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Mark A.

(Tony) Mendenhall
3451 Dorothy Lane
Richmond, IN 47374
(765) 935-4748
Career Objective
To secure a position as a Warehouse Manager/Supervisor in order to utilitize my
skills and experience to help the company I work for achieve their goals along w
ith achieving my personal career goals. (My salary expectations for a position
like this for someone with my education and experience is $40,000/yr. to $55,000
Suncall America Inc. Richmond, Indiana * 01/2010 to Present
Production Worker/Valve Spring Department - Work in the company's valve spring
department operating various machines used in the production of engine valve spr
ings for Toyota cars and small SUV's.
Trained and certified to operate a variety of machines used in the production of
engine valve springs. Machines certified to operate include: Valve Spring Grin
der, 3 different stages of Shot Peening Machines, and a Nitriding/Tempering Oven
Was trained in and have a complete understanding of the Japanese "5S" manufactur
ing philosophy, and have an understanding of Japanese culture.
Forklift Operator Certified.
Salary History with Suncall America Inc. - (Starting: $8.50/hr. Current: $8.70/h
Kesslers Team Sports Inc. Richmond, Indiana * 11/2000 to 11/2008
Distribution Center Manager/General Manager - Managed a group of 30 to 40 emplo
yees that operate a distribution center/warehouse for a $250 million dollar spor
ting goods company, managed a lettering and silkscreen department, helped to fac
ilitate sales and communications with the company's road salesmen across the Uni
ted States.
Supervised, monitored, and maintained accurate inventory counts in the Warehouse
Management System as well as performing periodic cycle counts and annual full i
nventory counts for 20 different locations. Result: Was able to save the compan
y thousands of dollars a year by reducing excess inventory during off seasons, a
nd was able to help forecast inventory needs throughout the year successfully.
Ensured the timely shipping and receiving of products daily. (All orders placed
to this distribution center were fulfilled within 24 hours of receipt.) Result:
Fast turn around of our products to our customers led to higher customer satisf
action and generated more repeat business (higher sales).
Maintained constant communication with sales force, vendors, and customers on or
der status and fulfillment ensuring that orders were fulfilled within a 24 hour
shipping time frame. Result: Our communication to our sales force, and customer
s also generated more repeat business (higher sales).
Worked with vendors in placing orders for stock merchandise for the warehouse.
Result: Helped to create a system of inventory controls that reduced the number
of stock outages at critical times of the year. These controls helped save thou
sands of dollars in lost sales due to lack of inventory. Less stock outages = m
ore sales.
Management position included the hiring and any necessary disciplinary action fo
r employees as well as performance evaluations and salary increases. Supervised
30 people. Result: Was able to build a winning team of employees that work wel
l together and produce excellent results. Low turnover rate and high employee s
Salary History with Kesslers Team Sports - (Starting: $36,500/yr. Ending: $53,50
Hawkins Speed Shops Richmond, Indiana * 5/1999 to 11/2000
Sales Associate/General Labor
Worked retail floor selling auto parts and other auto related services as well a
s traveling to automotive events as a retail supplier.
Salary History with Hawkins Speed Shops - (Starting: $10.00/hr. Ending: $13.00/h
United States Army Reserves Springfield, Ohio * 6/1993 to 2/1999
Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator (7/1994 to 2/1999) - trained and certified to dri
ve several different military vehicles, including Humvees, 5 ton all wheel drive
semi tractors with tanker trailers, and 2 and 5 ton cargo trucks.
Acquired strong leadership and teamwork abilities.

Ball State University Muncie, Indiana
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice/Criminology (1999)
Philip Dickman (President, Kesslers Team Sports) 930 E. Main St., Richmond, IN 4
(765) 935-2595 ext. 307
Dr. Allen B. Joseph, M.D., F.A.C.C. 5895 Esteb Rd., Richmond, IN 47374
(765) 966-8042 home, (765) 914-6636 cell
Robert Dickman (General Manager, SSG Team Sports Division) 930 E. Main St., Rich
mond, IN 47374
(765) 935-2595 ext. 305