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college presidents defend liberal education

cation said that you couldn't get a job with a it to be a law. Laws are followed because
liberal arts degree,* * according to Lilley, the people are respective of the law. Therefore,
next speaker. The next two decades proved Title 9 legislation, which was started in 1972
that statement wrong, as people changed jobs to forbid sexual discrimination, should be
more than twice in their lifetime. A liberal arts followed. j
degree provides a broad education with bal- In sports, said Diebold, the three areas of
ance in a number of areas. consideration are financial assistance, which
Liberal arts mean "a liberating way of must be comparable; athletic support oppor-
thinking,*'according to Henry. This is impor- tunities, such as gym space and time, must be
tant, especially now. The "half life*' of an equal; student interests and abilities, which
engineer is five years, according to Henry. states that comparable teams must be offered
With a liberal arts education, these people for men and women.
could be adaptable and more versatile than Garvey took a different tack, noting that
engineers without the liberal arts education. the law was passed in the pre-Reagan years.
The next section of the discussion turned Due to $ cutbacks in the budgets of many
to Title 9; specifically, spending for women's organizations and programs, the law now
sports. Should this legislation be followed, as lacks enforcement He said that this fact raises
it requires proportional spending for men's some important questions. Do we really want
LtoR: Daniel Henry, John Lilley, Foster Diebold, William Garvey and women's athletics? From this point, two programs to be equal? Do we want them to
of the panelists presented their views, and the have the same goals?
By Chris Kovski * ing that the institutions must serve the stu- other two had a chance to respond. "M "Why not?** answered Garvey. "The
Merciad Managing Editor dents, yet also raised a point for thought, I Diebold and Garvey were the presenters women of today are responsible for the same
stating that the main consideration is the for this section. } things as men. They face the same problems."
On Feb. 9,1988, four presidents of area extent to which the institution should respond Lawscomefrom "societal ethical convic- The last thing that Garvey said was that he
colleges met at the First Presbyterian Church to the needs of the consumers of their product tions,' ' said Diebold. This means that a law is
of the Covenant fjf | ^ Garvey was next in the order, and started totally defensible, because the society wanted see 'Presidents,' next page
Mercy hurst College President William P. off by saying that the humanities are more
Garvey, Edinboro University President Fos- critical than a strictly vocational
ter Diebold, Penn State Behrend President He then related some ii ....... w -.-^^
John Lilley, and Gannon University President an author who had written on the same sub-
Daniel Henry were participating in a panel ject, saying that "in college, people are teach-
discussion on the future of college education. ing consumerism. Just tell us what you want,
The first part of the panel discussion was and you'll get it." In that way, the need for
a chance for each president to speak on the technology-driven workers dictates the
issue of **Humanities versus Vocational teaching of technical courses. At Mercy h urst,
Education. says Garvey, "the curriculum is 40 percent
I Diebold spoke first, saying that it :is liberal arts. This has happened in the past few
"ethically defensible" to balance an educa- years, and not without some struggles with the
tion toward the humanities. After all, he faculty." Garvey attributed this unwilling-
asked, do educational institutions serve them- ness to the fact that people feel that technology
selves, or those that use the educational is necessary - more so than liberal arts.
source? He answered his own question, say- "In the early 60's, the Secretary of Edu-

Floating 4th course

Calendar lists 10 1/2 week sessions
By Matthew J. Clark said. "But adults would have been left out in
Merciad Editor the cold. We would loser the ^Mercyhurst
advantage* that gives adults the opportunity
On Feb. 18, Mercy hurst President Dr. to graduate sooner (by overloading courses
William P. Garvey discussed the future of under the term system).**
Mercyhurst's current academic calendar at a 4 This "advantage" enables an adult stu-
faculty/administration meeting in Zurn Re- dent seeking a degree to achieve that goal in
cital Hall. ; , considerably less than the four years it would
i * 'The calendar is not a source of satisfac- take under the semester system.
tion to many people,** he said.? j"We One problem which the new calendar will
retreated to the classic calendar of schools not solve is the break between classes during
who have this type of calendar. Christmas. V
According to Garvey, the new proposed * 'One disadvantage of this calendar is that
calendar will give Mercyhurst a more stan- we still have a break in classes at Christmas,*'
dard calendar,,with three terms«of equal Garvey said.
length, unlike the two long terms separated by The new calendar does make provisions
a short Winter Term we now have. for transfer? students and new Freshman as
"This will be the most standardized calen- well as students with co-ops and other com-
dar ever seen at Mercyhurst, at least in the last mitments.
20 years,** he said. ¥"The Winter Term features a "mini
He went on to explain that the possibility term* * for transfers. Freshman, co-ops, etc.,*'
of semesters, which was of interest to many he said. "Winter break is only 13 days. We
faculty members, was explored but was even- don*t want to disrupt the leaning process.**
tually decided against in favor of The calendar also features a "floating uestion "Which calendar system would yo
Mercyhurst's traditional trimester system. Merciad calendar poll For complete poll
"We seriously considered semesters,** he see 'Calendar,' page 8 Pgs. 6"7m
PAGE 2 The Merciad FEBRUARY 25,1988

Bayfront development anchors Erie's future> Garvey says

"The railroad owned much of hotels come, it' 11 work. If the hotel's gravel pile." I form, "including the construction
By Matthew J. Clark of a needle (lookout tower).''
Merciad Editor the land which is to be the new don't come, we won't be able to | Garvey said that one of the op-
center of I the bayfront," Garvey develop." | i tions to move Erie Sand & Gravel, Garvey stressed that the final
And what are some of the other which is still a profitable business in outcome of Erie's bayfront situ-
In a presentation delivered dur- explained. "We couldn't do any- ation rests with the people of Erie.
ing Mercyhurst's Academic Cele- thing with the land as long as they plans for the bayfront area? Erie, further east along the bay front.
bration, Mercyhurst President Dr. owned it * ' "There are plans to build more This option seems to be the most success
William P. Garvey expressed his According* *to Garvey, the condominiums, shops, and a board- viable at this point >
the 'psyche' of Erie," he said.
views and gave an overview on the railroad's stubbornness may now walk near the Dock, also known as Garvey sees the flagship Niag-
have turned out to be a blessing in 'Dobbins Landing'," Garvey con- ara as a key to bringing the devel- what will work in Erie? People from "How much faith do you have in
development of Erie's bayfront
Before about 500 interested lis- disguise. $ tinued. opment of the bayfront to success.
There stilLare many questions 4
'The Niagara has a lot of poten- Cleveland and Philadelphia Iwill
teners which included members of "This turned to an advantage hnv rondos. That's sure cash.
Erie's business community as well because their was nothing* built| which face the Port Authority as it jtial," he said. "It is an historic
as Mercyhurst students and faculty, there," he said. "The land is rela- begins to accelerate in its plans to vessel that is capable of bringing in 4
'There' 11 be a great tendency to
Dr. Garvey, an Erie Port Authority tively virginal It hasn't been devel- finally develop the bayfront a de- tourists." retreat to things that are certain, and
member, talked about the oped, so there's nothing to tearj that's the psyche that Erie won't
bayfront's past, about what is pres- down. Once plans have been final- support a project like this. A psyche
ently going on there, and what the ized, we can start building immedi- that says 250,000 people aren't
future could possibly hold for it ately."^; I ]\
Garvey noted that Erie is miss- enough to support this.
« «
The Bay gives Erie its image, • 1

Garvey said. It defines Erie's ex- ing out on bringing tremendous

But I say to those people: the
istence." Our economy was built amounts of tourism into the city. Millcreek Mall grows bigger every
around that bay. » » t "Interstate 90 is a major artery day. ft

In the 18th and 19th centuries, into New England, and it's going
Variety will be the key to a
Garvey noted, the bayfront was the right by us," he stressed. successful Erie bayfront, Garvey
center from: which the city ex- "That's,a sin, because Erie
panded. By theend of World War II, should not be and is not just a sign said. Ill
waterfronts were falling into disuse on the highway on the way to Niag- Have to have many things to
and Erie was no exception. These ara Falls and New England." interest people," he stressed.
trends are still continuing today. According to Garvey, (he Erie 'There'll have to be a lot of shops
This situation led those who area should begin noticing some and restaurants on the bayfront If
were concerned about the future of changes in the bayfront in about a President Garvey delivers his Bayfront address there's just a few, two or three will
die Erie bayfront to ask: "What year.4 survive, the others will die''. f
should the Bay be?" In!the late 'We fully expect construction
to begin in the Spring of 1989," he sire which it's had for some time Then, there is the Litton project "The big question for Erie is:
1970's, it was hoped the bay would now. For example, what does the which call for the construction of a
rebuild Erie as a trade center. It did said. | Are we a big small town, or a small
And how will we encourage Port Authority plan to do with some museum along with hotels and res- big town?
not of the businesses that are still based taurants. The museum wouldibe
• Tor industry, Erie has ceased travelers to come down to the on the bayfront? used to house the Niagara during the Garvey concluded that Erie's
to exist as a major port," Garvey bayfront? 4 "The east side of the bay is winter

months. entire future could beridingon the

said. 8 f * - 'There are preliminary plans to where much of the interest is being success or failure of this bayfront
build a parkway off Interstate 90 Another possibility, and aprior-
I' 'It has tremendous potential, 4 focused now," he said. "There is ity as far as Garvey is concerned, is development project
and according to National Geo- linto Erie," he said. 'We've got to
give people a reason to come down the Penelec question. It's a dirty Jhe rebuilding of Fort Presque Isle. "The outcome of this is critical
graphic, has the second most beau- enterprise which generates a lot of "Fort Presque Isle could be a
tiful sunset in the world.! » » f there- If we fail'to do that, we're to^me citizensJof thefcity, to the
through.' V * smoke. But officials there have al- good source of bringing people to future of the city and to the psyche
Garvey explained that the rea- p What will Erieites be first notic- ready announced it won't be there Erie," he noted."It would also give of the city,'' he said.
son nothing was done with much of ing as construction begins? What for the long haul. Erie people some place to go with- 44
the "important" land area at the major changes will occur first? "Erie Sand & Gravel must be out going to the We're at the critical moment
Day front was because«those who 4
'Condominiums and marinas kept in business - but does it have to Peninsula." where we define the next 50 years.
owned the land refused to part with have to comefirstin order to raise be kept where it's at? Where should Garvey explained that Fort If we don't act within the next four
At Thus, those who wanted to de- the revenue for the hotel and restau- they be moved? One thing is certain, Presque Isle would be rebuilt to or years, nothing will be done for
velop at the bayfront had their hands rant development" he said. "If the you can't develop restaurants by a as near as possible to, its original another 50 years." *

College presidents discuss liberal! education from pg. 1

Lilley presented their views on this Garvey took the stand that stan- the question raised in these pro- .Henry added that the naivete
didn't know if it is good to make the, grams isiat what point is activity demonstrated by people confronted
programs equal topic. dards adjust, but the survival of the
Henry started off by saying that institution is not as important as accredited? Remedial courses in situations of abuse is' "phenome-
During the responses, ?Henry 44 continuing to carry out the objec- shouldn't get credit for non-college
asked people to think about c two the predicted demise of higher nal." They don't understand why
education is exaggerated; it has tives the institution is striving for. level work, and these students still anyone gets upset That attitude is
things: we get what we deserve, and have to meet the same standards as
sometimes we get more than we been thwarted by a large number of "What patters is the value the one that is being changed.
adult students coming back." added through the process," stated anyone else. f
want Henry. The institution can be carry- One slight difference Garvey
Diebold stated that women face However, it probably is coming, but
J the effects will be regional - not ing out its mission, namely, educat- mentioned is the fact that ACT 101
stress at the same level as ~^ ing students, by taking in a person, students get two years - no matter
the lower crowd numlx everyone will be hit) To handle yourself, use
Part of th e problem, according then adding something worthwhile what - to make the grade. \ E M
mean anything. Women compete at
the same level as men, so they to Henry, is that there are apparently to that person's life. The" final issue, handled by your head.*
far more poorly prepared students Diebold responded by saying Lilley and Henry, was sexual har-
should get the same recognition and
in the lower levels of secondary that there is a moral obligation in- assment and abuse, both student and To handle others, use
opportunities. When asked after the herent in the acceptance of a stu-
discussion how it can be done, he education. What is needed, he said,
dent, which also includes reason-
faculty. I f f f your heart.
said, "Very easily. The unwritten is better partnerships with secon- Both men stressed the point that
able awareness of the chances for sensitivity is the real issue, and that
vule that the money a sport makes J dary schools. Also, to meet the
success in educating that student it is inexcusable to take advantage of
-Donald Laird
should go back to that sport is ri- needs of the people, financing for
college should be better. | Diebold and Garvey next tack- the sensitive relationship between
diculous." Through distribution of led the issue of offering remedial students and faculty.
lvailable resources, the programs Lilley had little to add, but did
contribute the-statistic that fa 40 classes - are they a responsibility of
jould get the same money and fa- the college for accepting a student
cilities. He concluded his response percent drop'in high school age THUS*
*o- ,.V' * KPt it C« k«H

with deficiencies.
by saying that there are no values students
is to occur
saying Diebold stressed again the THRIFT DRUG *«»pert»<
taught in sports. , ,
Garvey immediately disagreed, that people should "temper their moral obligation inherent in accept- Grandview Shopping Plaza
anxiety with the knowledge that one ing any student •• }
saying that he felt there are values in
year ago, over 50 percent of those U Garvey cited jMercyhurst's 825-2333
I tports. He stated that he was just not 4
'special commitment to the learn-
convinced that the men's programs eligible to go to college went"
iare a good thing. "Perhaps we The
Henry, was
be justified
as one item
economi- JCPenney Catalog
would be creating a second monster cally or .statistically" - there just
so join the first" i of whether or not an institution
shouId lower its standards to remain weren't th e numbers that would be To order call: Order Inquiries Call:
k The next question dealt with the required for the program to be eco- 1-800-222-6161
^effect of upcoming low numbers of economically sound. Is such action 825-2901
nomically feasible. He stated that
' Vjilfeffe bound students. Henry and ethically correct?
FEBRUARY 25.1988 The Merciad PAGE 3

Spontaneous use rare Mercyhurst College

Condom dispensers' untenable 9 9
The Polish IStudies
says Aids Policy Committee Program
Dear Editor,
2 The faculty and administration of the college appreciate your concern. We share your
j and
concern and are pleased to inform you that Mercyhurst is taking steps to prevent AIDS.
For one thing, Mercyhurst has an ADDS policy which is presently going through the
necessary pre-publication steps. The policy was written in January of 1988 and contains
The Kujawiaki" Polish
procedures for the education of the college community. I f
Another update is that while your article AIDS Won't Go Away (Merciad, February 4,
1988, page 4) states * 'last year the American Conference of Catholic Bishops could not reach
Folk Ensemble
agreement whether or not to at least talk about condoms and recognize their existence,'' that
very Bishops' conference published their AIDS statement, The Many Faces of AIDS, early Request the pleasure of your company at the presentation
enough in 1987 to be published in full in the December 25,1987 edition of the National
Catholic Reporter. I quote in part: Because we live in a pluralistic society, we acknowledge of an exhibitionfof Polish folk dress entitled
that some will not agree with our understanding of human sexuality. We recognize that public
educational programs addressed to a wide audience will reflect the fact that some people will
not act as they can and should; that they will not refrain from the type of sexual or drug abuse
behavior which can transmit AIDS. In such situations, educational efforts, if grounded in the
f i The Fabric!} WA

broader moral vision outlined above could include accurate information about prophylactic
devices or other practices proposed by some medical experts as potential means of preventing
AIDS. We are not promoting the use of prophylactics, but merely providing information that
is part of the factual picture. | | < I t -i
of Poland
Your article also read, * 'Maybe Mercyhurst should consider the installation of condom
dispensers on campus'' (page 5). Mercyhurst has considered and rejected the idea as untenable;
untenable due to human nature. Experience informs us that if one has not developed a habit
Tuesday, thejfirst of Marchjnineteen-hundred and
or a mind set, spontaneous use of such preventatives is extraordinarily rare. In a moment of eighty-eight at seven-thirty o'clock in the evening
drunken, unanticipated opportunity, we rarely stop before completion; quite understandable
considering the force of the human sex drive, indeed, I suspect that most if not all (female as
well as male) students know of condom s, their use, and their availability, before they even apply Sullivan Hall, Mercyhurst Campus
to college. Thus if a person does not plan ahead enough to have a supply, they are very unlikely
to obtain the correct change, leave their room and walk down the hall to obtain a condom. Erie, Pennsylvania
Therefore, the only realistic place to put dispensers would be in each dorm room and apartmen t
bedroom (a possible infringement on individual choice, and certainly on individual responsi- R.S.V.K
bility). Placing them in the bathrooms, as you suggested, maybe helpful; provided, of course,
that there is a lot of sex taking place in the bathrooms. j Please phone 825-0200 J
You wrote "Mercyhurst has to do something" (Merciad, February 4,1988, page 5).
. I say: Mercyhurst is doing something. * by Monday, February 29,1988
Fir. Charles Schmitt f Do Widzenia I Do Zobaczenia!
Member of the Policy on AIDS Committee

A t Wit'S E n d By Steve Rush Catholic Men
Art! Club
Let's Thlk About.
| A group of students gathered in Priesthood
Zurn 219 on Jan. 21st for the begin-
ning of the Art Club at Mercyhurst i and
During the meeting, officers
were elected as follows: Jennifer
Hayes, President; Darlene Dorich, A Quiet Time Away... j _ _ «
Vice President; and Angela
Chirillo, Secretary/Treasurer. The For Thlkmg, Wondering, "Finding Out"
group will be under the supervisionYou and 20 Other Men.. ;>
of faculty advisor Dan Burke.
Who Have Some Questions.
Seminary Community
The members discussed a num- We'll try
ber of activities. Among them were
student art shows, a booth foractivi-
ties weekend, activities for incom- Friday Evening
ing freshmen, and many more. Special Weekend 1kHm^ Sunday Noon
C O L L E G E LIVE-IN March 4, 5, 6,1988
If anyone is interested in joining Fr. Larry Speice
the Art Club or has any ideas for CALI^OR WRITE I Vocation Director
activities please contact Mr. Burke (814) 825-3333 "P.O. Box 10397
in the Art Department or any of the Ext.-225 Erie, PA 116514-0397
officers. I
PAGE 4 The Merciad FEBRUARY 25,1988


New calendar needs vote >

Kovski Korner
Swingin' Swaggart
not 'imperial diktat 5
By Chris Kovski
Merciad Managing Editor

NO VOTE I'm not so concerned about this Hypocrisy.

new calendar so much as I am con- In a world of ever-changing
This new calendar proposal will cerned with the way itfis being *s
values, hypocrisy has never
not be put to a vote. Instead, Dr. imposed. \ 'Imperial diktat'' are two changed." Saying one thing and
Garvey will seek some advice and words which would, in my opinion, doing another" is hard to
assistance from the college senate send a chill through anyone with a change.
and student government democratic spine. When Jim Bakker stepped
"This calendar is going to be Perhaps, in this instance, it was down from his post at the head of
decided by imperial diktat," Gar- necessary to arrive \ at a decision PTL (Pay The Lady), Jimmy Swaggart was all too willing to step in
vey said in an interview on Feb. 5. without consulting faculty and stu- and take over. After all, he had initiated the investigation against
"We're going to come up with a dents. Since consulting students and Bakker. | I JjL
calendar and that will be it There's faculty last year on the calendar To digress slighdy, we shall examine what has happened since
By Matthew J. Clark not going to be any voting on iL"| question didn't seem to work, last year in the Bakker/Hahn adventure, also known as "Pear-
Merciad Editor According to Webster's New maybe it was necessary to do it this ly gate." j j p* \ * 11 I I
Collegiate ^Dictionary "diktat" way. Jessica Hahn: In an attempt to show that she is " not a bimbo,''
One of the most talked about means: "a harsh settlement unilat- I'm confident that imperial Hahn has posed nude for Playboy and Penthouse; She has also had
subjects on campus lately is the erally imposed." I i I diktat won't be a common practice plastic surgery, including a breast enlargement (to 34D). I'm certain
academic calendar. The recently I don't think the President's new in dealing with major decisions at she is simply trying to show that a sensitive woman can be holier and
concluded winter term showed that proposal is "harsh" but I do think Mercyhurst But still, it is alarming more respected with a larger chest
there were a few flaws in the current that something like a calendar to know that if the administration i Jim and Tammy Bakker have found that not even the grace of
4-2-4 system, causing many head- should be voted upon. There are so here chooses to, it can make deci- God can save them from the powers that be, namely, the IRS. To
aches for both faculty and students. many people f to consider. Over sions on its own. It is alarming to allow them to subsist until they can regain a TV ministry, they are
There has been a great deal of 1800 students and well over .100 know that faculty and students alike having a call-in service where people can learn some of Jim's pick-
pressure on administration to do faculty have to be considered when might be effectively shut off from up lines and Tammy's make-up secrets. | i
something about the calendar ques- a decision like this is made. 3 having a meaningful contribution in Here's a sample call, from the other day when I called (not really,
tion. Administration has done Garvey noted that since pleas- decisions made here on the hill. but I faked it): I £ if I I I
something. ing everyone is impossible, putting The key to a smooth running JIM: Hi, people! I'm Jim Bakker. If you want to meet that special
At a faculty/administration the calendar to a vote just doesn't institution is a good relationship someone at a religious gathering, simply walk over to her and say,
meeting held on Feb. 18, Mer- make much sense. Instead, he and between students, faculty and ad- Excuse me, but do you feel that the actions of Jesus in the Bible -
cyhurst President Dr. IWilliam P. those who helped!with this new ministration. If that balance should for instance, when he laid his hands on a woman to expel demons
Garvey announced a new calendar calendar proposal tried to come up be disturbed, such as when the 4-2- -show that the key to true spiritual happiness is physical contact? You
proposal which would return to a 4- with a calendar that would please 4 calendar was implemented, that is do? Well, how about coming back to my motel room in Clearwater
3-3 system, though not exactly the the most people. when the trouble starts. Of course Beach, and I'll force out a few demons?" It can work for you, too.
same as the original 4-3-3. not every decision that comes up TAMMY: Have you ever wondered how your husband feels
The new system would feature I think they've succeeded - this needs to be put to a vote, nor should about you? Does he chase strange floozies in motel rooms? Maybe
three terms of equal length, each time. I've seen the new calendar in they seek to please everyone. If they your problem isn't the fact that you can't cook. Perhaps your face
being 10 and-a -half weeks long. black and white. I don't see too did that, nothing wouldfever get needs work. Do as I do. Use a skim coat of Bondo Auto Body Filler
The old 4-3-3 system had a 12 week many problems with it Certainly done. for a base, then apply 62 layers of eye make-up. After all, if you have
fall term, with the winter and spring none worth getting too excited But I think it's important for to cry for a while, you don't want it all to wash off. A little rouge (two
terms being 10 weeks in length. about Mercyhurst's administration to or three gallons) will go a long way in keeping your face fresh for the
keep in mind not to bite the hands day. A little industrial cement will keep the four foot Jong false
that feed them. The faculty is re- eyelashes in place. Five or six eyeliner pencils will make you look
sponsible for the academic quality fresh as a daisy all morning. If you have any questions about special
tm make-up situations, I can be reached at Al's Auto Body and Detox
The MerciadFebruary 25,19881 of the institution and the students
are an important part of the financial
stability of the college.
Center, 555-UGLY. %
Back to Swaggart In addition to taking Bakker down in flames,
Vol. 61 No. 16
1 I'm not saying that the admini- he also submarined another evangelist, Marvin Gorman of New
Matthew J. Clark; r|jfl / J {flii EditotfUiilh ?. stration is incompetent Not at all. Orleans,forsexual misbehavior. I /
c Christopher J. Kovski Managing Editor I'm just saying that careful consid- Swaggart has said that the incident he was involved in wasn't

Ann Johnson News Editor eration of the "other" people on sexual in nature,but pornographic. Pornographic.' 'The depiction of
Jean Deegan Sports Editor campus should be taken when ma- erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement'' Now, correct
Melissa Mangini Photo Editors jor decisions are made. I'm sure me if I'm mistaken, but I thought that pornography was morally
LizRichards there will be. wrong because it debases the physicalformgiven to us by our God.
Kelley Moore Business Manager Sexual misbehavior, especially adultery, isn't to be condoned.
Paula Bruno . Calendar Editor * But I'm sure that pornographic actions, especially from one so
Karen Sampson Circulation Manager righteous as S waggart, should be thoroughly condemned.
JohnKupetZ: Faculty Adviser Unfortunately, Swaggart has special influence that rates higher
Lisa McLellan Photographer \ than any morality - his organization made $142 million in 1986. We
Craig Prenatt Cartoonists know that money can' t buy love, but we see it can buy continued time
Steve Rush on television. * * \ T * '
Julie Medwig Graphics Three months is a slap on the wrist A lifetime is a punishment

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Carting J. Christensohn Caryl Unseld
eex OPf WAKE UP!
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it >
PAGE 6 The Merciad FEBRUARY 25,1988

The newlyf proposed #3-

The proposed academic calendar wffl feature
be a 4-3-3 with a "floating" fourth course in the
four courses even if they onlyijtake three. j
Teachers students dislike ?
Mon. - Wed. - Frif classes will be 75 minutes lop
Evening classes will be held M-W and T-Th for
10 consecutive weeks for 3 hours and; 15 minute
As|fbr vacations, thefFall Terni {includes a
vacation includes a|l2 day break. The Winter!©
calendar, poll says and is followed by an 11 day Spring Break. I
The Spring Term includes a day off for Good Frij
morning before class," a freshman
Final examslfbr weekend classes wiU belield
About 94 percent of students This schedule is unproductive
* 4

and 98 percent of teachers at Mer- because of the classes offered. I had said. | :< weekend class of each term. Final exam schedul
cyhurst would prefer either the 4-3- a hard time finding two classes that «•

College to change
Even students who tried to study
3 or the semester system over the I could take,*' a junior commented. on the midweek break said they
current4-2-4 calendar, according to * Tended? up taking jj blow-off often couldn't "The biggest and
a recent Merciad poll. • courses because classes that I really worst problem was the Tuesday
wanted to take weren't offered at night parties," a senior wrote. the 4-3-3 system had many prob-
The poll, part of an assignment times I could take them,' * a sopho- By Brenda Lowe
ivcry week there were parties, Merciad staff reporter lems such as Tuesday and Thursday
for the 1987-88 Advanced more wrote. which means that those who wanted classes being too long and poor
Ncwswriting class, was distributed Students didn't receive grades to study couldn't*- and couldn't grades by freshman students.
to 980 students and 84 teachers with from fall term until the winter term even deep until sometimes 3 or 4 At a faculty/administration
meeting on Feb. 18, Mercy hurst I "The calendar system was aca-
campus mailboxes. Hie students began, and nine students said they a.m." * -'^f T? demically indefensible," Garvey
and teachers were asked to check waited to register because they President Dr. i William P. Garvey said. f I
O f those students w h o wanted a announced that he plans to change
boxes of their preference to 10 thought they might fail a prerequi- free day, 64 percent would have "The first calendar proposal
questions and write additional site course. Seven students said they the academic calendar for next year.
Garvey said that the new calen- was given to the senate in Decem-
comments. Over 19 percent of the had to change classes after winter preferred a three-day weekend, in- ber, 1986 or early January, 1987
students and 57 percent of the teach- term began because they fai led a fall stead of the Wednesday off. "It's dar proposal will not be put to a vote
but is only asking for assistance by and at several meetings proposals
ers responded between Jan. 15 and prerequisite. difficult to get into the study mode were discussed," Edward Gal-
with another 'Saturday night' on the faculty senate, student govern-
22. \ \ '% g j J I Homework also was a problem Tuesday,'' a junior said. | ment and department heads. J lagher, president of the senate, last
Only one teacher and 11 stu- for some students. According to the This marks the second straight year, said.
According to the poll, not only
dents polled want the present 4-2-4 poll, 43 percent of the students was the midweek break inconven- year that Mercy hurst will change its The academic policy committee
trimester. * * I did not think the resultsdescribed
the winter workload as ient, but the Christmas break wasn't academic calendar. The current 4-2- then surveyed the faculty, students
from the poll taken last year were too much," 38 percent said the a big hit with the students or teach- 4 system was installed just' six and the administration for ideas on
used in any way," a senior said. workload was "just right" and 19 ers either. An overwhelming 61 months ago. f the calendar, according to Diane
'As I recall, neither the students or percent said there was "too little'' percent of the students and 70 per- Regarding last year's decision Williams, president of the academic
faculty voted for the 4-2-4. Students work.' * I had more free time when I *
to change the academic calendar committee.
preferred trimester; faculty, semes- was taking four classes," a fresh- cent of the teachers said Christmas from a4-3-3 system to the currcnt4- About 55 potent of the teach-
ter/' I ? man said. | 'There is just no way on break in the middle of the* term 2-4 system, Garvey explained that ers, 80 percent of the administrators
God's green earth to budget time/" hindered their performance. Ml •
Students' objections to the 4-2- Some students complained |£"I didn't like the Christmas Editorial* « ^ S
4 calendar include problems with about the workload for the winter break in the middle of the term," a
(erm but according to the poll, they
scheduling, the workload, the free weren't studying on the free junior said. "Christmas is for fam-
Wednesday and Christinas break. | Wednesday. Although 78 respon- ily, not for worrying about the proj-
ect due when you get back to
dents said they had too much to do, school."
Because some classes are of- only 52 respondents said the used
Ignoring votes led
fered only once each year, 31 stu- thefreeWednesday to study, while By Ann Johnson
dents said they had to overload in 75 said they spent their free time "I don't like only having two Merciad News Editor
the winter. Many of the 14S respon- socializing. weeks vfor Christmas break and I
dents who took the standard course especially dislike having assign- The new 4-2-4 calendar produced problems with grading, scheduling,
load had problems with what some I 'I seemed to put off work Tues- ments and other work to do over billing, vacations, workloads and Tuesday night parties.
of them called a small course selec- day and tried to cram it all in on what is supposed to be a break," a Many students and teachers are wondering why the administration
tion. Wednesday, night or Thursday senior said. wouldn't listen to them last year. Neither students nor teachers wanted the
The majority of students and 4-2-4 calendar. Students wanted to keep the 4-3-3 system, and teachers
teachers agreed that the current4-2- wanted to switch to semesters. *
Toacters I Students I Teacher* I Students I Teachers Students
4 trimester calendar system should The problems with the new winter term began before the classes did.
be changed. Students didn't receive fall grades until the first week of winter term was
^ "I certainly hope the admini- over. Students who failed a class may not have known it until they had
110 strations will see these major faults started new classes. The last thing students with academic problems need
is to change classes when they're already a week behind in an eight-week
and not reinstate the 4-2-4 calendar
100 next year,'' a sophomore said.
term. r-<?
Teachers also w o e inconvenienced by the grading scheduling J Some
Even though the surveys were went out of their to notify students of their grades by sending postcards or
broken into class levels, the prob- making phone calls. Others posted grades on doors. Others did nothing
lems each class found ^were alike. because they barely had enough time to turn their grades in before the new
"We gave this a chance. Now term began. * ||
change it back to the way it was,'' a * When fall grades were not a problem, students who registered for winter
senior said. found the course selection too small. Many students, especially seniors
who can't wait until next year, had to overload to take required courses that
are only offered once a year. 1 | ,-.
The bar graph at left Students were also confused by the billing, which was changed to a
semi-annual schedule while Mercy hurst remained on a trimester calendar.
explains the results of the Since the fall billing covered half the winter term, students who transferred
recent Merciad calendar or changed campus housing after the fall had to get their billing adjusted.
poll. The question which Once students figured their schedules and bills and were ready to
concentrate on their winter classes, they had to pack up for Christmas,
this graph pertains to was making sure to leave room in their suitcases for their homework. 1M
"Howwould you describe Students and teachers who responded to the Merciad calendar poll said
the effect of the two-week the two week interruption hindered student performance. Students were
also upset that they had to work on papers and projects over their short
Christmas break on your vacation. i
Does not
Improves my Hinders my affect my
performance/the perform* Students who live far from Erie will have more air fares to pay this year
performance performance ance of your students dur- becauseofthenew vacation schedule. Lessthanthreeweeksafterreturning
ing the 1987-88 Winter from Thanksgiving break, students left for Christmas. A month after
How would you describe the effect of the two-week Christmas break Christmas break, they left again for 10 days. At the end of March they'll
on your performance in your winter 1987-88 trimester classes? Term?" leave again for the spring break. 1 I
When students returned after Christmas, they were faced with one
FEBRUARY 25,1988 The Merciad PAGE 7

calendar for next year

terms, each 10 and-a-half weeks long. It will
Teachers want semesters ?
'all Term. However, students will be billed for

.Tue. - Thurs. classes will be 110 minutes long.

Merciad poll s ay s
10 minutes each. Weekend classes will run for The break between terms is in-
« •
Some 48 potent of the teachers
By Lillian Dressier significant for course preparation said they liked Wednesdays as a free
Merciad staff reporter for the upcoming term,*' a teacher day, but they added that it wasn't
^day Thanksgiving vacation. The Christmas said. | working for their students.
has two days off for Academic Celebration HI A majority of teachers prefer Of the course offerings, three "The free Wednesday hasn't
semesters over the 4-2-4 calendar, teachers' said they did not have worked out because the students
according to a recent Merciad poll. classes, while 58 percent taught two party and don't use the time well,"
| The teachers showed a 65 per- classes, 21 percent taught one and a teacher said.
cent preference for the semester IS percent taught three. | :
and Monday sy stem. Only one teacher of 48 who j! 'Unless a semester calendar at Students use Wednesdays to
responded to the poll preferred the Mercyhurst has many more course recover from hangovers,'' another
current system, and only four said offerings than the present schedule, teacher added. |
they voted for the 4-2-4 trimester classes will continue to close out According to 63 percent of the

calendar again According to the March 5, 1987

5 ' i
'The current calendar is the
worst I've ever seen," a teacher
and transfer students will continue teachers, the two-week Christmas
to be heavily penalized,'' a teacher
said. $
| formance.
also hurt their students'

and 32 percent of the students (in- commented. .^^^^ "The burden of making this * Win ter term is extremely hard
cluding adults) wanted the semester senate meeting minutes, the feeling "This was! a terrible experi- foolishness work at all rests on to teach in because of the Christmas
system, according to • the seemed to be that it was inevitable ence," another said. ; teachers. We must grade quickly, break. After Christmas, it is like
committee's survey. that the administration would not Another teacher described the post grades, track failures and starting class from square one,'' a
According to Williams, when allow the continuation of the 4-3-3 calendar as "horrible," and criti- handle complaints at the start plus teacher said.
the faculty, students and the admini- calendar, there! ore they took it to be cized it for "very poor scheduling the finish of ajjerm," another
stration could not agree on a calen- inevitable and voted for i t of academics." teacher added. "With my|BASIC students, it
dar, Garvey reviewed the survey 'The semester system would be The poll was distributed Jan. 15 Some 44 percent of the teachers was difficult to do very much before
and came up with a compromise, the consistent with the teachers, the and was part of an assignment for said they had too muck work during Christmas; everyone's minds were
4-2-4 system. rearrangement of classes would be the ; 1987-88 Advanced the winter trimester. "Courses on the upcoming holiday," another
On the original 4-2-4 proposal, easier, cooperative education Newswriting class. The teachers must move too quickly," a teacher teacher said.
the students would finish earlier but would benefit, and the system received {questionnaires asking said, adding that teachers did not
would save on the billing process them to check their preferences for have enough time to "allow for Most teachers said if the 4-2-4
one teacher asked if the students because there would only be two 10 questions and to write additional student research papers, class proj- trimester calendar system was
have study days before their sched- bills to worry about," said Scott comments about the current calen- ects, etc." changed to semesters or back to the
uled finals. This was taken into the Donnelly, a member of the senate. dar. Over 57 percent of the teachers 4-3-3 trimester, many problems
During the winter term, 56 per- would be solved. I
decision of the finalized 4-2-4 cal- The present 4-2-4 calendar has responded. J cent of the teachers said they had to
endar, jj had many problems of its own dur- 1 Some objections to the current use their free Wednesdays doing "Semesters are needed with a
According to Gallagher, the ing its short existence, and this has calendar system include what some course work. "There is simply too decent break in between to allow for
academic policy committee exam- led to a decision to change it as well. teachers called a limited time to much material to squeeze into eight course preparation, and the teaching
med the 4-2-4 system and asked the "The present calendar will not grade finals, and others said that the weeks. Furthermore, there is little load should be reduced to seven
senate to examine> the proposal be kept and a new calendar must be course offerings were too restricted. time to do problems because we courses," a teacher said. "I'd also
closely before voting on it decided on," Garvey said. They also said the Christmas break cover a chapter | in two days," a prefer the old 4-3-3 to what we have
in the middle of the trimester did not teacher said. £ 1 JIOW! THIS IS ABSURD!"
give them enough time to prepare
their courses.
to disaster A majority of teachers said they
couldn't understand how the pres-
ent system came about because 23
percent had voted for the 4-3-3 tri-
mad as hell
cut back on course requirements. The 1 S-page papers were reduced t
mester and 46 percent had voted for
semesters, only 8 percent said they
poll says
and some text chapters were eliminated, leaving some students wond voted for the 4-2-4 trimester, and 19
what other corners had been cut By Brian McAndrew
percent had not voted. Merciad staff reporter
The free Wednesday may have been intended to help students cat* : ' 'Who benefits from this calen-
on extra work that came with the shortened term. But to expect stu< dar? Not students. Not teachers. So Students want to know'' who the hell voted for this system anyway?'
on a college campus, many of them away from home for the first tin why do we have it? Who thought itaccording to comments made in the Merciad calendar poll
use a midweek free day consistently for studying is naive. up and to what purpose?'' a teacher Response indicated that most Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and
Many students spent their free Wednesday recovering from said. Seniors are "mad as hell" about the 4-2-4 system. i.
Tuesday nights. Respondents to the poll described parties that lasted About 23 percent of the teachers4
'We've never had a choice of calendar in thefirstplace. Even when
4 a.m. Even those who wanted to study couldn't because of the noi said they did not have time to track
we gave our opinions, Dr. Garvey did what he wanted to anyway," f
those that weren't * students who failed a prerequisite in
junior said. | 'Why even ask the students what they want when it doesn't
The problems with the 4-2-4 system are obvious. And didn't need to the fall 1987 trimester, but 17 per-
even matter?"^ | k * i *
be. Last year when students and teachers were split between the 4-3-3 and cent did track students. A total of 60
if The students also wanted to know who designed the current calendar,
semester options, the administration, trying not to play favorites, went with percent taught no prerequisites. "Who's the idiot that devised this calendar?" a junior said. "Why did wc
a system nobody wanted. '• $ vote if our votes didn't count anyway?" 3
The administration may argue that students and teachers aren't giving Some students called the calendar a "k>ke" while others s
• m *

4-2-4 a chance, but dismissing complaints and polls and saying that people mistake
don't try to make the calendar work is unfair. i \ t* 4
*I have been on a semester system, 4-3-3, and now this 4-2-4, and ol
Alt of the articles which
Everyone tried to make it work. Teachers posted grades, tracked failing the three, this one is the biggest joke,*' a senior said. Another respondent!
appear on this page were was harsher about the winter term and the class offerings. "The winter
students and reduced requirements. 4Many students overloaded, did
homework on their breaks and tried to study on Wednesdays. This system part of a class assignment term is a complete waste of time," a junior said. "When it's difficult to
just doesn't work and must be changed. . . .. \for the 1987-88 Advanced choose even two classes that are worthwhile, then there is something
Mercyhurst should return to last year's 4-3-3. If the administration wrong with the system." | | f| >
Newswriting class. Those Another student thought the new calendar should never have been
doesn't want to work under the 4-3-3 calendar, a committee should find a
plan that will work and will be accepted by teachers and students. TTie who contributed to the ar- implemented, f \• j H
administration needs to start listening to the teachers and students. People ticles were Brenda Lowe, "Itwas aridiculouschange," a senior said. "But then, when does the
feel they aren t heard and that the college does as it pleases. Administration even listen to the student body's opinion?"
Lillian .Dressier, Brian Some students said their grades have dropped because of the calendar.
At least the new calendar proposal from the administt^on address McAndrew and Ann 4
p think the calendar is a big mistake,' * ajunior saidl" We have the samej
someoftheproblemssmdentsandteach^ TTie
mid-week fiee day is gone, and some of the billing problems are fixed. Johnson. Even though a amount of work and less time to do it in. My grades have been affected
! Butthenewm^ed40-3stiUr*sonem^ new calendar is already in negatively." | f f | • j
I Again students will return from TTianksgiving for fe*^"* fen I Students were seeing in the red when it came to the short Christmas
the works, The Merciad break. '?mk I i£§ £ :
f| If
leaveforatwo-weekChristmasbreak. *™^**^™™^£Z
60peicentofthestiidents and teachers whorespondedsaid the break in the believes it is in the student's *S " I didn't like the break in the middle of the term," a junior said.
interest to give an extensive "Christmas is for family, not for worrying about the project due when you
middle of the term hindered their performance. «i onnin a anH get back to school" f ?f f|_
THe pioblems with the 4-24 calendar ^ ^ J ^ J f f ^ view of the calendar issue. "We go to schoollonger than anyone else and our breaks are shorter
from demanding a changefroma system ^ % ' ^ £ * K and shorter. Explain that!" a junior said. *Mad > page g
If the administration had listened to the advice of its studaite andI ttdm.
Mercyhurst would never have had to suffer through such a long winter.
PAGE 8 The Merciad FEBRUARY 25,1988

Hauptman guilty, prof says

By Brenda Lowe tion of her husband. She says her Hauptmann's garage. Eight hand-
Merc iad staff reporter husband is innocent and the author writing exports testified that he had
has said she has condemned his written all fifteen ransom notes.
In 1936, a New Jersey jury book. ?
rightly found Bruno Richard Anna Hauptmann, at a press Finally, Hauptmann quit his
Hauptmann guilty of the ^kidnap- conference for her attempt to clear job about the time? the ransom
ping and'murder of Charles her husband's name, claimed that money was paid. He never worked
Lindbergh's son, a -crime that my book was 'full of lies, lies, lies/ again," said Fisher.
shocked the country, according to I guess that's three," said Fisher.
an associate professor of criminal When-Anna Hauptmann was He was making his living, ac-
justice at Edinboro University, who asked if she had read the book, she cording to Anna Hauptmann, by
spoke Jan. 26th at Mercyhurst said "I haven't had the time," ac- investing in the stock market "It
Jim Fisher has written a book on cording to Fisher. was during the Great! Depression
the crime investigation entitled The "The evidence against when Hauptmann was without fa
Lindbergh Case. The controver- Hauptmann is overwhelming. The job," said Fisher.
sial book has been criticized by two most incriminating involves the
of the most recent examinations of ransom money, the ransom letters, "Some people still think that
the case, both of whom concluded and the homemade ladder the kid- Hauptmann is innocent because he
that Hauptmann was railroad and napper used to climb into the baby's never confessed to the crime,'' said
sent to the electric chair with evi- second-story nursery," continued Fisher. "But Anna kept telling him Both young and old took advantage
dence fabricated by the police. Fisher. | if he should confess, his child and of the computer lab's open house
.Fisher, a former FBI agent, said A board from Hauptmann's at- wife would suffer." \-
the New Jersey Police Department tic was traced to a part of the home-
made errors but says all circumstan-
tial evidence led to Hauptmann.
made ladder according to police
reports. J
How can anyone think that
Hauptmann was innocent when all
Computer lab remodeled
jMrs. Hauptmann is now suing Police found $14,000 worth of the evidence was overwhelmingly
New Jersey for the wrongful execu- the ransom money hidden in against him?" asked Fisher. By Chris Kovski cost of approximately $3,000.
Merciad Managing Editor The computers are connected in

Musical development points noted During the Academic Celebra-

tion, there was an open house of the
a network to allow 21 of the com-
puters to act as terminals of the other
two. These two main computers are
newly remodeled microcomputer the storage area for the software.
By Lillian Dressier cant musical develc lab at Mercyhurst College. The lab The facility is open to any Mer-
Using this technique, Project contains 23 IBM compatible micro- cyhurst student or faculty member.
after that without training
• *

Merciad staff reporter Zero found that untrained children computers, i V Dr. Barbara Behan, assistant
Dr. Davidson is a renowned and j adults can make surprisingly
i& person's musical develop- composer and has been associated rich musical notations, Davidson These computers were pur- professor of mathematics, was one
ment stops after the age of seven for 11 years with the Harvard Proj- said. "With research we have chased from Edinboro Computer of the presenters, and cited the lab,
unless they get musical training, ect Zoo, which is investigating the completed shows thate relatively Instruments Corporation at a cost of which was |constructed through
according to Dr. Lyle Davidson of development of artistic creativity in experienced musicians, who are approximately $36,000. The soft- funds from the Capital Campaign,
Harvard University! and the New the Pittsburgh school system. ware, which includes MultiMate as another sign of Mercyhurst Col-
accustomed to reading the notation and WordPerfect for word process- lege President Dr. William P.
England Conservatory of Music. Davidson encouraged people to system, have difficulty when they
Davidson, speaking to about SO ing, D-B ASE III Plus for data base Garvey's commitment to computer
enter, the spirit of his lecture by attempt to accurately represent their
management, and^TWTNf for literacy on the part o? college stu-
people on£ Jar£ &7th during having them sing, "Row, Row, t>eiformanceL knowledge of well
spreadsheets, was purchased at a dents.
Mercyhurst* s Academic Celebra- Row, Your Boat." He then asked known songs." He added.
tion, said that five, six,and seven people to write down a representa- ,;He said musical students have
year olds are sophisticated when tion of the song, "something your "too narrow a perspective" that's
they make notations of their inter- mother would recognize if you take gained by music appreciation
pretations of music, but no signifi- it home to show her." courses and private lessons.

Proposed academic calendar lists 10 1/2 week sessions pg i

fourth course** which means that a "This seems to fit the college sible, so they sought a calendar and with the pace of applications department will now begin imple-
student will be billed for four the best," Garvey said. He added decision which would be satisfying this year showing an even higher menting these changes,
courses in the Fall, but he or she has that the administration realizes that to the most people, Garvey said. level than 1987,Mercyhursthashad "In the interest of quality, it's a
the choice of taking the fourth the calendar doesn't please every- This new calendar will go into to come to a decision on how it will decision we had to make.
course at any time during the course one. effect next Fall and will stay in deal with these increasing enroll-
of the year. The administration realized that effect forfiveyears. A final decision ment figures. I Garvey noted that the college
pleasing everyone would be impos- will be made on this calendar in the "We are going to put a cap on has reached its saturation point and
next two weeks. enrollment at 2,000 students,** must now look to improve on its
Mad* as helV fi Also discussed at the meeting Garvey said. "For us, bigger is not quality and image, rather than its
was the question of enrollment at necessarily better.'* | numbers.
Other students didn't like the homework during the break. 'All of my Mercyhurst With record numbers According to Garvey, the board
friends were home on their break until Jan. 18 and I had homework to doof Freshman applications last year, of directors approved this measure "It's time for the roll-
overmy vacation time," a freshman said. "If we had semesters like most at its last meeting. The admissions back and stop the growth
schools, I would've hadfinalsand I could have relaxed."
"Why even bother to call it Christmas vacation break when one is
assigned two major research papers and a lengthy book report to complete
in the two-week period?*'a senior said. -
Since students have Wednesday off, Tuesday night is the new party
night for most students. Some don't like it "It's difficult to get into the
Broadcasting legend visits 'Hurst
study mode with another 'Saturday night* on Tuesday," said a junior. By Brian McAndrew deciding to go into the broadcast raro. t i
"Having the break in the middle of the week made it seem like two Merciad staff reporter business.
Friday nights per week," said a freshman. "I seemed to put off work Otis said the broadcast industry
$ "You have to have a plan before is very competitive, but if you wprk
Tuesday and tried to cram it all in on Wednesday night or Thursday A legend in the broadcast indus- starting out to look for a job because hard enough and have the intensity
morning before class.* * i try visited Mercyhurst for the Aca- you have to know what you want and love for it, there is! 'room at the
Another student was angered by the Tuesday partying. ? 'The biggest demic Celebration on January 27th and where you want to go.** Otis top."
problem was the Tuesday night parties/* said a senior. "Every week there to talk about the truth of the broad- said. *
were parties and those who wanted to study couldn't* and couldn't get to cast industry and a student's role in "If you really want to be in the
Otis broke into the business in broadcast, industry," Otis said.
sleep until 3 or 4 a.m.!" | }
Some students were just generally angry about the calendar and felt
it < ] M H '
* 195S, the year "Rock and Roll" "You will." ?
i Ray Otis has been in radio and began.' He worked at WJET-AM
ignored. "No one in this school cares about the students. All they care
television announcing for 33 years radio until he moved to New York
about is money!** said a junior. and is still going strong. "I've City to work at WNEW-FM, a
; * 'This new calendar was supposed to let us graduate earlier, but we're wanted to be in die industry since I popular New York station.
not," said a senior. "It was supposed to make our schedule more was 14 years old,* * Otis said. ' } Otis also did voice-overs * for
compatible with other schools, but it's even less compatible than before." Otis told the gathering of 21 companies such as HBO, RCA, and
A senior said he thought the new calendar was very creative, but if he people in Zurn 114, including Jim Dunkin Donuts, to name a few. He
wanted creativity, he would have taken an "arts and crafts class.'* Cook, Program Director for Jet-FM has also done the voice-over on
Most students who responded said they want a change. "We gave this radio and Myron Jones, President of campaigns for President Reagan,
a chance - now change it (calendar) back to the way it wasl * * a senior said.Jet-FM, to "haveto plan" before Mario Cuomo and Gcraldinc Fer-

FEBRUARY 25,1988
The Merciad

METAL Maiden's heavy metal record view

One Nasty Savage is back with their lead guitarist Dave Mustaine,

new LP Abstract Reality on Met- thefirstof the three best speed m w&
alblade Records. There's only four bands (Metallica, Anthrax) to
songs on the album and only one, out a new album in '88. It's call m
called "Unchained Angel" rocks So Far, So Good, So What? That 1
with a passion. what I say! A very disappointing
SIX Viking is a brand new speed
metal "band" and I use that term
album from Mustaine and co. New v
guitar player Jeff Young doesn't
* *

loosely. Their new album is Do or add anything to the Megadeth

Dfe, and you kind of have to wish sound and neither does new drum- #r * £B§85

bad for the latter. This is 33 minutes of ?*£W? W*

mer Chuck Behler. This jalbum itf
the most obnoxious speed metal doesn't have the same heavy punch 5ft?^>= ffl&&

garbage I've evec heard. Each song as their last album Peace Sells...But
By Brian Maiden is played 900 miles an [hour, and Who's Buying? Best cuts: "In My
Merciad record reviewer played badly. Don't waste your Darkest * Hour" and! "Hook in W
money, speed metal fans. Best cuts: Mouth." f rT

I m baaaack! It's like a night- There are none! | r*' r*s« m*

mare that never goes away, isn't it? That fabulous babe Lita Ford m
Thet reason I'm coming back to saysKiss Me Deadly on her new LP Finally, a local band called Mars *

haunt you once again is that 1988 and I'd love to, even though her gave me a three song demo tape and
has already dropped five new metal music is deadly to your eardrums. it blew away all the above men- fw-
• '<• >-


bombs into my lap. \


The two best songs on the album tioned full length albums! The «*
7 J


Jit's hard to believe that out of the weren't; even written by Lita. songs include "Speed King," *LA %

six newest '88 albums, five of them "Can't Catch Me" co-written by "Knifemare" and "Beast In The

are rather disappointing. Lemmy i Kilmister |of < Motorhead Sky." This group just gets better
mM P M^ , 1

* AC/DC tells us to Blow Up and his influence shows. All 3 and better thanks tofjimi Jaymz' ! « • W

Your Video, but I'd much rather minutes 58 seconds of this song is a powerful vocals and Scott Davis' '

blow up their album. Gone are the metal delight Surprisingly, Lita is a slick guitar sound. Also comple-
days of the famous Angus Young better than average guitar player menting the band are bassist Mark S". /* il
„ 3?

power chords of the Back In Black and this song proves it The best cut Chulick, who can play with the best M?

and For Those About to Rock al- on the album is "Close My Eyes of them and drummer Fred Haener, NS

bums. The latest AC/DC has, I'm Forever. "This is a ballad sung with a master skin basher. Watch for the
sorry to say, mellowed with age. Ozzy Osbourne, believe it or not A new Mars LP coming soon. Also, V * *v

Angus is still brilliant on the six- great solo in the middle of the song aje" r

another local band Dirty Looks just

string monster but the riffs are soft makes this one of the best songs of finished their Atlantic ? Records M
around the edges.' The best cuts: '88 so far * * debut LP titled Cool From The ->>•*
"That's The Way I Wanna Rock n The now world-reknowned Wire and it should be; released
Roll" and "This Means War.* ! * Megadeth, led by former Metallica March 4th.


Movie review
Mass Sunday, May 22 in the
She Having Baby Christ the King Chapelj 10:00 a.m.
Participants areneeded to serve the
gives birth good following at the Baccalaureate Mass:
C ross Bea rery
lasts all but a week. They move pregnant and they go through the
By Kelley Moore
Merciad staff writer back to their Chicago suburb. He pre-parent jitters. The climatic Bible Bearer
finds a job in the shipyards as a scene comes ckf__*
Kristy goes into labor and her hus- Lectors; (readers)
There have been so many clerk. They are on their : way to
movies about babies lately, you'd living happily ever after. |
After several job interviews he
band is not allowed to be with her
in the delivery room. It is the look
Presentation of the Gifts
probably think they all have a re-
lated I story line. That's what I lands a new job with an advertis- of fright on Bacon's face that re- Eucharistic Ministers
thought, especially after seeing the ing firm. ally grabs the at ^ ^
over-hyped Three Men and a \ The job came easy, especially informs" him that the baby lis One Acolyte
breach (the legs come out first
Baby, and hearing about For after he falsified his resume with Musicians
Keeps, starring Molly Ringwald. I one of the firm's subsidiaries, a instead ofjthe head). He waits
was reluctant to see She's Having fake college, and several other nervously, going through the past
and all their memories together. It
A Baby, but I did so, and thank- items. ,^ \ fj
fully didn't regret it The couple .move into a is a touching scene, a real tear-
The movie stars Kevin Bacon middle-class area in a modest jerker. This made it so realistic,
and not the typical life of a perfect
The College will provide free roormand
and Elizabeth McGovern as a home, without furniture, which is board if you remain for the Graduation
young couple entering into the real comical and in relation to many couple.
world of marriage. They face couples these days?|~
triumphs and heartaches, all in a After being married for four Although the ending is almost
real-life manner. :
,<m years, Kristy (McGovern) decides expected, it is a successful plot and Friday, May 4,1988.
X You know the couple is going to stop taking the pill, of course therefore a successful movie.
J .McGovern's whining voice is
Contact Roger at Campus Ministry.
to face trouble in their future life without the consultation of j her
husband. They try to have a baby, sometimes annoying. Bacon has
together when the respected in- such a baby face it doesn't seem
# *

laws (of both sides) contemplate but are unsuccessful. They see
many doctors and much to possible that he can be a husband CRUISE SHIPS NOW HIRING*M/F
ways of not letting the union of much less a father. The characters Summer & Career Opportunities (Will Train). Excellen
Bacon and McGovern take place. might've been played better by
The marriage does take place. with not being able to conceive is pay plus world travel. Hawaii, Bahamas, Caribbean, etc
because he wears underwear that better actors, but that doesn't fault
They move to south so Bacon can the movie to any extent § I CALL NOW: |
attend graduate school. The move is too tight Kristy finally does get 206-736-0775 Ext.317J
PAGE 10 The Merciad FEBRUARY 25,1988

SCORE, the SmaH Business
Administration sponsored service y. J

corps. Of retired execunves is in

S31 of volunteers. SCORE pro-
vides counseling to startup or op- RECRUITERS
%Y. Recruiters on campus
erative small businesseson ancKee
basis. To volunteer or for more inic ™onth are:| FBI on Feb 18-
call (412) 664-5447. j RarkHotelsonFeb. l^PeacecZ,
0uth Serv
Feb ^ T ^ y, fces
£*• 23; Mamott Corp. Feb 24-
Eta SJgn,a Be,,,, S a f c
| The HRIM department' «*. 26, North East School Dist
Actors and actresses with sing- £ X B ?, B formation and I
md d &2S " anointmentsJob
ing talent and dancers for "Pippin"
to be performed in late April. Bring
55L2?*" °nu«s Career Services, Main 204
prepared song to the Little Theatre Thursday morning at 8 E l
on Sunday, Feb. 28,1-3 p.m. ^ t h e remainder of « T 5
g j T t o sale wi« ,ake place WRITERS 'j * .
5c . i * mornings during Submissions are- now, being
P"ng term. accepted for consideration into the
Ml/Sic MAGAZINE. Submit anything
• « * * & *

you wish*to beii considered to

Preston 224.
ew*iiV nan*.

D o c s your club
Eh. or organization
have a„ announcement for i £ £
SEMINAR . .„ ; tejnBoard?SendyournewStoTne
JJwoad box 209 or bringfttoouJ
GannonUniveraty will sponsor
a!workshop for pre-law students office in Baldwin Hall. Items nZ
beginning March 7 and continuing CIRCLE K I bereceivedby 3 p.m. Monday^?
each evening through March 10 P«bhcat.on i, mat week's S o *
Every Thursday the Circle K Typed double-spaced items m
from7 to 10. For more information Club, a service oriented group, appreciated. «•
contact Dr. Reinhard, 301 Walker meets in the Blue Room at 5:00p.m.
Building, or call 871-7536. New members are welcome to join.

We have grasped the mystery of the atom and

Subs not enough rejected the Sermon on the Mount.

Soviet navy inferior, prof says -Omar Bradley

By Karen Sampson Academic Celebration. |

Merciad staff reporter Belovarac's presentation con-
Soviet naval build-up began after
the Cuban Missile Crisis, Belovarac DOMINO
sisted of a lecture as well as some
Dr. Allan Belovarac, a t Mer- slides and charts. According to
said. He also proved that'
does not mean quality. '
cy hurst history professor, gave an Belovarac, control of the water is
interesting multimedia presentation important because it covers 70% of DELIVERS ®

entitled The Soviet Navy: Is it a the earth and 95% of all interna-
threat to ours? Jan. 27 as part of the tional trade is ocean trade. The Belovarac said that the weak-
nesses of the Soviet Navy are due to
geography and inferior air support LENTEN
The Soviet Union is so large that
their navy must be split into four
12 packs to go separate fleets. There is also the
Extra Cheese Special
/£ •mf W

V* Monday: problem of ice flows and easy ac- Get a pizza with extra cheese and extra
w^S.1 Delicious cess routes. ^ *:\ thick crust. Additional Items at regular
¥l price. gfc. I
pizza 10 cents/
i slice, 7-10 f 12" - $5.25
X 6 % $6.95
p.m. e>
Corner of 22 and Wayne The strength of the Soviet Navy,
Tuesday: Belovarac pointed out is its subma- Single Vegetable Special
Open Sundays 12 noon Get a cheese pizza with your choice of one
(.Peanut Night rine forces. Belovarac actually vegetable. Choose from mushrooms, onions,
green peppers, hot peppers, black olives,
called these forces the' 'keystone to or green olives. -
Tonight try the wings all Erie's Wednesday: naval threat to the West" Another 12" - $4.90
talking about • all you can eat Lady Laker strength,is the difficult-to-acccss 16" - $6.60
Night - drafts ports are easily defended.
and mixed The Vegi Special
Get a Vegi pizza with 5 Items *for the price of

Only drinks
Wing Night - by
Belovarac summed up his talk
saying that while the Soviet
4. A Vegi Includes mushrooms,-green peppers,
onions, black olives, and extra thick crust.
12" - $ 7.90
I 16" - $11.20
OrMft ollfll •>* kt iukititut.4 for Hick •tlttl, •M«r«l»a at tvbitt tut lent.
Vegetables SO cents all you can eat, Union may have, in number, more No coupon necessary for Lenten Specials, just ask!

$2.50 naval vessels, the United States' Lenten Specials*good February 17 thru April 3, 1988,
vessels are superior in quality. After any-lday of the week.
the discussion, Dr. Belovarac enter- \ Tax not Included,
come rock with Fri. and Sat: tained questions and comments. -Only one.coupon or offer per pizza.
Live D J .music 833-8000 899-1999 ?C? ?: £ , ,u h DOMINO'S
best 2823 W. 26th 61. 4265 Buffalo Rd, " am•
11 am* 2am
1 tm Frl
Thuru £ & * A . ,,
SuaA Sat DEUVErtS•]
Ferrftr Plaza Eattway Plata ^ ^ ^ ^ FREE.
games 4 5 3 - 0 9 3 0 7 3 4 " 4 4 o l Our drrvtr, carry !••• than SJ000
TV 442 W. 18th SI.
Downtown Erie
218 Watertord SI. J
United auvwy ana.
CIBM oominot PUM. inc.
FEBRUARY 25,1988 The Merciad PAGE 11

Noise and Banner Night

Lady! Lakers drop games Friday, February 26,1988
Mercyhurst vs. LeMoyne
8:00 p.m.
Lisa Maxon each added 12. Come out and cheer the Lakers on....
> In the other contest, the Lady Win:
Lakers lost in the "BIG APPLE" to 1st prize - $100.00
4 2nd prize- $50.00
Queens College. The Hurstwas
only down by four at the half, but Get a group together, design a banner and have fun at thefinalhome
could not overcome the deficit In game of the season. Let those examfrustrationsout The only pre-
the second half Queens proved to be requisite is you must be loud.1 f I
too much as they outscored the
Lakers by 20. Scoring for the Lak- Prizes
ers was led by Maxon with 26 points Noise. » »

and 11 rebounds, Murphy had 16 -Banner will be judged for originality, crowd appeal an<
points and 12 boards, and Morris Noise will be judged for originality, crowd appeal and c
ended the game with 10 points and supporting the Lakers on to victory. ]
eight boards. f i Rules: $
1. Groups must consist of Mercyhurst students.
During the return trip home the 2. Banner must relate to Mercyhurst sports.
team was involved in an accident, 3. No verbal or written profanity.
when their van overturned. No 4. Banner must be hung in the Campus Center by
Kelly Murphy drives past Textile defender player was seriously injured in the under the supervision of Dave Cherico.
mishap. ^ |
By Jean Deegan University of Buffalo. The Lady The Lady Lakers have three
Merciad Sports Editor Royals leaped to a 40-19 half time games remaining on their schedule.
advantage and sailed to victory.
The Lady Lakers sustained two Scoring for the * Hurst* were Dell
They will host Gannon on Wednes-
day, i They travel to LeMoyne on
The partners and professional staff of
losses on the road this past week. Morris with IS points and 11
Thefirstone was a 79-47 loss to the boards, while Kelly Murphy and
Saturday, and end the season on
Monday against Daemen.
Peat Marwick areipleased to
announce the following student of
Mercyhurst College will be joining
USA medal hopes put on ice our Firm:
By Danielle Reynolds took the'silver medal and Akira Canada took the silver.
Merciad sports writer Kuroiwa from Japan took the For Friday's Olympic stand-
bronze medal^The American hope- ings, in the Woman's Alpine Down-
On Sunday in the first round of the ful, Dan Jansen, was disqualified hill Skiing, the gold went to Marina
1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, from the 500-meter race after fall- Kiehlof West Germany. The silver
Canada, Vida Ventsene from the
Soviet Union won the gold medal in
the Women's 10K Cross Country
skiing. Raisa Smentania from the
ing. ^ g* | i | j * , *
For Tuesday, in the Pairs Figure
Skating, Ekaterina Gordeeva - Ser-
was won by Brigitte Oertli of Swit-
zerland and the bronze was won by
Karen Percy of Canada. In the Luge
James P. Shaffer
gei Grinkov from die Soviet Union Doubles, Joerg Hoffman k and
Soviet Union took the silver and captured the gold medal. The silver Jochen Pietzch of East Germany
Marjo Matikainen from Finland went to Elena Valova - Oleg Vasil- captured the* gold, and; Stefan
took the bronze medal. iew, alsofromthe Soviet Union and Krausse and Jan Behrendt, also
In the Men's 70 meters Ski Jill Watson - Peter Oppegard from from East Germany won the silver.
Jump, Maui NykanenfromFinland the -United States captured the Thomas Schwab and Wolfgang
took the gold medal and teammates bronze medal. At this point in the Staudinger of West Germany won
Pavel Ploc and! Jiri: Malec from 01ympics,the Soviet Union is lead- the bronze. In the Men's 1SK Nor-
Czechoslovakia took the siler and ing with the total of seven medals dic Cross Country, Mikhail Devia- Welcome to Peat Marwick!
the bronze medals, respectively. won. "I tiarov of the Soviet Union won the
Finally, in the Men's 500 meters On Thursday in the Men's Fig- gold medal, Pal Gunnar
Speed Skating Jens-Uew Mey from ure Skating Brian Boitanofromthe Mikkelsplass of Norway took the
United States took the gold medal silver and Vladimir Smirnov of the KPMGr.Peat Marwick
East Germany took the gold medal;
Jan Ykema from the Netherlands while his rival, Brian Orser from Soviet Union won the bronze.*

Ritz sets school record H Mercyhurst Sports Informa-

tion I Director, Bob Shreve, has
accepted a position!, as General
ishedfifthin the 100 yard butterfly Manager of the Erie Orioles, The
By Jean Deegan Merciad learned Wednesday.
Merciad Sports Editor consolation finals with a school-
record 53.57 and a member of both Shreve has served as SID for
the past four years. He is expected
The swimmers wound up their to begin his duties with the New
^ ^ ^ at the^Penn-Ohio Confer- relay teams. Sean Kennedy finished York-Pennsylvania League team
ence Championships at Cleveland in second place in the consolation within the next few weeks. It can be yours as an Ail!
State. The men finished in ninth finals of the 200 yard butterfly and •
I' ve enjoyed my stay at Mer-
* T »
Pilot. It's not easy, but the
place while the women turned in a eighth in 100 yard butterfly conso- cyhurst, but I'm excited about the wards are great. You'll have
tenth place finish. lationfinals.B. J. Brannick finished challenge of the new job,'* he the Air Force advantages
Standouts for the "Hurst include in seventh place in thefinalsof the commented. as 30 days of vacation!
John Ritz, who finished first in the Shreve,a native of Erie, gradu- pcy each year and complete
consolation finals of the 100 yard ated from Kanty Prep High School medical care—and much
backstroke setting a school-record 100 yard breaststroke, eighth in the in 1976. |He went on to Notre If you're a college graduate
time of 56.07, finished fourth in 200 yard breaststroke, third in the Dame University ? and earned a soon will be, AIM HIGH]
consolationfinalsof 200 yard back- consolation finals of the 400 yard degree in marketing before your Air Force recruiter for
stroke withanother school record of Individual Medley. Vicky Bothe achieving a masters? in sports details about Officer Trd
2:04.77. He was also a member of finished eighth in thefinalsof the administration at Ohio Univesity. School and pilot training
both 400 yard relay teams, which 1650 yaidfreestylewith a school- I He served as SID at Frostburg Sgt Greg A gen
bothfinishedseventh. Tiiii Brinsko record time, but the time State before assuming the post at
unavailable^econd in the consola- 716-633-7094tColle
finished eighth in the 100 yard Mercyhurst He has won several
breaststroke consolationfinalsand tionfinalsof the 200 yard butterfly national awards for his publica-
was a member of the 400 yard and eighth in the consolation finals tions on Laker athetic teams.
medlev relav. Chris Gordon fin- of the 100 yard butterfly.

PAGE 12 The Merciad
FEBRUARY 25,1988


DeMeo resigns as coach9 Lakers trounce! Knights

Brasington takes over By Jean Deegan
Merciad Sports Editor
g . The Lakers got off to a good
start last week with a 79-74 win over
Geneva. At the helm for the Lakers
Mercyhurst College football isn't It has established itself itself was Assistant coach Joe Spinnelli,
coach Tony DeMeo has an- as part of the college community." due to the absence of Head Coach
nounced his registration. DeMeo is While looking forward to his Billy Kalbaugh, who f
leaving Mercyhurst to assume the new challenge, DeMeo will defi- an illness. Scoring for the 'Hurst
duties of offensive coordinator at nitely miss Mercyhurst "These were Todd Lee and Phalon Bass
Temple University. have been| seven of the happiest each with 22. Mark Davis added 11.
'This will give me the opportu- years of my life. We will always In Wednesday's game against
nity to work with the multiple op- consider Erie home, and we'll al- the Gannon Golden Knights, Billy
tion offense at the major college ways have a soft spot in our heart for Kalbaugh looked to be the picture of
level/' explains DeMeo. "I'll be Mercyhurst We'll never forget it I health, as the Lakers had an 80-77
working with a sharp offensive just hope Mercyhurst will always victory. * jj. |
coach, in Bruce Arians. He is one of have a soft spot in its heart forj us, After reading the game write up
the best offensive minds I' ve ever and that Erie will always consider in the local paper, I was upset It
been around. I look forward to me a hometown boy." T made it sound like that if the Gannon
working with him. This a great Mercyhurst President Dr. Wil- player was not ejected they'would
opportunity for me to coach against liam P. Garvey admits the school have won. I have to believe that our
teams like Penn State, Alabama, was surprised by DeMeo's an- Lakers had what it takes that night or
Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Boston nouncement "We were surprised they would not have fought as hard
College. | | | to hear it We very much hate to see as they did for the bragging rights
DeMeo saved as thejjLakers' him leave, but he had an excellent for the year. They did not have to
head football coach since the opportunity to advance to Division resort to fighting to get thejob done. Mark Davis skies over Textile for the finger roll I
program's inception in 1981. He I. When he came here, we asked him Scoring for the 'Hurst were Bass Lakers end the | seasons with Phalon Bass earned Athlete of
led thatfirstteam to a surprising 4- to stay five years and establish the with 26 points and eight rebounds, games at Edinboro and University the Weekforbothof his outstanding
2-1 record, greatly raising the ex- program. I want to express our Lee had 19 points and eight boards, of Buffalo to return home Friday performances.
ceptions for the future. Following appreciation for the wonderful job Vinnie DiMella had 11 points and night to end the regular season ;
the only losing season in his eleven he has done." Earl M oncrieffe added 10 minted against LeMoyne.
years as a head coach, DeMeo led I While building the Mercyhurst •
the Hurst to five straight winning football program, DeMeo has also
campaigns, including an 8-1 record become known as one of the leading i
in 1984 and an 8-2 chart in 1985. tacticians of the WisHbone offense^
The Lakers climbed as high as 15th Long known as a running attack,
Hurst hockey teamfces 2 victories
in the NCAA Division III rankings DeMeo has incorporated concepts By Jean Deegan q I believe after the second period Dukes outshot the Lakers 43-30,
during the 1985 campaign and were of the Run-and-Shoot and Dela- Merciad Snorts Editor I heard the man in charge of the but it was not enough. The final
ranked sixth in Sports Illustrated's ware Wing T offenses to revolu- 'Hurst penalty box say, "There score was 10-5, making the Lakers
1986 preseason rankings. | tionize the Wishbone attack. In Saturday's match against the have only been 16 players in the box 10-6 on the season. 5*
The New York City native fin- As the inventor of the Multi- Duquesne Dukes, the Lakers beat
ishes with a 41-21-2 record in seven Bone offense, DeMeo has written a them by a score of 12-1. The scor- so far," then he chuckled. After a
seasons. He returns to the Division coaching book, Explosive Football ing was distributed between nine while every time the whistle blew After the game a scuttle butt
I level after spending two years as an with the Multi-Bone Attack, pub- players; Lewe McClain, Sean Hen- the crowd would respond, "Penalty broke out as both teams were leav-
assistant coach at the University of lished in 1980 by the Parker Pub- nessy and Rick Gignac each had on which Laker now?'* In agree- ing the ice. This reporter almost
Pennsylvania. He directed the lishing Co., and has served as a two goals. Scoring one goal apiece ment with the rest of the crowd I ended up in the middle of it Now
Quaker defensive backs his first consultant to die University of Vir- were Bernie, Tim and Todd thought the referee could only see you really know how physical the
season before becoming the offen- •

James Madison Univer- Valento, Scott Patterson, Dave "white" and not "blue," but occa- match really was. Even a Duke fan
sive coordinator his second season. sity in installing i concepts of the Godwin and Pat Ganley. £ | - sionally he proved us wrong.
"I feel like I've accomplished Multi-Bone. Sunday after watching the
something here," DeMeo notes. While posting an impressive Soviets and Czechs hockey match, Hie scoring attack was led by
'I've been fortunate to have tre- record, DeMeo has attempted to the 'Hurst's second hockey game Tim Valento with two. Other play- hadito restrain one of the Did
mendous supportfromDr. Garvey, schedule Mercyhurst against some against Duquesne was more enjoy- ers each adding a goal were Scott players after a 'Hurst hockey play
and great support from the faculty of the top Division III teams in the able. This match got off to a slow Patterson, John McKenna, Pat tried to defend himself.
and college community. I was country. The Lakers-own victories start, but once it picked up there was Ganley, Rick Gignac, Sean Hen- ? The leers end their season on tl
privileged to have a great staff, and over Gettysburg, Widner, Dayton never a dull moment Ifitwasnota nessey, Matt Sciarrino, Chris road Saturday Brockport State in
honored to ha ve many great players. and Alfred. He also was not afraid goal, it was either a penalty or a Cuzzola and Chris Marshall. The make up match. *
The program is strong enough to -schedule two 'games against fight : | j
that it can go on without missing a Division I-AA Villanova.; The
beat," assesses DeMeo. "When Wildcats defeated Mercyhurst by
the program was started there was a seven points in 1986 and nine points
Dunkirk withDeegan
needforTonv DeMeo. now there in 1987. ?;:; * L The problem I would like to discuss in this issue will be the unsung
heroes/ THE BENCH WARMERS." J -i } ?
These people are part of the team just as much as the starters, but often
SCOREBOARD they play the role of CHEERLEADER. I would be the first to admit that
it feels really good to have somebody cheering for you when nobody else
will. 1 % p \ •*" ]
MEN'S WOMEN'S What makes these unsung heroes stick with it? Is it the love of the
sport? Is it the fact that they have nothing else better to do with their time?
MERCYHURST MERCYHURST 64? Did they come to college to play a sport that they were a' 'STAR" at in
CLARION 1 CARNEGIE MELLON High School, and say "I've never sat the bench before. I think 111 try it
It looks like fun?" Is it that they don't have a social life? Do they like
MERCYHURST 93 MERCYHURST putting up with the GARBAGE that the coaches keep giving them as
PHILADELPHIA TEXTILE DAEMEN 69 excuses for not letting them play? Do they like taking a big piece of time
out of their day to practice, travel to and/or play a game?
MERCYHURST HOCKEY MERCYHURST 65 I really don't know why, but I believe that they are hoping to ONE
IMMACULATA 46 DAY get that CHANCE to step in and do what they want and came to
ADELPM ! do...PLAY. ?
? I j