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ee eno Cees el OT rms) STRATE Thar} Designers Developers: Editors: (Creative Director: Art Director: Cover Illustrator: Interior Illustrators Cartographer: “Typesetter: Graphic Designer: Business Manager Project Manager: Production Manager: BOOK OF CHALLENGES Dungeon Rooms, Puzzles, and Traps Credits DANtEL KAUFMAN, GWENDOLYN EM. KESTREL, ‘MIKE SELINKER, AND SKIP WILLIAMS ANDY COLLINS AND STAN! BRIAN CAMPBELL AND ANDY COLLINS Ep STARK Dawn MURIN Topp Locxwoop ‘Davip Day AND Wayne REYNOLDS Topp GAMBLE ERIN DORRIES ‘Dee BARNETT ANTHONY VALTERRA ‘Manrin DURHAM Cas DeLonc Playtesters and Inspirations: Peter Adkison, Wolfgang Baur, Tim Beach, Bob Blake, Brian Campbell Jason Carl, Michele Carter, Andy Collins, Adam Conus, Monte Cook, Mike Davis, Mike Donais, Dale Donovan, Brian Drolet, David Eckelberry James Emest, Rick Fish, Evon Fuerst, Cory J. Herndon, Matt Hyra, Michael Lee, Rob Lightner, ‘Angel Leigh McCoy, Will McDermott, Todd Meyer, Tyson Moyer, Rei Nakazawa, David Noonan, Rasmus Pechuel, Lenny Raymond, Rich Redman, Thomas M. Reid, Monica Shellman, Mat Smith, Douglas Steves, Ken Swanson, Christine Tromba, Jonathan Tweet, Jessica Verweij-Anderson, Maggie Vining, Mark Waldron, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Penny Williams, Teeuwynn Woodruff, Warren Wyman, Justin Ziran, and the players of “Jigsaw” and M:TAG. Based on the original DuNcEONs & Dzacons® rules created by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and the new »ss & Daacos game designed by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Richard Baker, and Peter Adkison Duna This Wizanbs oF THE Const® game product contains no Open Game Content. No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without writen permission. To learn more about the Open Gaming License and the 420 System License, please visit wuwnewizards.com/d20. Information on making puzzles for D&D® games is summarized from the articles “Power Word Baffle in Dracon*® Magazine #271 and "Logic Missiles” in DiAGON Magazine #282, both by Mike Selinker, (quonanny ona ‘Cuora ise tatert ve iy Wa ae ant re he okie by fr Ort wot by Wid he on, nega dab 2 sunovtan weaoguanres he ee rte prison of Wid of he oe CONTENTS. TABLE OF The DM's Dirty Little Secret es How to Use This Book.-3 Running a Clever Dungeon Room 3 Running a Clever Puzile ss# Running a Clever Tap 4 Encounter Levels of Concurrent Traps nnn Ten Indispensable Spells.....0...5 Scaling Challenges Down .runu6 Encounters. ELT ‘A Familiar Situation 7 eL2 Close Quarters 3 Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty onoc10 Temple of Draxion.vnonnnul eL3 Bugbear Pit Fight sossnnouelS No Loose Ends... a7; Pool of Endless Froglings....18 ELA Capstan Water Trap.snnucsnn21 Curse of Iron. a Mimic Madness DA es Dark Water Trap .nsnsnnrnw 26 Displacer Beast Maze unu-27 Trouble Cubed. 29 Watery Grave wnisennnenean30 eL6 All ofthe Treasure, None of the Traps 32 Cubical Kennel eae Grotto of the Shocker Lizards ae Hill Giant Madness 37 eL7 ‘An Object Lesson. 38 Fire and Water. Al Fool Me Once .. AS Troll and Pets 46 es ‘Chuk's Magik Shopp@...o.47 Dropping like a Stone... Jann Lair Warding of the Dead. eL9 'A Light in the Dath..nonun Dealing with the Cage Trap... Avaard’s Dilemma Ladies of the Lake.. Watch Your Balance... £L10 Cave of the Snake More than Meets the Eye Path of Deceit Shambling Death an Formidable Opposition .... In Media Res. Release the Hounds Zyphur's Cryptic Spelibook. ELIZ Just Passing Through Medusa’s Traveling Casino... With a Little Help from My Friends. eL13 Dark Hunt Simply Shocking eu ‘Safe and Sound Tangled Webs es Beholder Dome... Riddles and Prizes EL16 ‘Twelve Heads Are Better than One eu Where's the Party? EL18 Primary Thinking. EL19 “Towering Dead £20 Thrice Be Damned eL22 Blown Away Map Legend. 91 BB 95 96 9B 101 ol 04 107 no M3 sol 6 18 123 127 Advice for the DM Advancing Monsters 78 Adventuring in Three Dimensions 30 But | Know the Trap Is There! a2 Cover and Spread Effects... 74 CrypOBEAIMS oe rnsenemnrnn BL Familiars a8 SCOUtS snnnonn 57 Fighting in Cramped Quarters snssd Fighting while Climbing.......-63 High-Level Preparation The DM. 122 High-Level Preparation: The Players: 322 How to Win Friends and Influence PCS.vornnsoninn92 Incorporeal Creatures in Combat. 87 Letter Addition Puzzles ...23 Logic Problems. AS Making a Deceitful Sales Pitch 49 Mapping and Mazes .oonsnn27 Mazes and High-Level Characters. sosonieel 2 Maze .onnn A Nonlethal Combat 9 Playing Monsters Smarter Than You... 68 Riddles 106 Running Multiple-Opponent ENCOUMBETS nensnnnnann 9S The Soothing Approach vwnunaT Strange Bedfellows .cwonsnnuAT Underwater Moverent and Combet . n Combat Adjustments for Water n Using Antimagic ZoneS wn. 79 Variant: What Disabling a Device Means... 33 When Good Battles Good......35