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ReviewtofGorillaz, Hockey
undefineably good wins 6-0
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Vol. 75 No. 3 Mercyhurst College 501 E. 38th St. Erie, Pa.«16546 September 26,2001

M e r c y r e m o d e l e d t om e e t codes
Zirkle, dean of residence life and stu- to be completed Sept. 27 at the lat-
By Kristin Piirdy dent conduct. est. Although students were accom-
Assistant editor in chief Before the construction began in modated, many expressed that they
Renovations are under way in over the apartments, the housing depart- faced several frustrations over the
30 apartments in the Mercy resi- ment tried to accommodate students past week.
dence halls due to building code vio- to their best ability. Students had the Several freshmen said that on-go-
lations. On Sept. 18, hired contrac- option of .moving into other resi- ing construction is stressful. Lind-
tors along with the college's main- dence halls for the construction pe- say Clark described the present state
tenance crew began to put up a wall riod, and the department offered to of her living room as, "A metal cre-
in the space that used to be a living transfer their personal belongings to ation in the middle of the room that
room in the apartments. ease the adjustment. To avoid theft, looks like barbs." Although the ac-
Over the summer, the study area Housing maitenance asked the stu- tual change to the apartment is not
that was previously a kitchen was dents to use common sense and not going to drastically change students'
converted into a single bedroom to leave valuables blatantly in the open. lives, the process is a hassle, said
accommodate the growing number Students in the apartments made a Clark.
floor plan of their apartment, and A new wall is being added to the Mercy apartments.
of freshmen this year. A few weeks Construction workers along with
into the school year, the housing de- maintenance moved the furniture to Mercyhurst maintenance arrive at saying that the college's mainte- decided to put three beds in a bed-
partment began to search for an al- where they wanted. the apartments during the week at 9 nance staff handled the students' room in order to keep a designated
ternate space to use as a bed room, "Anything we were able to do to a.m. and finish working at 6 p.m. varied range of concerns. "I was area for a living room, said Karen
where there was a window and fresh make it easier, we did. The residents Some students said they were dis- impressed with the patience of Thomas. Other students are using the
air.Ttie solution was to build a wall, [were very cooperative and we did tracted by the workers. maintenance and the students dur- new room as storage space with their
creating a bedroom in the living the construction within the perim- Megan Johnson said, "We have no ing the past week." desks in it.
room area. eters with as little disruption as pos- clue whether we can trust them or Following Thursday, Sept. 27, 30 "We understand it was a hard
"We looked at several options to sible," Zirkle said. not. But we feel better having a apartments will have a new bed- choice, but we needed to do what was
get fresh air and had builders come Construction in Mercy 100 and maintenance worker also there." room. Not every student is going to the best choice. We have a responsi-
in and look at the apartments to find 200 is almost complete, while con- Zirkle commented about the work- use the newly created room as a bed- bility to students to provide a healthy
a safe and legal solution," said Laura struction in Mercy 300 is anticipated ers in the students' apartments by room though. Some students have and safe environment," said Zirkle.

2001-200J2 iHomecoming
All Mercyhurst students are eligible to vote in the Homecoming elections. Voting will take place Thursday, Sept. 27 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday,
Sept. 28 frbnHl a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Student Union lobby. The crowning will be at halftime of the football game Saturday, Sept. 29.

Jessica Kapusta Sarah Kassab Tuesday Kastner Lisa Spinosa Lexi Toy Megan Verbanick Jen Yope
chemistry and special education elementary education sportsmedicine and political science computer systems Art Therapy
biochemistry Pittsburgh, Pa. and special education dance minor Vandergrift, Pa. and math minor Aliquippa, Pa.
Curtisville, Pa. Bath, N.Y. *Boston, Mass. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Billy Byrnes Brian Jankowski Rob Kosko Nick Lordi

FilQQtW mm\ no*
D. Ford Mennel Carlton Morgan Dan O'Brien
political science and marketing biochemistry and sports marketing ' HRIM advertising special education
religious studies Strongsville, Ohio forensic science Bethel Park, Pa. Fostoria, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio Medina, Ohio
San Jose, Calif. York, Pa.

% .

« * --

Capital c a m p a i g n hits 15 million
Bleak economy means tough road aheadfor fundraisers
the capital campaign. He indicated rollment is demanding more class- in helping raise the funds. been fairly successful in that consid-
By Annie DeMeo ering the economic situation," said
that the campaign will last as long room space. The building will cost "We have solicited from the fac-
News editor Bukowski.
as it takes to get to the goal. around $7.2 million and should be ulty, staff and administration and I'm
The capital campaign that began just "Before the events of Sept. 11 the completed by the beginning of win- happy to report that 95% participated The campaign will be officially re-
ten months ago has already raised economy was close to recession as ter term, 2002. from the Erie campus, and 93% from focused Homecoming weekend
an impressive 15 million dollars. it was, which has made it much more The team of fundraisers has been the North-East campus," said when Bukowski will announce that
The final five million of the 20 mil- difficult from the standpoint of working tirelessly thus far. The fif- Bukowski. "Those are exceptional there has been 100% participation
lion dollar goal will be the toughest fundraising," said Bukowski. "Ob- teen million solicited donations have levels of participation on any college from the Alumni Board for the cam-
to solicit, according to Gary viously the terrible tragedy that oc- come from a variety of sources. campus in the United States." paign.
Bukowski, vice president of institu- curred has made it even more diffi- "Already we have gone to the Most recently the office has been 'The plan of attack is to kick in to
tional advancement.? cult because there are a lot of height- trustees for their support and they working with businesses, which has the alumni campaign, the parent
"Originally when we put it to- ened needs for charitable donations." have offered tremendously to the been challenging with the current campaign, friends, foundations and
gether it was a three year campaign Bukowski made it clear that the effort," said Bukowski. economic problems. any other possibility that will bring
which is scheduled to end in 2003," academic building would be the top The current college community "We have been working on the us to the 20 million goal," said
said Bukowski, who is in charge of priority for the funds since rising en- has also has been extremely helpful Erie corporate community and have Bukowski.

MSG event? supports Anniversary celebrated with Mass

"September 11 Fund
By Jessica Kapusta Kosko, student government presi-
Merciad writer dent.
Students will have the opportunity
For those that do not have the time, to add to their cash and then ex-
transportation or the money to travel change that money for tickets with
to Casino Niagara, Mercynurst Stu- which they can win prices donated
dent Government is sponsoring from local businesses, restaurants
Monte Carlo Night at the Student and also prizes purchased by MSG.
Union on Saturday, Sept. 29 from 10 This year, the goodie bag includes a
p.m. until 12 a.m. Sony PlayStation 2 video game con-
In the past, Monte Carlo Night had sole, gift certificates'to American
been designed as an event to raise Eagle andTinseltown movie passes,
money for national and local chari- among other things.
ties including the American Cancer Some of the games that will be
Society and the Erie Chapter of the available for the gamblers at heart
American Diabetes Association. are blackjack, poker, roulette, craps
This year, the proceeds from the and of course, the ever popular slot
event will go towards the Septem- machines. For those students that
ber 11 Fund, a United Way fund that are interested in socializing and not
is dispersed for those needing finan- just gambling, there will also be an J * Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer
cial assitance that were involved area for dancing and refreshments. Fifteen priests returned to Mercyhurst College Thursday, Sept. 20 for the 75th Anniversary Mass of
with the terrorist attack. MSG is This is a great opportunity for the the Holy Spirit. The group of concelebrates included a former student, former professors, and
asking that each student that attends student body to raise money for a former campus ministers. Sr. Eustace Taylor, a member of the original class of students and a
the event bring at least a $3 dona- worthy cause and at the same time, former president, was also in attendance. See more photos on page 6.
tion to benefit this cause. With that have fun, spend someone else's
donation they will receive Mercy- money, and win great prizes, MSG
hurst "money" to gamble with* encourages everyone to take a break
"Since the proceeds are benefitting
the September 11 Fund, I hope that
we will see a greater turn out than
this Homecoming weekend and par-
take in a few hours of Saturday night
Bush appoints Ridge to new
we have in past years," said Rob
presidential cabinet position
Police and Safety I|og By Zeb Eckert he said. "Every nation and every re- The military response would be
gion now has a decision to make. unlike the Gulf War and involve a
September 8,2001 Either you are with us or you are much more concentrated ground
September 5,2001 Lewis Ave apartment WASHINGTON D.C.—In a highly with the terrorists.** * approach, he said.
Briggs Ave. apartments A screen from one of the windows anticipated address to a joint session The President said American de- After a number of attacks on Mus-
Damage done within apartment was damaged. 1 of Congress Thursday night. Presi- mands to hand over terrorists and lims and Arab-Americans across
building by unknown students. dent Bush announced the creation of uncover networks "are not open to country, the President emphasized
September 9,2001 a Cabinet-level position to fight ter- negotiation or discussion.** that peaceful Muslims are not the
Septembers, 2<M>lj» Lewis Ave apartment^ rorism and pledged a vigorous mili- In a clear sign of a full military enemy.
Zurn Complex Student was hospitalized after ac- tary campaign against rogue nations. engagement, Bush said he called the "We respect your faith" he said.
Soap was dumped into the foun- cidental overdose. The President appointed Pennsyl- armed forces to alert for a reason. "Our enemy is a radical network of
tain, The Blessing, in Munson vania Gov. Tom Ridge to lead the "The hour is coming when terrorists and every government that
Plaza by a student that provided newly-created Office of Homeland America will act and you will make supports them.**
a false student id. September 9,2001 Security, aimed to develop a "com- us proud " he said. The President said he hopes
Briggs Ave. apartment prehensive strategy against terror- He acknowledged the United American life will soon return to
September 6,2001 Unknown male, drinking a beer, ism." States response would involve the normal and asked the country to re-
McAuley Hall fled from the scene of an illegal Bush condemned the terrorist acts support of a number of foreign na- main strong in a time of great sad-
Damage done to door of the build party. of Sept. 11 and said that nations that tions and would likely be a lengthy ness.
ing. harbor terrorists would be punished campaign. "We will rally the world to this
September 13,2001 severely. Americans can expect "dramatic cause by our efforts, by our courage.
McAuley Hall "We will pursue nations that pro- strikes and covert operations," Bush We will not tire, we will not falter
Possession and use of drug para- vide aid or safe haven to terrorism,** said. and we will not fail."


Gorillaz warfare Don't Cry for me
The Gorillaz'debut album will make you go ape

As the new arts and entertainment

editor, I've decided it's high time
The Erie Playhouse rendition of "Evita 99
Sept. 26 - Oct. 14
Lake City and Wellsburg
that The Merciad include a place to
discuss, review and find out about
has Madonna beat by a mile Methodist church is sponsoring
their annual Cornfusin' Corn
the dynamic and constantly chang- David Durst plays Juan Peron with Maze. Admission is $3 per
ing world of music. With that said, By Amy Bortz a voice that filled the PI ay house. £ person. But can you really put a
I'd like to introduce the newest ad- Contributing writer Both Green and Durst show the price on this kind of entertain-
dition to The Merciad. WreckChords. full range of their voices in a lovely ment.
Hopefully, with the support of the duet, "I'd Be Surprisingly Good for
students, this column can provide the The lights dim and the din of the You." if %: Sept 26 - Oct. 17
campus with information on the lat- crowd fades slowly to a nervous Bob Martin plays the narrator, "Furtive Fusion" — The Glass
est CD releases and reviews of Erie hush. The last few stragglers make Che, acting as a collective voice of Growers Gallery is now exhibit-
area concerts (yes, Erie does in fact their way into the their seats and the those who opposed Peron. Magaladi ing the paintings of Noreen Finn
have a local music scene). So if you, last crinkling candy-wrapper falls is played by Dan Boyer, in his first and the ceramic scupltures of
the reader, are dying to let everyone silent. Breathless anticipation and featured role at the Playhouse, sing- Brian Jensen.
know about your favorite band or if
you know about any shows coming l^mkCyorba excitement shudder through the au-
dience as the curtain rises and the
ing a smooth and suaveinterpretation
of "On this Night of a Thousand Sept. 27 C /

up, drop me a line up here at The first few notes begin to rise from Stars," and the Mistress is played by Edinboro Alternative Film Series
Merciad in Box 485 or call at ext. the orchestral pit. The stage simply Patty Corella who sang a beautiful Shown Thursdays at 7 p.m. in the
2376* becomes a small rural town in 1940s interpretation of "Another Suitcase, University Center and at 9:30 p.m.
Argentina. Another Hall." in Doucette Hall 119. They are
By Adam DuShole ' The stage is set and the scene The musical score of "Evita" was featuring "The Great Dictator '
Perhaps you've seen one of their Arts & Entertainment editor opens on July 26, 19S2 with the composed by the great Andrew on Sept'. 27.
sharply animated videos or heard people of Argentina mourning the Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Tim
their debut track "Clint Eastwood" death of their beloved Evita. Che, the Rice. I A. i J I Sept. 28
on the radio. Regardless, of where but think that you're catching a play's narrator, leads the towns- Like all of Webber's shows, $5 grants you admission to see Jim
and whether or not you've seen the glimpse of the future of music. people in "Oh, What a Circus," in "Evita" is almost entirely perforned Moore as "Elvis" at East Erie
Gorillaz, expect a whole lot more In addition to the tightly con- her memory. . through song, including very little Turners, 6:30 p.m. There are too
exposure in the coming months. structed songs, the Gorillaz CD is At the next dazzling scene we are dialogue. many jokes, I don't even know
There self-titled album, Gorillaz, enhanced with an extra element. Try taken to a point thirty years prior, In addition to the astounding vo- where to start...
was released March 2001 and has popping your CD into your com- witness to the young Evita, then sim- cal talents, the costumes by Richard
been garnering increased media at- puter and heading on to the Internet. ply Eva, struggling to make her way Davis and Rich Tryzbiak and the Sept 28
tention ever since. 4 The CD provides an exclusive direct to be "a part of the big apple.'ty , sets by Joe Hassler and Dan The Mollies, The Assmen,
The Gorillaz are headed by the link to the Gorillaz web-site As the play progresses we see the Mifkovic were phenomenal. They Berzerker and SpikeT. Punch
punk.zombie, 24); on Jead suitar iwww.Gorillaz.com] and Is hbstto naive Eva deyeloj^4ntothe inspiring truly captured an authentic flavor of win be appearing at Goofies, 1062
1 the&gg the-SatatMovrag Musrdoo; 4% whole slew of interactive* games Evita^as she gams jjpjjtt fatne as an Argentinian culture, -u ^ «jyfc W. 12th St.. With no cover charge
Bass features Noodle, a 10-yr-old, and tutorials turning the Gorillaz into actress; then as the* secoriq wife or? If you enjoy musicals I would there's no reason why you should
Japanese school girl; and finally on an immersed multimedia experience. politically savvy dictator, Juan highly suggest going to see "Evita." miss The Assmen!
drums, Russel, who channels the I won't spoil the fun, just check it Peron.
spirit of a long-dead, old-skool rap- out. As the audience follows the life of Ocfojl j
per. A little contused by the line-up? Essential Tracks: Evita, you aren't sure whether to International Film Series at Penn
Well, it gets better—they're all car- Definitely check out track 17, love her, pity her or just hate her. State Behrend — The Acadeny
toons. "Left Hand Suzuki Method/' It fea-
Regardless, Evita's death at age 33 "Evita* is playing Sept 27-30, Oct. award-winning Spanish drama,
2-D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel cures Miho Hattori, a.k.a. Noodle, all but guaranteed that her memory 4-6 at the Erie Playhouse, 13 W. 10th "The Grandafather," is being
are the animated pcrsonas for a re- rapping in Japanese over a sample would be etched into the hearts of St. Show times are Thu at 7:30 p.m., shown 7 p.m. in theReed Union
volving door of collaborating artists, of violins. Also lend an ear to track her countrymen, many of whom Fri / Sat at 8 p.m., Sun at 2 p.m., Oct. Building Lecture Hall.
including Del The Funky 3, **Tbmorrow Comes Today" a trip- would petition for her sainthood. 6 at 5 p.m. Tickets are $17-$ 19, $16-
Homosapien, Dan The Automator, hop beat over-laid with harmonica The Brie Playhouse has kicked off $18 for seniors and $9 for students. Oct 6
Cibo Matto's Miho Hattori and riffs. Finally, you must listen to track its 85th season with "Evita." Laurie Call (814) 454-2852, ext. 41, or visit 7:30 p.m., the Warner Theatre is
Blur's Damon A1 barn (among oth- 16, "Dracula" a reggae-style song Green, who does her best to steal the then on the web at hosting Dig for Diamonds, where
ers). about (guess who?) Dracula. show, plays the role of Evita/Eva [ www. eriepl ayhouse.com ] a $10 donation gives you th op-
The Lowdown: Thumbs up, Thumbs down?: Peron. Green does justice to "Don't Some information for this articleportunity to dig for precious and
While the cartoon aspect of the You really couldn't ask for a bet- Cry for Me Argentina" in her soul- was compiled from the Showcase sem-precious stones buried in a
band may be a bit distracting, the ter musical debut. The pervading ful rendition. section oftheErie Daily 7Unes<- sandbox. Maybe "Dig for Booze! .11

Gorillaz personalities allow artists weirdness ofthe tracks coupled with would be more appeal ling?
the freedom to experiment in a vari- tight production and sampling makes
ety of eclectic musical styles and this a must-have album* Don't ex- Oct 7 * '

sounds. <^ pect to see the Gorillaz getting much "Dinner in Old Russia" — The
The tracks range from reggae and airtime from Carson Daly though, Community Center of Russian Or-
hip-hop to punk and trip-hop. Lushly the diverse elements that make the thodox Church Of the Nativity is
sampled and layered, each track album so unique may coincidentally hosting a traditional Russian din-
builds upon a base of funky beats put off the more diehard pop music ner. Admission is $10 for adults.
and a hodge-podge of sounds. When fans. At any rate I give Gorillaz an Traditional Russian wares and
you listen to Gorillaz, you can't help emphatic *thumbs up." foods will also be sold, don't ex-
pect to find any cheap vodka
Laker Inn
Oct 26
"Night Owl" Special The State Street Tavern ;is hold-
Available 10 p.m. to l a.m. ing a Halloween costume party.
Sunday - Thursday * They will also be featruring local
bands Self Inflicted, Criminally
Insane and Forced Under.
Sunday Wednesday
Nachos & Cheese Hamburgers Oct 27 •;
Monday Thursday Erie Hardcore favorite,
French Fries, Curly Fries Shockwave, will be appearing at
Mozzarella Sticks Forward Hall on Peach St. Admis-
Tuesday or Onion Rings sion is $8 with the donation of a
Chicken Nuggets canned good.
» 1 » I




The turnout for the college's 75th Anniversary Mass was amazing
Patriotism flying high
and impressive. Thank you to all who attended. erate to see fast food places post sup- in my neighborhood had their flags
portive signs on their boards. waving, showing their support of
Equation and Brother put on a good show at the PAC this weekend
Left to Write I began to think to myself, "What America.
a great place to live, if we can put On campus the next day, the feel-
all of our differences aside and come ing was the same. Students had flags
Leslie Echan . together in this time of need." But in their apartments, theirribbonstied
• Students now have four venues to choosefromduring lunch. The
at the same time, I am confused as to windows and doors. But I was
cafeteria, the Laker Inn, the lunch express in the Union, and interna- to why it took such a horrific trag- most impressed by the turn-out that
tional cafe in the Mercy Heritage Hall offer students a variety of After the terrorist attacks on the
World Trade Center and the Penta- edy to pull our nation together and week, and the week after for prayer
meals. gon, I wanted to go home for a night to trust our government. Some services and the candlelight vigil.
and be with my family. My parents. people had to by an American flag - The campus and community had
I thought everyone already had come together in a time of need.
THE B A D . . . live in Cleveland, so it wasn't too
bad of a drive. But on my way back them. Some stores sold out, which May we continue to talk to each
to school, I noticed American flags led some people to resort to stealing other through the healing days to
• What ever happened to the pool table and air hockey randomly placed along Interstate 90. them from other people's front come. Because we are a nation com-
table that was in the student union last year? Now, more Some were on bridges, some tied to yards. A sense of comfort and fear ing together in the memories ofthose
tables and chairs crowd the floor with a new t.v. the antennas of cars and even painted was running through my entire body. lost and in the fight that way lay
on semi-trucks. I passed exits with When I pulled into my driveway ahead for our nation. I hope that this
signs that read: "Honk your horn if the evening before, I couldn't help sense of trust and pride within our
• Cigarette butt deposit containers have still not been installed in you love the U.S.A." It was great to but get goose bumps on my arms-. nation will continue, and that the
student residency areas. For the past year, students have been see the patriotism, how people have My mom had placed sashes of the American flag will continue to fly
requesting these for outside of their apartment buildings. Does it been coming together to rally and familiar red, white and blue along high in our yards and windows.
really take that long to order them and install them? support one another. It was consid- the outside of my house. The people

Has anyone ever considered giving customer service training to

some people that work in certain offices handinling students'
Sincerely wrong
financial affairs? Student expresses his views on America '^tragedy
• The drilling going on in 3R in the library is interrupting with the idea By Charles Cutera At the moment, the door opened, the notion that sincerity is what is
and there stood a gorgeous girl my important when it comes to our be-
of the library being quiet. Is there a better time this work could be Indiana Daily Student
age. My first thought was how em- liefs. We hear, "What may be true
done, like early in the morning?! (U-WIRE) BLOOMINGTON, Ind. barrassed this girl must feeUfor -for you is not true for me. What
—You must understand that I knew walking into the wrong restroom. matters is that you are sincere in your
THE UGLY ... beyond a shadow of doubt that the Dumbfounded, she stared at me and
men's bathroom was on the left. It said, "Uh, this is the women's bath-
Two weeks ago, it seems that a
was a few days before Christmas. room." group of men thought it was right to
During the past few days, when it's constantly raining, * My grandparents were taking my Mortified, J ran out, into the real hijack planes and murder thousands.
it's hard to walk on the walk ways With the puddles family and me* out to dinner at an] men's bMhfdoirk After banging my -
No one can question how sincere
overflowing them. You either have to try to jump over expensive German restaurant. I head against the wall several times, they were in their beliefs; they were
them or else walk through the damn grass... you can't win needed to make use of the facilities. I snuck back to my seat, hoping to sincere enough to die for what they
either way. We had eaten at the same place last avoid the girl. believed. But I hope you balk as
year, and I clearly recalled the men's You are probably thinking, "Boy, much as I do at the thought of such
restroom was on the left. I swag- that was dumb." And it was. But an act being just. Their sincerity did
Recently, the weather feels like it's turning into winter rather than gered in without even bothering to with the incident many years re- not make them right.
fall. It's hard to believe that just a sweater isn't good enough — you glance at the sign on the door. The moved, it makes for a good laugh. The same principle applies to our
have to layer the clothes now to stay warm while sitting in class. first thing I noticed was the lack of But I would like to draw attention lives. Sincerity is not the ultimate
a urinal. "Very odd," I thoughts to a perhaps obvious fact: my sin- goal. Arriving at the truth is. Sincer-
Now you might think that I would cerity in believing that the men's ity is a good quality. I respect people
Over the weekend, someone threw up on the shuttle bus. What's have clued in at this point. I didn't. restroom was on the left did not with strong convictions, and I wish
worse is that the driver had to clean it up. Thanks to that person, the After using the facilities, I stood in change the fact that it was on the more people had them, but sincerity
next person who leaves that job to the driver will have to pay a tine. front ofthe mirror, admiring my jun- right. ;•'. alone is not enough. Sincerity must
ior high self in my dapper tuxedo. There exists in our society today be coupled with truth.

M aking the most of it «r**i%! *r>Tvw Collegia tt Prttsnitt

• •*

As I embark on my senior year at the responsibilities. But, this time,

Mercyhurst, I often find myself "make the most of it" took on a com-
wondering-if, throughout my four In Other Words... pletely different meaning.
years here, I will have gained all I You leave college exactly the same
will need to make it in the real world. as when you entered college, you
I know nothing can really prepare Sara Seidle really haven't gained anything and
me for all ofthe twists and turns that failed miserably at making the most
life has to offer, but I would like to and that the ability to make that de- of it. The whole point of spending
think that I have developed a sense cision and follow through with it four years here is to explore new
that will eventually lead me in the wasn't a right, but a privilege. Be- ideas and learn more not only about
right direction. cause it is a privilege to have the our future professions, but about the
Recently, one of my professors opportunity to be studying some- world we live in, the people we live
helped me find the answer to this thing that we hold ofpersonal inter- with and most importantly, our-
question of whether I have learned est for four years, we should not take selves. This may sound like the in-
enough here to prepare me for it for granted, but make the most of troduction to a college catalogue, but
what's to come. This professor was it. IN | from my experiences, it's the truth.
lecturing to the class, as professors Often times, when people tell Not until recently did I realize just
often do, about something that someone to make the most of col- how much I have learned about un-
seemed completely irrelevant at the lege or enjoy it while it lasts, they derstanding others and myself. And
time, something else that often hap- mean party all you want because I expect this to be the most valuable
pens. But, the lecture turned out to soon you'll have to enter the real lesson I will have learned in my four
make sense in the larger scheme of world, start working, start a family years at Mercyhurst as well as the HE Nev/e* V\€A*& ATHlMfc.
things. He was reminding us that we and have someone other than your- basis for the sense that will lead me
made the decision to enter college self to answer to when you slack on in therightdirection.

. : • - • • . - : • . • . • : • • - : : • : • ; - : • : • :

' '.L

"They*re in denial. A lot of kids "I think^we'reJinjshock because "We have definitely grown closer Unbelievably good."

laugh it off almost as if nothing is

going on."
—Bob Domingo, senior
we've never been exposed to any-
thing like this before. Everyone is
real patriotic right now, but it's sad
CAMPUS together due to the tragedy. It was. a -Brad Cetnarowski, junior
rude awakening that shocked us into
that something this drastic had to
happen for us to pull together.**'
QUESTION early maturity. Many of us will
never take life for granted again." "Everyone seems very timid,
—Mike Foglio, freshman scared to admit what may happen."
"Everyone's putting aside their —Deanna Blose, sophomore -Adam Tackaberry, sophomore
petty differences and trying to
show everyone that our generation
isn't as weak and lazy as#hey
think. Donating blood, countless "I think it's giving us a great sense
How do you think your
"I think that it hit people hard, es- ' It s'^ forced us to become adults
e-mails,flagsflyingeverywhere- ofAmerican pride. We are alfband- generation is handling pecially being awayfromtheir fami- and realize what's important and
we are taking a genuine interest." ingtfogether ahd*trying tojmake a lies. |t made people face something not take things for granted."*
—Brian "Whitey" Jaymont, difference so things can change for the terrorist events that historical for| the* first time ever. I —Missy Rapone, junior
juniort £ > the better. This is making our petty
differences less important and}we
took place September think people are coming together
and handling it well.'? "I'm very proud of the way we're
are finally looking at the big pic-
11,12001? I —r-Meghann Kaplun, freshman handling the situation, considering
u We're all pretty pissed off.
»* ture. ? * | ^f|| u | we are about to face the unknown."
feeder, junior ttCaty Delaney^junior Joanna Banes, junior

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What's the Christian response?

homes, schools, hospitals or infra-
Student speaks about campus card use Questioning Fam structure? Too late, that was already
done by the Russians. The Afghan
As patrons come and gofromCafe amount of programs in place to truly contract with a vending company people have only rubble instead of
Diem, they always leave shaking make "Mercyworld" our home that places a coffee machine in Cafe Sr. Geri Rosinski, RSM villages and buildings. Dropping
their heads as to why they don't awayfromhome. Diem? It's not as if we are Starbucks bombs on them would be actions
have access to the all-campus card Yet at this prestigious institution with'coffee in the $3-$4 range. Noth- President .Bush and-his advisors that further oppress an already weak-
program. Those of us who work at it is the little things that are over- ing on our menu is over two dollars. have decided Osama bin Laden is ened populace and would show us
Cafe'Diem sympathize with them looked. The Hammermill Library is There must be some sensible so- the "mastermind" responsible for the to be heartless oppressors of an al-
and explain that the cost of the ma- a state of the art facility with all lution to this glaring problem. Cafe 1
events of Septj 11. An ultimatum to ready poor Muslim people. It would
chine is just something we cannot types of new age technology, yet the Diem;hopes that the Mercyhurst surrender this identified villain has also escalate into a full scale war,
afford. 4 ^ ^ ^ , A* * «v m.$4ft< student body cannot use» their cam- community *wi 11 realize that this is a been given out to the Taliban gov- not only between the terrorists and
It makes us wonder what kind of pus card at Cafe Diemilsn't some- situation that can and should be ad- ernment of the country of Afghani- America, but between Islam and the
message this sends to the thing wrong with this picture? dressed swiftly to allow the student stan, bin Laden's presumed hideout. Western nations. As Christians, we
Mercyhurst College community. All other locations on campus body full access to Cafe Diem! When Taliban officials asked to dis- must not proceed down that path.
Mercyhurst is one of the top liberal where food is sold or items are pur- If you agree with our message, cuss this further with us, we refused. So what are we to do? For now
arts institutions in the Northern chased have access to the all-cam- .please help us in our quest to pro- Now, we find our country being pray— and fast! Pray as you haye
United States. pus card program. Thus, why not at vide you with our services. readied for war against terrorism, never prayed before! Pray for peace,
A prime reason for this,is the fo- Cafe Diem? * i 1 —David A. Vitale and in particular, the Taliban gov- wisdom, patience and restraint for
cus upon the students, and the vast Also, why does the school have a Cafe Diem Manager ernment in the country of Afghani- yourself and our country's leaders
stan. and decision makers. Pray to know
What about the Afghan people in God's will for you and for our coun-
all of this? They are followers of Is- try each day. And seriously take to
lam, called Muslims, who commit heart the challenge that Dr. Mary
their lives to peace, harmony, truth, Hembrow Snyder offered to us on
good works and almsgiving. They the evening of Sept. 13 in the PAC.
follow the tenets of their holy book, "Fast...fast from violence...in word,
the Koran, which accepts religious thought and action.'*
pluralism and sees strength in diver- And finally, we must pray for the
sity. grace to forgive our enemies... near
Presently, these Afghan people are and far... not only the terrorists, but
at the mercy of the Taliban govern- the ex-friend who may have of-
ment. They tried to overthrow the fended you. Why? Because forgive-
Taliban several years ago, but failed. ness is the heart of Jesus' message.
Editor in Chief Now they are starving since their If we are to love as Jesus loved us,
Sara Seidle then we must also forgive as we have
Assistant Editor in Chief farms and crops were laced with
Kristin Purdy land mines. Unfortunately, it is the been forgiven. Forgiveness was so
Annie DeMeo News Editor important that Jesus uttered it among
Arts & Entertainment Editor children who continue to be im-
Adam D uS hole pacted by these deadly mines that his last words from the cross. "Fa-
Leslie Echan Features Editor | remain in their soil. Consequently, ther, forgive them for they know not
Mackenzie Dexter Sports Editor 2. Afghanistan has many disabled chil- what they do." We must do likewise.
Annie Sitter Photography Editor dren and orphans. Then perhaps, wisdom will be
Billy Elliott | Technical & Production Manager Well then, shall we bomb their granted to us.
Kelly Froe 1 ich Copy Editor
Sarah Antoinette* Advertising Manager 4

Staff Writer
Phil Pirrello
To be orbotto be informed
The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It
Hammermill Library wi 11 be holding hands-on workshops
is published throughout the year with the exception of mid-term and finals in the library's computer classroom to inform the Mercyhurst
weeks. Office at 314 Main. Telephone 824-2376. Fax 824-3249. E-mail community about HamLET, the libraryts online catalog
<merciad@mercyhurst.edu>. TuesdaygOct|2mt3 p.m. and 5 p.m.j Wednesday, Oct. 3 at
11 a.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p>m.; Thursday, Oct. 4 at 3 p.m. land 5
The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed, p.m^
but your name can be withheld on request under certain conditions. Letters Each 30-minute workshop will teach the ins and outs of
are due on the Monday before publication and should be no longer than
500 words. All letters should be submitted to Box 485.
searching on HamLET.


Two students s eek Making Waves
Moore dances her way into N.Y.C.
corporate spon! By Kate Riley
Merciad writer
sive. '1 really didn't think I'd get in.
It's pretty competitive, but I gave it
a shot," said Moore.
to be a professional dancer and how
to get the proper nutrition. Some
seminars were about other kinds of

sors to finance Being in the spotlight is something

Laura Moore is used to. As a junior in
*Moore auditioned by sending a
videotape of herself. Forty dancers
were chosen and they were split into
two groups of twenty, all doing mod-
jobs related to the industry as well,
such as careers in lighting and mar-
keting and developement.
Many of the girls had already

college education the dance department at Mercy hurst

College, Moore has a concentration in
performance and teaching choreogra-
ern dance.
The material they learned was part
of Paul Taylor's repertoire. Taylor is
graduated from college and shared
their experiences of being out in the
real world and explained all about
the auditioning processes. Moore
phy. " I want to be on the stage one a renowned choreographer with two
Wilmington, Del.—(COLLE- Filak, Senior Vice President of Mar- day, either dancing professionally or of his own companies, Paul Taylor reflected by saying,'! learned so
GIATE PRESSWIRE)—Aug 28, keting Strategy at First USA. "The choreographing or both," said Moore. and Taylor II. He hosted the sum- much in a short time. It was great
2001—The world watched with latest findings from the First USA Fi- This past summer Moore danced one mer program at a studio in Soho at and I adore Paul Taylor, everything
amazement as Chris Barrett and nancial Index show that teens already step closer to her dream. She took two 552 Broadway. He is responsible for about him, his style, his technique.
Luke McCabe, two marketing- realize the importance of being finan- weeks off from her summer job in a documentary cal led Dance Maker. It was just great."
savvy high school seniors from cially aware." According to First Poughkeepsie, NY as a sports camp Moore said she is a huge fan of his. The program, which ran from Au-
New Jersey, launched an unprec- USA's financial index, here are some counselor to live with her uncle in While there, Moore said she gust 13-24, ended with the groups
edented campaign seeking corpo- statistics revealing what is on the New York City and dance for a Paul learned a great deal. "We danced giving two performances in the stu-
rate sponsorship for their college minds of college bound students: Taylor summer intensive program. about six hours a day but it varied. dio. Both companies, Paul Taylor
careers. Teens Plan to be "B.M.O.C." (Bud- Moore came across this oppurtunity Sometimes more, sometimes less." and Taylor II, helped out. The per-
Their ingenuity paid off. They are get Minded on Campus) while looking through a dance maga- Not only did the program focus on formances were also open to the
making history by serving as "stu- According to the First USA Finan- zine and noticing an ad for the Paul studio dancing, but there were also public.
dent ambassadors" for First USA cial Index, almost two out of three Taylor Pre-Professional Dance Inten- seminars discussing what it means
Bank, in exchange for college tu- college freshmen (63 percent) want
ition at Pepperdine University and to "use money responsibly" with one
University of Southern California.
First USA, the nation's largest

out of three students already deter- Mercyhurst legend recognized at Mass of Holy Spirit
mining their budget for the coming
Visa(R) issuer, wants to help col- year. These freshmen are thinking
lege students learn about the im- Dr. William P. Garvey, college presi-
about ways to finance their educa-
portance of responsible spending tion, including funds from their par- dent, recognized past president and
and money management. As part of ents, financial aid and scholarships. member of the first graduating class
its educational campaign, First About a third (32 percent) will use of Mercyhurst College, Sr. M.
USA has asked "spokesguy s" Chris financial aid, scholarships or student Eustace Taylor (pictured at left) dur-
and Luke, to share their insight and loans, while nearly half (47 percent)
help send a positive message to ing his remarks at the 75th Anniver-
say they will use a combination of sary Mass of the Holy Spirit Thurs-
their peers about financial respon- several methods, including parental
sibility. day, Sept. 20. During the Mass, Sr.
contributions. Eustace commented that Mother
Here are some of their smart and Here are some additional statistics
simple ideas that students can use from the First USA Financial Index Borgia and the Sisters of-Mercy
to pay the bills, have some spend- revealing what is on the minds of would be" very proud oFMereyhurst
ing cash...and even put a little| college-bound students: College today. She is pictured at right
away for the future: •33% of college freshman will with The Most Reverend Michael J.
•Make the most of your midnight miss their family most, while only Murphy, D.D, and Sr. M. Loretta
snacks - Start saving that change 4% will miss mooching money from McHale, another past president of the
from those late-night pizza deliv- their parents college.
eries and see how fast your two •Two out of five college freshman
dollars turns into $100 when you Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer
plan to carry a credit card
deposit it into a savings account. 63% of high school seniors will
•Give yourself credit - Begin to pay their own credit card bill in col-
establish credit by applying for a lege *
tf wm

credit card with a low credit limit •One in ten students will rely • ' - y *

and interest rate. Spend responsi- solely on mom and dad to cover tu- T«
bly, within your means, and you ition and expenses. m«
will be on your way to building Through its sponsorship of Chris
7-m Bfa
great credit for your future. 2 and Luke, as well as other educa- iUi-V
*Learn to say **no" - Discipline tional initiatives, First USA delivers
yourself from making frivolous a positive message to young adults
purchases. It's easy to get caught about financial responsibility. First \T* * * * • * <E»
up in a spending frenzy when USA's free informative brochure and Est i is * •**• ** * *•

you're away from home with your CD-ROM (available by e-mailing

friends. Find a budget that works studentcreditinfo@firstusa.com)
for you and stick to it. provide a range of practical financial
•Invest in your future - Consoli- tools for students. First USA's Stu-
date cash you get for birthdays or dent Advisory Board, launching this
holidays and transfer it into an in- fall, will give college students across
terest-bearing money market ac- America the opportunity to speak for
count. It's never too early to start their peers as they share their
in vesting...plus this is a great way thoughts on financial issues. Also
to save for Spring Break! coming this fall, the First USA online
"First USA is committed to sup- reference site will give students an
porting education, innovation and opportunity to learn more about
financial responsibility," said Doug money management.

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#1 Spring Break Vacations!
Cancun, Jamaica, Bahamas & Florida
Earn Cash & Go Free!
Now hiring Campus Reps tour single source for lips on staying out - or getting out * of debt easily, T
1-800-234-7007 quickly, painlessly and responsibly. Plus everything, else you need to
mate real-life decisions In the real world. n r
Endlesssummertours.com ^ 1111 i*™* PHEAA
oifcandeal™ ***•vOIu


Men's water polo Football team falls 51-14 to Northwood,
losing second game of the season i
remains winless two more times in the final four min- endzone, giving Northwood two
By Mackenzie Dexter utes of the quarter, taking the lead 21 - points for the safety and a 44-7 lead
Sports Editor 7. j yf% . * going into the fourth quarter.
^Mercyhurst would then score their
Senior Scott Farison took over for
second and final touchdown of the
McArdle as quarterback in the sec-,
The Mercyhurst football team lost game with 8:54 left to play. The touch-
rfS&P ond quarter, throwing nine complete
their second game of the season Sat- down was scored by freshman wide
^f;^ Zjf l_ passes before the half.^Northwood
urday, this time to Northwood 51 -14. receiver Andrew Grant on a 3 8-yard
- N^>" . ^ ; W ^ increased their lead 27-7 scoring an-
The Lakers opened the scoring, tak- pass by Weldig. Northwood would
other touchdown but failed to get the

ing the opening kickoff and driving come back to score with 5:30 left to
extra point with 4:37 left in the quar-
66 yards in just six plays. Starting at play, winning the game 51-14.
ter. With one second left before half-
^ quarterback for the Lakers, junior time, Northwood scored again. The Despite the loss, McArdle, Farison
Mac McArdle found junior Faheem rush attempt for the Timberwolves and Weidig completed 31 of 57 passes
g^rt^b Williams for 34 yards, scoring the was good, giving Northwood a 35-7 for 379 yards and the two touch-
first touchdown. With junior Vinny lead at the end of the first half. downs. Junior Tim Siemon caught
•^•»W\-*v«TW*TV. 4 Repucci's kick for the extra point, In the third quarter, a Farison pass six passes for an even 100 yards and
Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer Mercyhurst took the lead 7-0 only was intercepted and returned for 64 junior Phil Pro venzano led the ground
1:17 into the game. This would be the yards by Northwood for the touch- game with 37 yards in nine attempts.
The Mercyhurst water polo team fights for possession of the ball in
only lead the Lakers would have in down. The Timberwolves took the The Lakers will look for their first
Sunday's game against Washington & Jefferson win as they host Indianapolis on Tullio
the game. Northwood tied the game lead 42-7 after getting the extra point
getting a touchdown and the extra 3:40 into the quarter. With thirteen Field Saturday, September 29 at 1:30
more to make the score 10-1. Carroll point with only 6:18 left to play in the p.m. The event will be part of Home-
By Mackenzie Dexter scored with less than a minute to play seconds left in the quarter, junior
first quarter. The Timberwolves con/* coming as Mercyhurst celebrates its
Sports Editor in the first half to take the Lakers into quarterback Brett We id i g was sacked
tinued their fierce play as they scored for a loss of 3 yards into the Laker's 75th anniversary.
the third quarter 10-2. Washington &
The men'swaterpolo team lost twice Jefferson opened the scoring four-
this past weekend, their record fall- teen seconds into the second half
ing to 0-8. The Lakers fell 17-7 to with a goal. Mercyhurst came back
Grove City Saturday and 17-5 to with three more goals, Jakubczak
National Sports
Washington & Jefferson Sunday. scoring his second and third goals of Hockey game called for Bush's speech | %
Playing at Gannon Saturday, the the game, while senior Todd Conklin With President Bush on the big screen, hockey suddenly dicta* t matter anymore, not to the Philadelphia Flyers and
Lakers fell to Grove City College for added a single goal. Washington & New York Rangers or thousands of fans. The start of the third period of the National Hockey League exhibition
the second time this season, fresh- Jefferson scored two more times be- game was delayed and then called off last Thursday night as fans demanded to watch the President's speech to
man team captain Matt Carroll led fore the end of the third quarter. Lead- Congress. By the time Bushjpnished, the teams lined up to shake hands. The game was declared a 2-2 tie "out of
the Laker's scoring efforts with five ing 13-5 going into the fourth quar- respect for Where the United States was headed in the near future." ^
goals and freshman Ryan Jakubczak ter, Washington & Jefferson scored
scored t wice.Laker goalie junior Nate fpur moretimes to end the. game Sports teaijis-donate to relief funds * * ^S^
McHale was outstanding with 32 winning 17-5 over Mercyhurst. Sports leagues, teams and players continue to donate to relief funds to aid victims of September 1 lth's terrorist
saves. With two of the team* s starters Mercyhurst is now 0-8 overall and attacks. Last Wednesday, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association contributed $5 million each.
missing this game, junior newcom- 0-2 in the College Water Polo Asso- NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said the league had raised about $ 1.5 million and expects the total to grow to
ers Doug Stupar, Darren Forgea and ciation South Division. $3 million. The NHL Players Association also donated $500,000. The U.S. Tennis Association announced a $1
Rob Long all got to see action in the Despite the winless season so far. million donation. Several NASCAR drivers joined a drive led by Rusty Wallace and Jeremy May field to raise
pool. Coach Kuzma is very proud of the money, also. ?
In Sunday's game at the Mercyhurst efforts of all the players^'They are
North East Aquatic Center, Wash- learning the game quickly. They have
ington & Jefferson took the early more heart then any other team that

Mercyhurst Students
lead scoring six goals in the first I've ever coached. We are learning
quarter. With 5:24 left to play in the and growing as a team. Our fan base
second quarter, Jacubczak scored the is growing and the comments from
first goal for Mercyhurst making the the parents and opposing coaches are
score 6-1. Washington & Jefferson very positive, so I guess we are headed
answered back with a goal 18 sec- in therightdirection," Kuzma said.
onds later. A penalty shot was then The Lakers will compete this
made by a Washington & Jefferson weekend against Washington &
player with 4:10 left in the second Jefferson, Slippery Rock, Grove
quarter to increase the lead 8-1. Wash- City and Penn State Behrend at the
ington & Jefferson then scored twice Grove City Invitational.

h :- • -.
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AllfMajors Welcome
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Just like any fraternity or sorority^ ArmyftQTCoffers team-
-work, camaraderie and friendship. Plus,' you'll get to do No Telemarketing
challenging stuff like this thai'H help prep you for the
real world. Stop by the Arm RQTC department waJwDj,
Call LeslieiASAP
Jnlike any othjr college course you can take Positions filling fast
Still toe to see what we are about
Call Captain Robinson: ZlVHSl^; 814-836-8970*




Field hockey improves record ko 5-3 defeating Millersville 6

"Unity is a word
By Mackenzie Dexter that describes our
Sports Editor team," junior Liz
Willson said. "Not
only did we work to-
The Mercyhurst field hockey team gether for the 6-0
defeated Millersville 6-0 in their first win against
home game on Tullio Field this past Millersville, but we
Saturday. showed bond and
The Lady Lakers, ranked seventh strength through the
nationally, improved their record to red, white and blue
5-3 with the win against Millersville. ribbons we wore in
Junior Fran Hollembaek started the honor of the trag-
scoring with her goal less than two edies that occurred
minutes into the game. Mercyhurst on September 11. I
scored three more times in the first think with this unity
half. Senior Laurie Sienkiewicz and we will pull together
juniors Marie 1 Zummo and Jeanna and win the rest of
Hart man n each added a goal to make Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer our games."
the score 4-0 going into halftime. Defender Christa Mancini dribbles the ball The Lady Lakers
Christa Mancini looks to pass the ball to teammate Mariel Zummo w

Sophomore Danielle Jerschefske past the Millersville team play at Wooster Col-
scored quickly in the second half to lege in Ohio Wednes-
increase the lead for Mercyhurst to Hartmann and Jerschefske each and goalie Summer Kraatz. Kraatz Mercyhurst. Kraatz played the first day, September 26 at 4 p.m. and will
5-0. Zummo then scored her second added assists throughout the game. and freshmen goalies Jennifer 52 minutes of the game and was cred- host Lock Haven, ranked first in the
goal of the game to finish up the scor- Playing excellent defense for the Coffman and Heidi Fetters combined ited with two saves. Mercyhurst nation, on Tullio Field Sunday, Sep-
ing. Junior Sarah D'Emilio, Zummo, Lady Lakers were juniors Sarah Hart in goal for the shutout for outshot Millersville 33-14. tember 30 at 1 p.m.

The Week'Ahead...
Senior Spotlight:
Cross Country i *
Laurie Sienkiewicz leads Laker field hockey a m
The men's and women's cross country teams will be racing at Walsh Uni
versity Friday, September 28. f•* » *
team in chase of national championship
Soccer \
The soccer teams will be hosting Northwood this Friday. The women will
By Mackenzie Dexter play first at 2 p.m. and the men will follow at 4 p.m. Sunday, the Women
Sports Editor will be hosting Northern Michigan at noon and the men will host West
Virginia Wesleyan at 2:30 p.m.
In four years, senior Laurie
Sienkiewicz has been able to help
build the Mercyhurst field hockey
Goif *% j J i : M
team into one of the best teams in The women's golf team will be traveling to Findlay to play Friday and
Division II. When the sport was re- Saturday.
vived at Mercyhurst in 1997, the
Lady Lakers finished in last place for
the division. In the past five years,
Volleyball | ! f 2
the team has become one of the best, The women's volleyball team will host Wayne State at 7 p.m. Friday and
now ranking seventh in the nation. Hillsdale at 4 p.m. Saturday. The team will also be hosting hometown
In her freshman year, Sienkiewicz rival Gannon Tuesday, October 2.
was one of the few players who had
experience playing the sport. She Tennis j >
started out as midfielder and was co- The women's tennis team will be traveling to Saginaw Valley State to
captain of the team. The team ended play 3 p.m. Friday afternoon. The Lady Lakers play at Northwood Satur-
the season with a 4-11 record. day at 10 a.m. i
In her sophomore year, the incom-
ing freshmen all had experience that
would help the team improve their
record to 8-9. Sienkiewicz .was Rowing 1 i ll 4
moved to forward and was one of the The Mercyhurst Alumni Race will take place on Findley Lake at 10:30
scoring leaders. a.m. Saturdays
As a junior, Sienkiewicz was the
second top scorer, helping to outscore f
the opponents 52-32. With 26 total Football* f ? ^ * v1 ?
points, she helped the Lady Lakers Annie Sitter/Me rciad photographer The Homecoming football game against Indianapolis will start at 1:30
earn their first winning season since Laurie Sienkiewicz takes the ball away from a Millersville player in p.m. Saturday on Tullio Field. **
the sport started in 1997, with a the 6-0 win Saturday
record of 13-6-1.
As the lone senior on the team, close to the top 5," Sienkiewicz said. tary education major at Mercyhurst.
Field Hockey *
The Lady Laker'sfieldhockey team will take on #1 ranked Lock Haven
Sienkiewicz has two goals and two Sienkiewicz* is originally from She was named to the 2000 National on Tullio Field Saturday at 1 p.m.
assists so far this season. She will be Webster, NY and attended Webster Field Hockey Coaches Association's
leading the team this season as they High School where she was recruited Division II National Academic
fight for a national championship. by coach Kevin Cooke. Squad, achieving a minimum GPAof Water Polo t
"In my four years here, we have Sienkiewicz is also a dual-athlete. 3.30 and having a starting position.
The men's water polo team will be participating in the Grove City Invita-
made unbelievable strides on this She is a top scorer for the women s She is planning to come back next
tional this weekend. The Lakers will be playing Washington & Jefferson
team. I never would have thought lacrosse team, with 36 total points for year to student teach in the fall and
at 6:45 p.m. Friday. Saturday, they will take on Grove City at 10:15 a.m.,
when I came here that we would start the 2001 spring season. then going on to graduate school at ;
Penn State Behrend at 4 p.m. and Slippery Rock at 7 p.m. * £• y4
out 26th in the nation and end up even Sienkiewicz is currently an elemen- SUNY Geneseo.

Centres d'intérêt liés