the their college basketball. boys obtain * a high quality
Mercyhurst Community '72-73. A look at the Lakers roster for education." f-
I Let's go people. This is the year. the 1972-73 season shows he has

if- DICK FOX9 There is no reason in the world

why f 800 MC Community mem-
done something about tit. Of 15
players on the team, six of them
are from Erie and three others

bers could not belat that game
tomorrow night. Let's get on the are from the Erie area. £ Bill Weborg
ft band wagon. The tea m needs your Holdovers from his squad that
posted a 16-9 record a year ago

-HEAD COACH support. Let's stamp out that

apathy bug forever. are senior J.C. Carter of Erie
Strong';Vincent, junior Dave
Ass 't\ Varsity
Wieczorek of Erie 1 Cathedral
Dick Fox is beginning his
second year as coach of the
remained there for three years
before becoming assistant coach Go LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prep, * and sophomores Steve
Brandon of Erie McDowell, Dan
Lakers. After ^compiling an at Gannon.?In September 1963,
outstanding record as a high Fox became head coach at Corry Bukowski of Erie ? Cathedral lUke Dick Fox, BUI Weborg is
school coach. Fox took over the High i School. At Corry; Fox Spans Editor.*. Prep, Mike Emick ofj Oil City beginning his second year in the
reins of the infant Lakers last produced, the first winning team High and Jim Mahoney of Nora Mercyhurst organization. His
season and guided them to a m 24 years when his 196647 Prediction Box East High, f • sr M fe duties not only involve coaching
the J.Ws and assisting Fox with
highly successful 16-9 record. Beavers finished 14-7. { ~i Then when Fox announced his
During the 1967-68 basketball freshmen recruits f fort the up- the varsity, but he is also very
Originally from Linesyille, Pa., season, Fox guided*Cathedral coming" year there was Boo valuable to the athletic depart-
Fox set the; all-time Linesville
High School scoring record of
1040 points* in three years of
Prep to the PCIAA State Class A
Championship. He repeated this
feat in 1970 when he once again
Lakers! Repko, another! Cathedral Prep
product, John Chojnacki, who
played locally for Tech
ment as a scout. | ^ | | ^
^Weborg played his high school
basketball at Kane Area High
competition. After playing a short
while; for Clarion State College,
Fox served a stint in the Army.
coached a Cathedral Prep team
to the State Championship.
Mr. Fox displayed the quality
Edinboro Memorial, and Jeff Davern, a
standout for jj Meadville \ High a
year ago.?: $ ]L .£ t
where he earned All-State honors
because of his performance in
1966. Thai year he averaged over
He. later played ball for Gannon of |his coaching ability last 'There are too many good 20 points and 18 rebounds per
and ^during the 1955-56 season season. He started from* scratch basketball'players in area high game.-; Weborg then'moved to
averaged 12 points per game? In
1959, while in his senior year at
and molded a very respectable, Seasons Record schools that could help us." Carnegie-Mellon where he played
varsity ball for four years, p
winning team. With the additional commented Fox. "In the past, for
Gannon,^ Fox also ^coached the
Knight baseball team.
experience that he gained as a
first year college coach, the
22 Wins! some reason or another;, they had
been choosing to attend and play
Coach Weborg is employed at
Hallgren, Restifofand Loop"
I Mr.; Fox's first basketball ball for colleges where it would
coaching assignment was at
Union CityjgHigh School. He
fortunes of this year's basketball
team appear to be resting in good 4 Loses be difficult for their families and
friends to see them regularly.
Architects. £ i- ^*k^
Weborg was married this past
hands. June to the former Dawn Larson.
*% i « «4 * i < I
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72 c
STEVE ALBERT | J. C. CARTER I probably see most of his action
• - !

Big I Steve was the team's Captain Carter;'is the {team with the J.V.'s this season. | | A

leading rebounder last season and leader. He is probably it he most

second leading scorer. He has an consistent Laker performer. Last JEFF DAVERN I
excellent outside shot and moves season Jay was leading scorer k Little Jeff was an All-State
well on the inside. One year's (20.6 points per game) and second performer for Meadville High
experience in college ball has leading |? rebounder. His School last season. He'll be the & &&£*;

matured Steve into a smart knowledge of the game and his team leader for the J.V.'s and .>. _a£iy

player. His only drawback is the determination to do the job well definitely has the potentiali to &
sag W ;

strength of his knees. J would make J.C. a valuable asset become an f excellent ^college : mm

to any coach. *• playmaker. j;

5^> % § 8 MM\ - .£^?

W S » •83s


One of the old men on the club, Jesse was Mister Everything Mike is one of those rare people
Buzz's leadership is definitely an last season for Stockbridge High who excels not only on the cage
asset. Although not blessed with School in Stockbridge, Michigan. floor, but also in the classroom. Hg

tremendous ability, Steve's The Ail-American High School He was |the third leading k &

hustle and desire make him fa performer must now adjust to the rebounder and fourth leading
very effective ballplayer. rigors of college ball. He scorer for the Lakers last season. "WherefYa' Goin\ Stretch"
definitely has the talent, but how Emick and f Albert\ have %iow
quickly he matures into becoming played together for one year and January 17th. He is using his time DAVEWIECZOREK? I S & '
DAN BUKOWSKI J a dominating pivotman remains together have the potential! to well however by! adjusting Wiz is I the kind [of guy who
Danny is well schooled to Dick to be seen. ±, , A J make up a* devastating com- himself to Coach Fox's style of
bination at the forward positions. electrifies crowds with his Spin-
Fox's style of basketball. This is play. Curt has! tremendous point passing ability. He has the
his fourth season with the coach. JOHNCHOJNACKI | f W basketball ability, and Mr. Fox's kind of desire that coaches like to
Dan is valuable*coming off the John was the big man for Erie CURTIS HIXON yj i mk problem I is | to harness his see. He'd be a sparkplug to any
bench. He has a good outside Tech Memorial last season. He is Curt is a transfer student from potential and apply it to where the team. frMBJBB S ? L/V
shot, and | plays an aggressive a good rebounder and uses his Paducah, Kentucky.|He will not team will benefit the most.gHRjl
man-to-man defense. strength to his advantage. He'll become eligible to play j until
BRYANT JACOBS | & i B | £m
Bryant is a freshman from I J. v. i
Overbrook High School fin
Philadelphia. As of now, Bryant iSCHEDULE^
is a raw basketball player who fl85 Date- Oppment- Time ?"- -
needs some playing experience to Tues. Nov. 28 - Edinboro State - 6
develop his skills. He will see a lot S H P-m • 'WfcffJte'fa '-'':-'-
of action with the J.V.'s. p S fflj Fri. Dec. 1 Gannon-6:15 p.m. •*

CARL JONES T ?* M | S I B ' Tues. Dec. 5- Erie Business Center

One of the pleasant surprises of £? - * il 5 p. m. sHraS^.^>V -» i'i
last season was the consistent
progress Smoker made at his Fri. Dec. 8 - Fredonia State- 6:15
guard position. This offensive and
defensive player improved im- Sat. Dec. 16 at St. Vincent - 6:oo

measurably. This year, he'll be

setting up Coach Fox's offense, Moap. Dec.
m. 18<cwBB£BS3E&
at Clarion State- 6:00
p. m. V^^&^^^B^IB^SBJ&TC
and will be the number 1 menace
to opposing teams defensively. Wed. Jan 17 - Edinboro State -6.15
p.m. Jr$&6SBBJmKfc)t3&m
Jim is probably the finest Wed. Jaa17- Edinboro State- 6:15
shooter on the team. If his overall p. m. • j ' jP ft ;' 15K
play improves, he could see his Wed. J an. 31- Brave Cannons-6:15
share of action this season. p* * i>i«-' IS?!* ^
Jay Thurs. Feb. 1 at SlipperyIRock
JEFF McCONNELL j State- 6:00 p.m. & | «
"Stretch" was the team's "ace- Sat. Feb. 10-OPEN
in-the-hole" last ^season., On
numerous occasions, Jeff came Sua Feb. 11 - Pitt-Titusville - 3:00
p.m. \ %••
off the bench and ignited the
Laker attack with his precision Sat. Feb. 17 - Pitt-Titusville- 8:00
shooting. This season, as last, p. m. • ,

Jess, "Doin' If" he'll probably be first off the Moa Feb. 19 at Alliance-6:00 p.m.
bench when one of the big men Tues. Feb. 20- Alliance-6:15 p.m.
stalls. | | Thurs. Feb. 22 at Erie Business
Center-8:00 p. m.> f | *
Sat. Feb.24 at Gannon-6:00 p.m.
Bob played last season at
Cathedral Prep in Erie. He is one Sua Feb. 25 - Brave Cannons -1:00
of the finest junipers on the team. 5 p.m. |
He'll see a large share of action Thurs. Mar. 1 - Intramural All-
on the J. V. squad. - Stars-6:15 o.m. 1

J.V. Roster
Player Class Ht. Wt. Hometown High School
John Chojnacki Fr. 6-6 200 Erie, Pa. Tech Memorial
Jeff Davern Fr. 5-10 140 Meadville, Pa. Meadville
Larry Gray Fr. 5-10 160 Philadelphia, Pa. Msgr. Bonner
Bryant Jacobs Fr. 6-5 200 Philadelphia, Pa. Overbrook
Kim Keith] Fr. 6-2 175 Sharpsville,Pa. Sharpsville
Jim Mahoney Soph. 6-2 160 North East, Pa. North East
Charlie Marsch ?Fr. 6-1 175 Philadelphia, Pa. Msgr. Bonner
Lamont Prince Fr. 6-0 170 Philadelphia, Pa. West Catholic
Bob Repko Fr. 6-5 190 Erie, Pa. &. Cathedral Prep
Wizzzz. Smoke

Player Pos. Wt Class Major Field Birthdate Hometown High School Coach

10 11 Jeff Davern Business 7-31-53 Meadville, Pa. Meadville Jack Christy

12 13 Carl Jones Law Enforce. 3-6-53 Bay Shore, N.Y. Bay Shore Iggy Darson
14 15 Dave Wieczorek Law Enforce 4-2-52 Erie, Pa. Cathedral Prep% DickFoxfck
20 21 Jim Mahoney f Biology 11-19-53 North East, Pa. North East Ted Miller
22 23 •Curtis Hixson Soc. & Psych. 3-30-52 Paducah, Ky. St. Mary Dennis Gourley
24 25 J.C. Carter! H Sociology 9-6-47 Erie, Pa. Strong Vincent Ralph Calabrese
30 31 John Chojnacki History 9-30-54 Erie, Pa. Tech Memorial Al Calabrese
Law Enforce. 2-27-53 Erie, Pa. Cathedral Prep Dick Fox I
32 33 DanBukowski 10-19-54 Erie, Pa.
34 35 BojMlepko Law Enforce Cathedral Prep Bill Flaherty!
Sociology 11-10-54 Philadelphia, Pa. Overbrook Mark Levin
40 41 Bryant Jacobs Liberal Arts 4-6-53
42 43 Steve Albert Pittsburgh, Pa. }'• South Hills Catholic Rick Keebler
Biology J 7-13-53 Oil City, Pa. t Oil City Bob Lynch
44 45 Mike Emick Law Enforce. 8-7-47
50 51 Steve Brandon Erie, Pa. g McDowell Al Kline U-
Law Enforce 10-14-54 Stockbridge, Mich. Stockbridge Phil Hora
52 53 Jesse Campbell Sociology 3-15-52 Wilmington, Del.
54 55 Jeff McConnell Concord Ed Payne
HEAD COACH—Dick Fox (Gannon '58) HOME uniforms are white with blue and green trim. fASJ.SJ/JHJ c P A C H ~ B i l l Weborg (Carneigie Mellon 71)
CAPTAIN- J.C.Carter # I AWAY uniforms are blue with green and white trim. MANAGER—Sam Johnson
* Becomes eligible in January.

byiMarlene Smith
There is, present! on ithis alleviate some of our campus further and asked what kind of
campus, a work force comprised apathy. I enjoy the sport ofpt-it reaction they received--"The only
of six young ladies clad in saddle was a I challenge to start time you get a reaction from the
shoes, blue knee socks, white something that never existed on crowd is when they're*drunk!"
body shirts, with a tiny skirt and this campus.? Jake has an op- Mary feels the cheerleaders
vest combination boasting the timistic outlook for the rest of the should get more recognition as a
Laker "M". i f I 4 year, "the school has developed a working force, who reallytenjoy
Our CHEERLEADERS \ form better social life-it's more and take pride in what they do,
the nucleus of Mercyhurst's community-oriented now than for the college and themselves. |
school spirit with then* never ever before!* The campus ac- Rounding out the Junior class
ending dedication! and en- tivities have brought Mercyhurst cheerleaders is 'T.R." Clark.
thusiasm I when bonded together, together as a whole body. I think Tiny Renee" Clark stands only

strike out to destroy apathy and we'll see a decline in apathy here 5' tall, saddle shoes and all, but
create j a sense? of harmony by th e end of the y ear. *' has the enthusiasm and charisma
amongst the fans. ^ I ^ * ? « B Second, ranking as co-captain, of a real pro even though this will
I recently had the pleasure of is Chris Dodd also a member of be her first year ever as.? a
interviewing each of these coeds the Junior class;from Hornell, cheerleader! Renee's^hometown
individually and was quite im- New**| York, 1majoringr in is Pittsburgh, Pa. where she
pressed with their attitudes and Elementary- Education with her attended Canevin High School!
frankness to my questions. These main emphasis leaning toward "T.R." is active in R.U.S. and can
girls do care about the college (in Special | Education. One of the also be found among .the paper
^**$HP*$ m both academics and athletics), in busiest cheerleaders, •' Chris is work in the Registrar's Office
you, the Mercyhurst students and active in such organizations as working for Mr. Billingsly.
Marianne Jacobs the community's view J of this the Council for Exceptional Renee's major is also Elemen-
Chris Dodd institution and its inhabitants. Children, R.U.S., working in the r
tary Education with her main
They do much more than merely Admissions Office and is an RA in concentration in Special
stand in front of the crowd yelling Baldwin Hall. Chris feels Mer- Education, ' The promotion of
"go team, go!" They give ap- cyhurst is a "fantastic" school school spirit and perhaps forming
proximately eight hours a week but has a poor attitude towards and working with a Pep Club are
i (more if need be) of their time, sports. She feels this is a sad state her ideas of a cheerleader's role.. •
face vast amounts of criticism to of affairs considering the wide, I Bev Welsh came to Mercyhurst
improve their performance and long range programs offered here with ft wo | years. c heer 1 eading
purchase most of their I own at Mercyhurst. "I can't believe experience behind her from
equipment (this should excite the the disinterest--even in the girls' Foxboro High School, Foxboro,
Board of Trustees!) plus work program, when such an avid part Mass., where she served as the
the entire year on an almost in- of school life is sports!'' Chris has captain of her squad. Bev is a
visible budget of $300 (this could been a cheerleader since the 6th sophomore Sociology major and
make for an interesting road trip grade, "it has become an im- hopes to work in some aspect of
to Water ford and back!). portant part of my life-keeps me this field upon graduation. Bev.
But withstanding these few in shape. I'm an avid sports fan believes "involvement" is the key
annoyances fyou'll find these and* feel cheerleading is an im- to alleviating the school's apathy.
young women proud to bear the portant segment of sports." She "Most students see school spirit
title of a " Mercyhurst went further to explain her role- as something corny, but I feel if
Cheerleader", for a variety of 'Tm? not someone J standing |in more people in this school would
reasons of which they were front of the fans just screaming~I get involved, not just fin varsity
willing to share with me. should be considered a guide to sports but also intramurals,
So now let me introduce to you, arouse support for our p team student government,{class of-
the Mercyhurst community, our during the games. I get a real fices, choir, J etc., we wouldn't
1972-73 cheerleading squad: sense of involvement which I feel have the time to even think of the
:..-t First, the captain, Marianne I can share with the spectator." I word apathy." Bev herself is an
active member in R.U.S. as well
Jacobs hailing from Rochester, as cheerleading. jgB B8BK*
New York, where she spent her Thirdly, I found whomfl would Last, but not least, we have an
entire high school years as a consider probably theji most Erie native-Kathy Jurkiewicz-
cheerleader. r ' J a k e " is a "outspoken" gal of the entire
Sociology m a jo r and looks for- squad, who says exactly what she also a sophomore, who attended
ward to working with children in feels to make her point clear and St. Benedict's Academy and was
either an orphanage or adoption concise. Mary Needham, of a four year veteran on their
agency. She's an active member Allison Park, Pa., is also a second cheerleading squad. gKathy,
of R.U.S. and SAC and would like year veteran in the cheerleading another Elementary $ Education-
to see a definite changeful the ranks. 1
Elementary! Education Special Education major, hopes
school's attitude-especially with her main concentration in the student body will have a
concerning the apathy segment of Special Education, comprise serious attitude change and not
campus life. Mary Ann feels Mary's major course of study. consider the cheerleading
Mary Needham Ren6e Clark there's a "lot of talk, but no ac- She also finds herself involved in program a big joke. Kathy feels
tion" around here, admitting the Council? for Exceptional one should participate Jin some
though! basketball^has the most Children and SAC! Being a area other than purely an
\ support but it's really not strong veteran, I asked Mary what role academic life to fulfill the
enough! She's out to help build a she felt she played during a "whole" college experience.
better unity between sports and game. 'Tm out there to get the "Cheerleading makes me feel
the campus community. When fans psyched-but they think I'm a partj of the team even
questioned for a definite meaning we're out there for a show! We're though I'm not on the court, I
in cheerleading she retorted: "f out there to "help", not to be the guess it's the best way tou express
feel it'sga cheerleader's role to sole thing!" I elaborated a bit my spirit, and I love it!' i

tfSW :. C ^ ^ ^ ^ f t M ^ ^ ^ - V . -:;."v.-:-. -\-" »&&&&> ^fr^^W^J

Bev Welsh Kathy Jurkiewicz Kathyf Jurkiewicz, Chris Dodd. Bev Welsh, Nary Needham, Marianne Jacobs, Henee Clark

k 9T ft ft

'9^ i v •.'••*:
t *
T, *
Team Records » . . . _ . . . . . . . . . .

tf FGM FTM- A *
i, ..«* | F - 55
FGA most-102 (made$2) vs. Wilmington(2*26-72,2 OT) W.':*&£'
^^L • *
1 least-55(made30) vs. Slippery Rock(12-4-71) E j W * ^ * ^ § § &
' Ah
PF FGM most- 52 (att. 102) vs. Wilmington(2-26-72,2 OT) ! $ £ « $ {
J.C&Certer * ' J 25 2$ 211-471 *463 79-109 .725 252? 10.08 134 J 5.4 94 2 515 32
20.6 $ least- 22 (att. 66) vs. Point Park (2-5-72) j & ' M l ? SSJIfl
Steve Alberf ' 25 24 1169 328 5 1 5
66-107 .617 113 10.12 19 0.8 53 84
78 3 404 16.2 28 |
Carl Jones. 24 21 $119253 .470 5568 .809 76 3.2 $ 121 5.0 94 60 1 293 12.2 22 j FG Per Cent best - 58.5 per cent (46 of §2) vs. Elmira (1-22-72) f3R
MikeEmick <, 23 21 1102-225 .453 5841 .716 233 10.13 49 2.1 51 79 3 . 262 11.3 21 ( '? worst- 33.3 per cent (22 off66) vs. Point Parte (2-5-72) g Jgg
Jeff McConnell 24 10 83-163 .509 38-51 .745 155 6.5 3 24 1.0 28 156 2 204 8.5 22
Oan Bukowski 2S 8 81194 .410 26-34 .765 751 3.0 U 40 1.6 36 • 0 188
* 4 4 7.5 211 FTA most- 32 (made 17) vs. Lock Ha von (12-2-71) "^Sl^pi
Rick Fessler 24 13 85191 .445 13-23 .565 36 1.5 i 32 3 . 66 |183- • > 2 « j 7.6 21 i least -11 (made 9) vs. Slippery Rock (12-4-71) . r ^ f o M ^ f f i y
• ' - H
Oave Wieczor ek to W fc!2-34 .353 14-17 .824 11 0.6 1* 2*. 26 12 '^1 ** 38 2.3 12
.Din Fetifip r £ $ £ i ia 0
« * " • *
FTMmost-21 (att.29) vs. Pitt-Johnstown(2-24-72) W S B S S I
-*-'-': ipwti^ .286 6-8 2 • .750 6 £ 0.6 6 0.6 3 9 0 18 1.8 13
least- 7< a t t 12) vs. Aquinas (2-19-72) j finlSprcl
Cliff Root 5n 2 6-19 £.316 2-11 .182 26 2.3 8 0.71 10 22 1 14 1.2 5
Steve Brandon a 0 4W .444 3*6 .500 7 08 0 0.0 8 5 0 11 1.3 4 FT Par Cant bast-90.4 per cent (19 off 21) vs. Alliance (2-10-72) j & I
Bill Vernal? 4% 0 2-4 .500 22 1.000 6 1.5 0 0.0 0 1 0 6 1.5 4
yoo worst-- 53.1 per cent (17 of 32) vs. Lode Haven (12-2-71) E$m?$
Steve Siscaretti 1 0 1-2 .500 .000 3 3.0 2 2.0 3 1 0 2 2.0 2 !
Jim Mahoney S 0 01 .000 1*2 .500 0 0.0 3 0.6 2 & 1$ 0 1 0.2 1 Rebounds most- 67.vs. WHmmgtohr2-26->2> 2 O T T JE fj^Sfl
John Ball 1 0 £0-2 .000
Team Rebounds
.000 1°
0 0.0 0 2 0 0 0.0
!° least-38 vs. Wheeling (2-272) "
Assists most •• 35 vs. Allegheny (12-t-71)
m |
I I iP^iPsa

Mecyhurst Totals 88 8-1917 .463,4 met&tb* 1258 50.3 465 | l 8 . 6 443 520 15 2139 85.6 121 ••& least-13 vs. Houghton (12-15-71) sgf ' j Q » ^
Opponent Totals •* ^
754^1737^TWT" 469 707
- - •
.663 1148 45.9 299 S ' 2,0 483 412 10 1977 79.1 119 least 13 vs. Point Park (2-5-72) %11IP%&£
Turnovers most- 20 vs. Slippery Rock (12-5-71) *fc% '4£§t»SkH
G Games, GS Games Started* FGM-Field-Goals Made* FGA-FIeld Goals Attempted* PCT.-Percentage. ^»; least--10 vs. Thiel (1-25-72) f J * SPMRSSP^
FTM-Free Throws Made* FTA-Free Throws Attempted* REB-Rebounds. AVE. Average, AST Assists, TO
Turnovers* PFPersonal Fouls* DQ-Disqualified-on Personal Fouls* PTSPoints, HIGH-High Games Pers. Fouls most-31 vs. Lack Haven (12-2-72), ^S^m$«4^
(Scoring) W least-12 vs. Slippery Rock (12-4-71) S S K H B B H ^ " ^
least-12 vs. Alliance (1-19-72) \ ^ ^ p ^ :
Bold Typo indicates Seasons High
% least-12 vs. Aquinas(2-19-72)\ *$S&mRI3Ei£E£i
«ss •4 »

Disq. most- 3 vs. Lock Haven(12-2-71 )£ f ?SSiR^£?P

1 V - 3 Vs. Wilmington(2-26-72,2 OT) ^ E S ^ i & ^ ^ P ^
Jleast--0(inl5 games) | ^^BMBBKr^^^
Points most-121 vs. Wilmington (2-26-72* 2 OT) t l X H H n P ^
Sf. "^least -57 vs. Point Park (2-5-72) | M H ^ ' ; ( i '
Greatest Winning Margin- 45 points Lakers 114, Elmira 69 (1-22-72)
Longest Winning Streak- 6 games (12-4-71 to 12-15-71)
Mi|5r Pis [> **»*w « r^
Team Records-Half 'fi&Sm&z

FGM-26(att.42) vs. Elmira(1-22-72,2nd) ^ K K

F T M - 1 4 ( a t t . 19) vs. Elmira(1-22-72,2nd) I \ £!£&&
Points most-66 vs. Elmira (1-22-72,2ns. t f I1S3E
least-26 vs. Point Park (2-5-72,1st) *t ^^^

Staff mere lad Ishes

the Lakers the Best of luck for the
1972-73 Basketball Season.!

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; * :

Buzz Guarding Buke

1971-72 Game Scores

I WON161 LOST 9 f l
Mercyhurst Lock Haven * McConnell 19 Carter 20
Mercyhurst Slippery Rock Emickl9 EmicklO
Mercyhurst Allegheny $• Carter 20 | Albert 13
Mercyhurst Elmira - Albert 28 'M $ Albert Emick 15
Mercyhurst Rochester Inst, of Tech Carter 32 '•3b Carter 13
Mercyhurst Roberts Wesleyan f Carter 20 J Albert 11
Mercyhurst Houghton Carter 28 Albert 14
Mercyhurst Ohio Northern Albert 24 Carter 12
Mercyhurst Lock Haven Albert 21 Emick 11
Mercyhurst Federal City Carter 26 McConnell 9 X ^ ^ ^ ^
Mercyhurst St. John Fisher Carter 23 Carter 13
Mercyhurst Alliance Carter 17 Carter 11
Mercyhurst Elmira Carter 19 McConnell 13 Top (l-r) Charlie Marsch, Kim Keith,
Mercyhurst Thiel h. Carter 23 Emick 11
Mercyhurst Wheeling Albert 21 Emick 15
Albert 15
Bottom (l-r) Lamont Prince, Larry Gray
Pitt-Johnstown Jones 19
Mercyhurst Point Park Carter 18 Emick 12
Mercyhurst Alliance Carter 25 Carter 14
Federal City
Grand Valley (OT)
Jones 22
Jones 20
Carter 22
Jones 20
Carter 30
Albert 19
Emick 14
Albert* Carter* McConnelll 10
McConnell 11
McConnell 17
Individual Records
Walsh Field Goals Att.—26 (made 10) J.C. Carter vs. Federal City (2-12-72)
Mercyhurst Pitt-Johnstown Albert 26 J Albert 13 Field Goals Made—14 (att. 24) J.C. Carter vs. Walsh (2-22-72) f
Mercyhurst Wilmington (2 OT) Carter 29 Emick 17 Free Throws Att.—10 (made 9) Mike Emick vs. Walsh (2-22-72) 10
(made 6) J.C. Carter vs. Federal City (1-12-72) 10 (made 3) Steve
Games Lost Albert vs. Lock Haven (12-2-71) M * i | i m
Free Throws Made—9 (att. 10) Mike Emick vs. Walsh (2-22-72)
Rebounds—20 J .C. Carter vs. Lock Haven (12-2-71)
Assists—12 J.C. Carter vs. Allegheny (12-8-71)
Turnovers—B J.C. Carter vs. Slippery Rock (12-4-71) 8 Carl Jones vs.
1 Wheeling (2-2-72) 8 Carl Jones vs. Pitt-Johnstown (2-3-72) | f fl
Points—32 (13 FG, 6 FT) J.C. Carter vs. R.I.T. (12-11-71)
iConsecutive Field Goals—9 J.C.r Carter'(5 vs. Roberts Wesleyan, 4 vs.
Houghton) % % I Mii
Consecutive Free Throws—16 Carl Jones£(i vs. Point Park, 5 vs.
Alliance, 6 vs. Federal City, 4 vs. Allegheny) , M& | - W?£
Individual Records—Half T ' - w ^ if £ 1B
Field Goals Att.—16 (made 10) J.CvCarter vs. R.I.T. (12-11-71,1st) . ^
Field Goals Made—10 (att. 16) J.C. Carter vs. R.I.T. (12-11-71,1st)
Free Throws Att.—B (made 2) Steve Albert vs. Lock Haven (12-2-71,
• ?2nd) f . \ 4 I * . &*# I 13E
Free Throws Made—S (att. 5) J.C. Carter vs. R.I.T?(12-11-71, 2nd) 5
(att. 5) Carl Jones vs. Alliance (2-10-72,2nd) 5 (att. S) Mike Emick
A vs. Walsh (22272,2nd) 5 (att. 6) Mike Emick vs. Wheeling (2 2-72,
; - : ;
•P 2nd) 5 (att. 6) Steve Albert vs. Pitt-Johnstown (2-24-72,1st) j
Rebounds—12 J.C. Carter vs. Lock Haven (12-2-71,1st) 12 Steve Albert
gh %4^s. Federal d t y (2-12-72,2nd) ? .?
Assists— TtJ.C. Carter vs. Allegheny (124-71, 2nd 7 J.C. Carter vs.
Pitt Johnstown (2-3-72,1st) f i \J
^Turnovers—5 Mike Emick vs. Allegheny (12-8-71,1st) 5 Carl Jones vs.
St. John Fisher (1-15-72,2nd) 5 Carl Jones vs. Wheeling (2-2-72,1st)
5 Carl Jones vs. Pitt-Johnstown (2-3-72,2nd) 5 J.C. Carter vs. Point
Park (2-5-72,1st) | S £ $ &*£ I
~21 (10FG,1 FT) J.C. Carter vs. R.T.T. (12-11-71,1st)

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