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Pavarotti Joins Board


D'Angelo Young Artists

* >

Competition Set For May

The D'Angelo School of Music tions in the country and is very
Young Artists Competition, the well thought of I in the .music
most richly endowed event of its business." t&fjt^i

sort in the country, has achieved Mary Daly, Assistant to 5the «•

another success with the recent ac- President for External Affairs,
ceptance'of Luciano Pavarotti, said the idea of forming an ad-
who has been called "America's visory board for the competition
greatest tenor," to membership came from a meeting between Dr.
on its advisory board. and Mrs.;D'Angelo and herself.
In addition, Robert Jacobson, When Pavarotti was mentioned as
editor £ of* "Opera News," will a I possible board member, she
serve as the senior judge of the said, "we really didn't know if it
May ui 0, 11 and 12 contest. would work."
"It's becoming an international She credits his acceptance,
competition," Joseph Chiarelli, however, to the"'fact that Jacob-
Acting Director of*the Music son will serve as the competition's
Department, said. senior judge. "He was the key to
The event, which alternates bet- the whole thing," she said. «fw*?74F " "

ween strings, piano and noice is Other judges on the panel for
• -4*t\

being directed by Chiarelli, who this eighth annual contest include

said that he has received more in- Evelyn Lear, a soprano with the A glimpse from a window In Old Main reminds everyone at Mercyhurst that Old Man still lingers on although the
quiries than ever before for this Metropolitan Opera, Maestro calendar indicates Spring has arrived. 1 "; •
year's voice comp fl»'"'op ^a^m m .WaitecHendl of the Erie Philhac
Sponsored by^locai doctor monic and John Wustman of the
George D'Angelo and hts wife,
the contest boasts a $1,000 prize
for its winner. In addition, the
School of Music at the University
of Illinios at Urbana.
"Dr. D'Angleo is to*be con-
Five Faculty Members Hired;
first place singer will also receive a
performance with the Erie
gratulated for his visions and
Mercyhurst for bringing that ^vi-
Begin Teaching At Hurst In Fall
Philharmonic and a solo recital at sion to fruition,**^ Hendl said of
Mercyhurst. * ? $ By Naomi Romanchok ment in the Criminal Justice psychology,: Gridley will also
the competition. £"The D'Angelo Even though spring term is just
"The D'Angelo is a very is one of the major competitions Department.' teachigeneral music courses. He
valuable contest to win," Jacob- ofI the music world. I look for-beginning, the administration is Dr. David Allen will be a new has an extensive background in
son said in a recent interview. looking ahead to fall and the need
ward to being a part of it for years instructor in the History-Political jazz music and will add a new
"It's now among the top competi- to come." for new faculty members. Science Department. Allen is a aspect to the Music Department.
^Academic Dean David D. replacement for Mr. ;David
Palmer told TheiMerciad, "The Beth une. .Allen has his Ph.D. Dean Palmer outlined the pro-
college is currently seeking faculty from the University of Wisconsin. cess of selecting new faculty which
in five major departments: "He has an extensive law begins when applications and
Biology, international Business, background and will be helpful to resumes are reviewed. Qualified
Dance, Geology and Music." pre-law m a j o r s , " Palmer candidates are then invited to the
Commission On Liberal The Dean also announced four
departmental additions for fall
commented. f
Dr. Anthony Grimaldi will
college for an interview and
possibly a sample lecture in their
Potential department. "Can-
Arts Formed!At College term.
Mr. Norman Raasch will be ad-
to the Criminal Justice
teach full-time at Mercyhurst this
fall. Grimaldi, fwho teaches
various art classes, is currently on
didates are evaluated in three
areas: experience in the discipline,
J By Debbie Hison and fear of the college being turn- Department Raasch fills the posi- teaching experience, and degree
pi Dr. Barry Grossman, a 12-year ed into a vocational technical staff as a part-time instructor. He qualifications/' he said.
Mercyhurst faculty veteran, has school. \ tion formerly held by J.
Eg Cordes.1 Raasch will teach in theGarry will expand his role to also include
been appointed as chairman of the The commission is examining area of Police Science and will being supervisor of the Cummings Other. department faculty
newly-formed Liberal Arts Com- the possibility i of creating . a Art Gallery. * ' members!also evaluate:the can-
mission at Mercyhurst. The group seperate college for the arts and provide a new ^concentration in "-Dr. Mark Grid ley will be a new didate. "They look for com-
is going to 'studyr* what can be sciences along with having its own security. He has an extensive addition? to the Psychology patibility within the department,"
done to resurrect and secure the dean. record in police science and also Department^ his fall. Gridley has Palmer explained. J However, the
'h has i college-level teaching ex-
place of liberal studies at the col- his Ph.D. from Case Western final decision lies with »the
lege,' explained Grossman. j Also, they are hoping the ad- perience. Dean Palmer feels that Reserve in E x p e r i m e n t a l Academic Dean and the President
missions office will sell the
The board is composed of a mix studies program as a career, to liberal Raasch will be a "fine"replace- Psychology. Besides teaching of the College. f
of 'faculty members from the promote the recruitment of liberal
science and humanities fields. arts students. Eventually this will
Working with Grossman on the lead to scholarship offers.
commission are: P. Barry McAn-
drew, David Thomas, Marilynn During Spring terms the com-
Jewell, Judith Wieczorek, Daniel mission will be studying various
Burke, Joanne Cooper, and means to increase the visibility
Derek Price. Also serving as an and marketability of the liberal
adjunct member is Dean David arts department.
D.Palmer. *fcj iS Both Dean-Palmer and Presi-
According to Grossman, ^the dent William P.Garvey come
formation of the commission was from liberal studies backgrounds
due in part to the complaints of and are in full support of the ob-
liberal arts i students > about the jectives of the commission,
Mercyhurst academic atmosphere Grossman concluded.
From the ff
Editorfc Desk

Risk: It More 9

Than Just A Game

Risk. I I 1
"The possibility of loss or injury; a hazard."
The opportunity for taking a risk arises in our life often, but, The next Merciad staff meeting will be held* on
all too often, these risks are overlooked or rejected. Why? Risk
carries with it an element of failure. Perhaps we will not succeed
i | Wednesday, March 28 at 3 p.m.
at what we do. Perhaps we will make fools of ourselves or put
our {foot in our mouth. It is this fear" of failure that prevents
many of us from doing things that will change the status quo.
We look at change as an enemy, instead of an opportunity for
growth. Yet, although risk may bring about a possible failure, it
may also end in a new achievement. Anyway, what's wrong with
a little failure? It keeps us humble and teaches us something.
This week, 12 people are taking the risk of placing themselves
before the students or tins institution in an attempfto become^
their government voices. These* people are taking £ the risk of
steppingi out of their ordinary routines and challenging
themselves ito become something different - a campus leader.
Why are they doing this? It is out a of a concern for the Mer-
cyhurst Community, it is out of a desire to initiate change, it is
out of willingness to change themselves. These people, whether
they win or lose, are going to reap the benefits of risk - meeting
new people, gaining self confidence, learning more about Mer-
cyhurst Student Government and even perhaps learning
something about themselves.
Running for office is not for everyone - government is not a
talent that all people possess. Yet, everyone has the ability to
reap the rewards of risk. How? In regards to this election, take
the risk of going to the student forum and ask the candidates 5^«??OOT!^^E ESEPPJwL^Vi .v»v* r'^'.t'M-x*!'^1

about the things that concern you. Take the risk of voicing your
opinion about an issue or a candidate. Take the risk of casting AVAV
B8M ss>

Syour vote for the candidate that you feel will best serve the Mer-
JCOC"_»3 HSflws

cyhurst Community. Do you think that you could do a better MCOS

Hffl fcVV fcViv

ViW WWW we

job than any of the?candidates running? Take the risk of in-

itiating a campaign for write-in votes. A jg
*What about beyond the election? The opportunityjfor risk, Staff Box
Editor , ....Carts J . Anderson
and thus for change and growth, presents itself to us in a variety Assistant Editor ........Martha J. Camp THE § MERCIAD
of ways. What *to do? Do something. Do anything. But do Human Resources ..Naomi Romancrtok welcomes .the* expres-
News Editor ............Keren Merkle
something new - what is the risk involved in doing something Feature Editor ..........Fran Moavero sions of its freaders nn
that you have already done? Sports Editor .Stephanie Hultberg "Your Opinion. "£' All
Sports Editor ................Greg Yoko
t J

Become involved in another campaign - the one for the Presi-

Photo Editor ...........Rich Forsgren letters must be signed
Copy Edltor% f — G race A Ricci
dent of the United States. Several students this week formed an Business Manager ...........Dsrlene Nolan and should contain an
Americans for Gary Hart" committee to cam for that
Business Sales Jack Holland address or telephone
Circulation Mgr. ............Debbie Hison number to be used for
candidate in the Erie County area. These people are taking the Circulation Mgr. ..........Natalie Ceraso
risk of backing a candidate that may not win. But they are also
Cartoonists ~........Mathew Dusks verificationi purposes
Cartoonists^ . ..............Steve Ayers only. *g§ Contributions
w reaping the rewards of that risk. * Advisor» esei ...Mr. Richard Garcia

Graphic Artist
......Frank DePlacido will be edited for gram-
Not into politics? Do anything. Take the risk of saying hello Reporters: Dariene Nolan, Brent Scarpo, Debbie Hison, Wydetta Carter,
Barb Gaydos, Jack Holland, Judy Watson, Cindy Lochner
matical or spelling er-
to someone on campus that youidon't know. Take a class in Typists: Rena Zicarelli, Jacqueline Perez, Lauran Wirant rors. Letters mustj be
something that you know nothing about, but are still interested Is the student-edited newspaper of Mercyhurst College, 501 East 38 Street, submitted |by noon on
Erie, Pennsylvania 16546. The Mirilai office is located In the basement of Baldwin Tuesdays^ \ preceding
in. Read a book (not a textbook). Get book (not a textbook). Dormitory, Phone 825-0376. The •erelei is printed by Brown-Thompson newspapers in
The opportunities are endless. And so are the rewards. Union City, Pennsylvania. fa publication. m
THEMEgCIAD WSJ a»V>* '€£u«3F szmmb* • ' *-< •>-
V****" * JX2L. * *W ** w*»cz*ifitrt-m+tKw **&&*>*** '• ^M* #MK«**ttflt *jmm&*v iy\*&$-




f •




of providing ( the campus with a
The opinions expressed in these good social atmosphere.

letters are the views of the A second problem of our past

individual candidates government has been the lack of
cooperation among the officers of
our government. Thatfitfjwhy I
which is definitely one to live by: campus have to be more accep- have chosen to run on a ticket
Seize the Opportunity. I am now table along with greater com- with Vice-President candidate
asking the student, body to seize munication between officers,and Matt Whelan. Matt and I share
the opportunity and vote for the students concerning i these ac- some common ideas and goals
alternative. For too long I have tivities. The organization of that will improve our government.
heard the complaints on both future events will have to encom- Together we will work with the
sides of the student spectrum. Of- pass a larger amount of people in newly elected SAC Chairperson in
ficers complain that there is too order to get the full impact of all order to bring new life to the Ac-
much apathy among students and students involved. tivities Committee. We could have
students feel that they are depriv- The most important aspect of a great, fun-filled year starting
e ed of certain aspects of college this election is the willingness of next September, but it will take
life. I hope to be elected and the students to participate. |The team work to do it. Some of our
bridge the gap of difference bet- ability to vote for class officers common ideas are the construc-
V ween officers and students. should be. held in jhigh regard.
1 Dave Armstrong
To Mercyhurst Student
Government and Fellow Students:
.•This office which I desire will
surely help in my future endeavors
Each student should realize his-
her responsibility in these elec-
Bryan Doherty
My name is Bryan Doherty and
tion of an outdoor Movie Screen
in order to provide outdoor
movies during the cool fall J and
Now is the time to make a dif- as a political science major and tions. And hopefully from the spring nights. We want to'bring
ference. The Mercyhurst Student accounting minor. I have been an post it ion I seek, I will be able to I am running for Student Govern- back the Masonic Temple func-
Government advertisement seen honor student in high school and promote the same intense par- ment President. I i have been in- tions as well as picnics and winter
w in Merciad has greatly influenced continue this route as an Egan ticipation needed for these elec- volved in Government for the past activities.
my decision to run for Mercyhurst scholar at Mercyhorsw- Presently, tions into all the functions of Mer- three 5 years both as a represen-
Student Government President. I am holding the appointed office cyhurst Student Government. In tative and as a Senator. As a
Contemplating the success of the of Chairman to the Judicial Board order to get this willingness for representative I £ have introduced
Matt, and I have- recognized
rest of my college career, it along with the alternate spot to participation (realized two things and sought passage of numerous these two major issues as by far
becomes clear that a change has to the Senate. are necessary. Communication proposals al 1 designed to improve
v our campus life. In addition to the most serious problems facing
be made. It is time to do something about with all students and the example government »this year. We will
the issues at hand. The present set by elected officers the student this I have received the 1981-1984
Throughout my schooling I award for Government Service for work with SAC to bridge the gap
have been active Mn Student Constitution for the Mercyhurst government will be able to show between that committee and our
Student Government I has to be that participation is the'key to a my ^innovation of the Judicial
Government. Holding the offices Board to the college. So much for present government. More impor-
compiled, revised, and made into betterment for the overall use of
of president in grade school to the
a single document gas soon as
r my credentials, now I would like tantly we can cooperate with the
offices of secretary, vice- the government and student ac- to explain why you should vote officers on a platform that will br-
president, and president in high possible. The loss of the yearbook tivities for the student body. The for me for President. I believe ing about change for the better.
school. Upon entering college, I has to be addressed in order <for time IS NOW* to .make a^dif- that the biggest problem on cam* Finally, let's just have fun next
college memories to be* saved.
r took*aWnew approach" Phave
observed the MSG Process: yes, I
feel that "Now is the time to make
More research and action has to
be placed on the possibility of a
ference, vote the alternative,^ote pus this year has been the failure yearrDoesri*WTiat sa^tafTTWe
Dave Armstrong MSG President. of jour i Activitiesi Committee. I all pay a $60 Student Government
fee in the hopes that through ac-
a difference." Used Textbook or Book Lend Sincerely, J* 2g£ believe that we have suffered in tivities and events provided by
3' ,f Proposal,, Student activities on this area because of the develop-
The; college has had a motto Dave Armstrong Student Government we will
ment of a gap between MSG and receive* a social , outlet on the
Union. We have currently finish- Leading the Student Govern- the Student Activities Committee. weekends at the 'Hurst. So won't
ed expanding the outdoor recrea- ment requires many qualities, SAC is part and parcel of the you please vote for me and Matt
. tion possibilities available to the talents and experience. I feel I am Government
and it is by far the
and we promise vthat next' year
Students. Students will now be strong in all of thesefcategories. most important committee under you'll get your moneys worth.
able* to sign out or rent*various With this in mind, I ask for your the government. The Activities
pieces of camping equipment vote.on election day. Committee spends almost three-
from the Student Union. Sincerely, quarters of the entire Government Sincerely ,*
The purpose of the Constitu- I Patrick Songer Budget in order to fulfill its coal Bryan Doherty
tional Revision Committee $this
year is to update and clarify the
i present Constitution. By doing
this, we hopef to present each 11 Convenient Locations
\: representative a clear, concise
Patrick Songer* constitution which each represen- 4319 Peach Street m 1311 Broad Street
|My name is Patrick Songer and
I am'running for the Office of
tative can use to better understand
the workings of the government.
McDonald's 2170 East Lake Road 1115 Sassafras Street
909 Peninsula Drive 4316 Buffalo Road
2650 West 26th Street Imperial Point Plaza, Girard

President of the Mercyhurst Stu-
dent Government. I am currently
Being involved in government is
helpful to understand the needs i Siyou. Millcreek Mall- ;
430 State Street ;
Interstate 90 and 97,
State St. Exit
a junior majoring in Geology with and concerns of the students. To I® Mr. Sam Covet I i
a minor in Business Administra- better represent!these concerns, I Owner-Operator
tion. For the past two years I have ran for and was elected to a seat V
\X on the College Senate. Being that
been a member of the Mercyhurst
Crew Team. I have also been quite many of the students concerns are
active -in organizing the Earth academically based, I sought out a
Space Science Club. I position on the Academic Policies
iS'My experience in Mercyhurst Committee, 1 voiced the student's
Student Government is quite ex- concerns on various subjects in-
cluding the Sports (Medicine
v tensive. 1 have been the Geology-
Petroleum Geology representative Proposal.-£ * |
to MSG for the past two years. If elected President, I will seek
During these two years I have to unite the government. By \Q>
represented my constituents, sup- uniting the government, I hope to
ported the SAC and other govern- channel the energy of the body
ments activities, and served on away from personal conflicts and
into tangible results. I feel my per-
Buy A Milkshake,
many government committees.
This year, I carried my involve- sonality and manner can help me GetjA Milkshake FREE
ment with government commit- achieve this goal. I also plan to
tees one step further as chairper- maintain those governemnt ser- Good at any Erie and Girard, PA McDonald's
I son of the Recreation Committee vices which have proved popular
4 over the years. Last, but certainly Operator for reimbursement send to:
and a member of the Constitu- McDonald's, P.O. Box 4049 |
tional Revision Committee. not least, I pledge to constantly Erie, Pa. 16512 I I0 I
• v

The Recreation . Committee keep an .open door to hear the One coupon
r per customer per visit.
* sought to expand the recreational problems and ideas of the student |Coupon expires4/2/84 c£hvalue 1/20gf a cent
opportunities of the Student body.| #f .|:

I plan to implement both of these serving as a Student Senator. A

objectives. % person serving in this position
Establishing a good working needs! to be a person whom

Vice-President relationship between the officer

core and! the Mercyhurst Com-
munity (Government, Student
Body, and Administration) is a
students can approach easily, with
the feeling that something will be
said or done about their problem.
I AM THAT PERSON, that per-
part of the organization which I son people can approach, and as
tioned gentlemen, with their spoke of earlier. In order to Vice-President, I will make the
decidedly distinct qualities and establish this "Sense of Organiza- problem jof any student, my
stances, have at least one similari- tion," you need a person with a problem.
ty. They are all politicians with vivacious personality. Being ac- I can help Student Government
"campaign promises." tively involved in the Mercyhurst grow in many ways and make it
You're probably wondering, if Pat Callahan Community for the past two more efficient. In addition, I want
you've bothered to read this far, To The Mercyhurst Student Body, years, I feel qualifies me for the to make MSG an organization
"What in the heck is she talking HI! My name is PAT position. which people can respect. I feel I
about? Why doesn't she get to the CALLAHAN and I am requesting The Vice-President position can can accomplish this through the
fcoint?" Well, in 1984, Americans your vote for Student Govern- be a vital part in strengthening the goals I stated earlier.
will be deciding on whom they ment Vice-President. Being an of- Public Relations of Government. I am most sincere in my reasons
want to lead them for the next ficer for the Student Government If elected, I would like to create for running for Vice-President of
four years. They will f base'.this is a big responsibility, which I can an MSG Newsletter, much like the MSG. But beyond all that, the ut-
f S u e Bennett decision on what each candidate fulfill. In order to have success in same* Newsletter which I created most reason as to why I am runn-
says - what he promises to do for any organization you need to with SAC this year. I would also ing is my concern for the Mer-
t Sue Bennett is a junior the people of the U.S. This may or establish two things: the first is like to see a speciel project, in the cyhurst College student, It is this
Pshcyology-English double major may not seem related to the organization itself; and the second form of a big name band or come- concern that keeps me striving, so
and a candidate for the office of M.S.G. officer elections. I think it is establishing a set of goals which dian come to Mercyhurst. Striving as to make the student^well^in-
Vice-President of MSG. is. All elections have just that in your organization can ;work to {pursue such goals, gives any formed of what he is both getting
Elections are funny things. It's common. Promises made to get toward..If elected Vice-President, organization a sense of unity, pur- and not getting from the college.
a time of great activity and hype votes. The 1984 M.S,G, elections pose and reward. Thank you for considering me.
during which candidates histle will most likely follow suit. As Vice-President, ISwould be
from place to place shaking ifc Pat Callahan
•hands, making speeches, quoting I have- learned that campaign
famous people (mostly previous promises are often broken. More
often than not this* is uninten-
An open forum for candidates
"successful politicians) and "kiss-
ing babies." Now, 1984, a na- tional. Yet, it's true. I have served will be held on Sunday at 7:00
during the 1983-84 school year as
tional election year brings the ex-
citement of such goings on. The Secretary of M.S.G. During this p.m. in Baldwin Lobby
news reports the campaign events year I have learned a great deal - closely not only with the President exciting ^ fun-filled place to live.
of* the Democratic nominee about how the governemnt runs, but witrr SAC and the Senate. Doing this will require time and I
hopefuls - an experienced, op- how it can run , about working What I am trying to do is make feel I not only have the time but I
timistic Walter Mondale, a young with people and what its like to be t he Vice-Presidency a more active am well qualified to do so.
GaryfHart with tfnew.ideas,"fa in a position to serve:others. I rolejso that you people get the I would like to4ell you a Jjttle
s urging, exuberant J esse J ackson. consider this a year well spent, a most out of a government that is about myself. I am currently a
These men are indeed individuals, valuable experience. Above all, I •X W M a t t W h e l a n
supposedly working for you. sophomore Criminal Justice ma-
each with his'own fairly con- believe that experience is the key To the Mercyhurst Community: v At this point I would like to ex-
I would like to introduce jor with the hope of going to law
trasting ideas and opinions. The ingredient in making a good plain our campaigns very briefly. school. Last year I participated on
voter must weigh for himself the leader. Promises of what I plan to myself, my name is Matt Whelan Bryan Doherty and I are running
and I am running for the office of the Activities Day; Committee to
pros and cons of each candidate. do for you mean little. Experience for Student Government because help organize the day. I have also
He will decide the best person for speaks for itself. Yet, in a sense, I Vice-President of the Mercyhurst we both feel that Mercyhurst Col-
Student Governemnt. I have two played on the soccer team for two
the job. Each of the above men- am a politician of sorts. As such, I lege could be much more fun if years. ^
feel obliged to make at least some years J experience in Mercyhurst the right people are elected. We
Student Government as an alter- Jl thank you for your support
kind of promise. If I should make both feel we are the right people. and urge you. to vote for Matt
any, it would simply be to try to nate representatvie for Bryan Our campaign will be centered
Doherty, the Criminal; Justice Whelan for Vice-President and
serve and help the students of this around more student activities. Bryan Doherty for President. So
is* campus in the best way that I am representative. This year he and I We do not want people to have to
are running on a campaign i to that Mercyhurst Student Govern-
able. On March 28 and 29 you will go home on weekends ? because ment will $ become the voice of
decide on next year's leaders. 1 make Mercyhurst more fun. We there is nothing to do at*Mer-
think this is what you, the Mer- you, the students of Mercyhurst.
hope that you'll vote for me, Sue cyhurst (again)! \ * Let us work for you so we can all
« Bennett,r for Vice-President of cyhurst Community deserve.
As an active Vice-President I have a fun filled year.
rsce M.S.G. Sincerely ,f will work towards making the Sincerely,
Sue Bennett I As Vice-President I would work Mercyhurst Community a i more Matt Whelan

Pat Reed
Dear Students,
In?seeking the office of Vice-
President of MSG I have several
things in mind. One being to cease
concentrating on budget or
"Polar Bear" nights andL Pizza
Socials and concentrate entertain-
ment more on things that are ap-
pealing to the whole student body.
For instance, most schools of our
size run at least one major concert
every year, something
that Mer-
cy hurst does not do. There are
many ways that the Student
Government can be improved and
cover more than Activities
Weekend and weekly meetings.
Having been a representative for
one year andjtaken a trip to
Cleveland and become familiar
with! a larger school's student
government, I feel I have the abili-
ty to assume the role of Vice-
Thank you,
Pat Reed «- ^

Treasurer Secretary interested
•I have acquired and developed
in writing
skills in office procedure, shor-
thands typing, and other duties
a column
necessary to the competence of a
Presentfy, I am the Dance
Department Representative to the
Mercyhurst Student Government,
I am an active and dedicated
member of my major department.
Sharon Murphy Christie Smith Heather Powers
In any situation I do my best to
give my all, as I would if elected
Hello, my name is Sharon Mur- My J name lis Christie Smith. I
phy, I* am a junior Accounting am| presently a sophomore com-
Kfl, Heather Powers, as a junior
Dance major at Mercyhurst Col-
for the post ion of secretary.
It is up to the students to elect
major. I have been looking, for puter management and business
the two years I've been on cam- administration j«major, and I am
pus, for an opportunity to apply running fori the office? of
lege, have chosen to run for the
position of Secretary to the Mer-
cyhurst Student Government.
effective student representatives. I
feel that I can be efficient and ef-
my talents where they, could be Treasurer for the Mercyhurst Stu-
best used and needed. The office dent Government. *{* *
I believe that I have the
qualifications necessary to fulfill
fective in the government, and I
would greatly appreciate the con-
sideration of all voters. 4
Camp at
n the obligations and duties of
of MSG Treasurer fulfills this I feel : I am qualified and ex- Sincerely,
desire, and I feel that It possess perienced to fill the*position of Secretary I have various past ex-
perience in such a role. | Heather Powers
the experience and time necessary Treasurer as a result of my past
to fill this position. I also enjoy involvement here at Mercyhurst. K In high school I was secretary to
working twith I numbers and My government experience in- several groups including Dance
budgets and get satisfaction doing cludes having been a member of
this work well. So in addition to the Budget and Finance Commit-
helping you, I benefit myself also. tee as a freshman, the freshman
Club, Future Business Leaders of
America, and my homeroom
class. l£ have also worked as a
Vote the
My qualifications for this posi- representative, the Computer
tion include: working with SAC, Management representative, a
doing accounts receivable for a member of the Academic Policies
secretary in the Mercyhurst Dance
Department for approximately
three years under the College
Winning Ticket
church, and I work in the Business Committee, and the Treasurer of Work-Study Program. - §
Department, whica|gwes me a$ the Student Activities Committee.
first hand knowledge of how the* j[Due to my role as treasurer of
college functions. This is essential SAC, I have had the opportunity
and the captain of the Womens
Tennis Team.
Bryan Doherty £ Matt Whelan
to getting things done and haying to work closely with the present |If elected Treasurer. "I will
the system working,for the stu- • student government Treasurer. I fulfill the position to the best of
dent. But my most prominent ex- know the procedures, and gained my ability .'J accept any challenge,
perience is an 8-month co-op I the understanding, |as well as
had with* the /Internal Revenue fulfilled the duties of being
and I am able to deal with respon-
sibility on a mature level. I will
President Vice-President
Service. Workipg with the IRS I treasurer of an organization on a work? hard to follow in the
audited books and records, doing college level. I have the ex-
detailed bank statement analyses, perience, background and con-
which along with budgeting is one fidence in myself to perform the
footsteps of the present Treasurer
so that I may 'help?the student
government continue to function
Together we can make
of the mam duties of the duties f of Treasurer fori the
Treasurer. Performing with many 1984-85 student government.
and satisfy all the students needs.
I would appreciate your vote on
Student Government a
different people and situations, I Wednesday, March 28 or Thurs-
terpersonal skills.
Aside "| froml government lac-
also developed significant in- tivities, I* have also attained a
leadership role in various other
day, March 29.
lot better.
Last year Mercyhurst Student activities. For example, as the C H R I S T I E ISMJTH FOR
Government had a budget of over Chairperson of Parents Weekend, TREASURER. 1 H 1 MSG Elections are March 28th & 29th
$100,000, an amounuof money
that takes more than a knowledge ^ -A -

of addition and subtraction to

budget andikeep track of. Being Vote for knowledge,
an Accounting major, I have the
academic background in addition
3 to my experience. Coming from
The Time NOW experience
' the auditing end of the stick I
realize the importance of accurate
books. And Uhave the time and
initiative at my disposal to do the
Vote Vote if or service to the
Treasurer's job well. 1 .
'K If elected 11 would bring (new students
blood and fresh ideas into student
government. So when youjgo to
vote next week put your money in
DA VE ARMSTRONG Vote for fair leadership
good hands jby investing in the
Sincerely, $. I;
Vote for
Sharon Murphy
MSG President
The Merciad PATRICK
ApiaViiTsTssue | ^ Make Your COUNT!
MSG President

will be printed
on March 30
• 1-WWwJRW IWUI3* I B H BBB THE MERCIAD $& '' '' IKWHrftHBlSfff fl *_1_J I' mm
I t
chairperson of SAC. I am a good
listener and I will'listen to what LIBRARY HOURS for SPRING TERM - 1 9 8 4
you, the students, want. I will try Sundays 2:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. .

SAC Chairperson my best to plan activities that will

please the majority of the student
body. It is your money that runs
8:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.
8:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.
8:30 a.m.-l 1:00 p.m.?
8:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.#
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
activities, and I" wantjj SAC to Fridays
work for you. Saturdays 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Changes are important inlany
organization to keep the group
growing in a positive direction.
Changes can help SAC grow.
Your ideas can help change SAC.
A chairperson has the power to SWIM CLUB
implement those ideas. I will listen
to your ideas and am ambitious to
make those ideas a reality. I have There will meeting
the energy to make Student Ac-
tivities fun.
Wednesday, March 28 at 4 p.m. in
.:A leader needs experience. I the Campus Center for all those
Scott Kelly | Jean Moniewski
know SAC and how it works. I
know its ? s t r e n g t h s sand
interested joining swim
Dear Fellow Students: JMy name is Jean Moniewski weaknesses. The strengths' I want club. Fees and all arrangements
I, Scott Kelly, would appreciate
and I am running for the position
of Student Activities Committee
to keep and the weaknesses I want
to change. For the past two years,
will be presented atlthis time.
your vote for Student Activities Chairperson. I am a junior history I have been a member of SAC's
Committee Chairperson. I am a
sophomore Accounting major.
major and have been actively in-
volved in Student Government for
Executive Board. As a member of
the leadership group, I learned a
Mr. Brasington
For the past two years I have been the past two years. In particular, I
was the vice chairperson of SAC
lot about SAC. I will take that ex-
perience with me next year. My
a member of the Varsity Football
Team. f # $ last yearfand am public relations ambition, energy,tand especially
director this-[year. I am also |a by experience, make me qualified
Through my past two years at member of this year's Senate. I
Mercyhurst I have met many to fill the position of SAC
would like you to vote for me in Chairperson. But, fl need your
students and faculty. I believe I
have a basic idea of what the Mer-
the upcoming election. I feel I can
actively help Mercyhurst College
help, your vote. Vote for me and
be ready for a fun filled year of
cyhurst community wants from in the best way, by being the activities.
SAC. lm •• I I There will be • a meeting on
When elected I|can fulfill the
communities needs. A1 broader Thursday, March 29 at 4 p.m. in
range of actiyities wjll be offered^
"In ah attempt tb "satisfy evefyone. To The Mercyhurst Community the Campus Center for all
I believe the present activities are Thank you to all students who participated in
interested in joining the
not I doing this. I detect a high
range of apathy toward these ac- the 1984 Phonathon and to the Merciad for its racquetball club. Fees and all
tivities. I want to erase this feeling publicity support. Your efforts enabled us to arrangements will be* presented
towards SAC. Don't you think & surpass our $25,000 goal!
it's time for a changeK^ at this time. j j J.
Sincerely, t Sincerely,
Scott Kelly Gary Bukowksi Mr. Brasington
Director of Alumni Relations I 825-0229
*%. and Phonathon Coordinator!

* 5-a ri CLIP AND SAVE 1

* .

X ^


This summer the Glenmary Home

Missioners, a society of Catholic i
RC j > &

priests and Brothers, are offering i


opportunities for Catholic men to

1 > .
serve the poor of Appalachia. i
j r>kr
«o ^
These volunteer programs will
enhance your perception of those
in need. Come and learn with 81 brazier

M HUsv.

Glenmary. Your choice of week- o

amm SK3
^ long sessions is available as
ss. <
;« V
&&. to



% off all Dairy

NT 3«

" » &
fex*. May 19-25,1984 £ <
o f!

l?W* i£>\

M June 9-15,1984 a. to

Queen and Brazier

tm >

ss July 21-27,1984 ?•" p i

BP »r
*&-* ^sss:. & K%5«^^

A fc&
August 4-10,1984 I I
,**R ^o>v-\ . u ^ v V ' A

I i
For more information, please complete the coupon I 1 Coupon Per Visit! I i
below and forward it to: Reverend Jerry Dorn, Glenmary I I
Home Missioners, Box 46404, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246. I Excluding Sales Items I

Name I
College Year of Study I Spring Hours: *

Address Sunday through| I

State i I
City i Saturday: 11 a.m. -11 p.m. I
Telephone (. i
RA Selection Process
To) Beg in Next Week*
The 1984 resident assistant submitted prior to the interview.
selection process will be underway Honestly, * flexibility and one's
Monday, March 26. At this time morality are other traits which an mBMBHBKM
students can pick up an applica- applicant must possess, Aiello
tion from the office? of Phyllis stated. I
Aiello, director of housing and An? adequate ?grade point
safety. average must be maintained in
Interviews will be conducted on order to meet the duties of an ;l
Tuesday, April 3, through Thurs- R.A., she added.- "I can't lose a llillte^
day, April 5. According to Aiello, person in the middle of the year
interviews will be conducted in because of grades."
groups to allow the senior R.A.'s Once a student is selected as an
the hall directors an* opportunity R.A., many duties and respon-
to take part in the selection sibilities accompany the position. ^Phyllis
process. "An R.A.Jmaintains the safety, every resident because they are
Group interviewing also pro- welfare sand discipline of the contained in their own apart- m& BSHK

vides the panel with a personality residents," Aiello said: At the ments. Also, Aiello said, they are a&dl
profile in regards to their relation- same time, an R.AJis a sister, a only on duty Friday and Saturday
sip with others and how they brother, aunt, uncle iand con- evenings rather than on a daily
perceive themselves. fidante, she added. basis. or aft a u d t e M H i i i i
Various qualities are essential The duties of an R.A. who While the position of R.A. re- iPsi
to obtain the position of an R.A. reside in the dorms as opposed to quires* authority'and time there HimonP^i%*l>ifftf ! # Pp<WIMi^#|cii||iiK
First of all, Aiello said, all paper an R.A. in the Mercyhurst Apart- are rewards. Dorm R.A.'s receive
work must be handed in on time. ments do differ. An R.A. in the room and board as a monetary
An application along with three dorms deals with a much younger reward and apartment R.A.'s are
recommendations from a teacher population and therefore they re- supplemented with one-half the
from the applicant's field of quire more counseling. R.A.'s are cost of room. However, "per- WW
study, a peer and another faculty on duty from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. sonal experiences are the real pay
member or administrator must be Apartment R.A.'s rarely see offs," Aiello commented.
^|pntp|Fron| this poi§||a|, ftp

Jobi Panic Strikes Seniors

r (CDNS)—At college campuses With the competition! of jobs son.. It is much better to deliver
S<^MHwy f<MHtt^P bW


all across the nation, graduating being so fierce, graduates will your resume in person, if possible. S*8KW " c|iiStiiida»hoes -|»i.dHS
seniors are in a state of panic. It's need to do a lot more research and Phone calls are also better than .,.Vi,l

diploma time, and there are still planning before job hunting. letters. |

no jobs waiting for them at«the Making a good impression on the W BuHEjob^ seekers must be
end of May. interviewer is jmore important prepared jfor rejection, in ithe
S The reality is sinking in. Four than ever, since the interviewer form of a letter, a phone call, or ALL EDUCATIONiMAJORS
years of education, four years of
classroom and financial struggles
will have more candidates to
chose from for fewer jobs.
often just silence from! the
employer. If you have not heard
applying for student teaching in the fall of
to suffer through, and all for back from the employer, follow 1984 must pick up their application in the
what? To be placed upon the rolls It is not a good idea to mail out up your application. Persistence is
an admirable quality to most
Education Office, room 30ll Main,
of the unemployed of America. hundreds of resumes. Your
Recruiting on campus is down resume gets lost in the shuffle of employers, and it doesn't hurt to later than March 3,1984.
substantially over previous years, daily mail, and may not even let them know you are really in- \DDlications will NOT be accented after March 31.1
and fields that looked promising reach the right department or per- terested in obtaining the job.
when today's seniors entered col-
lege are now hiring fewer
graduates. The economy may be
in an upswing, but you can't tell it
yet from the hiring of most major
corporations. Some industries
that are showing signs of reboun-
ding, such as (he housing market, Genuine Pizza and
do not really offer much in the
way of prospective employment
for a senior with a degree in
Delicatessen I
business. But then, hopes are that 3018 State Street
the recovery will start spreading to
many more industries. 455-6119
The highest starting salaries of-
fered to graduates will continue to
be in J the engineering field, with
computer science running a close ONE L
second. Education and liberal arts LARGE CHEESE
majors are expected to be offered
the lowest salaries. S .;i5AW'TH2AD0ITI0 W u.
DPMA Meeting Friday, March 23 and Saturday March 24

There will be a meeting NIGHTSHIFT

of the Data Processing 10-2 i 7$
i Management Monday: Wing Night
Tuesday: Pony N
Association on Wednesday: Ladies I Draft Ni
Monday, March 26th at
8:00 p.m. in Room 200 Happy Hour • Monday thru Saturday 4 to 7 A *

=n 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111! | (11 l l f f; COUPON EXPIRE* 3130184
|C!«w;jaJltf 3'H i
MARCH 23,1984 PAGE 9

NEED CASH? Earn $500 or more Slider - When's the next full moon
each school year, 2-4 (flexible) coming out again?
hours per week placing and filling • w m I f I I M I • *m * • • •
• 4 »

posters on campus. Serious Gooney - When is our instant replay?

workers only; we give recommen-
dations. Call 1-800-243-6706. MSG Meeting
size 8«/2" x 11". Both black and red rose. Boutonnieres can be
Let's get sanity back into student white and color logos may be sub- picked up in Baldwin lobby bet-
government: VOTE CRAZY DAVE The Mercyhurst Student Govern- mitted. Prizes will be awarded. ween 3 and 4:30 p.m. on April 7.
for president. ment meeting will be held this For more information or submis-
t: Prepare yourself- the April Fools Sunday in Baldwin lobby at 7:30 sions contact Janet Price atithe
Merciad is right around the corner!! p.m. The open candidate forum Campus Center. All entries!are
To fall fVultures:. Another Double will be held, and all students are due by April 1, 1984. M « 5 Club Luncheon
Whammy on the big 13! encouraged to attend.
Love and Luck to the Vultures. Love, The Circle K Club of the Kiwanis
Your Favorite Carcass & Club invites any interested
• • • *
Beth H. - Congratulations!! Good
t i l t i l l l t l l t i Boutonnieres For Sale students to attend their election
luck in the years to come. Love, Security Dept. Reminder meeting luncheon on April 17,
Darlene, CONGRATULATIONS on Steph, Steph, and Judy
your job with Saga! Good luck in New If anyone is interested in purchas- 1984 from noon until 1:00 p.m. at
York, Massachusetts, New Jersey or The Security Department reminds ing a boutonniere for their father the Top of the Hill Club. For
even Pennsylvania!! Love ya, Carla thef.Mercyhurst Community that for the Father-Daughter Dinner more information about the free
Johnl- Is it^Dum-Dum time? Love, all .noticesj and signs that are Dance on April 7, and has NOT luncheon contact Gary Bukowski
Steph fe >
posted on door glass or fire equip- been able to sign up on one of the in the Alumni Office or Tom Dore
Hugs and a Kiss to all the friends I'll ment are to be removed im- sheets in the dorms, please contact in the Admissions Office.
miss. Love, Ellen £ mediately. Such signs can obstruct Betsy at 825-2244 or Gretchen at
Radio Station Administrators - Have vision and present a safety 825-6773 no later than March 29-
you called 1-800-REAGAN? * hazard. this is the last day orders can be
WHERE'S THE BEEF???? taken. The cost is $2.00 for a
white carnation and $2.50 for a

Attention Studio Artists


A Haw* Something The new Erie Studio Artist
League is recruiting new members ^GYM HOURS
To SeH? for its 1984-85 year of group
shows and cash'award exhibi- •Honda #nrtirW $ c » ^ « i ^ » Q^OPIHP
tions. If you are an artist, 18 years ^Cto#»rfday light* I i f • I ••• ^ BW?^W^
• Haw Something „ of age, a '*%fud£nt f of non- IS
81Sfo $ft

professional living in Erie or Erie m• $ • * WRS* •::-


] To Say? County, you can receive more in-

formation by sending? a self- m
a Do H Through The Classifieds addressed stamped envelope to: m
ESAL P.O.* Box 957 Erie, fPA

Classified Ads: 50* forhO words. 88" ^^^^^^^^

sss ;
;-; :-:- m •:-:•

Ads Are Due By Wednesday \ f

Mls|t)#ese|vid each Mondayfenl fiotirs oew e i i

Noon In THE MERCIAD Office 1 Jazz Band Performance m mm
• m
m &$

Located In The Basement Of Baldwin The D'Angelo School of Music sassa * • TlYTi

& m
presents the St. Bonaventure W:* •>:--.-.-.v.v.

University Jazz Band. The ww w

•v.v •••"•V

musical program will be held Sun-

day, March 25 at 2:00 p.m. in the Merl RS
m &

Little Theater. Admission is free. w


8&HS&393& NNV .*« *» %w •V\\v.w



5th and Cascade Chertii

Art Exhibit
»*• • *i • >_™»*


ywsssy SSS5S m&

Every Wednesday, Drink 'n Carrie Tann and Suzanne

Heynoski, Art students^at Mer-
cyhurst College and seniors at
Drown Gannon University,*-will be ex-
hibiting a selection of drawings,
Every Thursday, Ladies Night paintings and prints at the Cumm-
ings Gallery located on the second
floor of the Mercyhurst^Library.
2far 1.1 The show will run from March 25
- April 5, 1984. The Opening
All the wings youican eat Reception will be held on Sunday,
March 25 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Friday, March 23
$2.50 /Chicken Wing Night
8|).m. in the BPC
CollegeSeniorNight Wellness Logo Contest
Cost - $ 1.50 per dozen
Wednesday March 28. The newly organized Wellness
Program needs a logo for iden-
Special discount\with tification purposes. The design
should depict ^physical, Sunday, March 25
| I college I.D. psychological, social, and
spiritual aspects of wellness.
"Personal responsibility for Movie - "Blade Runner"
Wednesday thru Saturday live D.J.'s
health" is another aspect of the
program that can be portrayed. Video Room -7 and 9lp.m
Entries should be on white paper, 1150* Admission
Lakers Row To Show f Begins
Optimistic Season Ahead Umdem/a
Strive For Nationals
By Stephanie Hull berg (fourth); Jacksonville (third); The Mercyhurst Men's Tennis the coach. "We competed with
asebaliieatr|| team began their 1984 season in the second, fourth, and sixth
The Mercy hurst Men's and Yale B (second) and Yale A (first).
Women's Crew teams? par- The very "enthusiastic" eight- the south as usual. This year the ranked Division II squads in the
ticipated|in the President's Cup man squad had trouble at the start trip was termed "very successful" country as well as a- couple of
Regatta during spring break in but overcame their difficulties for »«*»«*•«». . ^^ ^-^^^^^^s^^^^^^
mm by head coach Andy Findlay Division I schools."
) v j p l The Lakers have obtained a
Tampa, Florida. a strong showing in the middle of ^ f r f ^ ^ # ^ ^ ^ S despite the netters 1-5 record.
The 1000 meter races featured the race. However, due to the lack mm Wti^WSPm l^IRi "I scheduled the best teams that pre-season ranking or their own.
several rowing clubs and high of time on the water, .the « « ^ I r i B H r i B i B W ] oouid. i could have schedule
XrWBB&a *:*»:-v.N::-. In;the January issue of Tennis
schools| from Florida state com- lightweights lost it in their sprint SfiS&S weaker opponents and came back
USA, the Mercyhurst College

peting with Yale, University of at the finish. g avvAw

to Erie with a 6-0 slate, but that team is rated as the 12th best team
Central Florida, Jacksonville, The Men's heavyweight Four of reSfessaM isn't my philosophy," explained in the nation. Two 'Hurst singles
University of Tampa, Rollins Col- Joe Svitek, Tom Bucci, Brian ^^ijng|it|^o^|^^timepp^ players have also been recognized
lege (Orlando, FL.)» University of Dougherty, Eric Varon and Pat I p e and o u | f t | s t p n | facing p H i as superior racketeers.
Alabama, Citadel College Songer (coxswain) had to settle Wthjbg/ieiaboraied <|r>|j&erS
(Charleston, S.C.)i and for a seventh place finish in the • H i L J M N
Jens Caap, a junior from
I t h ^ M

Mercyhurst. last scheduled race of the Regatta. Sweden, has been ranked sixth
In the Men's Freshman Eight In i.the same race, Mercyhurst ^ l a fery good campaign!/I while Joel Balogun, a sophomore

entered a Freshman Four of Phil ursl hailing from Nigeria, is 22nd. As

race, first place wenrjto Central
Florida followed by Yale A-team McMannus, Jason Kolsar, Tom imgs|an# got everyone tat$NBy ^m^^^m^m iW^mifm^^ a duo, the pair is slated 11th.
second, Jacksonville third and Hanna, Mark Gardner and Judy gamelNo I c o:r i n J o r W m ^ m H ^ H l ^ K
Mercyhurst finishing fourth. The Cusimano, which succeeded in a were k<*of >^ >t^la All-American candidate Jens
team of Judy Cusimano, Phil fourth place showing. Coach e Caap has been "awesome" says

McMannus, Mark Gardner, Belovarac was very pleased with v )d m v Findlay. Caap, along with the
Jason Kolsar, Tom Hanna, Andre the freshman's accomplishments w B w ^ B P w WP* ^ ^m m ^ 111 • develop anf* whole team^are hoping to be a
Simoni, Todd Jackson, Nick in their first time to "ever row |p»ea|o^:We P#^ ^^w^^S^^R part of the NCAA National Tour-
Meyers and Mike Moorehead together* £ 1 nament for Division II teams in
'had a«very good start," accor- In the Women's Second Varsity i^blOK, wei^^pe a \ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ £SS&<&
g ^ S S JUS
early May. In order for the whole £¥£•"

ding to Men's Coach AI Eight race, the Mercyhurst boat lllllll 1111^ M | WmM^&W#W&^$WMM£iW M.« WIS team to play, the squad must
Belovarac, "and Jled ^through of Sue Sambrotto (coxswain), break into the top eight colleges in
three-quarters of the race ... they Ann Gilligan, Sue Connolly, Cin- loHHw mm IlBofifc TiefinalMiMatetfot the United States.
lost it in the last 20 strokes with dy Gerenstein,* Mary March win- fp||aii$ea$f| ; againstAshj^fid on ^ ^ P ^ P ^ a s o ^ W t O ^ ^ K
their sprint." Belovarac looks for ski, Nina Serrins, Fran Moavero,
a strong and promising season
fromjthese men ancL'forsees that
Barb jSwanson an d Lisa
Riforgiato finished in third place Scarsella Wins
behing Yale and first places win- Florida, and Tampa took second
they are "the biggest and the
strongest eight Mercyhurst Col-
lege has ever seen."
ners, Winter Park High School,
Florida.*; j.
in front of the 'Hurst girls.
The ^Novjce Eight Women's
Iron Man Competition
The Men's Lightweight Eight of The Women's a Lightweight boat, also finished in third place. Dave Scarsella, graduate! of Nautilus room with 14 pieces of
v Rowing for ttfe ^Hursf^vas Tam- Youngstown-Chaney High School
John Kuhl*Mike Bauman, Jack Eight: Sambrotto, Gilligan, Con- equipment. Secondly, our players
Wyland, Dave Musset, Al Satler, nolly, Ger en stein, Karen Goduti, my Barco, Mary Marchwinski, won the Mercyhurst College 1984 have made a tremendous commit-
E)an Kelly, Phii;DaiIey, Brett Trisha Barrett, Chris Hoffman, Megan Connolly, Mary Kalisak, Iron Man Awardjfor his perfor- ment to achieving excellence."

Frederick and Clancy Nydell took Swanson and } Riforgiato, also Terry Luce, Pat Hautzinger, Cin- mance in their winter weight pro- <;The Lakers are anxiously
a fifth place finish behind the took third in their women's race, dy Lochner, Chris Hoffman and gram. Scarsella, a 6*5, 255 pound awaiting their fourth season of
University of Central Florida first place went to Central Bess Burkhart (coxswain). defensive tackle bench pressed 225 football with/ twenty-two return-
m » » m pounds for 27 repetitions and ing starters.fr *
:•:•:•: &8SH3
power cleaned 150 pounds twenty 9%2%

# : & sra
m •>;*:o

m :-:-%••
times. :>>
MZMtt »?W :w

Other outstanding lifters in the

Wmm •:•:•
&W± m* 8* K w

• V A ' V I V I ' A V I
Laker Iron Man running were
V A ' 3 ^ V r t V f t ^

Dave Armstrong, {Mich Step-

DUAL MATCH TENNIS SCORE SHEET noski, Bill Principe, *Mark
Paradise, Jim "Zank, and Dave
a- ••' MERCYHURST \ WESTERN CAROLINA . 3/16/84 2:20 P.M" w The Lakers have shown tremen-
3/U/84g | GaffneyS.C. 3/14/84 9 a.m. h WINTER PARK, FLA. t dous progress" in their weight
Singles Bartlett, St. Petersburg training since their birth three
Mercyhurst vs Limestone Winner Score Singles
1. Jens Caap vs Martin Baldridge M ' 64,7-5 Singles Rollins Mercyhurst Score
years ago. In 1981 Mercyhurst
2. Pete Strtub v s Vijay Paul
3. Joel Balogun vs Eduardo Qoieroz L
L 7-5,6-7,6-1
Mercyhursi Western Carolina Score 1. Brian Talgo vs Jens Caap 7-5. b-i had only two players that could
1. Joel Balogun vs Ted Gntfon M , 7^ 2. Rob Bates bs Joel Balogun 7-5, 6-1
4. Phil Nykyforuk vs Lincoln Venancio L 7-5, M 2. Jens Caap vs Ferrnado Kdly 6-3.6-3 3. B.K. Cody vs Pete Straub 6-4.6-2 bench? press 300 pounds, that
5. Witt Hadcr \ s Robb Thompson t L 6-3,6-2
6. Juan Blazqucz vs Ed Perprtua L 64,6-1
3. Pete Straub vs Jeff Layman
4. Phil Nykyforuk vs Ed Jagger
6-2. M
4. Bran Morrisey vs Phil Nykyforuk
5. Jonas Martcnson vs Walt Hader
M . 6-2
group as since swelled to 32
Doublet r
5. Wait Hader vs Juan Blo»es 7-6, 7-5 6. Dave Fetter vs Joan Blazquez *? 6-1. 6-1 players. Head football Coach
6. Juan Blaiq uez vs Howie Ginton 6-2,3-0 def.
1. Caapvs BildrxJge Doubles Tony DeMeofcites a'number of
Strtub Quicroz
2. Balogun vs Paul
.A T Doubles 1. Talgo vs Caap reasons for the overall team im-
1. Caap vsGratton
Nykyfofruk Thompson Straub L Layman
3-6,7*6,6-4 Bates Straub $?
2. Gabriel vs Balogun
provement^"Mercyhurst has pro-
3. Hidcr \s Papctua \^{ j
Blazqua Venancio
2 . Balogun vs Kelly % 7-5.44,6-2 Manenson Nykyforuk vided our football team with the
Nykyforuk Jagger 3. Sherman Cody vs Hadcr
tj '< FINAL SCORE 3 . HadeT vs Clinton M 3-6, 6-3.6-3 Hob i Blazquez most modern facilities around.
Blazquez ! J . P Weber M
Mercyhurst 1 Limestone 8 Season Record 0-1 FINAL SCORE '- We have our weighty room with
Mercyhurst 4 W . Carolina S Season Record 0-3
Rollins 9 Mercyhurst 0 Season Record 1-4 16,000 pounds of free weights,
MERCYHURST vs phis we have a brand new
Date 3/13/84 9:30 a.m.

Rollins, Winter Park, Fla.t HAMPTON vs MERCYHURST

•8 ^3/15/84 Orlando i 3/18/84 Hampton, Va.
Mercyhurst vs Southwest Texas Winner Score Singlet Siogles
1. John Caap vs Kevin Moore S W 6-2.64 Mercyhurti* N. IDinios *:* Score Hampton Mercyhurst

Winner Score \;
2. Peter Straubvs Carlos Correia SW 62.6-1 1. Jens Caap vs Gary Whitworth 61,6-3 1. Ya Ya Dombia vs Jens Caap MC 2-6.64,6-3
Beer Distributor
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3. Joel Balogun vs Bob Wiley M 6-3.64 2. Joel Balogun vs Jim Shackleford 6-2,6-3 2. Rozzell Light foot vs Joel JJalogen MC' 7-3,64 \

4. Phil Nykyforuk vs Jack Williams M 64,34.64 3. Peie Straub vs Eric Eberhardi f 6-1.64 3. Emett vs Peter Straub HI 63.6-2 jfc
5. Walt Hadcr vs Luis Stevens SW 6-4.6-2 4. Phil Nykyforuk vs Greg Vtndme 6-1.63 4. ManoMenczes vs Phil Nykyforuk H I 60.6-7.6-2
6. Juan Blazquez vs Jody Barasalou S W -] 6-2.60 5. Wilt Hader« Pete Freuchiag
6. Juan Blazquez vs KenSchlecht
5. Datus Murray vs Walt Haden HI 64.74 b 921 West 21 st Street
6. Fernando Light foot vs Juan Blazquez HI 6*1. 6-1
1. Balogun vs Moore 1
DoaMcs Pf^>: Doubles
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E rie *P A16502
J 1. Caap vi Whitworth 3-6,7.5.7-6 1. Dombia^vsf - M
Straub Correia *
2. Hader« Wiley
Nykyforuk Williams
Straub Shackleford
2. Balogun vs Everhardt 6-1,64
2. Emcttvs
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J. Caap vs Stevens ^ .j * Nykyforuk Freischlag ' Menem
Blazquez y Barasalou J.HadervsVandine 6-4.2-6.6-3 3. Light foot vt
Blazquez? ScWeckt 1 ^^^^^ Lifhtfoot
Mercyhurst 4
Southwest Texas S
it" Season Record 0-2
Mercyhurst 6 N . Illinois 3 Season Record 1-3 Hampton 6 Mercyliurst J Season Record 1*5 Never Be
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Wins Last Three ;

Men By Greg Yoko

Basketball Team Finishes 15-12
Laker uniform. Berkeley finished

will want nor are able to do in a turnovers for the season. cent). Cams also led the team with
The Mercyhurst Lakers closed out the season with 315 points (12.1 career. * A key ingredient for a suc- 34 blocked shots, five!of which
the 1983-84 basketball campaign ppg) and 174 rebounds (6.7 per Rodney Coffield, another cessful season lis defense. The came in the final Icon test of the
with three consecutive vistories to game). These two figures marked junior, continued to perform the Lakers were able to fill this void season.
finish the year with a 15-12 slate, career bests for the Troy,tNew duties of point guard to almost with sophomore Kenney; Moss.
the first winning season since the York native. Berkeley now finds perfection. Coffield led the The sixth man of the Blue and Two very important members
1978-79 outing. himself eighth in scoring and sixth Lakers with* 134 assists! which Green for most of the season, of the Laker squad this year were
Third-year coach Bill Kalbaugh in rebounding on hhe 'Hurst's made his career total (with a year Moss earned his way into the star- freshmen. One of these new col-
and his troops went 12-7 after respective all-time lists. % to go) for assists increase to 340, ting lineup for the last month of lege hoopers was Todd Lee, a 6'5
Christmas break to turn around a The only senior on the Mer- only six behind Mercyhurst record play. Moss was one of Kalbaugh's graduate of Penn Hills H. S. in
sour 3-5 start. cyhurst squad this year, Ericg holder Carl Jones who compiled most* consistent performers, Pittsburgh. SLee ended his first
g Tough losses in the second half Peek, also had his best college? 346 between 1971-75.1 Coffield averaging 8.4 points per game and college campaign with 190 points
to LaRoche, Gannon, and Edin- outing.a Peek, who shared the also had his best shooting season. 3.1 rebounds. Moss, a 6*3 Elmira, (7.0 ppg) and 103 rebounds (3.8
boro were made easier to swallow center position throughout^ the He connected on 49.8 percent NY native,finishedwith 24 block- per game). Lee's best game of the
with victories > over Clarion, year, compiled 141| point. from• the field and 76.3 percent ed shots. year was the February 11 outing
Cheyney State, Coppin State, and H o w e v e r , | h i s defensive from the line as hei hit for 242 against Daemen College when he
St. John Fisher. knowledge and overall basketball points. The "other" member of the scored 12 FG's in his 24 point ef-
L The 'Hurst caught fire and ability which he gained Yet another junior, Dave Mar- Mercyhurst team from Bingham- fort. He also had a team high
played "the best they had all throughout his high school days at shall, also had one of his better ton Norths High School is Marty eight boards.
season" during the final three the legendary DeMatha in years. Marshall provided relief for Cams. The?6'8 sophomore gave
contests according to Kalbaugh. Baltimore and his \four years at Coach Kalbaugh in] both the Kalbaugh the big man he needed Matt Nesser, the "other"
The Blue and Green pumped in the \ Hurst proved to be his biggest power forward and center posi- in the middle. Cams was responsi- player to graduate from McQuaid
309 points while holding their op- asset to the Blue and Green this tion this year. His 68 boards were ble for 190 points and 120 re- H.S. besides Tom Sheehy, was
ponents to 243 in jthe three vic- year. Peek managed to grab 98 re- a collegiate best whilefthebl bounds fori the Blue and Green one of Mercyhurst'sf most
tories. What made the triumphs b o u n d s and had the points scored equaled his this year. He is among the nations valuable players. Kalbaugh finally
even sweeter waslhe fact that the unglamourous statistic of drawing freshman output. Marshall prov- leading filed goal shooters in the had a much needed backup for
final two wins came*on the\op- 49 charging violations in 26 con- ed to be a valuable member of the country as he connected on 80 of Rodney Coffield. Nesser ended
ponents courts, something the tests, something not many players team. He had a team slow of 12 135 shots from thefield(59.3 per- the year with 103 assists (second
Lakers have had trouble with over behind Coffield)} in^his reserve
the past|years (6-20^over two role which saw him see over 12
years)! ^ minutes of action per game. He
Mercyhurst began to reap the . was the Lakers bestifoul shooter
rewards they planted when of the 1983-84 season,Ihitting on
Kalbaugh began his stint at the 60 of 74 attempts for a percentage
*Hurst. Kalbaugh came to Mer- of 81.1, which put him among the
cyhursff with a JVery good top shooters in the country.
recruiting record and has definite-
ly lived up tcane reputation. *
Kalbaugh'sfirstcrop of recruits The Laker mentor,lnCoach
have just completed their junior Kalbaugh, took over a M0-16
season and what a job they have ballclub in 1981 and has shown
done. steady improvement, since. His
John "The Shooting Machine" team'sfl 1-14 record his first year
Green continued to be among the was a surprise considering he was
top point makers ih the country. starting four freshmen. Last year,
Green accounted for 543 * Laker Mercyhurst's 14-14 slate over a
tallies this season, good enough much tougher schedule was
for a J 20. l"lcoring average. He frustrating only because the team
also continued his climb to the top couldn't win on the road, they
of the Mercyhurst Ail-Time scor- were 2-11 away from the Campus
ing list. Green has sunk 1,681 Center. W
points in his three seasons, just 69 This season's winning record
behind Mercyhurst All-American shows the value of experience and
Jesse Campbell who set the stan- maturity and the continuing pro-
dard of 1750 between 1972-76. cess of turning a team into a win-
Another junior, Jon Berkeley, ner. Kalbaugh now sports a 40-40
had his most successful year in aj| record at Mercyhurst.

Lady Lakers ssss

Wait Until Next Year j

By Kathy Kohnke overpowering the cross-town col- assists and steals with 113 and 64
The Mercyhurst Women's lege 83-18. J j| respectively.? i
Basketball team put an end to a A major highlight pf the cam-
long season as they dropped their paign was the play and ac- The Lady Lakers will now look • M H M

final game on the road to St. John complishments of junior^Cherry towards the old cliche, "Wait un- • • • • H N W B

Fisher, 46-77. ' fi 1 I Putnam. Putnam ended the til next year," as the 'Hurst only 3Bgg@8&8gS3S • H H wS&9
The Lady * Lakers ended their season with a 12.1 point per game loses one of their starters: to
1983-84 season with a 1-20 slate average and 13.1 rebounds an graduation. Another plus to look
under; first year coach Darlene outing. The 5'9 Erie native was forward |to is .the maturing of
Rosthauser. | ^ named to the Eastern College freshman MeMe Tyler. Tyler, a
The Blue and Green faced many Athletic Conference! (ECAC) six-footer from Venango Chris-
problems during the year, one of tenth | weekly honor roll for the tian, improved every game and
which was-a tough Division |II week of February 15, 1984 when finished the scoring 8.4 PPG and
schedule. The Lady Lakers ran up she pumped in 40 points and grab- 8.4 rebounds. €
against nationally ranked teams bed 30 rebounds against Gannon INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL
all season, .namely ^Canisius, University and Utica College. With spring just around the comer (hopefully, so comes the
Robert Morris, and Utica College. Junior point guard Bea Tome- 1984 Intramural Softball Season. 5
The lone win for the women zak was right behind Putnam in Start getting your teams together. Details and information
hoopsters came against Villa the scoring department with 11.4 will follow in later editions. O „l
Maria College with the 'Hurst PPG while leading die team in
March 23,1984 PAGE 12

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