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MARTIN FRIEDLANDER <msfried315@cs.com> Sun, May 22, 2011 at 1:50 PM

To: kamala.harris@doj.ca.gov, Jamarah Harris <jamarah.harris@doj.ca.gov>
Dear Ms. Harris:
I have devoted considerable time, money and brains to assist you in carrying out the mandates of your office. I am a semi
retired lawyer who is 73 years old, a graduate of Northwestern University in 1962, a member of its Law Review, a former
attorney for the New York Stack Exchange. I am a member of the Bars of NY (1963) and California (1965). I have devoted my
life as a lawyer fighting for the oppressed in order to pay back New York City for giving me a free education at CCNY and
Northwestern University for giving me a full tuition scholarship with a matching loan. I served my country in the United States
Army. I have been a life long Democrat of the progressive persuasion. I have supported the campaigns of Senators Boxer and
Feinsten, Governor Brown for all of his three terms, and his father Pat Brown. Jerry and I took the California Bar in 1965 at the
same location where he was escorted by Pat, his loving father. I have worked and supported myself since I have been 15 years
old. Colin Powell, who grew up in the Bronx as did I, graduated one year before me from CCNY. Two graduates of Stuyvesant
High School, my school, have become top advisers to President Obama.
I was groomed by a Professor of Political Science at CCNY ( who served as a top advisor to President Truman) to be a political
activist for liberal and just causes. His letters of recommendations gained my admission to Northwestern University, the same
law school that graduated Justice Stevens, Justice Arthur Goldberg, Governor Adlai Stevenson and many other greats of our
I know Wall Street and some other the members of the clique who melted down or financial base for greedy "lucre" since I was
an attorney for the NYSE for 2 years investigating and prosecuting securities fraud.
The above is just a preamble to support my criticisms of your office, AG of the State of California, a Democrat from San
Francisco, and its former DA. California has become the laughing joke of the US and the world, due to the former Governor's
steroidal activities in producing a "love child" who lived in the house he shared with his wife Maria, and played with one of their
children of the same age. This is the same Governor who appointed Superior Court Judge Christine Ewell to the bench last
summer. Judge Ewell graduated with honors from Texas A & M, a graduate of Harvard Law School, an appointee of Alberto
Gonzalez of the infamous Bush mis administration, to be Chief Trial Attorney, Criminal Division of the US Attorney's Office for
the Central District of California. In my opinion, she is a judge who should be disciplined by the State Commission of Judicial
Performance. See the Motion that I just filed with the Appellate Division of the Los Angeles Superior Court.
The State of California has been defrauded by the Banksters of Wall Street, some of which practiced their blatant fraud in
California, such as Angelo Mozillo, the Bronx butcher's son who headed up Countrywide. These fraudulent mortgage backed
securities where sold to the various pension funds of the State of California. The Counties of the State of California have been
defrauded by MERS since it was created by the Banksters to avoid paying filing fees for recording fraudulent deeds and
assignments. This state and others have been laid to waste by these Banksters and the lobbies who support the elections of the
politicians whom they control.
I personal met you at Senator Boxer's fundraiser to introduce you as the new AG for California. I delivered to you a package of
documents requesting your office to file an "Amicus Brief" to support Gomes Petition for Review with the Supreme Court to
overturned a "stupid" and politically motivated published opinion that would become the law of California if the decision was not
overturned. You know that very few Petitions are reviewed by the Supreme Court and without the prestige of your office, the
likelihood of the Supreme Court granting review was very slim. I personally handled a case entitled Resch v Volkswagen before
the Supreme Court where the "Bird" court overturned a $4.2 million dollar verdict. The holding of that case is now the closing
jury instruction in every special verdict case in the California Court's. I was successful in overturning the USDC for the Northern
District of Mississippi by the 5th Circuit in New Orleans for violation of the "full faith a credit clause" where there was personal
danger to myself since the Chief of Police of a small Mississippi city protected the "eye ball" witness to a murder that was

file:///C|/...20TO%20DEAL%20WITH%20BANKSTERS%20AND%20JUDGES%20WHO%20RUBBER%20STAMP%20THEM.htm[5/24/2011 12:49:57 AM]


"certified" as a "suicide". As a result of that favorable decision by the 5th Circuit requiring the Federal Trial Judge to give "full
faith and credit" to the law of Mississippi. My co-counsel, who was to do half the work but did nothing because he was
appointed by the Governor to be a state court judge in Mississippi. He demanded 1/2 of the $400,000 fee for winning that case
for doing nothing. I sued a sitting Judge in a Mississippi state court and won, and the Judge only allowed his "brethren" a
$10,000 fee for supporting my pro hac vice status. I also tried a jury case for the insurance proceeds due Freddie Prinze's
parents resulting from the self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. The jury came in with an "accidental death verdict" with
double indemnity.
I take on the tough cases against tough and smart adversaries and have been very successful in my practice from both a legal
and financial point of view. When I was trying cases in New Mexico I uncovered a potential bribery of Governor Richardson and
referred it to the NY Times for coverage. The NY Times published the story on its first page. I mention this since Governor
Richardson is now the target of another investigation for political payoffs.
A copy of this email with the attached documents is being copied to Gretchen Morgenson Financial Reporter for the NY Times,
who has covered this "mortgage scam" for many years. She and her colleagues have wondered out loud why none of these
Banksters have wound up in jail. She has just published a book on this subject and she is on a "book tour" promoting her very
revealing investigations. Gretchen and I have been communicating for years about stopping these Gangsters and she was
prepared to cover the Gomes case if the Supreme Court granted review. to my great disappointment, the Supreme Court in an
6-0 vote denied review. I attribute a portion of that failure due to your failure to support the Petition. I was told in many
communications from Jamarah Harris in Los Angeles, that your office was "looking into it". No person from your appellate
department ever contacted me about whether they were going to take the case or not. I at least deserved  that courtesy. Your
office has been securing headlines prosecuting crooked City Managers and Gangbangers. Those are "softies". This case
warranted billions of dollars of damages to the Counties of California, the pension funds of California, and the homeowners who
have been evicted from their homes, causing unbelievable financial distress to the entire population and it governments. You
were supposedly one of the 50 Attorney Generals looking into these frauds. At least Attorney General Brown secured a "consent
decree" from Countrywide.
Governor Cuomo is now investigating and prosecuting some of these Banksters. The US Attorney's Office in NYC just obtained
a conviction for "Inside Trading" in the billions. At least one of these Banksters will be serving jail time. What has your office
done? I have read nothing. CitiMortgage is still engaging in their odious tactics of forcing homeowners to sign mortgages making
MERS the beneficiary to avoid paying recording fees to the County of Los Angeles. A copy of my letter to the CEO of
CitiMortgage is attached hereto. He basically told me to "go to hell". Then Judge Jewell, a protege of the Bush mis
administration denied my step son "due process of law" and he was thrown out of his home due to Judge Ewell's unlawful
refusal to hear a motion for a Stay on Appeal provided the fair monthly rental was paid. His mother, my wife, was ready willing
and able to do so. My stepson, Anthony Grossman is also a lawyer. He is now so "disgusted" with the judicial process that he
wishes to quit the practice of law.
I have requested the Appellate Department to cite Judge Ewell to the Commission on Judicial Performance for her willful
misconduct. She does not serve to wear the robes of Judicial Office. By this letter I request that you support this worthy cause.
We have a "rubber stamping" process in the unlawful detainer courts which is the tail end of the fraudulent foreclosure process.
I will do everything that is legal and within my power to halt these activities, including the criticism of your office. 

Best regards,
Martin S. Friedlander, Esq.
(310) 435 1519
Attorney-Client Privileged

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file:///C|/...20TO%20DEAL%20WITH%20BANKSTERS%20AND%20JUDGES%20WHO%20RUBBER%20STAMP%20THEM.htm[5/24/2011 12:49:57 AM]