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My goal is to be involved with media project creation, resource management, sche

duling, logistics, and organization. I enjoy graphics creation and illustration
, coordinating resources, talent, management and time.
Freelance animation production April 1990 to present
Managed and supervised animation production for SPFX scenes, instructional scien
ce programs (DVD and broadcast), and for government and industry. The process i
nvolved extensive use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (or similar), as well as o
ther specialized graphics application.
Freelance post production supervisor February 1991 to present
Oversaw post-production, including editing, VO-direction, scoring, and sweetenin
g for over 40 educational video and DVD titles. Continue to oversee all aspects
of post-production for BioMEDIA ASSOCIATESa Biology curriculum-based library of
instructional video programs, including DVD authoring. Also responsible for al
l graphics and illustration deliverables, including educational curriculum catal
og, science-education posters, web graphics and interface design, student and in
structor teaching guides on PDF, using Acrobat.
Freelance special effects production June 1994, intermittent to present
Managed and supervised CG animation composites with live action photomicrography
for SPFX scenes in series television programs The X-Files and Millennium. Cont
inue to produce SPFX scenes for educational science media at the college and hig
h school instructional level.
Educational Media Consultant May 1986, intermittent to present
Highlights: Consulted Lucasfilm Ltd for its proposed educational childrenas seri
es Hereas How. Provided copy and media for NASAas Exobiology public outreach pr
oject. Taught CG graphics and animation in a small group instruction setting.
Education and Awards:
University 1977 to 1982
Studied traditional filmmaking (16mm) and cel animation at SFSU (San Francisco)
and UCSC (Santa Cruz). Film production major, film graphics minor.
Telly Awards 2006
Silver Telly for Non Broadcast Educational Program; Silver Telly for Online Educ
ational Program; Bronze Telly for Use of Animation. All awards were for Stromat
olite Explorer: Investigating a Microbial Community, with NASA, Eric Russell pro
Video editing (Final Cut Pro and Media 100), Photoshop for photo manipulation an
d CG texture creation, Computer modeling/animation (Cinema 4D, Strata, Lightwave
, Maya), Compositing (After Effects, Motion), copywriting, screenwriting, graphi
c design, directing and producing on a limited budget. DVD design, layout, and
authoring. Fully Macintosh proficient.
Highlights of Qualification:s
a Twenty-two years of applicable, relative experience in graphic design and illu
strative content creation
a Telly Award Winning Producer for NASA biology public outreach video project
a Adept at mixed media compositing for print, film, web, and video.
a Team player, instructor and leader; enjoy working with other creative minds, t
o create exemplary content