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Kendrick Meek Named Chairman of Politic365

The Honorable Kendrick B. Meek, a former Congressman representing Floridaʼs 17th

congressional district, has joined online news publication Politic365 as chairman of its Editorial
Board. In this position, Meek will guide the publicationʼs growth and development of news,
perspective and commentary for American decision leaders, focusing first on communities of color.

Reflecting on Politic365ʼs position in the current media landscape, Meek says the publication “will
play a leading role in delivering information that stimulates politics– policymaking, campaigning,
voting and civic participation.” 

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, a long-time friend of Meekʼs, said the former congressman will bring a
unique perspective to the news and analysis of politics.  “His mother was one of the best public
servants ever, and Kendrick has been on the front lines himself.  Iʼm sure weʼll all benefit from the
experience and talent heʼll bring to the Chairmanʼs role.”

Established in 2010, Politic365 has quickly emerged as a premier platform for cultural enrichment
and political engagement.  The publication has become the leading outlet for policy and political
news by, for and about Americaʼs growing and influential communities of color.

By Meekʼs estimation, “the Politic365 family fills the void of commonality; it is a publication of
moderate thinkers in both a progressive and conservative world.”

Politic365ʼs mission is to penetrate and empower the moderate and progressive middle, and serve
as a platform for engaging elected officials, civil rights advocates, policymakers and key decision
leaders around issues critical to the nationʼs economic, social and political climate.  

Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi thinks “this is a great opportunity for Kendrick to help
shape a positive and progressive dialogue around important issues in the Beltway and around the

“I plan to use the relationships that Iʼve built on both sides of the aisle as a public servant for 21
years to enable Politic365 to report up-to-date and accurate information, so that our readers can
be well informed on the issues that affect them daily.  My experience as a policymaker helps me
understand the backstory beyond the spin. This is the understanding Politic365 gives to its

According to Assistant Democratic Leader Rep. James E. Clyburn, “Politic365 has done some
very good work over the past year, and with Kendrick as its leader, I believe the sky is the limit for
this publication.”

Politic365 already has a reach that extends to 10,000 local, state and federal black elected
officials, business leaders and community advocates representing 65 million Americans
nationwide. It is the only publication with promotion and publication agreements with all five of the
national organizations representing state and local black elected officials - the National Black
Caucus of State Legislators, National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women, National
Conference of Black Mayors, National Organization of Black County Officials, and the National
Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. 

Politic365ʼs partnerships also extend to civil rights organizations and think tanks, including the
National Urban League, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, and the Joint Center for
Political and Economic Studies.

Politic365 is minority-owned and operated. Upon becoming chairman of Politic365's Editorial

Board, Meek acquired an ownership interest in the publication.

“This is a very exciting time for online journalism – history is being made every day, and itʼs vital
that this history be recorded from the perspectives of all Americans, including those who
traditionally havenʼt had a sufficient voice at the political table,” Meek said.

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