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"to be the best football club in the Wellington region...

on and off the field"

Lower Hutt City AFC

annual report 2010
President's Report 1
Juniors 2
Under 19's 3
Women's One 4
Senior League Tables 5
Junior Development Programmes 6
Capital Three 8
Social Leagues 8
Capital One 9
Women's Central League 10
Men's Central League 11
LHCAFC Awards 12

2010 Club Officials

Patron: Mayor David Ogden
Vice Patrons: Greg Armitage, Hon Trevor Mallard

President: Phil Patterson

Chairman: Phil Patterson
Treasurer: Loek Strik
Secretary: Christine Dempsey
Club Captain: Rod Mays

Executive Committee:
Ian Bradshaw, Rob Easthope, Steven Janes, John McCawe, Karen
Mays, Kevin Nash, Gillian Patterson, Kevin Sturgeon, Bevan
Stuthridge, Ged Vernon

Junior Committee:
Junior Chairman: John McGrath
Geoff Belcher, Renee Fortune, Sean McGarry, Alan Schrijvers, Karen
Schrijvers, Bevan Stuthridge, Martin Wildash

Lower Hutt City AFC

Bell Park, Bell Road, Lower Hutt
PO Box 38 347, Petone
Clubrooms Phone: 04 569 8712
Email: lowerhuttcityafc@xtra.co.nz

Thanks to the many people who contributed photos throughout the
season for the weekly match programmes, website and this Annual
Report, particularly Jan Hall-Jones and Karen Nash, Jim Baxter and
Renee Fortune.
President’s Report do and every dollar we spend is justified and contributes towards
achieving our objectives. Much of what will be detailed in the
Strategic Plan has been said before. But now it’s all detailed in
Phil Patterson one document so that we all have a clear understanding of what
we are working towards, how we’re going to get there and who is
This time last year I welcomed the invitation from Mike Rogers to responsible/accountable for achieving these goals – and if we’re not
step into his somewhat significant shoes, as President and Chairman achieving our objectives, we need to ask ourselves why not, and be
of Lower Hutt City AFC. Having come through the junior ranks of this prepared to make changes.
Club to senior football at the highest international level, coaching
Priorities for 2011
junior and senior teams and representing the needs of the players
- Increase our membership base. Our junior numbers are actually
as Club Captain in my 20+ years at LHCAFC, it was a logical next
declining which is a concern. We need to make it a priority to retain
step. Twelve months on, it’s been a year that will be remembered
our existing members, particularly those moving into the college
as one of the most successful ever for football in New Zealand; our
system (look at joining the U21 League), as well as increasing the
All Whites unbeaten at the FIFA World Cup, the Wellington Phoenix
number of new junior members joining our club. We also need to
only one game away from an A-League Grand Final, and the injection
ensure that we retain our existing senior base. There is a wealth of
of welcome funds from a major bank into football at every level
knowledge and experience that we need to tap into as a Club – and
which will hopefully filter down to grassroots – eventually! For me
we don’t want other Clubs benefitting from it!
personally, the past 12 months have provided the greatest insight
yet to the scale of operation that is our favourite football club. It’s - Implement a Coaching Structure in line with New Zealand
been a fairly steep learning curve and I give my wholehearted thanks Football’s “Whole of Football” plan, starting with the “Small
particularly to Mike Rogers, Loek Strik and Brendan McIntyre and to Whites” course for our newest coaches, through to relevant
my Executive Committee for their support. qualifications for our senior coaches. The uptake of courses this
year has been disappointing and this needs to be addressed for
Lower Hutt City AFC – The BIG Picture 2011.
This year, we fielded 11 senior men’s teams, 2 senior women’s - Build on our individual player and Under 19s’ team success to
teams, (we are the only Club in the Wellington region with a Central achieve onfield success for our competitive senior teams. The
League Men’s and Women’s team), an Under-19s squad, and almost achievement of our Under 19s this year is particularly encouraging
400 juniors. We operated an ever-expanding Soccer for Schools and I’m confident that with the right mix of youth and experience,
Programme, Junior Academy, School Holiday Programme and our Central League (Men’s) team can push on up the league in 2011.
established what we hope will become, a long-term partnership
with Glasgow Rangers Football Club when we welcomed its Rangers - Fraser Park Sportsville. We will continue working collaboratively
Soccer School to Fraser Park. Our junior players and coaches are with the Council, Sportsville founding clubs, the Sportsville Board
represented at regional and federation level, our Under 19s are and Sport Wellington in the redevelopment of Fraser Park. The
conquering (almost) all before them, finishing runners-up in Napier majority of our games, junior and senior, are played at Fraser; we
for the third time in our history, we have players stepping up to have a fantastic training facility which would be complemented by
national level through Team Wellington Youth (Watson, Higgins, an all-weather, Central League quality pitch and administration/
Hall-Jones, Cotter, Coad, Te Anau, Basalaj and Tredrea) and the ASB meeting facilities. Rest assured however, we WON’T be moving for
Premiership (Howe, Team Wellington and Galbraith, Waitakere); anything less than the quality of facilities we currently have at Bell
and at international level Scott Basalaj (NZU17s), Ethan Galbraith Park.
and James McPeake (NZU20s) and former LHCAFC junior Evie - Reduce our reliance on grant funding and increase our income from
Millyn who took part in the Women’s Under 17s World Cup. A HUGE other sources, including sponsorship, fundraising and club social
congratulations to all these players. A couple of our senior men’s activities.
teams finished top of their leagues and while our two top teams
Finally, a huge thanks to everyone this year, and in past years, who
(Men’s and Women’s) had disappointing seasons when measured
have taken Lower Hutt Football Club to where it is today. To Mike
against our objectives for the year, the foundations have been laid
Rogers who continues to work tirelessly for the Club, the Executive
for greater success in 2011.
Committee for enduring our sometimes long meetings and additional
Off the field, we are represented on the Board of Team Wellington responsibilities in the absence of a full-time General Manager to keep
(Robbie Easthope), have established ourselves as a key member of this Club operating successfully day to day; the Junior Committee for
Fraser Park Sportsville (myself and Robbie Easthope) and continue to its work in organising our numerous junior players and coaches, in
be ever-vigilant of the goings-on at Capital Football and New Zealand particular Mr McGrath for his 25 years of commitment, service and
Football with attendance at countless meetings and working-groups politically incorrect monologues – not always for public consumption
which will shape the future of the game in our region. And our club but generally amusing. Although sorry to see John step down from
management team effectively manages over a million dollars worth his role as Junior Chairman, this is a wonderful opportunity for our
of fixed assets. All of this on a budget that is half of what it was a few Junior Committee to bring some fresh ideas to the table and take
years ago, and with a personnel base made up mostly of volunteers. our Junior Club to even greater heights. Thanks also to our senior
That’s an achievement we can all be proud of and due in no small coaches and managers, our sponsors without whom many of the
part to the infrastructure developed over many, many years by long- benefits we enjoy as a club we just wouldn’t have, (with particular
standing stalwarts of this club. acknowledgement for the team at the Station Village – great food,
cold beer and a never-ending supply of football knowledge and
2011 and Beyond advice) and to all our members and supporters who wear the green
Now it’s up to the next generation to build on this solid foundation so and gold with pride.
that we can truly claim to be the best football club in the Wellington As we head into our 90th year, it’s a challenging but exciting time
region, ON and OFF the field. Your Executive Committee, with input ahead for us all at Lower Hutt City AFC. There is no place at this
from senior managers and coaches, and the Junior Committee has football Club for personal agendas, or particular focus on any one
undertaken a significant review of our off-field operations and on- part of the club to the detriment of the other. Our challenge is to
field performances over the last 5 years. We are in the process of manage our resources so that ALL areas of the club can lay claim
developing a detailed Strategic Plan, identifying key measurables to being the best in Wellington – and that’s only going to work if
and objectives, which, using 2010 as our base year, we will now track everyone is working together.
on a year-by-year basis. The aim is continuous improvement. In an Let’s get started!
environment of declining funds and increased expectations, we are
actually spread a little thin in terms of our financial and personnel Phil Patterson
resources. We have to be our own harshest critic. We must challenge President and Chairman
how we operate on a day-to-day basis to ensure that everything we Lower Hutt City AFC
John McGrath
This has been a mixed season in terms of results on the pitch where explanations, excuses and equivocations that one is regaled with
some of our teams have excelled beyond expectations and others by various minions of football, one can conclude that it really isn’t
surprised us and themselves with their results. Overall however the working in the best interests of young players.
season has been a success in terms of the advances we have made
I have heard this sort of obtuseness now for two and half decades -
with the Academy, Holiday Programme and the School Coaching
nothing changes really.
where we have visited almost every primary and intermediate
school in our catchment area and provided coaching in Upper Hutt,
Eastbourne and Petone.
Special thanks…
I am pleased to report a resuscitation of the Junior Committee with From us all at Lower Hutt City AFC to Junior Chairman John
two new members joining and the worthy promotion of Ms Fortune McGrath who announced his retirement from the Club after
to the role of Junior Chairperson. It is important to get a youthful an involvement spanning 25 years, which also included being
perspective and fresh thinking in this role and the able support from Chairman of Hutt Valley Juniors.
the other young committee folk will assist the Club in achieving its We have been fortunate to benefit from John’s incredible pas-
goals and aspirations. I have enjoyed my close association with sion for the game of football and his amazing recall of junior
Lower Hutt juniors over the past years but personal circumstances facts and figures. Who needs a database? Just ask John! I be-
have dictated that I should pull back from my previous duties. It is lieve he could recount a story of almost every player who has
time anyway for younger folk with a more personal involvement to ever passed through our junior ranks!
step into the position. I do hope they enjoy it as much as I have. John has been constantly available to help in all manner of
ways, whether junior administration, fundraising or working
I should like to personally express my appreciation of the help and bees, and won our Clubman award in 2004. He won’t be lost
guidance from Mr. Strik and the senior coach Brendon McIntyre to us altogether however, and has kindly offered to be avail-
throughout this and previous years; their willingness to provide able to ease the handover to Renee Fortune, our new Junior
assistance, opinion and practical help has been invaluable. It is Chairperson.
greatly appreciated.
A final observation - it is interesting to note that while there has been
an increase in football’s ‘profile’ in the wider community, our player
numbers have not reflected the expected growth. Other than the
usual hopes and ambitions regularly floated by the governing body,
thwarted usually by financial reality, a more local problem relating to
the removal of the 15th and above grades from the auspices of the
local clubs, has had a serious detrimental effect on morale of some
of the older juniors playing in the Hutt Valley especially those that
will be, or are attending, secondary schools with a legible coaching
Despite the best efforts of ours and other junior clubs in the area, all
reports indicate major difficulties in keeping the affiliations of players
at that crucial 14-17 year age group. Regardless of the homilies,

Under 19's
Brendan McIntyre
Ivan England Tournament Napier Tournament
This year presented us with an early start to the tournament and In the end we just didn't have enough in the tank and for us to have
due to us still having games to play in Central League, I saw it as an been successful in the Final we needed all the players fit against what
opportunity to give some of our young players the chance to play at was a very good Birkenhead side. It seemed like an anti-climax but
this level. It proved to be an excellent exercise as a number of the that would be an injustice to the players who had given so much over
younger players played against a very strong Island Bay side. We what is a tough weekend of football. Their attitude, togetherness and
went down 6-0 but it showed me and the players where they needed commitment to each other was superb. They represented the Club
to be and where they were at. There was a few weeks break before and themselves in a first class manner. The losing score of 0-2 was
we played our next game and in between the players continued fair but if we had taken a couple of chances early on it might have
to train in preparation for the rest of the U19s’ calendar. The next been a different story. In the end we knew it was a game too far but
game was against Wests and we knew that the game would give us as a group they had a lot to be proud of. Although the weekend didn’t
a gauge to how we were tracking. It ended in a 9-1 win and some end the way we wanted, it certainly started positively. Day 1 saw us
very pleasing performances, none more so than the 6 goals scored win our first three games against very tough opposition. A 1-0 win
by Ethan Galbraith. With one game left we needed some results to v Tawa got us off to a great start, followed by a very good 3-1 win v
go our way and hope we could get in on goal difference. Alas a 3-1 Waitakere and the best performance of the day was a 1-0 win v last
win against Tawa wasn't enough as we failed to make the semis. It year’s winners East Coast Bays.
would have been good to get to the next stage but we knew that we
Day 2 was all about getting a result to make sure we qualified for
had a focus on doing well at Upper Hutt and Napier so our attention
the next stages of the competition. Fencibles was our opposition first
turned to that.
up but a poor first half performance saw us down 2-0. Our second
Upper Hutt Tournament half performance was better but we eventually went down 2-1. The
As defending champs we had the pressure on us to do well and as final game saw us run out deserved winners against Cambridge,
everyone kept telling us winning Upper Hutt was usually a bad omen the 4-0 scoreline was what the players needed going into the Q/
leading into Napier. We had a number of players unavailable but we Final v Tauranga. Tauranga had beaten us comfortably last year so
were able to call on the services of Tom Biss, our guest player from complacency wasn't going to be a problem. After having most of
Hawkes Bay. We started the weekend against Kapiti Utd and after the play the breakthrough failed to come and we were 0-0 at half-
going a goal down early we eventually found our way and finished time. The players showed a great deal of patience and they stormed
comfortable 3-1 winners. A good start but with a long way to go. Next home in the second half to win 3-0 and a place in the S/Final. Our
up was the Upper Hutt Academy side which in the end gave us the opponents in the semi were our local rivals Wests. It was always
opportunity to give some of our young players a run in what was going to be a tense affair and so it proved to be. We scored early
a one-sided 11-0 victory. Our last game of the day saw us against through a Tom Biss penalty but like all semi finals I just wanted that
Miramar. It ended in a 1-1 draw but it gave us the wake-up call we next goal to kill the game off. It eventually came through our Captain,
needed going into the business end of the tournament. We faced Jarrod Smith. 2-0 and a deserved place in the Final.
Upper Hutt in the quarter-final and played some terrific football to
win 3-0 and a semi against Stop Out. It was an entertaining semi and
provided us with the best test we had all weekend. A 1-0 victory saw Napier Tournament – Awards Night
us into the Final against Tawa. A repeat of last year’s final and the
Players’ Player: Andrew Coad
only difference was the 2-0 winning margin. It was a very satisfying
weekend. Winning the tournament back-to-back was pleasing but to Coaches’ Player: Scott Basalaj and Tom Biss
do it without a number of players was great. It was a fantastic performance by our players and one that
will live in the memory for quite some time. Our supporters
over the weekend were outstanding and a big thank-you to
them. There are many people who make it all work so well
and I would like to acknowledge them. Thank you Christine,
Trevor, Tracy and Warren. Scott, Andy and Andrew. Renee For-
tune, great food.

Women’s One
Mike Rogers
Season 2010 was a bit of a mixture. The team started well, winning
their first three games. They then had a bit of a mid-season falter,
before getting back somewhat on track towards the conclusion of the
Capital Football had brought in a new concept for this season,
playing it in two distinct halves. The first half of the season consisted
of 6 games, and at the half way point the bottom team went down
one division, and the top two teams from Capital Two came up for a
further round of 7 games.
Our first half season results saw us winning 3, losing 2, and we drew
1 game for 10 points and no relegation worries.
In the second half we won 3 and lost 4; that was a little bit
disappointing, and had we turned one of those losses into a win we
would have finished a creditable 3rd in the league. Overall we won
6 games, we lost 6 and drew 1 for a Goals For total of 24, 19 Against,
and 19 points for the season.
Overall it was a very enjoyable season. The highlight was beating the
eventual league winners Stop Out 2-nil at Fraser in the first round.
The lowlights were losing to a Seatoun team who hadn’t won a game,
and playing on a couple of absolute mud-patches at Grenada and
Alex Moore against the two North Wellington teams. (We won both
of these games).
The experiment of playing otherwise defender Kazz Taingahue up
front a third of the way into the season was a major success. Kazz
ended up as our top scorer with 8 goals, and she deservedly won the
Golden Boot.
Hanna Silvester unselfishly took over the goalkeeping role when Foxy
Pahl was required for the Central League team, and she did really
well. Hanna deservedly won the Most Valuable Player trophy. And
newcomer Ju O’Brien proved a real find, and won our Most Consistent
Player trophy for her ability to play wherever we selected her. She
never complained, and was happy to play anywhere on the park.
Finally it was pleasing that this team supported Leo’s Central League
squad throughout the season and we provided some 7 players at
various times to help him in his endeavours. (Rachel Corbett, Kazz
Taingahue, Lisa Pahl, Cha Teiri, Jessica McIntyre, Jo Morrison and
Helen Quirke).
Once again “big ups” to Mari Rogers for her managerial/baby sitting/
hypothermia/hot chocolate/lollies and oranges duties throughout.

Special thanks…
To Mike and Mari Rogers for almost 40 years of service to
Lower Hutt Football Club. Both are still very much actively
involved in the running of the Club, however, the Executive
Committee felt that their outstanding contribution deserved
formal acknowledgement at the recent End of Season

Senior League Tables 2010
Olympic 18 16 1 1 68 26 49 University 4th XI 14 9 2 3 34 26 29 Olympic 14 11 3 0 54 13 36
Miramar Rangers 18 15 0 3 60 21 45 Uni Stallions 14 5 2 3 2 21 26 Island Bay Hotspurs 14 9 2 3 34 27 29
Wairarapa United 18 11 1 6 41 28 34 Marist Cobras 14 7 4 3 38 28 25 Western Suburbs 14 8 2 4 34 30 26
Petone 18 8 2 8 38 38 26 Lower Hutt City 14 6 3 5 42 37 21 Wainui Halfbaked 14 8 0 6 35 27 24
Lower Hutt City 18 7 2 9 37 43 23 Wgtn United Elite 14 5 3 6 30 33 18 Nth Wgtn Fiji 14 6 4 4 44 27 22
Western Suburbs 18 7 1 10 28 37 22 Nth Wgtn Varsity 14 4 5 5 31 29 17 Uni Goldenrods 14 3 1 10 27 62 10
Napier City Rovers 18 7 0 11 40 44 21 Uni Raiders 14 4 0 10 23 45 12 Lower Hutt DDs 14 3 0 11 23 46 9
Tawa 18 5 2 11 27 51 17 SV Killer Bees 14 2 2 10 31 42 8 Brooklyn Northern 14 1 2 11 25 44 5
Palm Nth Marist 18 4 4 10 25 48 16
Team Taranaki 18 2 3 13 25 53 9 CAPITAL 7 GOLD: P W D L GF GA Pts CAPITAL 15 GOLD: P W D L GF GA Pts
Uni Raiders 3 3 0 0 9 4 9 Olympic 3 2 1 0 9 3 7
CAPITAL 1: P W D L GF GA Pts Marist Cobras 3 2 0 1 9 6 6 Brooklyn Northern 3 1 1 1 6 8 4
Wainuiomata 18 13 2 3 43 25 41 University 4th XI 3 1 0 2 5 7 3 Island Bay Hotspurs 3 1 0 2 4 6 3
Olympic 18 12 3 3 69 25 39 SV Killer Bees 3 0 0 3 4 10 0 Wainui Halfbaked 3 0 2 1 5 7 2
Karori Dreamers 17 9 3 5 42 35 30
Lower Hutt City 18 8 4 6 44 37 28 CAPITAL 7 BLACK: P W D L GF GA Pts CAPITAL 15 BLACK: P W D L GF GA Pts
Miramar Rangers 18 8 4 6 43 49 28 Nth Wgtn Varsity 3 3 0 0 13 6 9 Western Suburbs 3 2 0 1 13 5 6
North Wellington 18 8 2 8 38 31 26 Uni Stallions 3 2 0 1 8 6 6 Lower Hutt DDs 3 2 0 1 10 6 6
Wellington United 18 7 5 6 30 24 26 Lower Hutt City 3 1 0 2 11 14 3 Nth Wgtn Fiji 3 2 0 1 6 5 6
Petone 18 3 5 10 16 35 14 Wgtn United Elite 3 0 0 3 8 14 0 Uni Goldenrods 3 0 0 3 0 13 0
Island Bay United 17 2 4 11 22 46 10
Brooklyn Northern 18 1 4 13 14 54 7 CAPITAL 12: P W D L GF GA Pts MASTERS 2: P W D L GF GA Pts
Karori Meke 14 12 1 1 45 17 37 Nth Wgtn Whiskeys 14 10 1 3 34 22 31
CAPITAL 3: P W D L GF GA Pts Uni Unicorns 14 10 1 3 50 27 31 WU Diamond Dreamers14 9 3 2 54 16 30
Seatoun 18 12 2 4 42 21 38 Upper Hutt Army 14 6 3 5 30 27 21 Brooklyn Northern 14 10 0 4 36 17 30
Waikanae 18 10 3 5 41 28 33 Western Suburbs 14 5 2 7 36 45 17 Nth Wgtn Vindaloos 14 7 2 5 31 25 23
Island Bay 18 8 4 6 24 29 28 Petone Stonecutters 14 5 1 8 33 36 16 Karori Fossils 14 3 4 7 35 38 13
Lower Hutt City 18 6 9 3 27 27 27 Lower Hutt SGs 14 4 3 7 22 28 15 Stop Out Reds 14 3 4 7 23 38 13
Petone 18 7 5 6 31 27 26 LH Roundballs 14 3 4 7 21 27 13 LH Longballs 14 3 3 8 24 40 12
Douglas Villa 18 7 4 7 38 31 25 Olympic 14 3 1 10 23 53 10 Karori Turtles 14 2 1 11 16 57 7
Kapiti Coast United 18 6 6 6 28 23 24
North Wellington 18 6 2 10 25 36 20 CAPITAL 12 GOLD: P W D L GF GA Pts MASTERS 2 GOLD: P W D L GF GA Pts
Karori Cougars 18 2 9 7 19 27 15 Western Suburbs 3 2 1 0 9 5 7 Brooklyn Northern 3 2 1 0 11 4 7
Brooklyn Northern 18 2 4 12 15 41 10 Upper Hutt Army 3 2 0 1 9 4 6 LH Longballs 3 1 2 0 8 5 5
Lower Hutt SGs 3 1 0 2 3 10 3 Karori Turtles 3 1 0 2 8 10 3
CAPITAL 4: P W D L GF GA Pts Olympic 3 0 1 2 2 4 1 Nth Wgtn Vindaloos 3 0 1 2 2 10 1
LH Ancient Ones 18 15 1 2 55 18 46
Petone Armanis 18 14 2 2 60 25 44 CAPITAL 12 BLACK: P W D L GF GA Pts MASTERS 2 BLACK: P W D L GF GA Pts
Island Bay HHH 18 9 4 5 33 28 31 Karori Meke 3 2 0 1 12 4 6 WU Diamond Dreamers3 3 0 0 8 0 9
Uni Scarfies 18 8 2 8 41 42 26 Petone Stonecutters 3 2 0 1 7 6 6 Nth Wgtn Whiskeys 3 2 0 1 5 2 6
Wainuiomata 18 8 1 9 30 33 25 LH Roundballs 3 1 0 2 3 4 3 Stop Out Reds 3 1 0 2 3 7 3
Wairarapa United 18 6 3 9 46 45 21 Uni Unicorns 3 1 0 2 5 13 3 Karori Fossils 3 0 0 3 3 10 0
Island Bay United 18 6 3 9 44 48 21
Naenae 18 5 6 7 28 33 21 CAPITAL 13: P W D L GF GA Pts YELLOW FEVER WCL: P W D L GF GA Pts
Stokes Valley 18 4 3 11 33 79 15 LH Ballkickers 14 11 1 2 59 17 34 Marist 14 10 2 2 59 17 32
Eastbourne 18 1 3 14 26 45 6 Seatoun 14 10 1 3 46 20 31 Upper Hutt City 14 10 2 2 53 16 32
Porirua City 14 9 3 2 43 13 30 Massey 14 9 3 2 57 28 30
CAPITAL 6: P W D L GF GA Pts Brooklyn Northern 14 6 2 6 20 29 20 Waterside Karori 14 8 0 6 46 23 24
Marist Town 14 10 3 1 48 20 33 Karori Irish 14 5 1 8 22 29 16 Seatoun 14 7 1 6 40 35 22
Karori Magpies 14 10 2 2 61 22 32 Uni Wanderers 14 5 1 8 17 56 16 PN Girls High School 14 3 0 11 18 61 9
Wainui Undertakers 14 9 2 3 36 22 29 University Brow 14 3 2 9 17 30 11 Wellington United 14 2 1 11 9 55 7
North Wellington 14 7 4 3 47 30 25 Karori Swifts 14 1 1 12 14 44 4 Lower Hutt City 14 2 1 11 12 59 7
Lower Hutt Sangham 14 6 1 7 45 48 19
BNU Pilsner 14 3 3 8 31 33 12 CAPITAL 13 CUP FINAL: WOMENS 1 - R1: P W D L GF GA Pts
Petone Chicago 14 2 3 9 21 44 9 Seatoun 4 LH Ballkickers 0 Eastbourne 6 4 1 1 12 4 13
Miramar Rangers 14 0 0 14 13 83 0 Petone Pure 6 3 2 1 8 6 11
CAPITAL 13 GOLD: P W D L GF GA Pts L-Hutt Zimmers 6 3 1 2 11 10 10
CAPITAL 6 GOLD: P W D L GF GA Pts Seatoun 3 3 0 0 23 3 9 Stop Out 6 3 0 3 12 5 9
Marist Town 3 2 0 1 10 6 6 Porirua City 3 1 1 1 8 6 4 Nth Wgtn Blue 6 2 1 3 5 9 7
North Wellington 3 2 0 1 11 8 6 University Brow 3 1 1 1 5 7 4 Nth Wgtn Villa 6 1 1 4 7 13 4
Petone Chicago 3 2 0 1 4 7 6 Uni Wanderers 3 0 0 3 1 21 0 Brooklyn Northern 6 0 4 2 6 14 4
Lower Hutt Sangham 3 0 0 3 5 9 0
CAPITAL 6 BLACK: P W D L GF GA Pts LH Ballkickers 3 3 0 0 9 2 9 WOMENS 1 - R2 P W D L GF GA Pts
Karori Magpies 3 3 0 0 14 4 9 Karori Irish 3 2 0 1 4 3 6 Stop Out 7 7 0 0 18 1 21
Wainui Undertakers 3 2 0 1 12 6 6 Karori Swifts 3 1 0 2 4 6 3 Eastbourne 7 4 1 2 18 8 13
BNU Pilsner 3 1 0 2 6 9 3 Brooklyn Northern 3 0 0 3 1 7 0 Nth Wgtn Blue 7 3 1 3 8 8 10
Miramar Rangers 3 0 0 3 2 15 0 Petone Pure 7 3 1 3 8 9 10
Wgtn Utd Goldens 7 3 1 3 8 9 10
L-Hutt Zimmers 7 3 0 4 13 9 9
Congratulations Capital 4 Ancient Ones Seatoun 7 1 2 4 5 13 5
and Capital 13 Ballkickers - League Champions! Nth Wgtn Villa 7 1 0 6 4 25 3
Junior Development Programmes
Brendan McIntyre
School Holiday Programme Dave returned to Alabama, Pomare was joined by Ethan Galbraith
This is an area of the Junior Club that has really grown. We have seen a young centre forward from Auckland, who continued to work with
a huge increase in numbers in the last three years which has been Pomare. It was a good year and the feedback from the schools has
really encouraging. Players as young as 5 through to our 12th Grade been really encouraging.
take part in the week of "fun football". The reason for the success is We now start the process all over again in the next few weeks to create
down to a number of things. Firstly it is cost affective for parents and the calendar for 2011. Thanks to our involvement with the Fraser Park
families to accommodate for not just one child but for brothers and Sportsville initiative, we have been approached to provide football
sisters of different ages. We cater for players of differing abilities and in schools as part of KiwiSport, a SPARC programme designed to get
we have encouraged players to bring friends even if they are from a more kids playing sport, and in our case football. We will be the pilot
different club. Along with making sure we have the right atmosphere for the programme. If it goes well they are looking to roll out over the
for the players to enjoy, it is after all their holiday and not just a place Wellington Region. It is a great opportunity and it is great to see the
where their parents dump them for the week. The coaches play a big work that has been put in over the last few years being recognised.
part and they have been instrumental in making it the success it has Here's looking forward to a great 2011 with "Football for Schools".
now become. The numbers have been great and even if at times it
must look like a "baby sitting" exercise it has become a large part of Football Academy / Goalkeeping Academy
the Club in the holidays. Our Football Academy has been a huge success this year. We
introduced our 10th Grade team to the morning Academy for the first
I look forward to seeing the wee faces turn up at Fraser Park gym
time and, although initially the early start got a number of them, it
next year and listening for the wheels spinning as the parents leave
proved to be very successful. The 10th Grade didn’t have the best
the car park!!!!
year but I saw a number of signs to suggest that we will see a lot
Football for Schools more from these lads in the coming years. I was pleased to see them
Again 2010 has proved to be a very good year for our "Football for turn up every Monday morning, generally after a loss to face the
Schools Programme". Our calendar for the year has been fully booked music. However their attitude was always fantastic. I hope we see
since December last year, which shows the popularity of a Programme the same commitment next year.
that has really played a big part in many schools’ fitness and skills The 11th Grade had a very good year and it has been great to see a
regime. We have built some very good relationships with a number of number of the players continue on and progress well. I have been
schools and we continue every year to introduce new schools where with the players for a couple of years now and the next couple of
ever possible. This year found us working alongside the World Cup to years will see them go on to be very fine players.
make sure schools took full advantage of the events in South Africa
and to see so many schools book times as it was happening was The 12th Grade, after a slow start to the season, went on to do very
tremendous. Over the last few years Luis was our main coach till his well. It was great to see them turn round their year and the players
departure to Auckland but this year the responsibilities were shared have been tremendous. Their attitude and commitment went long
by a number of coaches; Pomare Te Anau and James McPeake took way this year and I am expecting some big things from them next
over the reins in the early part of the year. James departed for his year.
Scholarship in America and soon we were joined by our new players Pedro took the combined 13th/14th Grade and the reports suggest
for the 2010 season. A returning old boy, Sam Blackburn and his that we have a number of top quality players coming through into the
captain from Mobile University in Alabama, David Maddren, came to Club in the next couple of years. Some of the 14th Grade were part of
join Pomare for the second half of the school year. When Sam and the U19 training squad and they handled themselves very well.

The purpose of our Academy is to identify players at a young age and Darren and Erald provided the young players an insight into coaching
make sure they get the right influences early on. We need to maintain from a professional angle. The week was very well organised and the
the links between each Grade and make sure we don't lose sight of players turned up in anticipation to learn something new each day.
the aim. That is producing top quality young players and helping
It was great to be able to talk to the coaches and see the approach
them on their chosen pathway.
being adopted in Scotland regarding player development for young
We ran our G.K. on Thursday evenings, before Senior training but players. To have so many young players from all round Wellington,
after getting some encouraging numbers in the first few weeks, the Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Hawkes Bay and even Dunedin was
numbers dwindled. Dave Finley did an excellent job but it was a bit outstanding.
discouraging for him with the lack of numbers. It is an area I feel
To be able to organise such a big event, and see it run so smoothly,
we can do well in but we need to make the concept better and it is
shows that we are a very capable, forward-thinking Club which is in
something I will be looking at for next year. I would like us to be a
a very positive place.
frontrunner in Goalkeeping if we can figure out the right set-up.
Let's hope it's not that long till we see such an event at our Club in
Indoor 4-A-Side Tournament the future.
This has been running since the end of the season for 9th/10th
Grade (Tuesdays) and 11th Grade (Thursdays). Everyone is welcome
from each of the grades. It has proved to be very popular, and by
the reaction of the players it is something we need to continue or
introduce before the new season gets underway.

Coach Education
I was asked to become a Coach Educator for New Zealand Football
at the start of the year. The role was to deliver courses to coaches
as part of a NZF programme before the end of the year. We delivered
"Small Whites" and "Level 1" to new coaches and also the objective
was to upskill some existing coaches with some new ideas. The
courses were very well received but for whatever reason we struggle
to get the numbers; disappointing when the "Small Whites" course
was free.
It is an area that we need to push on with as many of our coaches
would really benefit from the extra knowledge these courses provide.
I hope we can encourage more coaches or budding coaches to take
up the opportunity to get more informed. As a Club it has to be one
of our priorities for 2011.

Rangers Soccer School

This was a tremendous coup for Lower Hutt City AFC to pull off. There
were a number of people instrumental in getting this project off the
ground, one in particular, namely Mr Jim Baxter.
Through Jim's determination and love of Glasgow Rangers he pushed
on and delivered an outstanding week of football for 110 junior
players. The Rangers coaches were outstanding; John, Willie, Fraser,

Capital Three Social Leagues
Richard Dalby
In my first year at a new club I was quite unsure what was to come We call our teams in the Men’s Capital 4 through to Masters our
or what to expect from a squad of lads assembled only a few weeks “Social” teams, although I’m sure there is still a huge degree of
before the first ball was kicked. However as it proved 2010 would be competitiveness in their ranks!
a highly promising season for the 3rd team, who were still fighting
Management of these teams has been relatively painless this year;
for a promotion spot right up until the final two weeks of the season.
all the subs were paid (just about) on time, we usually had enough
The opening fixture, unknown to us at the time, would set the scene nets at Fraser Park, the teams turned up (perhaps not en masse but
for virtually how the entire season would play out. A home fixture certainly gave their support) to Club functions and we’ve had a much
against Brooklyn seemed to be going all to plan. Ahead thanks improved season in terms of number of fines and payment thereof.
to a Trent Fortune strike early in the second half and after having
This is due partly to the increased level of communication from the
controlled the game for close to 90 minutes, a seemingly innocuous
Club from Mike Rogers and Gillian Patterson, and the teams have
free kick conceded approximately 10 metres inside our own half
responded positively to that. Special thanks to Matt Walters and his
proved to be our undoing. With essentially the final kick of the game
Capital 7 team – they would win the award, if we had one, for sending
the Brooklyn centre-back hit the strike of his life clipping the inside
us through results, match reports and photos – great effort.
of the post and beating Steven Janes at full stretch.
Special mention also to Anthony Tebbutt and his Capital 13
Unfortunately late goals such as this would become an all too often
“Ballkickers” who won their league this year and to our ever-young
frustration over the weeks to come, and play a large part in the 9
“Ancient Ones”, on a simply superb season: most consecutive
draws we would accumulate over the season.
wins, best defensive record, Wellington Masters Tournament 2010
While 1 and 2 all draws would become a very common scoreline for Winners and of course, Wellington Men’s Capital 4 Champions.
us throughout the year they played an important part in the side’s Congratulations also to Ancient One Tom McLoat who notched up
dominant home form. Fraser Park for the 2010 season became a 200 appearances for the team this season! Great achievement.
fortress where only Seatoun (the eventual league winners) would
return from with maximum points. And it was this strong home run
which gave the team a sniff of promotion as the season came to an
The final standings saw us finish a credible 4th place overall with
6 wins, 9 draws, and only 3 losses for the year (less than any other
team), two of which were to Seatoun. We scored a total of 27 goals, 9
of which came from top scorer Richard Sims, and conceded 27.
While as a squad we felt we had the potential for more, I believe the
foundations have been laid, and the benchmark set for what will be
an exciting season in 2011.

A fond farewell…
To Christine Dempsey who has stepped down from her
position as Secretary on the Executive Committee.
Christine and husband Trevor have been actively involved in
the Club for 25 years, in a variety of team, administration,
fundraising, and ground set-up roles, although are perhaps
best known for their involvement with our Under 19s.
Thank you both for your commitment and outstanding
contribution to Lower Hutt City AFC.

Capital One Appearances
Anthony T 2
Scott McLeod Snr Aplin A 3
The Capital One Team had a fairly successful year finishing in 4th Balladares M 18
position. It was always going to be difficult as we were having to rely Baltar T 12
on the young up and coming players and when they had their college Bassett D 2
games on the mornings of our games we would invariably have last Bradshaw L 17
minute injuries or tired players which meant late call ups from the Coad A 4
third team if we were lucky, or we would just have to play with what Cotter J 3
we had. The second team used 44 different players throughout the Cunliffe N 9
season and that’s why it’s difficult getting consistent performances Du Chateau A 1
every week. We played most of our home games on the Sunday Dunn S 12
to hopefully overcome this problem but the same problems kept Flynn N 4
happening. So it was a great credit to the older players who were Fortune T 1
the backbone of the team to get the results and performances with Galbraith E 1
different players playing alongside them every week. In saying that Garcias P 3
the amount of young talent coming in and out of the first and second Garnet 9
team was great and hopefully if we can keep a few of these players Garton S 3
over the next couple of years the Club’s top teams should get stronger Gerondis J 10
and maybe get some good results. Hall Jones T 1
Head M 1
As we all know playing at Fraser Park even in its best condition is not
Hickling B 3
always ideal for football. With the extremely wet winter this year the
Higgins L 3
state of Fraser Park was at times unplayable and we should not have
Howe R 5
played a few those games. However we simply had no choice. For the
Janes S 2
record we did not win one game at Fraser; we lost 4 times and drew
MacKenzie J 1
twice, we won once at Bell Park and lost one and the other home
Mason J 1
game was rescheduled to Te Whaea which we won. I believe the
playing surface contributed to these results and maybe with playing McMullan S 4
on better surfaces we could have been in contention for higher McPeake J 1
honours and maybe promotion. Our away record was far better than Meiklejohn A 5
our home record with 6 wins 1 draw and 2 losses. When we played on Moriaty D 14
a good surface (Te Whaea for example) we looked a far better side. Patterson P 2
Results below against Miramar and Olympic who finished above us Paul J 3
proves this. These games were played at Te Whaea. Pereyra M 10
Ross A 6
I feel this needs to be addressed next season if we are to be serious Schrijvers K 9
contenders. Perhaps we need to look at another ground altogether if Sims R 1
Bell Park is not available for the 2nd team. Smith J 10
The highlights of the year were beating Miramar Rangers 10-4 and Swinburn M 1
Olympic 5-2 which probably cost them the League Title and allowed Tade E 2
Wainuiomata to become Champions and gain promotion to the Tredrea D 8
Premier League. Players of note throughout the year were Captain Vernon J 8
and Players’ Player of the Year Miguel Balladeres, Coaches Player Watson H 8
of the Year Danny Moriarty and Most Improved and Promising Luke Whitburn M 16
Bradshaw. Other notables were Martin Pereyra, Mike Garnett, Johnny
Gerondis, Matt Whitburn and Scott Dunn. Also Kade Schrijvers who
played half a season for us and improved so much that he became a Goalscorers
regular in the first team squad. M Balladeres 7
P Garcias 6
D Moriarty 5
T Baltar 4
H Watson 3
Results GF-GA GF-GA
J Smith 3
Wellington Olympic (h) 0-4 Wainuiomata (h) 0-1
E Tade 3
Wainuiomata (a) 1-2 North Wellington (h) 1-3 A Coad 3
Brooklyn United (h) 3-0 Wellington United (a) 2-1 P Patterson 3
Miramar Rangers (a) 4-3 Waterside Karori (h) 3-3 D Tredrea 2
Wellington United (h) 2-3 Petone (h) 1-2 N Whitburn 1
Waterside Karori (a) 3-3 Island Bay United (a) 2-1 A Aplin 1
Petone (a) 1-0 Wellington Olympic (a) 5-2 S Garton 1
A Ross 1
Island Bay United (h) 2-2 Brooklyn United (a) 1-1
North Wellington (h) 3-2 Miramar Rangers (h) 10-4
Women’s Central League
Leo Morta
The competition returning to Central League status for the 2010 a number of girls trialled for the
season meant a return to tougher rules, regulations and opposition. Wellington National Women’s
The league numbers were increased with the promotion of Wellington League team and Kendall
United. With the last minute shock withdrawal of Miramar Rangers, Morta was successful in being
Palmerston North Girls High School gained entry. We struggled in the selected.
previous year with player numbers and this year was no different. It
A lot of work has to be done now
was debatable whether we could field a team and we took a gamble
by the club, if next season is to
to participate in this year’s Central League.
be better one.
Our team chances were further compromised by a Capital Football
ruling that allowed girls to play down two age groups when playing in
the JPL/Promo competition. This item was not discussed or proposed Appearances
at the Women’s Review and took us all by surprise. This meant that Brown T 12
a number of girls that would have had to play women’s football this Corbett R 7
year, stayed in the junior competition. It was further compounded Crispin E 5
when a number of girls from our junior club played for other clubs
Hawke S 4
in the women’s competition on Sundays after representing Lower
Hepburn C 19
Hutt at the junior grade on a Saturday. Evie Millyn would have been a
Jonasson S 19
great asset to our women’s team this year. Unfortunately for us, she
Kennedy B 4
relocated to Auckland to participate in the NZ U17 Girls Team.
McIntyre 1
As with every season we lose a number of players to university and Mason A 19
this year was no different; we also lost our stalwart, Nikki Kennedy, to Morta K 19
her long postponed OE. Natasha Ingram and Amelia Hamilton played Page R
no role in our season owing to injury. However, it was a welcome Pahl L 14
return to Wellington for Tracy Robertson who captained the team Phipps K 3
in the 2007 season, when we won the Premier League and gained Robertson T 18
promotion to the Central League. Rutene K 17
We were fortunate to gain the services of talented Kelsi Rutene Rutene S 12
to boost our midfield at the start of the season. We later secured Sanders K 19
the services of her sister, Sonia, who came out of early retirement. Stewart J 15
Tamsin Brown from our junior club joined us mid season as well. Sturgeon L 19
It was also great to see Rachel Corbett back playing football after Teire C 9
a year off, through a serious back injury. We were fortunate to get Thorne D 2
assistance from a number of players from our second team to boost Wilson K 15
our numbers to ensure that we fielded a team from week to week.
The team was captained this year by Katrina Sanders, who also
picked up the Player of Year award. The team again comprised of Goal Scorers
mainly young Hutt Valley players in their early teens, who were now Mason A 10
in their 3rd+ year of senior women’s football. Unfortunately, we lost Rutene K 4
a number of players through the season, some through injury; most
notably Brittany Kennedy and Rachel Corbett through injury and
others owing to the competitiveness of the Central League. We were Results GF-GA
under no illusion that the season would be tough, the aim was for Wellington United 0-0
us to be competitive and keep our junior local players playing in the Marist 2-4
Hutt Valley. This would be our third season in the top women’s grade PN Girls High 2-1
and we were looking for a better showing than last year. Upper Hutt 0-4
We did but marginally. Waterside 0-7
Massey 1-7
We ended the season with seven points from two wins and a draw
Seatoun 1-2
in the league as well as a number of wins in the cup competition.
Miramar 1-0
Unfortunately some of our results did not reflect our competitiveness
PN Girls 1-3
early in the season and a number of games could have gone our way
Seatoun 0-1
had we taken the chances we created. We lost our last game of the
Upper Hutt 0-7
season against Wellington United by four goals to nil. A loss by less
Marist 1-10
than four would have prevented us from finishing last on the table.
Massey 2-5
As a result we had to play off against Brooklyn Northern, who won Seatoun 1-5
the Premier league title and were looking for promotion. We beat Karori 1-0
them over both home and away legs (6 nil on aggregate) to ensure Wellington United 0-4
that we maintain our place in the Central League. The comprehensive Waikanae 2-1
victories over Brooklyn is vindication that even though we struggled Brooklyn Northern 3-0
in league this season, we are a much better team and stronger than
the next league down. On a positive note, at the close of last season
Men's Central League
Brendan McIntyre
There are plenty of words to describe the 2010 season. Many of us When we look at the progress we have made then it is very
will come to the same conclusion and then there will be some of us encouraging but ultimately we want success and that is what we are
who see the whole thing differently. Football is about a lot of things striving to bring to a Club that really wants it. Winning mentality is a
but ultimately as a Club we want to be a leader, forward thinking, must; a strengthening in some areas will be paramount if we are to
progressive, vibrant, all of these things and many more. What we bring success. We need to be top 3 and pushing those top teams to
don't want to be seen as is a Club that is stuck in its ways, has no ensure we are winning Central League. That is the goal and one we
vision, no development, unable to adapt, scared of change. We want need to be realising.
to be the best and we are striving to achieve this, but it takes a lot of
hard work to make it happen and even more to make it sustainable.
Chatham Cup
If we were going to win it this year then it was going to be the hard
What I really want to address is how we work towards becoming way. Three away ties saw us up against Central League opposition.
the best. We won't get there by trying the old quick fix or building First was Petone where we won a thriller in extra time at Memorial
the future on a fly by night attitude. It will take patience, vision, Park. Our second away trip was to Endeavour Park to play Wests in
adaptability and a realisation that we are here for the long haul and what was a great cup tie. We came out the other end of penalties as
not just for tomorrow. The Central League team is seen by many as winners, as young Basalaj saved two spot kicks.
the focal point of where we are at as a Club. There is the notion that if
We were knocked out in extra time to the eventual winners, Miramar.
they are not doing as well as they could be, then the Club as a whole
This was a game we so nearly won but our finishing let us down at
is not going well either. From where I am standing there are a number
crucial times and we left with nothing. Cruel but all part of the Cup.
of very positive things going on within our Club and let's not lose
We probably reserved our best performances for the Cup but it would
sight of that.
have been nicer to have had a kinder draw. Here's hoping for next
The season promised so much but in the end it failed to deliver on year.
the results front. We were our own worst enemy at times and our
defensive record early on in the season was very poor. This led to
changes in our team line up from week to week. Getting the mix
Appearances League GF-GA
right was difficult and we had to score a few goals to make sure we
S Basalaj 13 Olympic (H) 1-4
won games in those early weeks. Two games spring to mind; our 6-3 S Blackburn 10 Tawa (A) 6-3
away win at Tawa and our nailbiting 4-3 home win over Napier. We D Bassett 14 Napier City Rvrs (H) 4-3
were hanging in there in the beginning but we needed to be more A Coad 18 Team T’naki (A) 3-3
positive. We knew there were bigger challenges ahead and when S Dunn 2 Wests (H) 2-3
they came we needed to be ready. Unfortunately our form remained D Finley 1 Palm N. Marist (A) 1-1
inconsistent and we failed to get any stability. We lost early ground E Galbraith 5 Petone (A) 4-1
on the leaders and we never regained any momentum which was P Garcias 19 Miramar (A) 0-7
disappointing. Our season looked to have taken a turn for the better M Garnett 5 Tawa (H) 4-1
when Sam Blackburn returned from Mobile University, bringing David J Gerondis 3 Napier C Rvrs (A) 0-2
Maddren, a big, uncompromising English centre back with him. They B Hickling 5 Team T’naki (H) 1-0
were an instant hit and I thought they were going to be the catalyst L Higgins 3 Wests (A) 0-2
for a revival in our fortunes. Sadly this was short lived and due to P Howe 16 Palm N. Marist (H) 3-0
injury we lost the two of them for periods during the season. It was T Hall-Jones 17 Petone (A) 1-2
proving to be frustrating but I had great faith in the players to deliver D Maddren 13 Wairarapa Utd (A) 1-2
a string of results but it never materialised. I was conscious of the fact J Mason 2 Miramar (H) 0-4
that we had an opportunity to introduce a number of our promising R Mays 19 Wairarapa Utd (H) 5-1
young players to the team. This I did as the season progressed and J McPeake 6 Olympic (A) 1-4
if there were any positives to come from the season it was the form P Patterson 20
and progress each of these young players made. To a man they gave M Pereyra 6
everything and that is all you can ask for from a young player. This H Price 18 Cup
was highlighted in the 5-1 win over Wairarapa Utd at Fraser Park on a K Schrijvers 12 Petone (A) 2 1
terrible winter’s afternoon. They were superb and you could see how J Smith 17 Wests (A) 2 2
far many of them had come in that afternoon. E Tade 1 Miramar (A) 2 3
P Te Anau 21
Trying to introduce our young players and our current senior players D Tredrea 5
was probably the most difficult aspect of the season. There was a J Vernon 6
feeling of disquiet and I sensed an uneasy discord amongst some H Watson 12
players. It happens and sometimes change is difficult for players to
handle; I guess what would have been encouraging if the situation
would have been embraced. We were all young players at some
stage!! Our form against the top teams was not good enough. We
need to find that self belief that will see us compete week after week
to maintain a challenge. We are certainly capable but doing it is
what it's all about. The form of Patterson and Mays was great. They
showed a great appetite for the game and desire to bring the success
we all crave. When it came to our young players, many of them really
established themselves at this level. Basalaj had another excellent
season, Schrijvers proved his worth, Smith, Hall-Jones, Watson,
Galbraith, Te Anau, Vernon, Coad have all proved that they can and
need to produce consistent performances week after week.
LHCAFC Awards 2010
Team Name of Trophy Trophy Designation Winner
Central League HV United Cup Player of the Year Phil Patterson
HV United Cup Most Promising Player Scott Basalaj
Wake Family Trophy Players Player Rodney Mays
Man of the Match Points Winner Phil Patterson

Capital 1 RAFC Cecil Lean Memorial Cup Player of the Year Daniel Moriarty
RAFC Jubilee Trophy Most Promising Player Luke Bradshaw
Players Player Miguel Baladares
Man of the Match Points Winner Daniel Moriarty

Capital 3 Most Valuable Player Terrill Anthony

Most Consistent Andrew Aplin

Capital 4 Ancient Ones Most Valuable Player Jeff MacKenzie

Division 4 Winners Deputy MVP Rick Gillespie
Wgtn Masters (35+) Winners Golden Boot Jeff MacKenzie (22)

Capital 6 Sangam Golden Boot Krishna Pillay

Most Improved Nilesh Naidu

Capital 7 Most Valuable Player Matt Bakker

40 Yard Volley of the Season Kevin Brown

Capital 12 SGs Most Valuable Player Johan Robben

Player of the Year Nick Hawthorne

Capital 12 Roundballs Most Improved Jamie Emmens

Broadest Shoulders Michael Page

Capital 13 Ballkickers Player of the Season Jeremy Smith

Division 13 Winners Players Player Andrew Donoghue

Capital 15 DDs G.O.A.T. Award C Bin

Best Blonde Scorer Dan Kendall

Masters 2 Longballs Player of the Year Dean Henderson

Players Player Alan Grant

Women’s Central League Trinity Cup Player of the Year Katrina Sanders
Nspire Trophy Most Promising Tamsin Brown
Wake Family Trophy Most Improved Catherine Hepburn

Women’s 1 Most Valuable Hanna Silvester

Most Consistent Julia O’Brien

Club Awards Dawn England Cup Most for Women’s Football Leo Morta
Hotshot Cup Most Goals Men Pedro Garcias
Elvy Golden Boot Most Goals Women Kazz Taingahue
Open A Shield Most Consecutive Wins Capital 4 Ancient Ones
Raynor Family Cup Best Defensive Team Capital 4 Ancient Ones
Jim Henderson Memorial Cup Best U19 Player Kade Schrijvers
Debbie Blackburn Memorial Cup U21 Development Player of the Year Scott Basalaj
Women’s Rosebowl Lady of the Year Gillian Patterson
Newsom Cup Clubman of the Year Rob Easthope

Special Mention Outstanding Contribution (40 years) Mike & Mari Rogers
Special Mention Outstanding Contribution (25 years) Christine & Trevor Dempsey
Special Mention Outstanding Contribution (25 years) John McGrath
Thank you to the following for their
support during the 2010 season
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