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Gary L.

Herstein, PhD
2498 River Trail Road ? Prescott, AZ 86301 ? T : 928.443.8525 ? E :

Research, Analysis, and Communication Professional

Skilled educational professional with exceptional talents for
communication, research, and leadership, capable of bridging the gap
between science, technology, and philosophy and motivating audiences to
understand and appreciate complex theories and relationships
|Core Competencies:|Served as instructor for Ellis University, delivering |
| |online lectures and engaging in discussions with a wide|
|Public Speaking |range of students, in courses that included Ethics and |
|Complex Theory |Technology and Social Values. |
|Technical Writing |Lectured and presented Logic, Ethics, Technology, and |
|Editing and |Values, and Philosophy of Science to students attending|
|Proofreading |Harper College, Muskingum College, and Merrimack |
|Science and |College. |
|Technology |Author of several published works examining the |
|Group Dynamics |relationships between science and philosophy. |
Professional Experience
ELLIS UNIVERSITY - Chicago, Illinois
Instructor (2005-present)
Served as instructor for online courses, including Ethics and Technology
and Social Values, to a diverse student body, encouraging them to envision
the application of abstract concepts to real-world scenarios.
|Leadership and |Unique ability to foster compelling discussion among |
|Analysis |students, motivating them to examine the theories |
| |presented in class in greater detail, to arrive at a |
| |level of comprehension that is rooted in everyday |
| |practical experience. |
|Communications |Conveyed different, non-obvious perspectives relating to|
| |ethics and their continued relevance and application in |
| |an increasingly technological world. |

HARPER COLLEGE - Palatine, Illinois

MERRIMACK COLLEGE - North Andover, Massachusetts
Assistant Professor (2006-2009)
Provided stimulating educational opportunities as Assistant Professor for
several classes of undergraduate students in courses that included Logic,
Ethics, Technology, and Values, and Philosophy of Science. Charted the
anticipated weekly progress of each course using written syllabi.
Reinforced learning and retention of knowledge through lectures and
compelling class discussions. Evaluated each student's command of the
material through the administration of exams.
~ Continued ~
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T : 928.443.8525 ? E : ghc22eac@westpost.net
BANK OF MONTREAL - Chicago, Illinois
Network Systems Analyst (1992-2000)
Assessed the need for repair or replacement of equipment that performed
below acceptable standards. Safeguarded system data by coordinating and
implementing network security protocols. Recommended the implementation of
bleeding-edge technologies to deliver continued outstanding customer
satisfaction. Consulted with users to identify, clarify, and resolve
network issues.

Education & Training

PhD in Philosophy
Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Professional Affiliations
Association for Symbolic Logic
Philosophy of Science Association
Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences
Society for Philosophy and Technology
American Philosophical Practitioners Association
American Philosophical Association
Society for the Study of Process Philosophy
Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

Awards, Public Presentations, and Published Works

Dissertation Research Award (2004) for superior dissertation proposal
"Measurement, Mereotopology, and the Nature of Nature"
International Whitehead Conference, July, 2006. University of Salzburg,
Salzburg, Austria
"The Roycean Roots of the Beloved Community"
APA Central Division, April, 2005
Whitehead and the Measurement Problem of Cosmology
Ontos-verlag, 2006; 215 pages. ISBN 3-937202-95-1
"Theory of Groups and Social Measurement"
The Reasoner, volume 2, number 2, February 2008
"Davidson on the Impossibility of Psychophysical Laws"
Synthese, Volume 145, Number 1, May 2005