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Phone: +91 9620540037 #605, 10th Main A/1 Block

E-mail: pavanece23@gmail.com Vijay Nagar 3rd Stage, Mysore

To pursue a position in the marketing field that will drive my potential and widen the spectrum of my
knowledge effectively utilizing my problem solving and analytical skills

MBA: Vishveshvaraya Technological University, JSS CMS Mysore, 2011
Specialization: Marketing and Operations
Overall GPA: 7.85 (at the end of 3nd Sem)

BE: Vishveshvaraya Technological University, GMIT Davanagere, 2008

Specialization: Electronics and Communication
Overall Grade: First Class


Platform: Windows, UNIX

Languages: C, C#, .NET
Tools: Microsoft Project, MS-office package and SPSS

Graduation Internship:

Solar powered electric fence with high voltage Time Line- 6months
This project is a unique project that plays a major role in protecting the places like Border of Nation,
Farms, Estates, Air ports and Defense zones. The availability of electricity in rural and sensitive area is
not constant, and so we use solar energy which is available in abundant and free. The current will flow
as the sensor will be sending the signals. When the sensor stops sending the signal to the
Microcontroller, it stops the current flow through the circuit. Thus the current flows through the fence
only required.

Post-Graduation Internship: Time Line- 1 month

An organization study of AB InBev India, Bangalore under the guidance of Mr. Vinayak S Kulkarni,
HR Manager, AB InBev India, Bangalore, Mrs. Anupama Sundar, Asst. Professor, SJCE, Mysore.

Post-Graduation Project Topic: Time Line- 3 months

A Study of Luxury Cars in India and People Perception

Research Method: The study is descriptive in nature as it takes into account the perception of people
towards luxury cars

Type of data: Primary and secondary

• Primary: Data is collected by a survey
• Secondary: Data is collected through the internet, magazines, news articles and company

Survey type: Sample survey

Sampling plan:
• Sample size – 60

• Procedure – Non probability convenient sampling

Data collection tool: The research instrument used for the collection of data is a questionnaire
Technique of analysis: Excel and SPSS Software are used for analysis purpose.


August 2008 – 2009

Suprawin Technologies, Bangalore as
Database Analyst and Content Engineer

Suprawin Technologies LTD (STL) is company focusing on Back office operations and data services
with its corporate headquarters in Bangalore, India and supported by US representation offices. Has a
deep industry experience, wide-ranging business process management expertise, broad resources
including a highly qualified team of IT professionals and proven record of accomplishments.


e-Production (Global Sources), China

Global Sources integrated sourcing marketing and cataloging tool work together to provide right
information at the right time and in the right formats. Provides sourcing information to volume buyer
and integrated marketing services to suppliers.

Enterprise Resource Information System

ERIS is a computerized solution for recruiting agencies and software consultants. This application
maintains electronic database comprises of job applicants, clients and employers.

Responsibilities & Accomplishments:

• Data cleansing, normalization and property enhancement for the content.

• Developing web pages using HTML Tags.
• Responsible for extracting the product profiles from the client’s online tool.
• Responsible for generating reports and send it back to the client.
• Includes content editing, cleansing and normalization.
• Presented seminar on XML, HTML and Global Source Tool and been appreciated for the efforts.

Technologies & Tools:



• Member of Instrument Society of India, presented paper to the ISOI journal.

• Selected as Placement Co-ordinator for JSS CMS MBA.
• Participation in forum activities and various competitive exams during academics
• Participated and bagged prizes in various College Level competitions in Cricket, Shuttle and
• Participated in NASSCOM workshop in JSS CMS.

Personal Profile:

Father’s Name Narayan H,M.

Date of Birth 16th feb 1985.
Hobbies Reading books, Stamp collection, Swimming, Traveling.
Language known English, Kannada, Hindi.
Address: #605, 10th Main A/1 Block Vijay Nagar, 3rd Stage, Mysore

I hereby declare that all the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.