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65 Oriental Boulevard a" Apt. 9M

Brooklyn, NY 11235
(718) 934 9796 / (347) 268 6503 (cell)
Chartered Accountant/Accounting Professional, offering extensive experience in s
ophisticated financial environments with an emphasis on tax law, financial repor
ting, and year end audits. Expertise in basic accounting procedures and statemen
t reconciliations. Acts as a catalyst for change with quick identification of op
portunities to increase efficiencies.
$ Represented corporate clients at tax audits with 70% passing audits and signif
icantly reduced settlements for other accounts.
$ Successfully advised clients on strategies for reducing debt and interest fees
through quicker recovery of A/R and extension of A/P.
$ Prepared financial reporting and loan applications with 99% of clients receivi
ng loan approval.
$ Prepared financial forecasts and budgets with 30% of clients in meeting SBA lo
an criteria.
$ Delivered staff development trainings on tax preparation and tax laws to Price
Waterhouse supervisors and staff.
$ Restructured staff responsibilities with $70,000 savings in salary costs and i
mproved department morale.
$ Implemented stringent time management controls which sharply cut overtime cost
s and increased productivity.
$ Provided guidance in the consolidation and reassignment of responsibilities wi
th increased profits and cost savings to client.
Handled assignments as independent consultant worked with clients like Mutual o
f America, and other small and medium sized companies and individuals
Ford Foundation, New York, NY 2007 2009
Senior Investment Accountant
Preparing Financials for Investment Division, Daily Reporting, Liquid Reserve Fu
nd Reserve Cash Reconciliation, and Processing Trades between the traders and th
e custodian, Monthly Managers/Reconciliation of various Venture Capital Accounts
and single line items. Determination of market values of all Venture Capital Ac
counts, Maintenance of Private Equity platform. Maintaining on daily basis the s
preadsheets to determine cost investment. Distributions, and unrealized gain or


JPMorgan Chase & Co., New York, NY 1997- 2007
Data Management Supervisor
Promoted to supervise data entry staff. Research and determine maturity dates, i
nterest coupon and status bonds, stocks and short term securities using Bloomber
g. Establish tax liability based on securities portfolio and subsequent effect o
n liabilities. Interface with account representatives and department heads to ve
rify OMNI statement information. Encode and set up international and domestic se
curities, stocks and bonds on OMNI database system. Create a lean department wit
h reduction of staff from five to three employees. Reassign responsibilities to
best utilize individual staff members' strengths.
Operations Specialist
Rapidly advanced from consultant to permanent status in the reconciliation depar
tment with a staff of 15 members. Prepared.financial reporting and reconciled ca
sh and securities positions, in addition to other account activities. Determined
investment positions and coordinated with traders, custodian banks and brokers
to resolve all inaccuracies. Prepared monthly income statements, comparisons and
fund availability reports. Examined fund overdrafts and alerted portfolio manag
ers to large cash movements.
Sharon Kahn, CPA, New York, NY 1990 1997
Tax Accountant
Challenged to manage diverse accounting responsibilities at this mid sized accou
nting firm serving corporate accounts with revenues in excess of $1 million. Pro
vide full scope accounting services including tax preparation and audits, income
reporting and documentation of corporate tax returns for subchapter S and C cor
porations. Prepared balance sheets, general ledgers and Form 1065 partnerships.
Reviewed contracts, identifying potential tax issues and recommending strategies
on the tax treatments of complex financial instruments and transactions. Spearh
eaded negotiations with IRS representatives resulting in minimized liabilities a
nd payment plans that optimized cash positions.
Summers Associates, Certified Public Accountants, New York, NY 1985 1990
Supervisor, Taxation/Financial Reporting
Engaged to direct tax reporting for securities brokerage firms and individuals w
ith net worth in excess of $500,000. Provided guidance in the selection of finan
cial investments and development of strategic tax planning. Collaborated with at
torneys in representing clients at IRS audits. Conducted financial audits, inves
tigated financial ratios to determine fraud.
Price Waterhouse, New York, NY 1980 1985
Staff Accountant
Assigned to administer accounting procedures for multi-million dollar accounts i
ncluding Exxon and IBM with this Big Four auditing firm. Acquired tax software p
roficiencies and prepared complex tax returns.
Chartered Accountant Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of
Stephen's College, University of Delhi, Delhi, lndia
Bachelor of Arts: Accounting
National Association of Tax Professionals (active member)