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James A.

4607 Verone St. * Bellaire, Texas 77401
Home: 713-667-4222 * Cell: 216-496-2251 * E-mail: jmbf1f46@westpost.net

Results oriented manager with sixteen years of operations and leadership experie
nce in manufacturing and a proven track record of increasing financial performan
ce, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. A change agent who is proce
ss and system driven and makes operational changes by collecting and analyzing t
he appropriate data and implements these changes by securing buy in from those a
ffected, including all levels of management and production personnel.
Operational Management * Engineering Management * Change Agent * Cost Savings &
Cross Functional Team Building * Employee Mentoring & Development
Performance & Quality Standards * Operations Reengineering and Turnaround Manage
Frantz Medical Development, Mentor, Ohio 2000 - 2009
FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified developer and manufacturer of medical dev
ices that are distributed to the US, Asia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East th
rough major marketing partners such as Abbott Laboratories and Cooper Surgical.
Processes include injection molding, high speed automated assembly and testing,
electro-mechanical assembly, machining and clean room manufacturing.
Director of Manufacturing - 2006 - 2009
- Promoted and charged with managing the day-to-day operations of the company ut
ilizing a team that included the materials, quality, regulatory, maintenance, sa
fety, human resource and manufacturing functions for the company and its molding
subsidiary (Frantz Tool & Design) and two sister start-up companies. Prepared
and managed operational budgets. Responsible for quality, financial and contrac
t issues with vendors and customers.
- Launched and coordinated vertical integration project that would bring the man
ufacturing of a major component in-house allowing us to better control supply an
d quality and result in annual cost savings of $270,000.
- Set up system to utilize ERP software to track spare parts for equipment and m
olds, which led to the optimization of critical spare parts inventory and the mi
nimization of commercially readily available items to reduce maintenance-related
inventory levels by 10%.
- Utilized lean/six sigma concepts, such as process mapping, DMAIC project metho
dology, statistical tools and root cause analysis to streamline operations in se
veral areas, including the simplification of inspection processes to reduce redu
ndancy, which resulted in a 27% reduction in labor.
General Manager, Frantz Tool & Design (molding subsidiary of Frantz Medical Deve
lopment) - 2000 - 2006
- Recruited to be a change agent and implement new philosophies to restore the c
ompany to profitability.
- Managed day-to-day operations of precision injection molding / injection-blow
molding and tooling company while responsible for the materials management, qual
ity, safety, maintenance, machine shop and manufacturing functions.
- Established standardized process set ups allowing production processes to be m
ore consistent, implemented a mold maintenance system and proceduralized the ope
rations to achieve ISO certification.
- Developed a production reporting system to track efficiencies, downtime, scrap
and other metrics. Data was used to attack problem processes and products. Le
an/six sigma tools such as process mapping, statistical analysis and root cause
analysis were used to implement changes resulting in:
o Scrap rate reduction from 15% to 2%
o Operating plan change from a seven day, 24 hour operation to a five day, 24 ho
ur operation
o Production efficiency increase from 70% to 95% (actual production rate versus
standard rate)
o Change in income from a net loss of 10% to a net income of 14% in less than tw
o years
o Thirty-seven percent reduction in molding room labor while increasing sales by

Lamson & Sessions, Beachwood, Ohio 1999 - 2000

A $300 million company that develops, manufactures and distributes electrical, c
onstruction, telecom and consumer products and has injection molding, extrusion,
fabrication, assembly and distribution facilities across the United States.
Manufacturing Engineer
- Managed multiple projects that included new product launches, manufacturing sy
stem upgrades, tooling acquisition and process optimizations.
- Hand picked to manage project that installed additional manufacturing lines at
multiple facilities to increase the company's polyethylene pipe production capa
city by 800%. Project included facility modifications and expansions, electrica
l and other utility service upgrades, as well as capital equipment specification
, ordering, installation and launch. Completed this project on time and under b
udget by developing a team approach with vendors, contractors and manufacturing
site employees.
Toledo Molding & Die, Toledo, Ohio 1993 - 1999
Designer, developer and manufacturer of automotive subsystems and components uti
lizing its injection molding, blow molding, assembly and testing capabilities.
Engineering Manager, Sycamore, Ohio Plant -1996 - 1999
- Advanced to lead five process engineers and one tool and die maker and to work
with other members of the management team to return the plant to profitability.
- Directed engineering team to optimize and document processes. Implemented SPC
on processes as a means of control. Responsible for ensuring that manufacturin
g personnel were adequately trained on processes and quality standards. These e
fforts drove down scrap rates from 9% to less than 2% and increased production e
fficiency from 80% to 97%.
- Collected and analyzed data to minimize waste within processes to achieve $500
,000 in cost savings.
- Worked with production department and directed process engineers to solve dail
y production problems. Implemented a preventative maintenance system for produc
tion tooling reducing downtime. Developed engineering and production procedures
and documented them to achieve QS9000 certification.
- Responsible for developing and managing operational budgets pertaining to engi
neering and tooling. Leader in developing annual capital budgets and coordinati
ng $2 million capital equipment upgrade.
Process / Project Engineer, Delphos, Ohio, Plants 1 and 2 / Toledo, Ohio facilit
y - 1993 - 1996
- Project leader for new programs. Coordinated product designs with the custome
rs' product engineering function and suppliers to aid in manufacturability. Dev
eloped testing plans to validate product designs to meet performance expectation
s. Coordinated prototype builds, tooling builds and other program timing items w
ith customer, supplier and manufacturing functions.
- Optimized injection molding processes and assembly processes to maximize produ
ctivity and improve quality. Proposed and implemented cost reduction efforts. Re
sponsible for training operators on manufacturing and quality processes and proc
edures. Prepared Advanced Quality Planning documentation on new programs, includ
ing FMEA, Control Plans and other quality documentation.
- As part of initial training period, supervised 40 unionized hourly employees i
n molding and assembly departments for four months. Responsibilities included a
ssigning jobs, reporting production, troubleshooting process problems and person
nel issues.
Masters in Business Administration - 2000
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - 1993
Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio
Passed Ohio's Fundamentals of Engineering Test