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Robert A.

9796 Deerview Lane
Kimberly, Alabama 35091
(205) 647-7349 (home)
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Professional Information Technology (IT) Security Administrator seeking contract

s or other position that utilizes more than 20 years experience in federal manag
ement in the areas of Certification and Accreditation, Investigation of IT Crime
s, IT Audits, Risk Analyses, Contingency Planning and Integrity, Confidentiality
, Accountability and Availability of data/information.

United States Federal Government (retired March, 2004)

Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Cyber-Security (Top Secret Clearance - Inactive)
Washington, DC 20422
Professional Experience:
Information Technology Security Administrator (GS-13) (7/1/1990 - 3/2004)
Adjunct officer to the Director of Health Information Security Services, Central
Office, Washington, DC. Directly responsible for the development, implementati
on and administration of Veterans Health Administrationas National Information S
ystems Security program.
Responsible for Department of Veterans Affairs Certification and Accreditation (
C&A) for IT systems throughout the United States.
As Senior Auditor trained staff for the Review and Inspections of Hospital IT Sy
stems and security programs.
Member of the following workgroups a" Security Health Care Certification and Acc
reditation, Software Development Requirements and Standards for C&A, HIPAA, and
Architectural Planning.
Responsible for compliance with the Computer Security Act of 1987, the Privacy A
ct of 1974, OMB A-130, GAO, JCAHO, IG, HIPAA and other federal, state and local
Responsible for on-site IT security audits, investigation of computer security i
ncidents and recommending program emphasis and national goal, including systems
and perimeter security requirements.
Coordinated and developed national IT security policies and procedures for sensi
tive data and IT systems. Identified security features of VISTA, NT (WIN 2000),
fire walls, encryption standards (Public Key Infrastructure), Internet/Intranet
, Unix, VPN, and other client-server/operating systems.
Consulted with Directors, IT Managers, and staff in planning, implementing, and
monitoring the IT Security program to support system security plans, risk analys
is, contingency planning, and Certification and Accreditation requirements.
Coordinated, developed and participated as part of faculty in regional and natio
nal training on Automated IT Security Programs.
Extensive knowledge of software development, applications and operating systems
through continuous IT audits of one-hundred-seventy-two VA Medical Centers, 600
Outpatient Clinics and program offices.
National Institutes of Health
Health and Human Services
United States Federal Government
Bethesda, Maryland 20852
Crime Prevention Specialist Administrator (GS-12) (9/1987 to 7/1990)
Conducted departmental audits/surveys, wrote detailed reports and presented find
ings with recommendations to correct deficiencies to National Institute Director
Responsible for ensuring full compliance with the Computer Security Act of 1987,
Privacy Act, OMB Regulations 123 and 130, JCAHO, GAO, and IG.
Maintained liaison with other federal agencies in order to carry out duties and
Coordinated with the FBI and Secret Service in providing security to the Preside
nt of the United States upon visits to the National Institutes of Health.
B.S., Criminal Justice, Pacific Western University
Criminal Justice, Florida State University
A.A., General Education, Gulf Coast Community College
A.S., Law Enforcement, Gulf Coast Community College
Crime Prevention Theory and Practice, University of Louisville
Specialized Training:
IT Security & Administration Training
DoD DITSCAP (Certification and Accreditation)
CISSP Boot Camp
SANS Security Essentials
Windows 2000 Server Security Administration
Administrative Investigative Course
VA- Web-based Information Security
Microsoft 922 Supporting MS Win NT 4.0 - Core Technologies
Microsoft 803 Administering Win NT 4.0
Information Systems Auditing Techniques (SAIC - San Diego)
Project Officer - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Executrain & Computer Horizon Institute (1990 - 2004): completed a total of sixt
y-six computer-based courses in Auditing, PCs, Operating Systems, NT, UNIX, Nove
ll, Database Management, Microsoft Access, Networking Programming, Word Processi
ng, Project Management, System Management, LAN/WAN Networks, Windows Office Suit
e and Internet.