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Lisa C.

San Jose, CA 408-250-4214 lb6d7d3a@westpost.net
Objective: Senior Technical Writer
Summary of Qualifications:
I have had over 11 years of experience researching, writing, and editing printed
and online technical documents for hardware and software. I have converted prin
t and online documentation to an XML-based Help system, allowing for multiple ou
tput formats and improving overall usability. I have analyzed and filtered large
volumes of technical data into concise and accurate documentation. I am a creat
ive problem solver, good at meeting deadlines, working independently, gathering
information, and writing about technical applications.
Negotiated cooperation with various departments such as engineering, marketing,
QA testing, and legal to coordinate documentation details about new or updated p
Collaborated with publications team to convert print and online documentation to
an XML-based Help system, allowing for multiple output formats and improving ov
erall usability.
Understood and wrote about complex concepts and new technologies while meeting t
ight deadlines.
Designed feedback to engineering and marketing team members when the user interf
ace was incorrect, confusing or needed rewording which improved product usabilit
Enabled customers to realize various products' full value from first use through
expert use.
Wrote new material based on functional specifications, marketing requirements, a
nd interviews with subject matter experts.
Prepared technical manuals from product inception into various formats, such as
HTML, XML, Word, and PDF.
Investigated, reproduced, and reported product bugs. Discussed possible causes w
ith testers and programmers. Commonly found bugs in infrequently tested areas.
Professional Experience:
Palm, Inc. (contractor), Sunnyvale, CA, 8-2008 - 11-2008
Senior Technical Writer, Project Lead
Researched, wrote, and edited print and online documentation for Palm's mobile T
reo Smart Device.
Tested new Smartphone software with updated hardware and incorporated new conten
t into existing documentation.
Hewlett-Packard (contractor), Cupertino, CA 2000-2008
Senior Technical Writer, Project Lead
Researched, wrote, and edited print and online documentation for PC hardware and
Exercised project management skills to meet tight deadlines and to document last
-minute design changes.
Negotiated cooperation with various departments to coordinate documentation deta
ils about new or updated products. Gathered information and technical data from
component owners such as hardware and software engineers, marketing personnel, Q
A lab technical testers, legal department, and regional product managers.
Redesigned and rewrote HP's e-help files. Changed the structure, format, and con
tent to better fit customer usability and reduce customer calls. Wrote for begin
ner and advanced end-users.
Researched and wrote technical articles for the HP Customer Support Web site to
help customers use the hardware and software tools more efficiently.
Wrote software procedures and setup and troubleshooting topics for Help and Supp
ort desktop PC content. The content was targeted for several product lines acros
s multiple platforms.
Researched, outlined, and wrote new HP help files to complement the Vista E-help
for the Microsoft Vista operating system in 2007.
Served as an experienced lead writer who trained other writers in the group and
wrote complete documentation sets for high-profile new products.
Provided changes for the editorial style guide to ensure consistency between wri
ters and between products.
Compiled a detailed report analyzing HP's documentation with other PC vendors, s
uch as Dell, Gateway, and PC People's documentation. The report was used to anal
yze future documentation recommendations and needs.
Universal Oil Products, (UOP LLC), Des Plaines, IL, 1997-2000
Technical Writer, Editor, and Illustrator
Researched, wrote, edited, designed, and illustrated technical manuals, technica
l sales literature, Web site materials, and a departmental newsletter.
Gathered, analyzed, and compiled information through interviewing technical pers
onnel, reviewing specifications and other reference material, as well as working
with the equipment and control system software.
Created graphics to illustrate equipment and software features and functionality
Streamlined production of Training Simulations Department manuals.
Redesigned and rewrote important training materials for customer orientation mee
tings and field operator training sessions.
Served as a departmental resource for difficult software questions.
Technical Expertise:
Wrote in Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and Structured FrameMaker, Excel and A
Composed documentation in X-Metal, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Compiled HTML Help, an
d Adobe RoboHelp
Created graphics with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Snagit, Paint and Visio.
Worked with MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Macintosh operating systems.
Educational Background:
B.A. in English Literature, University of Illinois Champaign, Illinois, Dean's L
ist and graduated with English Department Distinction
Awards and Professional Development:
Earned a 2004 STC Award for the HP Digital Entertainment Center Media Center Sof
tware Guide
Beginning and Advanced Frame Maker class 2002
Effective Technical Writing Seminar in 2000
How to write User Manuals: A Technical Writing Workshop and Writing Effectively
in 1997
Right Writing, Proofreading and Following the Rules in 1996
Associations: Member, Society of Technical Communicators (STC) since 1999