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Committee: World Health Organization

Country: United Kingdom

Topic: Providing Clean Drinking Water in Sub-Saharan Africa

School: International High School

Sponsors: Mrs.Kapral, Ms. Fugit, Mr. Sigren, Ms. Bailey

Name: Wilfredo Sandoval

Honorable Chair,
The World Health Organization defines access to drinking water as having a
source of water that meet is microbial, chemical and physical guidelines that are less than
1 kilometer away form its place of use and where it is possibly to reliably obtain at least
20 liters per member of a household per day (who.int). One of their main goals is to
provide clean water in countries such as in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is strongly important to
have clean water in every country in order to have good health. Clean water is used for
domestic purposes, Drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. However, some countries
can’t afford this system because they are barely in the process of becoming a developed.
Low quality of clean water can lead to bad health issues within the population in poor
countries and this can lead to diseases causing people to die. Therefore, the World health
Organization is working hard on this issue, to provide clean water in every country.
According to WHO, about 2.6 billion people lack of improve latrine and about 1.1 billion
people has no access to any improved drinking water source (who.int).

The UK is working hard together with WHO and other organizations such as
UNICEF to improve a more clean drinking water in Sub-Saharan Africa, also trying to
establish water pumps close to 1 kilometer from where people live. But they are not only
helping them in this way but as well financially; providing them with money for the
president to establish water supply in places where there is lack of water available. They
have also established public centers in Sub-Saharan Africa supported by the UK and
WHO to help people learn about the important of access to clean drinking water. There
are also centers where clean water is available, some are supported by the UK and some
are supported by WHO.

For all of these reasons the UK would like for other countries to join together with
WHO or other organizations such as UNICEF to provide countries like Sub-Saharan
Africa the access to clean drinking water and help build much more pumps which will
improve the world and countries health status, especially in Sub Saharan
Africa. However, this is not the only way that the UK would like countries to well as well
financially; providing money to the government would built many more water pumps
close poor places in Africa which lack for the access to clean water.