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Cargill, Dayton, Ohio 2007 a" 2010

Maintenance Manager
- Oversaw all aspects of maintenance for an 185,000 bushel/day corn wet milling
- Directly managed 6 salaried, 18 union reliability technicians and a maintenanc
e workforce over 100 employees safely performing scheduled, proactive, and proje
ct maintenance.
- Ensured total warehousing, security, and food safety in all facets of processi
- Employed change management to increase employee engagement to an all-time high
of 85%.
- Developed and managed the $28MM annual maintenance budget providing constant o
versight and updates to ensure compliance.
- Optimized and aligned the Reliability Teamsa approach in proactive technologie
s; vibration and oil analysis, infrared, motor circuit analysis, ultrasound and
thermography which made a dramatic turnaround in asset health.
- Brought all maintenance contractors under written contract to improve cost man
agement, accountabilities and effectiveness/efficiency.
- Coordinated with five sister plants in sharing best practices, communicating s
uccesses, and assisting with support personnel or resources.
Suburban Energy, Grand Gorge, New York 2004 a" 2006
Maintenance Manager
- Consulted with customers to determine HVAC needs and offered superior service
and support.
- Managed service department operations including budgeting and scheduling.
- Planned installations and maintenance procedures and resolved in-house and pro
ject-related issues.
- Ordered equipment and supplies, and controlled inventory of the terminal wareh
ouse and service vans.
- Supervised and motivated 8 technicians while tracking progress on each project
- Exceeded profit standards by achieving 45% profit margin for new installations
- Successfully revitalized the department to restore profitability after several
years of losses.
- Maintained full accountability for the accuracy and integrity of work orders,
installations and repairs, pricing, and invoices.
- Developed a strong team and provided hands-on training to improve performance
and customer service.
Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Plattsburg, New York 2000 a" 200
Maintenance Superintendent
- Ensured seamless and safe operation of all equipment and tools used in manufac
turing consumer paper products.
- Led 5 supervisors and 45 union technicians to sustain the 24/7 business.
- Introduced maintenance and repair strategies focused on increasing equipment f
unctionality and up-time.
- Oversaw fleet of 54 tow-motors, as well as shipping equipment and grounds.
- Established and implemented an effective preventative and predictive maintenan
ce program.
- Developed, managed, and provided attentive cost management to optimize the $1.
5 million budget.
- Significantly reduced downtime through preventative programs and coordinated p
lanned outages with vendors, contractors, technicians, and operators.