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Joshua A.

Award-winning, highly experienced telecommunication technician trained in testin
g and installation for major telecommunication companies
Summary of Qualifications
Over thirteen years of experience in telecommunications with special focus on Sw
itches, R.F , hardware, software, transmission, D.C. power and Disaster Recovery
Problem solver who persistently follows up until issue is resolved.
Exceptional Troubleshooter.
Friendly with positive attitude.
Proven team player and leader having main responsibility on projects.
Ambitious and hardworking, with commitment to excellence.
Effective communicator, both written and verbal.
Highly attentive to detail, effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
Good Listener with outgoing, friendly demeanor and good sense of humor.
Knowledgeable of most Verizon , Sprint and AT&T programs, systems and protocol.
Worked and coordinated with various departments during Disaster Recovery , havin
g accurate reports for emergency and company services.
Experienced Troubleshooter for DWDM, SONET, TDM , and ETHERNET & Microwave syst
ems. Lucent 5ESS, 4ESS, Nortel DMS 100 & DMS 250 , 500 & Siemens switch EWSD
Circuit testing and installing : DS-3 circuits with T-Berd 310
OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 and OC-192 circuits with O.T.D.R .and Digital Lightwave.
Cat-5 LAN lines with handhold testers and ACTERNA 2800.
T-Berd 310 , 224 , 209 and 107 for DS-1 and DS0 testing.
HP frequency analyzer , spectrum analyzer , and frequency generator
DS-3 coax crimped connectors and DS-1 wiring for cross connects.
Placing Fiber cross connects and terminate ends.
Splicing Fiber , both by epoxy and thermal fusion.
P.O.T.S. installation and maintained.
FCC certified for Microwave Radio , Radio Telephone Operator , certified for tow
er lighting and climbing.
All at Central Office, Remote or customer prem.
* Skilled in utilizing circuit layout reports to facilitate cable/fiber runs and
* Coordinated with N.O.C. , C.L.E.C and Vendors at prem in testing and cable run
Superior ability in card swaps, power cabling and alarm wiring on various equipm
ent, including Lucent 5ESS, Certified by Bell-core on all equipment DDM-2000 OC-
3 and OC-12, FT-2000, Lineage DC equipment. Nortel DMS-100, DMS-250 , OP Tera ,
Passport, OC-48 and OC-192 bays , ADC and Lucent DSX shelves, Bay Networks, Redb
ack and Cosine routers, Ascend and Nortel ATM routers, AFC UMC1000,UMC2000 , DIS
CS terminals , SLC-5 ,SLC-2000, SLC-96, D4 channel banks, Stratum Clocking , FUJ
I FLM-150, FLM-300,FLM-600,FLM-1200 , NEC 2800, F.I.T.L systems , F.T.T.L. syste
ms , Marconi DISCS, Dantel , Alcatel 1603, 1648 & D.W.D.M. 1696 , AT&T DACS I,DA
CS II DACS III & DACS IV, Tellabs DCS 5500
* Effectively worked on generator and battery backup systems in commercial and f
ield environments.
* Excellent understanding of breaker distribution bays in Nortel, Lucent and P.E
.C.O power plants.
Successfully tested 2 and wire connections ( private line ) off junction boxes c
onnected to local switch.
Coordinated trunk connections between local switch and POP in flexible secure ne
Hands-on experience with order wire , switches , demarcation, cross boxes , Remo
tes C.E.V , C.E.C , pair gain sites , multiplexers , SS7 , packet switching , E9
11 ( MARS and Rockwell )
* Successfully troubleshoot local phone problems, identify and take corrective c
ourse of action.
Spliced Copper PIC and PULP, spliced fiber
* DSL deployment and project management with accurate data reflecting productivi
ty and activity.
PAIRGAIN deployment, turn-up, acceptance and reports with hourly, daily and mont
hly updates.
Responsible for outage reports , Mops , QSPEC and BPU reports
* Cut over on T1,DS3,OC-3,OC-12,OC-48 ,OC-192 and 1AESS to 5ESS conversions.
Bell Atlantic / Verizon Nov 1998 - Dec 2002
Network operations tech:
Including turn-up and test of DS0-OC-192
And central office work, worked for Major Accounts and SSDAC
This would include working on all various central office equipment.
Sprint/Embarq Dec 2002 - Aug 2006
Senior Network operations tech:
To include working on, provisioning and troubleshooting various problems and res
olving them using my training for point to point RF shoots , canopy radios and f
iber routes
Verizon Sept 2006- Apr 2007
Supervisor of Network operations and providing tier 2 support of
Transport and Switching operations.
Kent Tech June 2007 - Apr 2008 , transferred to Nuvox for 4 months in fort laude
rdale Senior Field operations tech
To include installing all transport , VOIP , and related installations and repai
r of said fatalities.
FPL Fibernet May 2008- June 2009
Senior Field Tech - To include installation , and repair of Fiber , D
S3, DS1 , DS0 and sub rate systems . Repair and installation of their Microwave
systems , and preventative maintenance .