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Issue no.

19, March 2011

Join us in thanking God for • Continued open door at Mitchell Road • College students as they travel to Boston over
Elementary School with service Spring Break to work with a new church plant,
His provision and grace in our
opportunities this month Redemption Hill Church
lives in the following ways: • Financial provision through supporters • Brunch for Renewal’s women March 26th as we
• Revelation of God through His Word and growth in the generosity of Renewal’s connect women in Titus 2 discipleship
and the Spirit’s work in our hearts to members relationships and encourage them in Biblical
hear and respond womanhood
Prayer Needs:
• Whole narrative of Scripture taught
at Secret Church to over 100 people! • Discernment, wisdom, and courage for our
• 115 to 135 consistently attending pastors as they direct Renewal
Renewal each Sunday with new faces • Healthy marriages and families as we seek
of friends and neighbors, to reflect the relationship between Jesus
nonbelievers and unchurched and the church
• Missional relationships furthered • Growth in boldness for our partners as
through Super Bowl parties they engage in gospel conversations with
coworkers, neighbors, and friends

Renewed Relationship with God insignificant. In spite of that, we observed in and there by every wind of teaching and by the
Exodus 19 & 20 God’s great grace to the cunning and craftiness of people in their
“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to
Israelites to give His presence, to choose deceitful scheming.” Ephesians 4:11-16
the fellowship, and to the breaking of bread, and to
them, and to reveal the law that would guide
prayer.” (Acts 2:42)
them in living like His “treasured How to Give
Toby kicked off this month by preaching on one possession…kingdom of priests…holy
“Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone
of Renewal’s core values: the Gospel. We strive nation.” We worshipped God for His great
as he had need.” Acts 2:45
to hold the gospel, the good news of Jesus’ grace to us in giving us the Holy Spirit who
perfect life, sinless death, and powerful wrote these laws on our hearts and gives us Thank you again for your commitment to give to
resurrection, high in the life our church and our power to battle sin and live the way in which Renewal Church! See the following information on
individual lives. We consistently remind our God has called us. The last week of February how to give:
partners of the reason we exist as a church: to we examined the heinous treachery of
• By check
multiply disciples to the glory of God. In order idolatry in Exodus 32, and God’s great love
Place a check in the pre-labeled envelope along
to live out this purpose, we all must know and and grace in calling us to worship the One
with a stamp, and mail to Renewal Church - 201
love the gospel, experience its effects in our True God. Continue to pray that God uses
B. West Butler Rd. #151, Mauldin, S.C. 29662
lives on a daily basis, and clearly communicate this series to give us a love for His Word, a
• Online
the gospel to those in our sphere of influence. right view of ourselves, and proper worship
Go to www.renewalupstate.com and click on
Toby’s sermon prompted our hearts to deeper of our Great God.
“Online Giving” at the bottom of the home page.
love for the gospel, and we were able to express
February also brought the long awaited Click “Register” to give a one time gift.
that love through communion as we
“Secret Church” event where Matt taught • Automatic Draft
corporately affirmed Christ’s broken body and
through the entire narrative of Scripture in Go to www.renewalupstate.com and click on
shed blood on our behalf.
six hours from 6 pm to midnight Friday, “Online Giving” at the bottom of the home page.
The “Blueprint” February 18th. We were blessed by the Click “Register” to complete your automatic
series continued this attendance of over 100 people who gave up draft.
month as we their normal Friday night at home to come to A few reminders:
examined the East North Street and hear the Scriptures • All gifts are tax deductible
aftermath of the taught. Our prayer as a church is that we • Please make us aware of any address changes or
Exodus and would hold tightly to the Scriptures so that changes to your giving so we can make the
observed the ease we would “be equipped for works of necessary adjustments. Send an email to
with which the Israelites wandered away from service…built up until we all reach unity in church@renewalupstate.com to update your
God even after His glory and grace clearly the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of information!
revealed to them. The Israelite’s view of God in God and become mature, attaining to the • Should you desire to give to send our first
Exodus 16 & 19 and their view of themselves whole measure of the fullness of Christ. exploratory team to Scandinavia, please not that
were skewed as they became weighty and Then we will no longer be infants, tossed on your checks.
glorious in their own eyes and God became back and forth by the waves, and blown here

churches, conventions, and through our own Looking ahead towards the month of March,
Renewed Relationships With congregation growing in generosity. We were Renewal is excited to be able to send 11
Each Other encouraged by the 78 partners and their college students and two adults to Boston.
“Everyday they continued to meet together in the temple children who are currently apart of Renewal The team will be leaving on the 5th of March
courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together and we were blessed yet again with a great and returning on the 13th. These partners will
with glad and sincere hearts.” Acts 2:46 showing of people desiring to go through the be serving Redemption Hill Church through
process of becoming a member of Renewal working at a boys and girls club. They will
We, as North Americans, are known for being Church. We had twenty people in attendance! have an opportunity to survey individuals in
avid football fans. We were also encouraged to see that 90% of the community to gain information for the
Whether we're supporting local high school our partners are meaningfully connected to a church that will inform how they minister to
football, our favorite collegiate reGroup, and we are pursuing the last 10% to their community. Street evangelism, as well as
team or professional football team, many, reach our 100% meaningful participation goal. inviting people to Redemption Hill’s launch
many Americans claim some type of football We are so thankful for the great provision of service are the other items on their itinerary.
team at some point in their lives. In the month our Lord to continually build HIS Church and We are thankful for the work God is doing in
of February, the biggest gathering by far draw people to Renewal for His name's sake. the lives of these students who are choosing to
across the nation was the Super Bowl. What spend their Spring Break on mission instead of
better opportunity for believers to reach out to Renewed Love for Those Far in leisure. Please pray for this group’s safety,
the community of our lost and dying world health, and opportunities to minister in this
than with a jam up Super Bowl party?  Even From God city.
those who don't know one single thing about “...And the Lord added to their number daily those who
football usually head to someone's house or to Renewal is thankful to now have five small
were being saved.” Acts 2:47
a restaurant to simply be a part of the groups. Each group is encouraged to find an
festivities, since it is such a social event.  Renewal is continually looking for ways to area of service where they can minister in on-
Considering this great opportunity, Renewal share the love of God to those in our paths. going and short-term ways. The Roger’s
Church did not want to miss out!  Daily we each have moments to share God’s group has consistently met with the girls at
love and extend this to those in our lives. the Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. Please
pray for the other groups to continue to seek
In looking back to February, the Super Bowl
where their on-going partnership needs to be.
was a great opportunity for Renewal to
Also pray for each group to be able to meet
connect with nonbelievers and those
the needs that arise frequently. To God be the
disconnected from the church. Each small
glory for all He continues to do!
group had their own gatherings at different
locations all over the city. The groups met to
fellowship with food, laughter, and the
enjoyment of watching the game together. All
Renewal ladies groups were encouraged to reach out to invite
Our reGroups were challenged to host a Super others to a great time with believers. Sarah
Bowl Party at each small group leader's home, Rogers remembers, “There were at least 10
with the hope of meeting those around us in people out of the 45 at our house who were
our everyday lives: neighbors, those we disconnected from church or unbelievers.”
frequently see at the local grocery store, and This American tradition and celebration
any others in our sphere of influence.  We proved to be a success for sharing God’s love
loved seeing this fleshed out and the by simply asking others to come be involved
excitement that Renewal had in desiring to get in their lives. Please pray for opportunities to
folks connected to groups, in meeting that speak the gospel as these relationships are
quiet neighbor, and in building gospel- furthered.
Secret Church at about 10:30 pm
minded relationships. Those who are lost On February 17th, the Rutland small group Over 100 people attended this event!
seldom decide to head to church on Sunday was able to love on the teachers of Mitchell
morning on their own initiative. They are Road Elementary School. Four from this
more inclined to accept an invite into a group took bagels, milk, juice, and fruit to
neighbor's home for a party, dinner, or weekly physically nourish the staff and teachers.
small group gathering. Our desire is to Christina Rutland commented that, “Even
always live this way, opening our homes up to though there were just a few members of our
those around us, with the hope of sharing group there, it was good to not be
Christ in those relationships. A great time was overcrowded in the room with the teachers.
had by all! They were very grateful as always!” The
The first Wednesday of each month, Renewal relationship that has begun with the staff and
partners come together for our Connections teachers of this school has developed quickly.
Meeting where we pray together, update on As a young church, it is rewarding for each
the direction of the church, and enjoy partner to be involved where God is leading
fellowship together. We had much to be us. Christina continues her thoughts by
saying, “It was good for our group to have a Some of Renewal’s preschoolers during our
thankful for as we were updated this past
set time that we could all contribute towards gathering
month on the health of Renewal. We rejoiced
to see how God has provided financially financially and with their time, especially to a
through the generosity of individuals, place that we have an ongoing relationship