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WMCY receives FM approval >

to go on air iin November

By B rend a Lowe Mercyhurst filed with the Federal Com-
Merciad staff editor munications Commission in 1984 along with
Family Stations, Inc. and the Martin Luther
The campus radio station'will soon be King Center. 1|
rocking the Erie area on the airwaves, not on Family Stations proposed to use 88.1, and
cable. I Mercyhurst and the Martin Luther King
In the past, WMCY was carried on chan- Center proposed to share 88.5, according to
nel 12 A, the community calendar channel, on Richard Rag an, the head of the communica-
Erie Cablevision. tions department, f
This summer, WMCY received news that i In November of 1987, the Martin Luther
the last-road block to construction of an FM King Center dropped its application, giving
station has been removed. "The station will Mercyhurst the 88.S slot for itself. i
be FM by Thanksgiving," says Bill Hogan, WMCY will broadcast in stereo with 350
WMCY's program director. watts of power, and the signal will be heard by
90 percent* of the Erie area,! according to
'We want to make it I Mercyhurst has made a $30,000 commit-
ment for equipment for the new station.
the students' station.' The station presently is broadcasting on W M C Y STATION MANAGER Brian McAndrew, last year's station manager
D'Alessio, andDJJenniferBlyatone oflast year's remotes, whichraised moneyfor equipment
880 AM around campus and the signal is D'Alessio.andD

barely heard, w I
S-. The station will be album oriented and WMCY will continue broacasting on the O n campUS!
havea "true rock and roll format," according AM station, but will use it as a "training
to Hogan. "WMCY will be geared to the ground" for beginning DJs, according to
Mercy h urst students and they should feel free Ragan. If they prove themselves, they will be
to call in any requests," Hogan says. "We allowed to broadcast on the more regulated
Honor society active in public service
want to make it their station." FM station. By Michelle Bush Members enhance character by helping.
Merciad staff editor charitable causes. They participate in charity
fund-raisers and work with WQLN as stand-
Recognition often comes to outstanding ing volunteers, Brown says, *
athletes but seldom to outstanding academic On campus, members have participated in
students, Dr. Bud Brown, 45, professor of the used book sale and the fund-raising
Philosophy at Mercyhurst, says. phone-a-thon, which for the last two years
Phi Eta Sigma, a national honor society, they have given one of the largest donations,
recognizes these outstanding achievers. "It is Brown says.
the largestfreshmen;honor society in the
nation,'' Brown says.
There are 85 members currently enrolled
on campus and 167 were inducted since they
were chartered in April 1986, Elaine Ruggi-
ero. Act 101 Counselor of Freshman Studies,
says. T f
In theirfreshmenyear, students must get
a QPA of 3.5 during one term to qualify for
membership, according to Brown. "And
once you become a member you 're a member
for life,*' he says.
'Once you are eligible you are always • s

able to join," Ruggiero says. "And a 3.5 is

the sole determining factor to getting in,"
Brown explains. He adds, however, that only
students who achieve this in their freshman
year are eligible.
There are some honorary members
though, according] to Brown, the faculty
adviser for the Mercyhurst Phi Eta Sigma ' B U D ' BROWN, ADVISER: Our chapter
Chapter. "I am an honorary member because has emphasized strong character.'
I am on the faculty," he says. "I didn't get a
3.5 average when I was afreshman,or even There are advantages to joining Phi Eta
close,'' he adds. Sigma. One reason for being a member is that
it looks good on a resume, according to
* Students can be in a Brown.
Members in Phi Eta Sigma are also eli*j
group where it'sicool gible for scholarships, one of v/hich Kimberly
Huffman, a junior at. Mercyhurst, received
be smart this year. ',
ma encourages members to ^Another advantage is recognition given to
B uilding Up strive for three goals, intellectual achieve- students. Phi Eta Sigma tries to say "...hey,
ment, good health and strong character, ac- we appreciate having you here,'' Brown says.
A CONSTRUCTION WORKER guides building material as it's lowered to the roof of the new
cording to Brown. * 'Our chapter has empha- Students can be in a group where it is cool to
maintenance building. The old building will be removed and replaced with a parkingsized
area.the third factor," he says. be smart, he says.
Photo by Matthew J. Clark
PAGE 2 The Merciad SEPTEMBER 22,1988

Huffman receives national

honor society? scholarship
says. "It is a highly competitive
process,** he adds.
To be eligible for the scholar-
ship, Huffman was required to fill-
fill' other criteria besides her
Chapter's nomination. "She also
had to secure letters of recommen-
dation from people who knew her
well,* * he says, r 1 §
Brown himself wrote a letter of
recommendation, speaking*of the
qualities he liked in her. "She has
dynamism and is a really active
member which is indicative of a 9
mature, aggressive, and competent
individual/* he said. ,;
They re All Smiles
The Mercyhurst Chapter nomi-
nated Huffman for many of the HOMECOMING QUEEN B EVERLY Tuck, (holding crown) and King Mark Zeigler are congratulated by Barb
K I M HUFFMAN same reasons. Her first year she PrzestrzelsH (center) and other members of the homecoming court after winning the honor at halftime of
designed a newsletter for Phi Eta Saturday's homecoming game. Fans at the game also enjoyed Mercyhurst's 30-10 win over Grove City.
By Michelle Bush| Sigma, which typically would be Photo: Matthew J. Clark.
Merciad staff editor intellectually stimulating,«accord-
ing to Brown. i
I Competing with others around She is presendy an officer, he
the country, Mercyhurst's Kim- says.
berly Huffman was the first person And she participated in every
from here to receive a scholarship one of the charitable organizations
from Phi Eta Sigma for outstanding they worked with, Brown says.
achievement < "She was most active and had the ACCOUNTING STUDENTS
Huffman, 20, a senior business biggest impact on the local chap- * Wed., Sept. 28, Mer-
OnTues., Sept 27 there will be an cyhurst will be presenting a film for
administration/organizational re- ter," he said. organizational meeting for the
source management double major, discussion entitled "Gaby: A True
iThe scholarshipiHuffman was Mercyhurst Accounting | Club! in Story/* The film will begin at 7:30
received a $500 scholarship this nominated for is one of two differ- Main 312 at 8pm. Membership is
year from Phi Eta Sigma, Bud ent scholarships Phi Eta Sigma of- p.m. in the Zurn Recital Hall. Dis-
strongly advised for all students cussion will be lead by Diana Bohl,
Brown says. fers, Brown says. majoring in Accounting, but is open
The, national! honor society ALLERGY INJECTIONS member of the Education Depart-
to all interested students. * Allergy injections will be ment
rewarded Huffman for outstanding The one is used by a graduating
academic achievement, according senior in graduate school, accord- given on Thurs. and Fri. this year in ATTENTION ALL JRS. AND
to Brown. ing to Brown. j;-r f | | the Health Services Office. SRS. ||
I Flu^vaccines will be ad-
Each year the Mercyhurst The other is used by a completed ministered in the Health Services Focus on GRADUATE
Chapter in Phi Eta Sigma nominates junior for his senior year, Brown HAMMERMILL LIBRARY SCHOOLS c880cLlO, 10am-4pm
Office through September, Octo- Hours for Fall Term
me person for the scholarship, says, which is the category ber, and November. Office hours at the Hammermill Center, Gannon
Brown says. Huffman was nomi- Huffman applied under. | Mon.-Thurs. 8am-11pm University. Transportation pro-
are Mon.-Fri., 9am- 12pm and lpm- Fri. 8am-4pm
nated this year. Once Huffman receives this 4pm. There is no charge for the vided from Baldwin Hall 9:30am.
After nomination, Huffman was $500 scholarship she doesn't have Sat 9am-4pm Any questions call Career Services
vaccine. Sun. 2pm- 11pm
in competition with locals of Phi Eta to do any thing further.' 'Once she's 825-0427. t
Sigma across the country, Brown got it that's it," Brown says.

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SEPTEMBER 22,1988 The Merciad PAGE 3

Overcrowd unnecessary
Director of security urges peopl
to park in other lots on campus Join a First-Class Newspaper
Three hostile newspapers^are more to be feared than
4 i

With the startup of each new Residents of the Mercy Apart- a thousand bayonets."
school year, a reduction process ments and Baldwin Hall walk it -Napoleon
must begin. There are about 700 every day, enjoying the stroll
legal parking spots on campus. It through an almost Ivy League set-
would be highly unusual that there ting. T1
would be more students and faculty
on campus at the same time. J
Commuters should take the time Join the ranks of The Merciad and helpjjus strike some
to see the campusfromthe Mercy
On Tuesday and Wednesday of Walkway, the Grotto or Garvey fear in emperors' hearts. (Just kidding)
the first week of classes, Briggs Park, and then perhaps they would
Avenue and Woodbine Avenue be more agreeable to use all the
were both crowded with illegal parking lots. < $
parking, causing a rash oflcom- Future plans call for the removal
plaints from neighbors. On those of the fence around the motor pool
same days, Lot 10 behind Baldwin as soon as the new.maintenance In 1988, The Merciad earned a First Class ratingffrom
Hall was less than one-third full, and garage is built on the lower ramp.
Lot 7 on Briggs Avenue had spaces The compound will then be opened the Associated Collegiate Press.
for ten more vehicles. to student parking, giving provi-
Mercy hurst has a lovely cam- sions for almost sixty more ve-
pus. That is a reason for most of the hicles, k $ Now, it is looking for some people to help with reporting news, features, and
nine hundred residents living on Untilfthis is done, commuters
campus. are asked to make use of Lot 10. sports, as well as the layout of the paper. If you are interested in working
I feel that it is possible that some This will take some of the pressure for the student voice of Mercyhurst College, come to an informational
of our commuter students go off Lot 2, and eliminate illegal park-
through the four years of college ing by students! using the faculty meeting on Monday, September 26, at 8:30 p.m. in the Merciad office,
never seeing more than parking lots lots, 4 and 5 and the upper ramp. room 81B, B aidwinfHall lower level.
2 and 8; Students refuse to park in
the Baldwin lot 10 because it is too
far to walk to class. Bud Dever If you are unable to attend, stop in any time or call 825-0376 for information.

It w o u l d fit in! v e r y n i c e l y w i t h jthe rest o f t h e f r i e n d l y f a c e s y o u s e e w h e n
y o u visit y o u r local M c D o n a l d ' s . A n d ,asjpart o f o u rpart-time c r e w family,
you'll find there's alot to smile about.;
- Part-time D a y a n d E v e n i n g Shifts available at M c D o n a l d ' s of 4 3 1 9 P e a c h Street, 4 3 1 6 Buffalo R o a d or the Millcreek Mall.

- fBexible schedule to m e e t your needs. (We'll w o r k around your class schedule.) J| |

- I f y o u ' v e w o r k e d a t M c D o n a l d ' s b e f o r e -w e ' l l s t a r t y o u a t t h e s a m e p a y - r a t e a c h i e v e d b e f o r e l e a v i n g M c D o n a l d ' s . ( D e p e n d i n g

on service record.) k ;

W e ' l l e v e n supply free uniforms a n d meals.

ttf •• * w

!V V 1
_«* m

If this s o u n d s like a g o o d u s e o f y o u r time, talk to the M a n a g e r at the a b o v e listed rr7 » s *

McDonald's. i J'J

* * H..'U|
»v. «$S5 Ytik


Y o u bring the smile. We'll do the rest. t>




i.fijj i«*



' i ^

Always, An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. \ >


m l"i
PAGE 4 The Merciad SEPTEMBER 22,1988

Teachers deserve equity

Kovski !5
Evaluate the evaluations Seniors have an
At Behrend, according to Char-
les Miller, who taught there, tenure
that will bring students to a love for
the 44
humanities is hard to evaluate.
course materials.
What is needed is a useful and
easy way out
is based primarily on research. It is much easier to count accurate way to judge these instruc-
Since Mercyhurst doesn't base publications than to credit the en-tors. Will the students themselves
its tenure on research, the obvious gagement that good teachers have understand the usefulness of a By Christopher J. Kovski
criterion would be interaction with with texts, much easier to judge course immediately? Merciad Editor
the students. whether a faculty member has writ- If not, it is up to the administra-
In the past, the College has used ten a sufficient number of articles
tion to evaluate an instructor. To do Recently, Gannon University did
a student evaluation to determine than whether he or she reveals to so objectively is difficult, but neces- away with the senior option on final
performance. This evaluation has students by example and through sary, j \ J exams. In the past, seniors didn't have
become a dubious instrument, espe- questioning how and why it is thatv 'Perhaps what is needed are in- to take their finals for their second
cially since the value of these evalu- learning matters to life.'' class evaluations by the dean or the semester courses.
ations is suspect f What Cheney is saying, in es- department heads. At Mercyhurst, seniors still have
At Mercyhurst, „ instructors sence, is that evaluations are useless
" If they can determine the that option — to skip their finals for
choose the courses which will be when determining the effectivenessamount of quality in an instructor, their Spring term classes. Should they
evaluated. These courses are occa- of an instructor who teaches semi-then and only then can we be certain have that option? *
sionally hard to judge. i nar classes. that instructors are performing ade- The biggest sufferers in skipping finals are the instructors and
According to the chairman of There are no questions on the quately, f underclassmen. Courses are designed to take 10 and one-half weeks —
the National Endowment for the evaluation form asking whether the Until then, we can't judge in- not 10. i : J| | £ f I j
Humanities, Lynne Cheney, as structors for seminars by the stan-
instructor has fostered a love for the Many seminar classes are structured to make the final cover half of
quoted in the Chronicle of Higher material and for the humanities dards of a lab science class. the course material. If seniors didn't have to take the final, they could
Education, "The kind of teaching through the use of the course and the blow off the last half of the course. \
This isn'tfair to the instructors, since they are trying to teach a course
to people who have no interest in the material. Why should they?
Seniors don't have to take the final, but they have to attend, since
attendance is mandatory in many classes.

FM station gives Mercyhurst a It also is unfair to the other students, as they have to do more work
in the class than other students, yet their transcripts won't reflect the
additional effort
\ The solution to this dilemma would be one of a number of
new opportunitygfor education alternatives. ., | i \ \
The school could make seniors take finals, just like everyone else.
This would be equitable to all students. After all, seniors don't have the
right to miss finals. That's all been given to them by the administration
In November of this year, area. began in 1984, when WMCY and accepted convention. \ f • 'M
the campus radio station will Mercyhurst College's goes FM. Another alternative would be to allow instructors to not give finals
be broadcasting to the Erie image will; improve, after a [Now, only Gannon Uni- to anyone in Spring term. This would be fair, yet would not allow
long and lengthy battle which versity and Edinboro Univer- instructors to carry their course material to the end of the term.
sity have FM stations that can The best course of action, short of making seniors take finals, would
be to have instructors give non-cumulative tests on the last class day.
be picked up in Erie. That would eliminate the need for finals, and would be fair to all parties
The Merciad The
Each of these suggestions has its problems. *

Mercyhurst College's First-Class newspaper the FM band. Mercyhurst will With the first suggestion, senior grades aren't determined in time for
oe able to present a choice to the administration to determine who will graduate, and whether they will
as rated by the Associated Collegiate Press graduate summa cum laude or cum laude.
the area's radio audience.
Vol 62 No. 2 September 22,1988 #The station is going to be
Christopher J. Kovski Editor album oriented and will be a
true rock-n-rolT format giv- Seniors don't have the rightito miss|
Michelle Bush ing the area a choice — a dif-
Brenda Lowe Editorial Board ferent choice. * finals. That's been given to them by
Karen Sampson
The station will also give
communication depart-
theladministration and accepted
Matthew J. Clark f Sports Editor
ment some advertising and convention.
Patty Coneglio Business Manager hopefully it will help in giv-
ing the college a professional
Melissa Mangini Photo Editors look, thus attracting potential
Liz Richards students. Perhaps this could be remedied through cooperation between faculty
and administration. Certainly, faculty members wouldn'tbe able to give
Steve Rush Cartoonist It will also remind the Erie essay finals. But they could give objective exams, and have the grades
area in a short period of time. |
JohnKupetz Faculty Adviser Edinboro Colleee are ' In seminar classes, such as Applied Ethics, essay exams are the norm.
the only colleges in the area Why corrupt the integrity of the class, simply for expediency? Instruc-
offering a curriculum in tors have developed their classes over time, adding and changing course
Reporters materials. They shouldn't be required to drop a section of acourse, and
communications. only in Spring term.
Jill Chiccarino Brian Maiden | There will be a choice for The second suggestion has the same difficulty, but adds the dimen-
BillHogan Jennifer Montani the Erie area in November sion of students doing nothing to contribute to class, since they don't
Rob Taylor 1988. | have to take a final.
The fight to establish this Thefinalsuggestion seems to be the most equitable, but that would
station reflects the hard work make the Spring term different from the other terms. J ;•
The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College, If the College wants to maintain continuity, it must have the terms
Box 161.501 E. 38th St, Erie. PA 16546. Phone: 825-0376. Material of the College, especially
equitable. When the terms are distinguishable by the way they are
for publication must be submitted by noon on the Monday before Richard Ragan, the head of taught, there is a definite problem with course consistency/
publication. the communications depart- The best alternative, as far as the College is concerned, would have
ment, and the commitment to to be the third. Course continuity would be maintained, students would
The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed, but
expanding the educational be treated fairly, and instructors wouldn't have to prostitute their courses
the writer's name can be withheld by request for the sake of simple expediency.
opportunities for students.!

The Merciad PAGES

WMCY Fall Schedule

9am-12pm Bill Daugherty and Greg Fitzgerald
12pm-2pm CaryljUnseldS
2pm-4pm Erin McCallion
< v c# 4pm-7pm Alicia Masoccol
7pm-1 Opm Tony " Gus " Lawless
10pm-12am Garth McCuidy
9:30am-12:30pm Greg Mitchell
12:30pm-2:30pm Radio Production Class
2:30pm-5pm Lori Vinceguerra
Bill Hogan
-10pm Tony Lawless
10pm-12am Scott Clary
/ 9am-12pm Bill Daugherty and Greg Fitzgerald
12pm-2pm CarylfUnseld 4
2pm-4pm Erin McCallion
4pm-7pm Pat Botwright
J7pm-9pm Scott Clary
9pm-12am Gina Torchiat
9:30am-12:30pm Greg Mitchell
12:30pm-2:30pm Radio Production Class
2:30pn^ Lori Vinceguerra
Bill Hogan I
Matt Dellana
9pm-12am Jill Chiccarino
9am-12pm Gina Torchia
12pm-2pm? Pat Tulley I
2pm-4pm Erin McCallion
4pm-5:30pm Lori Vinceguerra
:30pm-6:30pm Bill Darling' s Sports Show
:30pm-9pm Jenfely I
S aturday
11 am-2pm Tracy Maloney
2pm-5pm Matt Thompson
5pm-7pm Brian McAndrew
11am- Jill Chiccarino
880 Bill Darling
Tracy Maloney
AM Matt Dellana B-«A

-11pm Scott Clary |

PAGE 6 The Merciad SEPTEMBER 22,1988

* • •
. i

• I

Miller moves into Mercyhurst

business department position
By Tina Fielding Before coming to Mercyhurst, He decided to get .'back into
Merciad staff reporter he owned various companies and teaching because "I was naive. I
industries and was a senior market- thought I'd like to help put out
You think having four classes a ing officer. "The first company students who go into the world with
week are hard? Try teaching, was a partnership with four people. a conscience," Miller says.
owning your own company, and It was Cardinal Tables, Inc. in L Too often, he ran across stu-
being a professor of business here at Kentucky," he says. dents who were looking for high
Mercyhurst.! After selling that company, sales and profit "For them, it was
Mr. Charles Miller does just which was a successful venture, he 'I want the numbers and I don't give
that A new addition to the Mer- bought a company called Spotlight a damn how I get there, Miller says.
cyhurst faculty this year, he teaches Productions in West Virginia. "I In addition, he wanted to bring
Business Management and Market- took that one down the tubes," he his experience to others. "Maybe
ing classes. says. i someone can benefit from my mis-
Originally from Shelby, Ohio, The next company he was heav- takes,' ! he says. W
Miller received his B.A. at Ohio ily involved in was called Sofstride, After teaching full time at Penn
University and his M.B A . at West which made injury prevention de- State - Behrend for two years,
Virginia University, and hopes to vices for sports. "It was interesting. Miller decided to move to Mer-
later obtain his Ph.D. The company was started by a doc- cyhurst "At Behrend, they want
"I'd like to get it, mainly to tor, who had six retail outlets," faculty members with doctorates.
prove to myself that I can do it," Miller says. *Ǥ They also emphasize research,"
Miller says. * "5 * "When I left, he had 2,500 retail Miller says.
Miller is married and has three outlets, including a distribution He wanted the student interac- CHARLES MILLER: 'I'd like to put students into the world with a
children. The youngest is 21. system in 48 states, Canada, Eu- tion, but "at Behrend, they decide conscience. Photo by C. Kovski
He also has a twenty month old rope, and Australia," Miller adds. tenure more^on; research than on
granddaughter. "She recently dis- In between these positions, he interaction with students. They here to help the students, not them- competition fwas* won by Babson
covered the toilet - with her tooth- worked* as a regional marketing want six papers published within six selves. College, which isn't much bigger
brush," Miller says. "It was great, manager for the Hoover Company. years," Miller says. Miller says he would like to see than Mercy hurst— and they beat out
because her mother did the exact He worked in parts of Ohio, West 5 The demand for research was Mercyhurst form "organizations to the Harvards, Yales, and North-
same thing when she was that age,'' Virginia, and Kentucky. > too high. "The facilities, aren't get higher levels of exposure in the westerns," Miller says.
he adds. |j Now, he owns Erie's May- there for the amount of research that business world for students." For Miller, teaching is impor-
i "Of course, she (the grand- flower Moving./ 'Sometimes I play they want," Miller says. £ He especially wants to focus on tant for a number of reasons. "It's
daughter) needed a little help find- truck driver; other times I put on a Miller says he "enjoys the laid national organizations like the fun. Sure, it's employment and it
ing this stuff out Revenge is great,' * suit and play company president,'' back atmosphere here at Mer- American Marketing Association, pays — although I may joke about
he says. Miller says. cyhurst" He says the teachers are professional marketing fraternities, how much it pays," Miller says.
and marketing competitions that "It provides resources to do what
will gain recognition for outstand- we want to do," he adds.
ing Mercyhurst students; \ What Miller wants to do is pur-
Frozen Ghost chills. Crowded House has a sleeper There's no reason for Mer- sue his favorite hobby, sailing.
cyhurst not to be competitive, ac- " You don' t have time formuch else
cording to Miller. * Two years ago, when you sail, teach and * own a
By Bill Hogan Miami University's marketing company,' * he explained.
WMCY Program Director
Well, I hope everyone has re-
covered from Homecoming week-
end, I know I have. It is time to look 'Married to the Mob' divorces
at two more albums. Frozen Ghost
is back with their record LP, entitled
"Nice Place to Visit" This album
itself from comedy
picked up where the other one left
off. "Pauper in Paradise," is a great By Robi Taylor I've seen just about every film
follow up to their just Top 40 hit Merciad staff writer that Michelle Pfeiffer has done, and
"Should I See". "Pauper in Para- the role of Angela has not got to be
dise" has a great beat and use syn- I am going to tell you a rather the most challenging of her career.
thesizers. ± Arnold Lanni has a The next album is that of the confusing story. You see, Tony It's really great that Jonathon
unique style of vocals and is very Australian trio Crowded House. "the Tiger"| and Frankie "the Demme had the vision to give her a
creative in his writing of the lyrics. Their album "Temple of Low Cucumber" both work for the mob. chance to do a serious role and not
Other songs to look for are "Stepby Men" is a very X mellow album They both have beautiful wives, just the dingy blonde that she has
Step" and "Echo a Miracle". compared to their last one. The Connie and Angela. They both also played up until now. |
Frozen Ghost have proven that they album has a lotofgood tracks on the have mistresses. I ^§ Dean Stockwell also gives an
are heretostay and Canadian Rock- album and just because it is mellow Unfortunately, their mistresses excellent performance in his come-
N-Noel is very much alive. and does not mean that it is a bad are the same girl. When Tony back role. After being away for so
album. This could be the sleeper catches Frankie with his girl, natu- long, it's great to see that he still has
album of the year. They already rally he blows him away. ? what it takes to get a leading role in
have a Top 40 hit in "Better be At Frankie's wake, Tony then a good movie. f
Home Soon," and "I Feel Pos- puts the make on Angela, infrontof This movie starts out slow but it
sessed" and "When You Come" Connie. He showers Angela with develops into a good story with a lot
are also songs to look for. Well, I'll gifts so she runs to Harlem .to get of good acting that makes up for its
see you next week and remember to away from the mob... and Connie. shortcomings. %
listen to 880 AM WMCY, for your This may sound like a story As I said before, don't go ex-
best in Rock-n-Roll. from one of those prime-time min- pecting a lot of laughs because you
iseries, but it's not! It's the basic will be disappointed.
plot of a cute movie called "Mar- But, if you are looking for a
ried to the Mob." good drama, "Married to the Mob"
Although the previews made it may be just what you are looking
look like a comedy, the laughs are for. |& I
not there. But, "Married to the My rating: 75/100 i ]
Mob" works very well as a semi- Strong Language, violence and
serious drama. P*T nudity
The Merciad PAGE 7

Controversy mars
men's soccer Shortstop:
contest Incredible Lady Lakers
In a homecoming contest
marred by controversy, eighth-
can] only get better
ranked Lock! Haven edgediMer-
cyhurst 1 -0.
Lock Haven left halfback Chris
Kelly was credited with the tally at By Matthew J. Clark
the 18:21 mark of the opening half Merciad Sports Editor
despite the fact thatithe ball was
knocked out of the hands of Laker The Mercyhurst Women's soccer
goalkeeper Joe Behr. Behr was team is off to an incredible start They
charged with the toss. ^ are ranked 15th in the latest NCAA
The defense dominated the en- Div. II rankings after a 5-0 start, in-
tire game, as a combined total of cluding last Saturday's 10-0 demoli-
nine shots were taken in the entire tion of Slippery Rock. r
game. *? JShutouts like Saturday's are be-
With the loss, the Lakers drop to I coming commonplace for the Lakers
3-2 on the season while Lock Haven who have surrendered only one goal all season. I recendy talked with
improves to 2-1-2. The road ahead head coach Andrew Roth on how he sees the incredible start in '88.
gets no easier for Mercyhurst The r This being only the second year for Mercyhurst's Women's soccer
Lakers are in action this weekend at program, many people in soccer are surprised at how well the Lakers %
the Hamot Soccer Classic which is doing. Even coach Roth admits he's somewhat surprised. |
being hosted by Gannon Univer- "Yes, I'm surprised and no I'm not," Roth says. "I'm surprised at
sity. Mercyhurst opens the tourney how well the girls have responded because we're such a young team. We
with the defending national cham- use six or seven freshman at any giventimeduring a game, v ?
pions, Southern Connecticut State. i 'At the same time, I'm not surprised because we really worked last
SCS is currently ranked eighth and year recruiting. This year we have 15 freshman, 12 of which are real
sports a 3-3 record against Division blue-chippers. We really worked hard to improve the program." ".
I opponents. & ^Perhaps the secret to the 'Lakers early success is the element of
The tournament will be played surprise. After all, even Roth wasn' t sure how they would perform. But
at Scott Park 1 in Erie. I Roth says that after the first game of the season, their woe no more s
about the Lady Lakers. 1 ' I
'I think we caught Buffalo by surprise," he recalls. • 'We beat them
1-0 and they were ranked third in the country at thattime.But coaches'
'word of mouth' spreads quickly, so I don't think we have any more
Volleyball secrets. Everyone we play is going to know about us." ,, W
Another One I Roth feels confident that youth will not be a Laker problem this

PUNTER Tom Karenbauer boots onefromdeep in his own
season. "As the season wears on, these freshman players aren't going
to be freshman players anymore,' * he says. * 'They're going to develop
more and more confidence as the season wears on.' *
territory Saturday. The Laker defense kept Karenbauer busy all afternoon, jRoth says that he's very satisfied with his young team, and being that
holding the Wolverines, to just 10 yards rushing in the second half. The The Laker women's volleyball they are so young, they can only get better.
Lakers dumped the Wolverines, 30-10. * team would rather forget their stay
Photo: Matthew J. dark "I'm very pleased," he says. "The girls work hard, they have an
in Meadville, Pa. last week. Coach excellent attitude and things just seem to be coming together.
Bill Daisley's charges opened the "We're a very young team and it shows up every now and then."
week with a dual match loss to OnemmgRotfinoticesarx)uthissquadisthatthescoringhasn'tbeen
Allegheny. spread out enough. \
4 FrL Sept 23 ^ After rebounding against the
Golf - at Ashland 10 a.m. ' 'We need to have better distribution, more even scoring,'' he says.
University of Buffalo in their home • 'We're depending on one person too much and the good teams will pick
opener, the Lakers returned to Al- up on that and double and triple team her."
FriVSat. Sept 23.24 * legheny for a weekend invitational.
Volleyball - at Gannon Tourney all day The Lakers haven't had to worry too much about scoring goals so
Despite opening the tourney far, with me goalie trio of Andrea Colaruotolo, Karen Trapolsi and Ellen
Baseball - at New Castle Tourney all day with a 2-0 win over Bethany, the j
Lady Lakers dropped their next four Czadzeck tending the nets.
Sat. Sept. 24 ' 'Right now, our number one goalie is Colaruotolo, but Trapolsi and
matches. The 'Hurst lost decisions Czadzeck are very close seconds," Roth says. "And we really don'tlose
Women's Tennis - at Clarion 11 a.m. to Ohio Dominican,* Marietta,
Cross Country - at Pitt-Bradford 11 a.m. l much when we have the other two in the net' *
Waynesburg and Carlow. * 0* Roth knows that goaltending alone does not account for the 'Hurst
Crew • at Ohio River Regatta 11 a.m.$ The 5-7 Lakers will be back in
Football - at Duquesne 7 p.m. surrendering only one goal. *.? ' ' * fO J
action this week, hosting Niagara ' 'The heart of this team is our rock-solid defense,*' he says. * 'We've
before facing Penn State-Erie, and been able to dominate the middle of the Held."
i Sat/Sun.. Sept 24.25 i Baldwin Wallace on Tuesday. The They really dominated the middle of the field in their 10-0 Cakewalk
Men's Soccer - at Gannon Tourney all day Lakers are also entered in the Gan- over Slippery Rock. , .
non University Tournament this "The Slippery Rock game was simply a mismatch," Roth says.
4Mon..Sept 19 weekend.
Women's Tennis - Hosts Gannon 3 p.m. "We could have beaten them 15 or 20-0 if I'd have left the first team
JV Football - at John Carroll 3:30 p.m. in there, but what would that have proved?'*> ; j
| Even though they didn't run up the score, they proved that they are
a force to be reckoned with in the East and possibly the nation. Only time
will tell. '• I
* 'Our goal is to be the best team in western Pa. and qualify for the
Brian Haberstock\selected playoffs," Roth says. "Bethany, Allegheny, Oberlin, Penn Slate and
Houghton will be our toughest tests." j s
If the Lakers can pass those tests, perhaps Mercyhurst's women s
< ^Athlete of the Week' \ can reach the playoffs in only their second year of existence. Even if they
don't, the youthful Lakers of today should mature into an exceptional
soccer force in the NCAA Div. II.
Sophomore halfback Brian Haberstock was selected as Mercyhursfs
"Amkteofihe Week" for his performance in last Saturday's win over
The Merciad needs sports writers
^ S S t o c k scored three touchdowns, while piling up 92 aU-purpose
J S S T s c S n d quarter touchdowns, a four yard run and a 40 yard If you like sports, maybe you'd like to cover your favorite
S f w c S J £ * e Lakers a20-3 halftone advance. H* two yard sport .if interested, call Matthew J, Clark at 825-0376.
? C S fouS quarter completed me scoring for Mercyhurst
^ S i t o t t K l i » Lakers will be in action this Sauuday mght when
thev face the Duquesne Dukes in Pittsburgh, Pa. BRIAN HABERSTOCK
PAGE 8 The Merciad SEPTEMBER 22,1988

Roll record to 5-0

Lakers crush Slippery Rock

By Matthew J. Clark while adding a pair of assists. Junior
Merciad Sports Editor Jodi Connelly scored a pair of goals
while Anne Shannon, Charise
The women's soccer team con- Moore, and Erie natives Becca
tinued to roll last week with an easy Palmer and Jen Hart joined Lynn
10-0 Homecoming laugher-over Brayman in scoring a goal apiece.
Slippery Rock. The 5-0 Lakers fThei Lakers certainly aren't
made their debut on the Intercolle- h urting at the goalkeeper's position
giate Soccer Association rankings asfreshmanEllen Czadzeck, one of
last week. three standout goalkeepers for the
The Lady j Lakers are now 'Hurst recorded the shutout
LAKER DEFENSIVE BACK Vaughn Jones (93) catches Grove City QB Jeff Cass. It was one of the few times
ranked 15th in the NCAA Div. II
and are tied with Buffaloforthird in Cass did not elude the Laker defense. Photo: Matthew J. Clark
the Northeast J|
In dominating Slippery Rock
from start to finish,freshmanVe-
ronica Sansom netted three goals
Defense shines in 30-10 rout of Grove ICity
Cross country By Matthew J. Clark
Merciad Sports Editor
places 7th
The Laker men's cross country I The Mercyhurst Lakers won
teamfinishedseventh at the Third their second straight game but had
Allegheny Invitational Saturday. to overcome another tentative start
The 'Hurst scored 239 points as in fdowning Grove City, 30-10.
the University ofRochester won the Once again it was the big play that
meet got Mercyhurst on a roll.
The Lakers' Scott Devore fin- The 2-0 Lakers made did not
ished the five mile course in 27:36 to look sharp, committing four turn-
earn 35th place, followed closely by overs and six penalties for 50 yards.
teammate Vic Bauer, who placed The defense, despite giving up only
36th with his 27:45 time. Tom one touchdown, gave up a lot of
Rinkefinishedin 51 st place with a ground between the 20-yard lines
time of 29:14. j ffi ^ ^ and many times looked tired.
Mercyhurst did not take a full They did come through in some
women'steam to the meet but April of the most critical situations, how-
Thompkins ran for the 'Hurst and ever. After a 39-yard touchdown DEFENSIVE END MARK Sammartino (90) chases Grove City'sJeff Cass (7) in the first halfofSaturday s
finished the women's 3.1 mile run by Craig GaJovich gave the contest. Photo: Matthew J. Clark
course in 21:30 to earn 27th place. •Hurst a 7-3 lead, Grovel City
marched down thefieldand was on late in the first half, hauling in a 40- added 11 in holding the Wolverines 163 yards, one touchdown and two
the Lakers' two-yard line when yard pass from Haski for a touch- to just 281 yards of total offense. interceptions i passing and rushed
Kent LaMotta fumbled and end down that gave the Lakers a bulging ' 'The defense once again rose to for 79 yards on eight carries.
Women's tennis Rick Andrejchak recovered in the
end zone.
20-3 halftime lead. Grove City
never really threatened after that
the occasion," Brasington said.
Galovich carried 1 the ball nine
'They got off to a slow start, not as times for 74 yards, including his 39-
bounces back! * Another defensive gem turned
in by Paul Smith stopped-another
"I didn't put a move on, the far as giving up a lot of points, but yard touchdown that put the Lakers
allowing them to control the foot- ahead to stay.
defenderjust bit," said Haberstock,
Grove City drive late in the first half \o was wide open down the left ball. In the second half they did the The Lakers head south to face
After being trounced 9-0 by job." 1 " • 1 % I their first road-opponent of the
nationally-ranked Shippensburg as Smith intercepted a pass?from side. "The ball was perfect Haski
Jeff Cass. £ threw a great pass and I didn't even * 'We won but we committed our season, the Duquesne Dukes Who
last week, the Laker women' s tennis fair share of mistakes, that's for were beaten by Grove City earlier
team got back on the winning track Following Andrejchak's have to break stride."
fumble recovery, the offense re- i The Lakers came out sloppy in sure," added the first-year coach. this year, 20-8. -4
with victories o ver Westminster and ' 'Not to take anything away from Even though the Lakers
Geneva to up their season slate to 3- sponded. On a fourth-and-one at the the second half, committing three
Laker 41, Jeff Andrejchak nudged- turnovers, including a fumble re- Grove City - that's a good football trounced the same squad that got by
i. I £ ; ; i • out the first down. Two plays later covered by Grove City on team we beat Duquesne, Brasington is careful not
The Lakers match against Greg Haski hit Tom Hemer with a Mercyhurst's 20. But the defense "But we've got to cut down on to take this Saturday's matchup too
Grove City last Saturday was post- 43-yard pass which put the Lakers held firmly again as it had in the penalties and turnovers. We have to lighdy. ? !S W ^
poned*; j inside Grove City's five yard-line. season-opener and Grove City did do that and we have to be more "We can't look at the newspa-
Coach Janet Price's charges will Sophomore Brian Haberstock not score. consistent If we get those things per clippings," he said. "We've got
return to action this week as they eventually ran it over for the touch- Doug Kamer came up with two taken care of, then we'll be real to get concerned about our own
face Edinboro and Clarion in road sacks and the Laker defense held pleased and we'll be a very good execution. It's our first away game,
down, giving the Lakers a 13-3 lead.
matches.; Grove City to only 10 yards rushing football team." I so we've got to be concerned with
Haberstock came through again
in the second half. Fred Galovich Greg Haski put in another good ourselves and get after them for four
had 13 tackles and Andrejchak performance, finished 14 of 24 for quarters this time."
Football (2-0) * 1 Volleyball (5-7)
Wr Grove City 30-10 L - Allegheny!
W - Bethany
Deasy heads \1988 Mercyhurst golf team
Men's Soccer (3-2) ^ T Ohio Dominican By Bill Darling Newcomer Tom Saccomanno, at seven different sites during the
L - Lock Haven 1-0 L - Waynesburg an incoming freshman from Buf- fall indluding our own invitational
WMCY Sports Director
falo, has fiven the 'Hurst golf pro- on Sept 30 at Downing golf course.
L - Marietta gram a much-needed high-caliber
I The 1988-89 men's golf team
Women's Tennis (3-1) L - Carlow teed-off its sixth season here at player. y« New head coach \ Bob Powell
W - Westminster 5-4 Mercyhurst with a 10th place finish Tom shot an 81 at the Gannon has,fromhis own attitude, instilled
tourney, 84 at Buffalo St and a 79 positive thinking into his players
W - Geneva 9-0 at the Sept 12, EX. Wells Golf
which Tom stated, "could have and a relaxed attitude while play ing,
Open hosted by Gannon Univer- which led to a successful third place
sity. « I p been a pai^70 round with a better
Women's Soccer (5-0) ;
Baseball (3-3) | The heart of the team is senior putter." r • f I finish at the Pitt-Bradford tourney
W - SUppemRockilO-O John Deasy, from Ireland and his The other members of the team this past Monday.
W-Edinboro 11-1,2-1 John Deasy led the team with an
fellow countrymen, Kevin Keating include senior Kyle Forest, sopho-
W - Penn State-Erie 2-0 and John Melody. more Tony Sartini, and myself. excellent 77 which included an even
L - Penn State-Erie 3-1 The men's golf team competes par on the back nine.

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