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Declaration for Submission of Electronic Work to Buckinghamshire New University Please read the following carefully

Declaration for Submission of Electronic Work to Buckinghamshire New University

Please read the following carefully before submitting your work. On submission of this work, I certify that I have read, understood and agree to the five points below.

1. I hereby certify that I have read and I understand the regulations of Buckinghamshire New University for cheating and plagiarism.

2. I have read and I understand the explanation of how to cite and reference my sources, using the Harvard Method, details of which are available at http://bucks.ac.uk/referencing

3. I agree to my work being submitted to automated software systems for the purpose of detecting similarities with other work.

4. I understand that I might be asked to explain close similarities between work submitted by me and work created by others, or to explain considerable changes in my usual writing style.

5. I understand that if I am found guilty of an academic misconduct, it may result in disciplinary action, possibly including the immediate dismissal from the programme.

Student ID:

Module Title and Code:


Date of Submission:

Assignment Title:

Please complete the following Check List. Before submitting your work you must be able to tick to all of the following Check List items:

Have you completed the assignment in full i.e. have you completed all aspects of the assignment?

Are you submitting the assignment by the hand-in date or have an Assignment Extension Form to the office signed by the Course Leader?

Have you checked your assignment against the assessment criteria and answered the question to the best of your ability?

Have you included your ID number and the page number at the foot of each page?

Have you made the assignment using Microsoft Word, using double-spacing and have you performed a spelling and grammar check?

Have you run a word count and checked that the assignment is of the correct length?

Have you included a bibliography (if this was required by the module tutor)?

Have you checked the overall presentation and format of the assignment as per the instructions in the assignment brief i.e. essay, report or memorandum?

Have you re-read your assignment and been satisfied that what you have written is what the tutor is going to want to see?

Have you kept an electronic copy of the assignment as a record of this work?

In the space below, you may ask the assessor to give detailed feedback on an aspect of your work (e.g. referencing, writing style, and developing an argument). Asking for detailed feedback will not affect your mark. It is intended to help you improve your future University work.