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created by breanna radermacher

Andrei Cojocaru 01
Becca Stadtlander 05
Caelan Hughes 09
Carly Mckown 13
Danielle Suzanne 17
Emilie Björk 21
Gerald Larocque 25
John Troxel 29
Julie Lánsöm 33
Paula Pire 37
Rachel Souza 41
Wil Freeborn 45

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paris, france

M y n a m e i s A n d r e i , I’m 23, playing with shapes, colors, & letters so

I work in advertising and for a couple of years one day I just started making collages!
I have been doing collages in my spare time. I I’ve decided I needed a job that would
mostly do hand made stuff but also appreciate provide a steady income but which also
the endless possibilities offered by digital collages. had an artistic aspect, so advertising
I don’t have any artistic training but thanks to became my path – though I work as
my work I am surrounded everyday by very an account executive, not a creative,
talented and inspiring people and this makes it’s the next best thing. ;)
me want to explore new realms: video editing,
photography, illustration, screenprinting…if only I Right now I want to find time to make
had enough time to try all of these! more collages, try new techniques,
incorporate more of the things I like in
I was born in Bucharest in 1987, I’ve been my work but also explore new areas of
living in Paris since 2003. After high school I’ve artistic expression, I have got the thirst
made a bad move starting to study Law – I’ve to create!
hated every minute of it! I eventually graduated
with a degree in International Law from the I have done a few collaborations and
Sorbonne University, but knowing I would never contributions to (online) art projects but
work in any field related to law. Although I had I would love to do more, so if anybody
never had any artistic endeavors (apart from a is interested to work with me or has an
brief stint in the beautiful world of graffiti in interesting proposition, drop me a line!
my teen years), I always had a penchant for
i always had a penchant for pl aying with shapes, colors, AND letters.
covington, kentuky

I grew up in northern
k e n t u c k y, in an old rivertown, not to
far from the countryside. The scenery around
me has always been an inspiration. I admire
the history and simplicity of American folk life
& it definitely shows in my artwork. Objects
& places have a life of their own, no matter
how rundown. I aim to portray the poetry of a
scene through color harmony, pattern play,
and texture.

I’m always looking at artists and illustrators

working currently, but the few most influential
to me are Grandma Moses, Edward Gorey,
Henry Darger, and Vincent Van Gogh.

The scenery around me has always been an inspiration.

purportedly ape
l i k e c r e a t u r e that inhab-
its forests, mainly in the Hawaii region.
A “Sasssquatch is usually described as a
small, fair, long haired bipedal humanoid;
with a mechanical contraption attached
to her eye at all times, who also has a
deep infatuation for circular fried dough,
in a variety of colors and shapes. And in
the iconic words of Kanye west “she is a
mother effin monster.”

“Sasssquatch” is a pen name for Caelan

Hughes. Caelan’s interest in photography
began with her nostalgic attitude for a
time previous to her own, while growing
up in this fast paced technologically fueled
world. She used only disposable cameras
up until a year ago when she received her
first professional-esque camera, her Nikon
D3000 (also known as Karl). Despite
her love for Karl, her main camera of
choice is her olympus OM-1 properly
named Zeus. Her work is largely inspired
by the beautiful backdrop of her home in
Hawaii, her sassy friends and her work
with the nonprofit organization “Project
Focus Hawaii” which uses photography
therapy to help at risk youth heal through
the power of art and photography.
honolulu, hawaii

Despite her love for Karl, her main camera
of choice is her olympus OM-1 properly named Zeus.

philadelphia, pennsylvania

M y n a m e i s C a r l y.
I like going on adventures and
meeting new people. I like the
change of the seasons and black
mascara. I like ripe raspberries,
music that is perfectly parallel to
your life and all things nostalgia.
I’m inspired and fascinated by
many many things. Bits and pieces
like genuine beauty, the first day
of spring and midnight realizations.
I love to capture moments and
remnants of memories. I am truly
proud of the images I create.

All of the art I create is merely

a reflection of the way I see the
world. Dreamlike, youthful, colorful,
and slightly odd. I want to cherish
everything in a way that is
beautiful and eloquent.

All of the art I create is merely a reflection of the way I see the world.
toronto, ontario

I feel like I excel with

e v e r y p h o t o g r a p h I take,
and I love sharing my journey with anyone
who is interested to see. This year has so far
provided me with a bundle of ideas that have
emerged in my mind. I love the feeling of being
able to execute my visions so precisely, and see
that foggy image in my mind appear in real
life; so much so that I can walk through the set,
touch the props, interact with the model, and in
the end have a result that can be seen by
anyone, and through printing turn into a
physical imperative object. It is the planning
and time that goes into each photograph that is
so vital.

I remember watching the September Issue

and feeling so inspired. Not by the bitterness
of the fashion industry, but about the plan-
ning that goes into each photo shoot for Vogue
Magazine. I love surrounding myself in fabrics,
or remembering poignant memories from my
childhood, or searching aimlessly through objects
in a thrift store and feeling inspired to create a
photograph, whether it is with using the objects
I have found, or trying to encapsulate a feeling
or mood that I remember from past moments
in my life.
I love the feeling of being able to execute my visions
so precisely

gothenburg, sweden

My cute black
I was defending my family with small fingers
And big words

It is time to swallow my black soul

Time to swallow my black soul

We live in a city built by grief

and I
I can be

I can be very, very frightening

(a poem by emilie björk)

We left the devil’s landscape with a farewell and an end.

toronto, canada

Gerald Larocque first now shoots in a Digital format. His

began taking photo- recent work contains double exposed film
g r a p h s in his senior years of highschool invovling a series known as Constant
at the age of 17 using 35mm film and is now Resurrections influenced by Magritte.
attending Ryerson University for his BFA in
Photography. Gerald tries to capture images Gerald Larocque’s family plays a huge
that are both creative and relate to fashion in influence on his photography and the
some way. Most of his ideas & style in which support they offer him. He shoots in both
he shoots comes from many different artists film and digital formats. Many of his
such as, Rene Magritte, Hedi Slimane, & Sally idea’s first spark from his dream
Mann. Gerald captures many of his images sequences which are later built upon
in a desaturated style to allow the perspective and massaged into perfection. He
to come across more dismal to the viewers. believes that photography is the only
He hails from a small town known as Smiths mediums in which he can express
Falls, Ontario Canada, though later moved to himself and his beliefs.
Toronto to further his career in Photography, he
Gerald tries to capture images that are both creative and relate
to fashion in some way.
John Troxel is
b e s t k n o w n a s the
16 year old editor in chief of INK
Magazine (a monthly fashion
magazine), then as a fashion and
portrait photographer, then as a
blogger, and least known to the
world as a fashion designer. He just
can’t stand still. John is constantly
working on new projects and
collaborations, never content with a
“day off” to “relax.”

He just can’t stand still.
paris, france

A s I a l w a y s s a y when it
comes to explain why i take photos, it
started because i have a terribly shitty
memory. I always get into arguments
with my friends because I can’t
remember things that happened to
us. I don’t know if the reason is that I
have an extremely selective memory
or just that I’m frightfully stupid, but
I had to figure a way to capture all
these moments so i would never forget
them. Photography seemed to be the
best way to do that, and i actually got
caught up in it.

To explain or analyze my work seems,

at the same time, very embarrassing
and absolutely inappropriate. I have,
to be completely honest, I have no idea
what I’m doing at the very moment
I’m doing it. I guess you could qualify it
as “hazardous.” My technique, frankly,
has limits, my settings are always
wrong, and I wouldn’t change that for
anything in the world. It’s actually the
heart of my work.
To explain or analyze my work seems,
at the same time, very embarrassing
and absolutely inappropriate.

oviedo, spain

I ’ m P a u l a P i r e . I’m 20 and I
study Medicine. Photography makes me happy,
although this statement sounds simple and not
very original. You can only capture a feeling
with a camera and with your sight, because in
the following fleeting moments that feeling will
have changed.

I make analogical photographs as I find them

more real. I don’t really understand the inter-
nal mechanism why they are so, but maybe
it’s because of the physical process with which
the photo is done. The film captures all things
in front of it, with all shades/hues that can be
seen (not with all the definition). It’s similar to
when you remember a picture in your mind.
Our brain remembers what it interprets,
the shades.

There are no transcendental ideas in my pics,

I just search for beautiful things, colors, light…
Ideas are infer(r)ed, or seen by the person who
sees the pic, in a really subjective process.

in the following moments that feeling will have changed.

new bedford, massachusetts

The girl behind (and

often in front of)
t h e l e n s . Being born under the
Pisces sign, I’m very creative. I enjoy
photography, jewelry making, writing
poetry, and painting. I’m inspired by music,
the vintage eras, & (even though I shoot
digital) the beautiful imperfections of film. I
title almost all my photos, I believe it helps
them to tell a story and better express
myself through my photography.
I’m inspired by the beautiful imperfections of film.

gourock, scotland

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