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Personal Information

William B Bayard (Bill)

Cell: 713-398-8201
Seeking Position
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Senior World Class Project Commissioning Startup Director Manager Engineer
Senior World Class Project Facility Director Manager Engineer
Senior World Class Project Facility Engineering VP Director Manager
Senior World Class Project Facility Construction VP Director Manager Engineer
Seeking Industries
Oil and Gas Production, Onshore / Offshore
Refining, Geothermal. Energy, Chemical, Utilities, Engineering, Construction
Overall Experience +30 Years
World Class Project Commissioning Manager - Latest Assignment
Senior Project Manager
Facility Project Engineer
My latest project, assigned as the FCO Manager (Marathon Garyville Major Expansi
on, World Class refining project, $3.7 Billion) to define and implement testing,
documenting and acceptance of all disciplines of construction, installation, an
d interfacing of components, systems and startup modules (SUMs). All testing le
vels documented with tailored procedures and signoff forms. The GME project com
pleted successfully in January 2010.
In the energy business, facility quality and safety is paramount through each ph
ase of design, construction, startup, then in ongoing operations and maintenance
. Throughout my professional career, I have mainly functioned as senior facilit
y project engineer and project manager, both as a consultant and employee of an
oil company. Thought out these projects, I have been developing and implementin
g commissioning acceptance methods, typically from the project's beginning (FEED
, design) through construction, hookup, completion and through steady state oper
ations' start-up; in upstream oil and gas offshore drilling and production facil
ities, geothermal gathering facilities and in downstream refining projects.
The commissioning program I authored, for Marathon Petroleum Company, is called
Functional Check Out (FCO) and is currently being used throughout its major refi
ning projects. In general, FCO ensures that all individual components, systems a
nd start up modules are completed, verified and documented ready for steady oper
ations as designed and constructed.
*In-depth knowledge of:
o Systematic approaches to world-scale project commissioning and startup operati
ons management planning and execution
o Commissioning standards, best practices, project specifications, and appropria
te safety criteria
o Oil and gas onshore / offshore, geothermal and refining facility engineering,
construction, commissioning and initial operations
o Broad multi-discipline engineering knowledge of oil, gas, geothermal, and refi
ning facilities
* Strong understanding of project management and execution, engineering, constru
ction, commissioning and completion practices
* Past experience in and the ability to lead / manage Systems Completion activit
* Previous successful leadership role during mechanical completion, commissionin
g, operations planning, and start-up
* Expert technical skills and judgment
* Outstanding communication written and verbal communication skills
* Project FEED, execution, construction, hookup, completion, commissioning and s
tartup experience
* Demonstrated ability to develop successful working relationships as a team pla
Senior Facility Project Engineer (Refining, Oil and Gas Production, Geothermal)
Company: Marathon Oil Company (consultant); Aminoil (employee)
Location: Houston, TX; Garyville, LA; Lafayette, LA; Santa Rosa, CA
Field and Project Engineer of design, construction and start-ups of upstream off
shore oil and gas drilling and production facilities and downstream refining pro
jects ($100MM - $500MM)
General duties included:
* Prepare conceptual, analysis, feed, and execution packages
* Deliver project quality, safety, operability, maintainability and environmenta
l scope requirements within funding and scheduling limitations
* Coordinate with business unit process, operations, maintenance, safety and env
ironmental project representatives
* Manage appropriate staffing from available resources and / or recruit / assign
staffing for various project phases and roles of responsibility
* Consult with team members to outline goals, limitations, plans, responsibiliti
es and duties.
* Review, recommend, approve engineering, construction and procurement contract
* Monitor and direct contract administration, project execution activities, stat
us reports, work plans to ensure progresses within budget within schedule.
* Consult with staff to advise and provide technical resolutions to problems.
* Mitigates risk through significant design, logistics, construction and startup
* Evaluate and prepare contingency plans to meet objectives
* Evaluate and approve / reject benefits of change
Manager of Special Projects
Company: Aminoil USA (purchased by Phillips Oil)
Location: Houston, TX
Instrumental in forming a centralized construction department, while implementin
g standards and controls (initializing FCO), then appointed as the special manag
er of Production Accounting and Reporting corporate system (PARs), reporting to
an operations manager and a steering committee.
Authority included:
* Project AFE limit signature authority
* Non-budged emergency funding authority
As manager of PARs, I gain extensive experience in following corporate oil and g
as accounting systems:
* Oil and gas revenue accounting systems
* Engineering and operation production monitoring
* Preventive maintenance and work over scheduling
* Gas and liquid volumes data bases
* Contract Oil & Gas System for pricing and dedication (contract volume over(s)
/ under(s))
* Well down time data bases
Overall Work History
13 years working as an employee with Aminoil USA assigned initially as electrica
l field engineer, then project engineer, then finally a manager of special proje
cts. At the end of this period, Phillips Oil purchased Aminoil USA.
Rejecting three full time jobs (facility engineering design, construction engine
er and accounting development specialist (related to PARs), I elected to become
self employed to work within the energy industry as a consultant.
As a consult, I was assigned as a project engineer / manager for EPC firms (Must
ang, Aker Marine) working on upstream offshore projects. For the last 12 years,
I worked as a consultant strictly for Marathon Oil Company (as a Marathon Oil r
epresentative) in the capacity as a project engineer and FCO manager in downstre
am refining projects. The job ended and I am currently seeking my next position.
Marathon Oil Company, GME project, Garyville LA
Job Title: FCO (commissioning) Manager; consultant representing Marathon
Job Title: Facility Project Engineer; consultant representing Marathon
Worked as a Consultant, for Marathon Oil Company for 12 years; assigned initiall
y as a project engineer and later as startup and commissioning manager (FCO).
Latest project, GME (Garyville Major Expansion) assigned as Manager FCO (commiss
ion and startup for the overall project) for a new grass roots refinery expansio
n $3.7B. The FEED phase began in March 2006, the project ended successfully Jan
uary 2010.
Earlier, projects with Marathon assigned as Project Engineer typically from proj
ect beginning (FEED) through design, construction and startup. At time assigned
as both project engineer and startup engineer manager. Individual projects co
nsisting of DHT, GDU, Coker, Propylene Units (all in Garyville LA) and FCCU Expa
nsion (in Texas City TX refinery).
Partial Project Listing - Consultant
Location: Houston, TX
Job Title: Facility Project Engineer, FCO (commissioning) Manager; consultant
Note1: ARCO Oil and Gas Company Yacheng 13-1, China Sea FCO Project Manager of $
1.6B project consisting of one offshore platform and two onshore facilities (Ha
nian Island and Hong Kong) linked by a satellite.
Note2: Texaco Oil Company Bagre Field Development, Angola Africa Project Facilit
ies Engineer responsible for overall onshore and seven offshore facilities and a
ssociated well protector platforms producing sour crude (35,000 BOPD) complete w
ith all life support, process utilities and power generation (with heat a recove
ry system).
Note3: Vico Energy Company (Huffco) assigned as Sr. Project Engineer to engineer
and design for constructing Semberah and Mutiara oil and gas production field(s
) in Indonesia, designed to gather and produce 20,000 BOPD and 100MM of gas. The
sites were carved out of the jungles of Borneo requiring power generation / dis
tribution, housing, recreational facilities, and storage.
Up Stream Offshore / Geothermal / Special Project PARS
Company: Employee of Aminoil USA (purchased by Phillips Oil)
Location: Houston, TX; Santa Rosa, CA, Lafayette, LA
Note1: During this period, as Field Engineer and Project Engineer, assigned as p
art of a 5-man team, to design / construct / install and start up some 30+ offsh
ore Gulf of Mexico drilling and production platforms within depths were ranging
from 125 feet to 350 feet. Oil and Gas typically consisted of well test separa
tion, gas compression with dehydration trains and metering with production rates
ranging from 50MM to 300 MMSCF per day. A typical oil facility would include w
ell test and production separation and oil treating equipment with production ra
tes ranging from 5,000 BOPD to 20,000 BOPD.
Note2: As Instrument Project Engineer, transferred to Santa Rosa CA, to particip
ate in the design, construction and startup of geothermal facilities located in
Middletown, CA. The facility gathered 3 million pounds of superheated (400 F) st
eam from 22 geothermal wells by supporting 5 miles of above ground insulated gat
hering lines to generate 142 megawatts of electrical power. The steam would be
condensed and returned back to the gathering system for re-injection into the ge
othermal formations.
Note3: Assigned as Project Manager of the Special Project named PARS, accounting
volume determination system, to develop and implement. In this position, I rep
orted to the Manager of Operations and to a Project Steering Committee consistin
g of the VP of Engineering, VP Finance, and all Area Managers.
Location: University of Southwestern Louisiana
Location: Lafayette, LA
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
MS office
Skill Level: Expert
Skill Usage: Use Daily
Notes: Word, Access, Excel, Power Point, Visual Basic macros
Awards & Recognition
SPE 9924 Remote Control of a Geothermal
Notes: Co-Author of SPE 9924 Remote Control of a Geothermal Steam Pipeline for a
bove project Note2.
Job Location
1st preference is Houston, TX.
2nd preference is any US location
3rd preference is any World location
Job Type
1st preference is Permanent
2nd preference is Contract Long Term
3rd preference is Contract Short Term