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Alfredo Brenes Beita

Las Nubes de Coronado. (506)8363-4416

125 Norte de Plaza Deportes.
San Jose. Costa Rica
P.O.Box 540-2350.

Highly committed executive with broad international and domestic experience in g
eneral management, marketing and sales. Successful track record meeting and surp
assing established goals working with multi-functional teams and complex markets
in fast changing environments. Recognized skills in finance and negotiation to
achieve strategic, financial and volume targets while building brands and develo
ping markets. Ability to develop strong relationships at every organizational le
vel to work towards the achievement of common objectives. Adaptable and willing
to relocate.
Maxxium Travel Retail Americas.
2005 - 2009
Key Account Manager Latin America
Managed a broad portfolio of premium spirits brands including Absolut, The Macal
lan and Remy Martin in Duty Free markets across Latin America covering multiple
channels: airports, border shops, port terminals and airlines. Directly respons
ible for brand development in each channel of distribution and handling all rela
tionships with customers and brand owners. Led the business from the development
of strategic and marketing plans to their final execution in the territory.
- Quadrupled Net Profits from $720K in 2005 to $2.8 million in 2008.
- Established brand visibility agreements with the most important operators to d
eliver sales growth and improve brand image.
- Increased brand penetration in the region to reach 100%.
- Coordinated a smooth business transition from Maxxium to Brand Owners and cust
omers to facilitate the continued growth of the brands.
Corporacion Fischel S.A.
2004 - 2005
Corporate General Manager
Oversaw 4 companies operating in the health business (1100 employees): One drugs
tore chain (70 stores in Costa Rica and 9 in Nicaragua), one drug distribution c
ompany and two medical equipment distribution companies.
- Defined a strategic plan for the short and medium-term to halt three years of
continued losses and revert to a profitable position expected to generate $3 mil
lion within 12 months.
- Reduced Total Debt by $4.4 million as a result of cutting down overhead expens
es, inventories and other expenses.
- Negotiated new debt agreements with the major banks that enabled the firm to a
chieve growth.
- Established strong relationships with stock market supervisors and governmenta
l authorities that facilitated negotiations for the medium and long-term continu
ity of the firm.
Multiservicios Electromedicos S.A. (Corp.Fischel S.A)
2002 - 2004
Deputy General Manager
Hired by Corporacion Fischel S.A. to become the General Manager of this subsidia
ry. Responsible for defining the companys growth strategy for the medium and lon
- Consolidated a Lab Division throughout 4 important distribution agreements wit
h worldwide leading laboratory producers that enabled the company to increase it
s annual profits by participating in public bids.
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons Ltd.
1994 - 2002
Area Manager Seagram Central America Cluster
Managed a multi-million dollar business to build and develop the companys portf
olio of spirits and wine brands in Central America, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia th
roughout a holistic distribution network including Duty Paid, Duty Free, Militar
y and re-export channels. Led and coordinated all relationships with customers a
nd functional related corporate units including commercial, legal and regulatory
- Increased operating income over 7 years by 51% as a result of volume and share
of market growth.
- Achieved share of segment growth in the Premium Scotch category from 26.1% in
1993 to 52.5% in 2000 in Central America and from 1.8% to 19.7% in the Standard
Scotch segment over the same period.
- Obtained a Premium Vodka share of segment growth from 13.4% in 1993 to 27% in
- Organized and led wine seminars directed to the on-trade helping to achieve a
leadership position in the French Wine category in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salva
dor, Nicaragua and Panama.
- Negotiated the termination of distribution agreements to rearrange Seagrams di
stribution network without cost for the countries of Ecuador, Guatemala, Hondura
s and El Salvador.
- Implemented training programs for distributor's key personnel and coordinated
seminars for the on-trade.
- Developed motivational/incentive programs to achieve yearly goals with the dis
tributors along with customized consumer promotions designed for each specific c
Corporacion Luz/Udisca S.A.-Costa Rica
1991- 1993
General Manager
Led the overall consolidation of the merger between the two firms comprising deb
t negotiation with banks, overhead reduction, organizational restructuring and d
efined the vision and long-term strategic plan to achieve shareholder objectives
. Corporacion Luz, a production and distribution company under bankruptcy protec
tion was merged with Udisca S.A., a profitable distribution company during a per
iod of high interest rates and inflation. Overall marketing responsibilities wer
e managed under this responsibility, as well as reporting financial performance
to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis
- Reached financial break-even in a very short term of 15 months to subsequently
secure continued profitability for the corporation.
- Reduced headcount from 180 to 120.
- Integrated two sales-force departments that increased total sales by 31% over
the 1991-1993 period.
- Initiated product exportation to Central America.
Udisca S.A.- Costa Rica
1989 - 1991
General Manager
Responsible for general management and heading marketing duties reporting to the
Board of Directors. Domestic distribution of important pharmaceutical corporati
ons such us Smith Kline Beecham, Jansen, Ciba-Geigy, A.H.Robbins, Warner Lambert
, Warner Chilcott, Parke Davis, Becton Dickinson
- Increased sales by 33% from $0.9 Million in 1989 to $1.2 in 1991.
- Profits were increased by 16% over the same period.
- Negotiated and added 4 new distribution lines.
- Developed a highly motivated team that reduced delivery service from 6 hours t
o 2 hours having a big impact on customer confidence and loyalty.
- Established a solid relationship with the represented companies based on growt
h, stock availability and accomplishment of credit terms.
- Built a strong financial base for long-term growth.
Seagram de Costa Rica S.A
Marketing Manager
Led the marketing department composed of 34 people covering on and off-trade.
Worked productively with the Marketing Vice President in strategic planning to m
aintain sustainable growth throughout the years in accordance with corporate gui
delines. Directly responsible for the implementation of marketing plans, budget
controls and management of all relationships with the 4 domestic distributors, a
dvertising agencies and research companies.
- Implemented and supervised all marketing activities for the successful develop
ment and launch of Centenario rum.
- Achieved 33% market share in the Premium rum category in less than 3 years.
- Increased rum market share from 54% in 1982 to 63% in 1989 and in Vodka from 5
1% to 55%.
- Implemented an innovative way to improve brand image and promote consumption o
f Seagram brands having a very positive impact on the development of Centenario
M.B.A. National University, San Diego, CA (Marketing,CLP).
Bachelor in Business Administration. UACA, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Marketing Seminars at Kellogg Institute, University of Illinois and the South Ca
rolina University, USA.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Chamber of Pharmaceutical
Distributors. 1991-1994.