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Home: 901-475-6907
Cell: 901-606-4067
Email: kp906232@westpost.net
Career Profile:
A highly talented, skilled and dynamic educational leader with sixteen years of
experience in motivating a learning environment and developing staff and student
s. Proven track record in maintaining excellent educational environment, increas
ing student's academics and in collaborating with school communities. Looking fo
r a challenging position to utilize my skills and proficiency in the educational
, professional field.
Professional strengths:
* Possess in-depth knowledge of school law, curriculum and performance standard
* Experience in disaggregating assessment scores and data
* Possess excellent leadership qualities and team building skills
* In-depth knowledge of classroom evaluation and school administration
* Possess exceptional verbal communication skills with the ability to address a
variety of listening audiences
* Experience in assisting the school principal in the management, administration
and general operations of the school and it's overall function
* Follows personal vision and mission statement : "KEEP YOURSELF ABOVE REPROACH"
* Possess outstanding management and organizational skills
* Ability to introduce new policies effectively on school safety and security
* Possess ability to effectively monitor daily student movement throughout schoo
l and behavior
Professional Experience:
AUG. 2004- current
Assistant principal /Athletic Director
* Handles the tasks of reviewing assessments to ensure sufficient growth
* Assists teachers in lesson planning and classroom activities.
* Responsible for completing teacher evaluations and walk-through's and Conducts
pre and post conferences with teaching staff to review evaluations and observat
* Designs and implements systems for tracking students performance for the purpo
se bettering state standardized assessments
* Conducts conferences with parents, teachers and students
* Involves comprehensive input of school counselors, social workers, psychologis
ts and nurses to evaluate the needs and challenges of correcting behavior of stu
dents in the school and on the bus
* Supervises 11 support personnel, 33 teachers and more than 800 students
* As athletic director responsible for overseeing all athletic clubs, and events
as well as distribution of funds.


1993 - 2004
Classroom teacher
* Introduced Peer Observation Program for teachers to enhance classroom manageme
nt skills
* Responsible for designing lesson plans and provided proven data on teaching s
tandards in the classroom
* Established competent resolution of personal classroom discipline by maintain
ing open communication and conducting parent conferences
* Handled the tasks of monitoring academic performance of students and provided
guidelines to individual students when needed
* Communicated well with parents and played the role of "mentor" to students
* Worked closely with the principal to ensure smooth and effective running of th
e school
* Demonstrated ability to receive suggestions and constructive criticism provide
d by colleagues and administrators to improve classroom techniques and environme
Educational Summary:
* M,S., Masters in Education, Trevecca University, Nashville, TN. (2000)
* B.S. , Health and Physical Education, Union University, Jackson TN. (1993)
* Tennessee Teacher's Professional License
o Endorsement Areas: History (7-12), Health (K-12), General science (7-12), Phy
sical Education (K-12th)
* Highly Qualified Areas: History (7-12), Health (K-12), Physical Education (K-1
* Career Ladder I
* Nominated Teacher of the Year (1996)
* Awarded 21st Century Teacher (1996)
Personal Details:
* Date of Birth: 10/8/66
* Employment status: Full time
* Marital status: Married
Available on request