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Cheryl A.

To secure a position within a healthcare organization, allowing me to utilize my
existing knowledge of the healthcare industry. In addition, draws on my skills
in operations and troubleshooting. To be part of an organization that believes i
n teamwork to reach a positive goal.
July 2005 to April 2010 Wal-Mart Specialty Pharmacy
Priority Healthcare Inc.
Sales/Marketing Manager
* Create marketing strategy for exposing specialty pharmacy to local physicians.
* Oversee staff of 7 associates within the outreach program.
* Master Project Leader for future opportunities to grow the business.
Interim Frontline Operations Manager
* Oversee the operation of Call Center and Insurance team for a pharmacy distrib
ution center which includes a staff over 45 associates.
* Master Project Leader for future opportunities to grow the business.
* Marketing with Insurance Companies for reimbursement contracts.
* Creation of the Patient Assistance Program process.
* Liaison for the facility to assist individual projects regarding the URAC accr
editation process.
Insurance & Accounts Receivable Supervisor
* Oversee the insurance verification and accounts receivable departments in a ca
ll center environment for a pharmacy distribution center which includes a staff
of 15.
* Monitor the volume of incoming and outgoing calls on a daily basis to insure w
ork flow and performance.
* Troubleshoot on multiple processing systems involved in the distribution and b
illing of specialty drugs.(Connexus, PDX)
* Manage day-to-day collection processes for reducing outstanding A/R and creati
ng reports to identify potential areas for opportunity.
* Assist with implementing quality assurance program within the pharmacy divisio

June 2004 to February 2005 Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions Inc.

Reimbursement Specialist
* Billing and collections of claims for new medical technology.
* Actively involved in the appeal process which includes written appeals and att
ending telephonic hearing to explain new medical procedures and the medical nece
March 1998 to June 2004 Orlando Regional Healthcare Systems
Practice Site Supervisor-Internal Medicine Clinic
* Control and monitor the operational functions of an Internal Medicine clinic w
hich staffs 5 attending physicians and 30 resident physicians.
* Supervise supporting office staff of 20. Handle time keeping and benefits.
* Involved with the policy and procedure committee in creating and updating comp
any policies to streamline the work flow of our office.
Collections Supervisor-Physician Billing
* Manage day-to-day collection processes for multiple offices and specialties. R
esponsible for reducing outstanding A/R and creating reports to identify potenti
al areas for opportunity.
* Supervise staff and work flow of 18 employees, including the billing of primar
y and secondary claims and the collections process.
* Directly involved in a total system conversion.
* Maintenance of time records for staff.
* Training of new employees and physician office staff on the Practice Managemen
t systems. (Misys, Medical Manager)
May 1997 to March 1998 Lakepoint Family Medical Center Orlando, FL
Medical Assistant
1995 Urology Consultants Longwood, FL
Medical Assistant
1986 - 1994 Home Insurance Co. Maitland, FL
Workers' Compensation Adjustor

1994-1995 Seminole Community College Sanford, FL
* Completion of Medical Assistant Program.
* Doctors' office/business procedures. Medical coding (CPT & ICD-9) and scheduli
ng on Medical Manager.
* Medical/Clinical procedures. Performing vital signs, injections, venipuncture,
medical history inquiries, and similar nurse like duties.
* Obtained Basic X-ray license.
* Vice President of MA Class of 1995