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Georgette Parks-Henry

482 E. 167 Street, Apt. # 2B, Bronx New York 10456

(T) 718-402-2060 (C) 917-346-2459 (E) gpa41e58@westpost.net
* Excellent classroom management * Experience working with students
for diverse classroom settings with special needs and
* Strong collaborator ESLExperience
* Mastery of differentiated * Effectively work with parents,
instruction and grouping PTA, staff, and general public
* Tailored curriculum plans * Student motivation/interactive
* Behavior-modification techniques teaching/learning
* Positive learning environment * Adept in assessing diverse
* Positive reinforcement for learning styles
Behavior/Social skills development * Parent/Teacher conferences
* Technological instruction
* Performance assessments
09/2003 - 08/2010 New York City Department of Education New York, New York
Teacher-Special Education



Combined discipline plan with effective measures and various lesson plans to inc
rease concentration, participation, and progress student accountability. Achieve
d 6 months award for Excellent Students' Attendance; school-wide, in one school
Collaborated with a team of faculty to develop after-school tutorial/sports prog
ram for students with special needs.
Designed lesson plans focused on age and level-appropriate material. Modified th
e general education curriculum for special-needs students based upon a variety o
f instructional techniques and technologies.
Applied ABA and TEACCH methodologies to class of students with autism, improving
time on-task and social behaviors.
Increased students' English and Math test scores, moving them from "Supported to
Independence" through vigorous classroom instruction and special attention.
Organized grade records to show growth or mastery inEnglish and Math. Received h
igh remarks for the creativity of classroom lesson plans and instructional techn
iques from students, parents and faculty.
Created and enforced child-based hands-on curriculum to promote student interest
and receptive learning.

2008 Touro College, New York, New York, U.S.A.
Education/Special Education
Master of Science in Special and General Education
Continuing Education:
* Professional Certificate/Educational Leadership/Stony Brook University
* Master of Science - Touro College, New York, 2008
* Bachelor of Arts - Hunter College, New York, 2002
* New York State Certified Special Education Teacher- Permanent, 2004
* New York State Professional Certificate,(Grades 5-9), 2004
* The State Education Department Certificate of Completion "Training in the need
s of students with Autism", 2010
* Certificate in Therapeutic Crises intervention (TCI), 2009
* Certificate in Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI), 2009
* Certificate in Anger Management, 2009
* Participant in TEACCH two-day Workshop Training, 2004
* Participation in two-day ABA Training, NYCBOE, in collaboration with Douglass
Outreach, Rutgers University, New Jersey, 2002
* CPR Certified
Community Involvement
P.S. 79M/The Doctor Horan School
* Scorer, New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA), 2009-2010
* Teacher for Work-Study Program / the North General Hospital Community (Recipie
nt of N.Y.C. DOE, District 75, Exemplary Students Volunteers Award.) 2009-2010
* Teacher for Work-Study Program / Marcus Garvey Park "Community Upkeep" 2008-20
* Teacher for Work-Study Program / The Salvation Army - Part time, 2005-2006
* The Assembly (State of New York) Proclamation Award for Community Involvement
in the Village of Harlem and the State of New York, 2009
* Outstanding "Educator of the Year", Education Update, 2007
* The American Federal of Teachers, AFT
* The National Education Association, NEA
* The United Federal of Teachers, UFT
Team player in the planning, developing and the implementation of programs