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Mark D. Milich
3150 N. Blue Springs Ave
Meridian Idaho, 83606
(208) 989-9633 Cell (208) 454-4646 Work
Systems Development Lean Manufacturing Supply Chain Management
ASQ Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence with 20 + years of
experience in the development and maintenance of Quality systems within FAA, FDA
, & USDA regulated manufacturing environments. Solution and goal oriented with
extensive background in green field quality systems development, problem solving
and project management. Customer focused with a strong emphasis on cross functi
onal cooperation in support of process improvement, problem solving and developm
ental activities. Skilled in all facets of Quality in manufacturing, including
best practices, hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), supply chai
n management, systems documentation, root cause analysis, process improvement, H
R issues and development of high-performance work teams. Open to travel and relo
cation. Core competencies include:
Quality Systems Development Team Building/Training & Development
Lean Manufacturing Project Management
Strategic Planning/Business Planning Supply Chain Management
Process Improvement Root Cause Analysis/Problem Solving
Labor Relations Quality Systems Oversight


J R Simplot Company, Boise, ID

Quality Manager Supply Chain, May 2008 Present
Recruited by the J R Simplot company to manage, structure, and document the Supp
lier Management System; to play the lead role in the development of structured,
documented supplier quality policies, processes and procedures at the corporate
level. Responsibilities include the qualification of new suppliers, participati
on on product development teams as the responsible Quality Assurance expert and
coordinator, monitoring and management of the quality performance of all ingredi
ent suppliers and co-manufacturers over a wide range of food product and ingredi
ent types, Specification management, and coordination with the Purchasing organi
zation regarding any quality issue related to suppliers of food ingredients (fru
its, vegetables, meats, sauces, chemical additives, processing aids, etc) and fo
od contact packaging. Position requires extensive travel 25 50% and frequent e
valuation and audit activity related to a wide range of food manufacturing proce
sses to assure food safety, food defense, and compliance to company and regulato
ry requirements.
Selected Accomplishments:
Conducted 25 supplier qualification audits and supplier evaluations within the
first year including audits of facilities in Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and Canada.
Created the Formal Supplier requirements document which defined the basic requi
rements to be met by the Suppliers quality system and provided for their written
agreement to comply with those requirements including the posting of ICIX docu
Rewrote the Supplier Quality Manual which defined the J R Simplot requirements
for suppliers of ingredients, food contact packaging and food grade processing a
ids. This effort included the development and documentation of risk analysis cri
teria, Supplier Classification, and methodology for the qualification of new sup
Rewrote the Supplier Questionnaire, which is the desk audit required of prospec
tive suppliers to be used in determining the need for a site audit.
Developed a formal Supplier audit checklist used to perform and document Suppli
er evaluation and qualification activities. Effort included the development of
an objective scoring system.
Wrote procedures for the documentation of Non-conforming conditions including
a reporting format; the documentation of Corrective Action requests including a
tracking system and reporting format; the coordination and approval of ingredien
t specifications including supplier coordination and approval of initial releas
es and subsequent changes; and developed a documented format for the establishme
nt of Supplier (Co-manufacturer) Monitoring Plans.
Developed and documented the Co-manufacturing Quality Manual that established q
uality system requirements and reporting for Joint Ventures, Co-packagers, and T
oll-pack operations.
Revised and updated the Approved Supplier List (250+ suppliers) in coordination
with Corporate Purchasing.
Operated as the J R Simplot companys only Supply Chain Quality Manager for Ingr
edients and materials feeding JRS and most co-manufacturing operations (except f
or raw potatoes).
Developed a centralized, electronic Share Point based (company intranet) Supp
lier Management system for the maintenance and retention of supplier related qua
lity information including corrective action, system documentation, individual s
upplier folders, audit data, etc.

WhiteWave Foods, Broomfield, Co.

Quality Manager Supply Chain, May 2007 May 2008
Recruited by WhiteWave Foods to manage and improve the quality performance of ke
y suppliers; to play a lead role in the development of structured, documented qu
ality policies, processes and procedures at both corporate and plant levels; and
to assist in the identification of new suppliers and support new product develo
pment. . Responsible for monitoring and managing the quality performance of 16
Cheese plants, Co-packagers, Whey and powdered ingredient suppliers, and indepe
ndent warehouses. All must comply with Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GM
Ps) and 7 CFR 205 for processing, labeling and handling or organic food products
Selected accomplishments:
Successfully elevated quality issues and coordinated with cheese suppliers to y
ield a 61% reduction in consumer complaints over the previous year.
Evaluated 4 new cheese suppliers and two independent warehouses, certifying 3 p
roducers for production and failing one for failing to produce to acceptable sta
ndards during production trials.
Participated in the evaluation of prospective suppliers for products under deve
lopment. Reviewed production processes and alternative products for possible ad
dition to the WhiteWave product line.
Developed a Quality systems gap analysis for independent and internal warehouse
s to begin the development of documented organic systems compliant quality contr
ol processes within each warehouse. Simplified the evaluation criteria for ware
houses to focus on only the essential quality systems elements required to maint
ain control of organic products stored in those facilities.
Successfully certified through the FDA in thermal processing methods including
retort operations, microbiology of canning, Food container handling, Principles
of thermal processing, records of product Protection, Aseptic Processing and Pac
kaging Operations, Acidified Foods, Glass and Metal container inspections.
Successfully certified by the Independent Organic inspectors Association in Org
anic Processing inspection.
Sorrento Lactalis, Nampa, Idaho.
Quality Systems Manager, October 2001 May 2007
Hired by Sorrento Lactalis to develop and implement ISO 9000-2001 compliant qual
ity systems within the Nampa Idaho Mozzarella Cheese Plant and assist with the d
evelopment and documentation of the corporate level quality system. The positio
n was expanded to include project management, root cause analysis, problem solvi
ng, and special projects.
Selected accomplishments:
Developed and managed the document control system for the Nampa facility.
Successfully managed the establishment and documentation of process controls an
d ISO compliant documentation of the major manufacturing processes within the Na
mpa facility.
Developed and established First Article Inspection and First Part Check process
es in the packaging lines reducing packaging related customer complaints by 70%
Developed and established the GMP training program for New employees.
Developed and established the Quality 101 Management training program for the N
ampa facility. Taught the course until departure.
Locally project managed the installation of six new Scherping cheese vats, two
new Mozzarella Retail lines, the movement and installation of new milk and cream
silos, The installation of a fire suppression system in the Dry goods warehouse
, and the local construction and implementation of a new string cheese facility
at he Nampa Plant.
Established and lead a cross functional problem solving team which developed th
e root cause analysis for a sweet cream contamination problem which threatened t
he loss of a multi million dollar per year contract with a major national custom
Used a cross functional team approach to coordinate the investigation into an e
xcess moisture and fat pocket problem which lead to a temporary suspension of bu
siness with a major national customer and cost the company a two million dollar
loss for the year. Developed and documented the process controls to prevent the
problem, trained area personnel and performed verification audits for several m
onths to assure changes were properly implemented. The problem was eliminated a
nd there were no additional complaints for the noted issues.
Western Electronics, Meridian, Idaho.
SR Corporate Quality Engineer, Dec 2000 Oct 2001
Hired from out of state and tasked with a wide range of duties in support of a r
apidly expanding Quality System. This company had recently become a corporation
and was expanding through acquisition. I was instrumental in support of an int
ense ISO 9002 implementation effort covering 5 facilities in three different sta
tes. The Corporation and its Meridian site received ISO 9002 registration throu
gh BSI (British Standards Institute) in July of 2001.
Selected accomplishments:
Leadership of cross functional teams to develop, implement and document process
controls and standardized processes compliant with ISO 9002 requirements.
Responsible for documented corrective action for any third party audit finding
Responsible for coordinating corrective action with suppliers for supply chain
Responsible for coordinating responses to customer complaints and assuring proc
ess improvements to reduce or eliminate reported problems.
Osmonics Zyzateck, Kent, WA.
Manager, Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance, March 2000 2001
Hired as a Regulatory Affairs / Quality Assurance Supervisor at Osmonics/Zyzatec
, a class II medical device manufacturer marketing FDA regulated water purificat
ion systems for dialysis. I was tasked with coordinating the development and im
plementation of an ISO 9001compliant Quality System, implementation of an Intern
al Audit process, corrective action for QSIT (FDA) findings, MRB, and daily Qual
ity System management. I also managed Inspection and QA/RA support personnel.
Managed a staff of 15 salaried and hourly personnel
Selected accomplishments:
Streamlined the Material Review Process and reduced response time to customer c
Lead a cross functional problem solving team to identify and eliminate leaks in
finished RO systems.
Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Various, WA.
Various, 1979 1999
18 years of service in various capacities with extensive experience in all phase
s of manufacturing quality systems: Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Assurance
Supervisor, Program Administrator Internal Review, Internal Auditor (quality),
Quality Systems Analyst, Lead Inspector, and Line Inspector. Major accomplishm
ents include several ISO 9000 (9001,9002) implementation efforts, lean manufactu
ring initiatives and a green field quality system implementation
Selected accomplishments:
QA Manager/Supervisor
As a QA supervisor managed the implementation of Total Quality Maintenance for
Non-destructive test equipment (Ultrasonic), reorganization of the Quality organ
ization in support of lean manufacturing, coordination and first level authority
for all Material Review Board activities. Developed a structured interview sco
ring system and candidate pool for all interviews and hiring, eliminating a majo
r source of EEO complaints. Managed 46 hourly and salary direct reports.
Managed MBU supply chain through the assignment of visiting inspectors and over
sight of data generated from the supplier audit group. Coordinated with suppli
ers on problem issues as identified by manufacturing and MRB activity.
Instituted weekly management meetings opening lines of communication and improv
ing operational efficiencies and problem-resolution including a 10% reduction in
Responsible for managing the administrative affairs for inspection personnel an
d assuring the integrity of the Quality System by providing independent oversigh
t for, and assisting Manufacturing in, Quality System and Quality Improvement re
lated activities in a transition to Lean Manufacturing.
the implementation and development of the core business team for our MBUs (Manu
facturing Business Unit) Quality Assurance organization (QA), hiring of QA perso
nnel, training and development, budget and organizational DOP activities, and co
ordination of our organizations initiatives in support of the MBUs Lean impleme
As a QA Supervisor, selected as one of two candidates for the M2 management dev
elopment program from the Fabrication Division.
QA Supervisor, Structural Composites Auburn, WA. 1995-1999
Program Administrator Internal Review, Boeing Spokane Spokane, WA. 1994 - 1995
Lead Inspector, Boeing Spokane, Spokane, WA. 1990-1994
Quality Systems Analyst, Boeing Spokane, Spokane, WA. 1988-1990
Line Inspector, Welded Duct / Welded Structures Boeing Fabrication Division, Au
burn, WA 1985 1988
Production Control Operator, Boeing Flight Test, WA 1979 - 1982


Associates Degree in Political Science (1984) Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) Cert # 11306
American Society for Quality
Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) Cert #: 12498 American Society for Quality Lap
sed, currently scheduled to retake the exam 3/10
FDA QSR/GMP Overview (QSR 101) (2000)
HACCP for Medical Devices Training Course (2000) Kemah, TX
HACCP for Dairy Industry University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (2004)
Certified Aseptic Packaging and Thermal Processing Texas A&M Oct 2007
Certified Organic Processing Inspection IOIA Nov 2007
Spanish Speaking - LDS mission in Mexico 1975 to 1977)