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Great Waves of change are now converging upon the entire human family, creating a situation unprece-
dented in human history. The Great Waves include climate change, violent weather, diminishing energy re-
sources, decline in food production, economic instability, pandemic disease and the growing threat of competi-
tion, conflict and war over the world’s remaining resources. The Great Waves will create immense instability
around the world, even in wealthy nations. Recognizing and preparing for the Great Waves represents the
great need of our time.

Consider the following guidelines and recommendations to help you prepare for the difficult times to come
and for a future that will be unlike the past.

1) Reduce your energy use as much as possible, even by 50% if that can be done.

2) Maintain a supply of food and water to prepare for difficulties ahead. Ninety days’ worth of food would
be most appropriate.

3) Consider where you live in light of the Great Waves of change. In your current location, are you able and
willing to travel without the use of an automobile? Will you be able to assist others given your current
circumstances? Will you be ready to help others in times of need, or will you yourself be in jeopardy?

4) It is important that you unite with others, with your friends and neighbors, and help educate them about
the Great Waves of change. The more people around you who are aware, the better prepared your com-
munity will be.

5) It is quite important that you support your local merchants, farmers and producers, for they will be sig-
nificant resources in the future when the ability to transport goods and services will be far more limited
than it is today.

6) It is important that you have strong relationships that can help you in this preparation. Are those close to
you responding to the Great Waves, or do you find yourself having to persuade and convince them?

7) It is recommended that you consider your profession and ask yourself these important questions, “Will
my line of work be sustainable in the years ahead given the constraints on energy and food and other re-
sources? Is my profession or line of work involved with providing or servicing real needs or does it in-
volve products or services which are non-essential and may not be sustained in the difficult times ahead?”

8) It is recommended that you reassess your goals and plans to see if these are really going to be possible in
a radically changing world. Ask yourself, “In a world of diminishing resources, a world of environmental
degradation, a world of economic hardship, are my plans and goals practical and viable, given these cir-

9) It is recommended that you learn to follow Knowledge—the deeper spiritual intelligence within you—to
recognize the Great Waves of change that are coming and to learn about them so that you can become
informed and prepared.

10) It is essential that you not succumb to fear and believe that you have no power in the face of these great
changes. For you have the power of Knowledge within you to guide and protect you, if you can follow it.
Your experience of Knowledge or inner knowing will enable you to set a new direction, evaluate problems
and make wise decisions in the face of growing uncertainty around you. Knowledge is God’s greatest gift
to you and it is meant to powerfully arise in times such as this. It may take the form of an image, a pow-
erful insight or a persisting feeling that does not go away.

Indeed, the Great Waves of change that are coming have everything to do with why you are here in the
world today. But there must be a great reckoning. You must face these great challenges as clearly and as
objectively as possible to see the connection between your greater work in the world, the constraints of
your life as they now exist and the great changes that are coming.

11) It is recommended that you not complain about the events occurring around you, but instead use your
time and energy, your thoughts and resources, to prepare yourself, to prepare others and to strengthen
your connection to Knowledge. You must be a catalyst for change and not rely upon consensus or agree-
ment from others. This self-reliance and the strength of Knowledge within you may well save your life.

12) You must have great faith in Knowledge within yourself and within humanity as a whole. Otherwise, the
Great Waves will seem overwhelming—too great to consider, too great to prepare for, too great to navi-
gate. And you will simply give up and feel defeated before the real trials appear.

13) You must have this confidence, and you gain confidence by seeing what is necessary and taking ac-
tion—by doing small things, everything you can see to do, step by step, to prepare yourself—to prepare
your mind, to prepare your circumstances, to prepare your home and to prepare your relationships.

14) Recognize that you are entering a time of great challenge and change in the world and that this challenge
and change will make you strong and will call out of you the greater gifts that you have been sent into the
world to give. For you have come into the world on a mission, and the reality of that mission is contained
within Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within you, waiting to be discovered.

The recommendations above are a small part of the gift of preparation that is provided in a new Revela-
tion for humanity—a New Message from God. The New Message is unlike anything that has ever been given
to humanity before. It has come at a time where humanity stands at a juncture where it must choose whether
to fight, struggle and face decline or to cooperate in order to weather the Great Waves of change and to build
a new future for the human family and for the preservation of the natural world.

There is a New Message from God in the world. It began to be received in 1984 under remarkable circum-
stances and continues to be received to this day. It is my burden and responsibility to present this great gift to
the world.

I invite you to explore the New Message and its immense wisdom and guidance for your life at this great
turning point.

Marshall Vian Summers






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