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8412 CR 6930, Lubbock, TX 79407 Phone 806-790-0022 E-Mail lka51e5c@westpost


17+ Years of Experience in Leadership and Management Positions, Directing Team
s of Over 300
Consistent Record of Success in Revenue, Profit, Service, and Productivity Imp
Background in Leading Organizations through Successful Start-Ups and Turnaroun

Results-driven management executive with proven leadership credentials, experien

ce directing all core operational functions, and year-over-year success in achie
ving business growth objectives within highly competitive markets. Skilled in de
veloping and implementing training, safety, quality, and service programs. Consi
stently achieve favorable outcomes in negotiations with unions, vendors, and par
tner companies. Respected trainer, coach, and leader.
Sales & Marketing Initiatives / Operations Turnaround / Executive-Level Relation
ships / Strategic Planning
Employee Development & Promotion / Manual-to-Automated Transition / Upgrades &
Leader Development / P&L Accountability / Million-Dollar Budget Administration /
Operation Integration

CITIBUS - Lubbock, TX - 2008-2010
In charge of all operational and HR activities for Fixed Route Operations and Te
xas Tech Operations, with a focus on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Work j
ointly with the Director of Planning on creating strategies to meet transportati
on needs. Coordinate all involvement in special events, including university foo
tball and basketball games, holiday festivals, and others. Hire, train, and reta
in personnel, including bus operators, street supervisors, and dispatchers.
Participate in community projects and services. Maintain records for FTA, work w
ith Maintenance on repair issues, and create solutions for immediate and long-te
rm growth. Write proposals for TXDOT and FTA grant funds, manage construction/re
novation process at downtown transfer plaza, review bus purchases, bidding proce
sses, and RFP creation, and manage multiple projects.
Revenue & Profit Gains
* Increased revenues by $185,000 through integrating Greyhound Lines, Inc. into
CitiBus operation as a new business model and revenue stream.
* Decreased labor by $105,000 and cut hourly overtime 30%, demonstrating proven
record of reducing labor to improve operational efficiency.
Service Enhancement
* Implemented pick-up and delivery service for freight shipping into the Greyhou
nd system through the City of Lubbock.
* Teamed with Marketing and Sales Director in creating multiple new routes for R
ide-To-Work programs, including new route to South Plains College.
* Expanded hours of service on Texas Tech by 12,000, facilitating 30+% in increa
sed student ridership despite zero increases on operating buses within the fleet
. Created entirely new run structure for operating service on Texas Tech and fix
ed route service.
Efficiency Improvement
* Raised overall equipment operating efficiency by utilizing equipment longer pe
riods of the day with less overall equipment.
* Restructured fleet assignments, leading to reduction in downtime and improveme
nt in maintenance work streams.

TNM&O - Lubbock, TX - 2005-2008

Promoted to Operate TNM&O Coaches, Inc. to oversee staff of 300+, including 5 di
rectors and 14 managers; report directly to the CEO of the parent company. Hold
full P&L responsibility for operations with $32 million in income and $30 millio
n budget. Direct activities within Accounting, Maintenance, Human Resources, Saf
ety, Operations, Agency Network, Shipping, and Marketing functions. Develop and
implement strategies to drive business growth, with an emphasis on Charter Sales
; create new revenue streams.
Key Challenges: Merging 2 distinctly different operating companies, including co
nsolidation and integration of staff, processes/policies, technologies, and reso
urces. Creating strategies to re-brand company and improve service standards whi
le increasing efficiencies.
Revenue & Profit Performance
* Led operations to 31% increase in charter revenues, 20+% increase in ticketed
passenger revenues, 22% increase in package express revenues, and 24+% increase
in overall revenues while operating miles decreased by 32+%.
* Introduced Cost-to-Management program within the Charter and Operations Depart
ment, leading to 31% improvement in overall revenues over 3-year period.
Branding & Positioning
* Directed complete re-branding of company's image, including creation of new lo
go, fleet refurbishments, changes in drivers' uniforms, and introduction of agen
cy uniforms.
* Built positive organizational image and created strong ties within the local c
ommunity through corporate involvement and sponsorship programs.
Union Negotiations
* Served as Lead Negotiator for driver labor contract with the United Transporta
tion Union Local, resulting in 5% overall compensation reduction over 3-year per
* Served as Lead Negotiator for mechanic labor contract with the International A
ssociation of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, leading to 3% reduction in compe
nsation over 3 years.
Team/Operations Realignment
* Assembled completely new senior and mid-level management team within 3 years;
streamlined overall headcount by 28% over 3-year period.
* Integrated separate operating companies to optimize cross-synergy opportunitie
s; developed 3-year business plan for freight revenue increases that continued G
LI-TNM&O synergies.
Technology Solutions
* Converted multiple software systems into single program for the entire operati
ons, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
System Improvement
* Improved Charter system that enabled company to monitor all charter-related ex
penses, leading to improved billing, collections, divisional accountability, and
P&L reporting.
Staff Development
* Instituted sensitivity training for driver staff and major agency contractors;
implemented refresher training program that led to improved capabilities.

GREYHOUND LINES - San Diego, CA - 1998-2005

CITY MANAGER, 1998-2005
Promoted to lead team of 50 +, including 7 managers, across Freight/Shipping, Op
erations, Food Service, and Customer Service departments within terminal with $
7 million in annual revenues. Reported directly to the Regional Manager. Created
and managed annual budget, hired and scheduled staff, and functioned as key poi
nt of contact for all escalated customer service issues. Developed initiatives t
o increase revenues and ensure compliance with company standards.
Performance Recognition
* Achieved #1 status nationwide in Mystery Shopper Program and received recognit
ion for achieving top service standard over 3-year period.
* Received regular incentives and recognitions for sales increases and performan
ce standards; earned 4.5 rating out of 5 on last performance evaluation.
Operations Renovation
* Oversaw successful $3.5 million renovation, including opening of 2 restaurant
establishments while in operation.
TERMINAL MANAGER, Tucson, AZ, 1994-1998
TERMINAL SUPERVISOR, Phoenix, AZ, 1993-1994
Promoted to manage terminal operations in Tucson with $4 million in annual sales
. Supervised Nogales border operations and team of independent sales agents, as
well as 32 terminal agents, 10 food service agents, 15 drivers, and supervisor.
As Terminal Supervisor, oversaw operations with $9 million in sales, directing t
eam of 53 terminal agents and 106 drivers.


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Operations Management
DeVry Institute of Technology, Phoenix, AZ ** National Dean's List
Affiliations: Board of Director, National Bus Tariff Association; Officer - Texa
s Bus Association; TNM&O Pension Board of Director ;Former Member, Border Transp
ortation Council, San Ysidro; Lubbock Metropolitan Technical Advisory Committee
for Lubbock County; IABC Childrens Committee