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Fred Farooqi

Midlothian, VA 23114
540 5203507 (C)
804 7944490 (H)
Citizenship: United States
Highly Talented Business Analyst with over 15 years of proven expertise and expe
rience in Banking/Finance, Government, Manufacturing and Telecommunications Indu
* Business Analyst seeking continued career progression in Information Systems.
Dedicated to delivering, innovative, integrated business solutions.
* Experienced in all facets of the development lifecycle from requirements, anal
ysis, architecture, design, testing and post-implementation revisions.
* Experience with COTS evaluation and vendor software analysis.
* Articulate professional business communication skills, including project prese
ntations and technical documentation.
* In-depth knowledge of Rational Unified Process (RUP); risk engineering; data m
odeling, data quality analysis and design using UML, Rational(R) Rose, Rational
(R) Req Pro and DOORS and Visio.
* Familiar with current industry standards, such as HIPAA, SOX, Title 21 CFR Par
t 11, 21 CFR Part 820, ISO, Six Sigma, and Capability Maturity Model (CMM).
* Adept at reducing development costs and providing traceability of projects.
Analytical Skills and Abilities
* Highly productive and results driven in team and individual projects; strong r
esearch and time management skills.
* Driven to maintain cutting-edge industry knowledge and technical skills knowle
dge and technical skills through independent and formal training.
* Effectively communicates with customers, business teams, and technical teams t
o develop organized and detailed specifications. Strong ability to interact with
business knowledge experts to understand, and in some cases help define busines
s functional needs.
* Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic, team environment; to interact with
all levels of management, and to prioritize/manage multiple tasks and deadlines
* Identifies and understands stakeholders, initiates and facilitates meetings an
d discussions with stakeholders as appropriate.
* Works with project managers, project requestors, operations, business represen
tatives, IT representatives and clients to ensure complete understanding of soft
ware requirements; provides business related IT knowledge to clients and busines
s representatives during the requirements management process.
* Requirements elicitation and gathering (leading/managing/documenting) with sta
keholders through JAD Sessions.
* The ability to manage projects tasks to aggressive time frames and to ensure t
hat deadlines are met.
* Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with changing priorities, so flexi
bility, innovation, and team focus are essential qualities for success.
* Demonstrated ability to take on roughly defined initiatives, work independentl
y, and deliver results.
Technical Abilities
Development Methodology and Procedures: Object-Oriented Methodolgies (UML, OMT,
Booch, Jacobsen-Objectory), RUP and Agile methodology. Requirements Definition a
nd Specification, Acceptance Test Specs CERP, Software Architecture, Software Do
cumentation, Develop System Analysis, Develop Detailed Design Specification.
Industry Knowledge: Government (Defense, Welfare, Criminal Justice,,etc.). Const
ruction, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Computer and Information Technology
, Telecommunications, Telemarketing, Management Abilities: Have lead Medium Team
s (3-15), Mentoring of Other Developers
Methods, Standards & API: CCM, DOM (Document Object Model), EJB (Enterprise Java
Beans), Java RMI(Remote Method Invocation), JDBC, JFC (Java Foundation Classes
), Object-Oriented, UML (Unified Modeling Language).
Planning and Project Abilities: Business Definition Requirements, Business Forma
l Presentations, Lead Medium Projects (3-12 Months), Lead Short Projects (1-3 Mo
nths), Project Leadership, Project Planning & Scheduling, Project Quality Assura
nce, Project Resource Management, Project Scheduling.
Quality Assurance: Total Quality Management (TQM) Standard, ISO- 9001, CCMI.
Databases: Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server, TOAD
GUI/Tools: MS Project, Visio, Access, Word, Excel, DOORS 7.1, Rational Requisite
Pro, Rational 2000, Rational Rose, Select, TrackWise, Crystal Reports Java Cer
Industry Standards: HIPAA, SOX, CFR 21 Part 11, CFR 21 Part 820, ISO, Six Sigma,
Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP, MSDOS, Mainframe, Linux Defect Tracking: Test Dir
ector 6.x/7.x/8.x
Version Control: Star Team, PVCS
Testing Tools: WinRunner, LoadRunner, Quick Test Pro (QTP), Mercury Quality Cent
Web Development Solutions: IBM Certified Solution Developer - WebSphere Portal 5
.1. IBM Certified Application Developer - IBM Workplace Web Content Management 2
.5, AJAX,/Javascript, SQL and Unix shell script, SharePoint Portal Server, XML,
XSLT and C#,
1. Object Oriented Analysis (OMT) - Advanced Concepts Center, Martin Marietta
2. Object Oriented Design - Interactive Development Environments
3. Object Oriented Information Engineering - Enterprise Engines Inc.
4. VW-Smalltalk Object Oriented Programming - ParcPlace
5. Computer Networks - Theory and Practice - LUMS
6. Java - J2EE Enterprise Developer Certification.
7. Forte Application Development - Forte Software, Inc.
Healthrix Systems, Richmond VA
Business Analyst
Dec 2008 - Current
* Developed an Implementation Strategy and Plan for diverse and phased EHR Deplo
yment projects.
* Developed resource and time estimates for project related tasks.
* Elicited, Analyzed and documented client's business requirements and processes
and communicates these requirements by constructing conceptual data and process
models and volume estimates from organization.
* Collaborated with stakeholders and end users to develop a process workflow to
optimize Patient Throughput.
* Assisted with developing the methods and procedures required to identify wheth
er current healthcare goals and objectives meet meaningful use requirements.
* Adopted ISO-9001, CCHIT compliant methodologies to implement and deploy EHR Sy
stems for diversified healthcare specialities.
* Facilitated meetings with client practices to elicit, gather and document requ
irements and explore potential solutions.
* Conducted business analyst tasks on healthcare information technology projects
and provided support to various practices.
* Streamlined processes to improve and support Healthcare Workflow and activitie
* Coordinated technical reviews and inspections to verify 'intent of change' is
carried out through the entire project.
* Performed and executed EMR Template creation/management, prototyping and wiref
* Designed and analysed interfaces to HL-7 and Surescripts for Health Informatio
n Exchange.
* Articulated test scenarios and developed test plans to be used in testing the
business applications in order to verify that client requirements are incorporat
ed in to the system design. Assisted in analyzing testing results throughout the
* Managed development of RFP and vendor selection process for new practice manag
ement/EMR software platform.
* Conducted HIPAA Gap Analysis of physician offices, and effectively met deadlin
es for CCHIT compliance.
Department of Defense (DoD), Norfolk VA/Washington DC
Business Analyst
Aug 2007 - Dec 2008
Business Analyst for Analysis and Specification of the DSAMS Application for Gr
ants Funding of the Foreign Military Sales for DSADC/ Department of Defense (Do
* Coordinated Requirements gathering and elicitation via user and stakeholder in
terviews. Specification, elaboration and corroboration of use case scenarios and
storyboarding via User Screens, Problem statements.
* Articulated Iterative and incremental requirements gathering using Lean and Ag
ile Rational RUP methodology to deliver business value at the end of the project
* Developed Use Case documents decomposing them to sub-modular Use Cases. Use Ca
ses were integrated into Rational(R) Requisite Pro. Use Case Analysis was perfor
med on the UML(R) Standard Template. Tools utilised Rational(R) Requisite Pro, D
OORS(R) and MS Word(R) 2007.
* Developed Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). SRS document and RTM documen
ts were developed using the standard Requisite Pro templates.
* Developed the Static Object Model utilizing Visio and Rational 2000 Suite. Dev
eloped Dynamic and Functional Models to assemble Functional Detailed Functional
* Reviewed referential and historical integrity of database.
* Successfully gathered, analyzed and managed requirements for a large-scale Ent
erprise Grants Authroization for the department. Architected large-scale Enterpr
ise Distributed Application for the department
* Collaborated with the Quality Assurance to author, review and maintain test ca
ses, scripts and test plans
* Updated System Change Request (SCR) forms for Product Data Management (PDM).
* Tools utilised: MS-Project, Visio, SunOne UDS Forte 5.2, Toad, Oracle, SQL Ser
EDS/GM Onstar - Detroit, MI
Business Analyst
Nov 06 - Aug 07
* Deliverables included functional specification of business rules and the use c
ase scenarios/process Performed GAP analysis of business rules, business and sys
tem process flows, user administration, and requirements. Ensured GMP and compli
ance requirements (Title 21 CFR Part 11) were met.
* Developed the Object Sequence Model.
* Developed and analyzed the Enterprise Billing services, and delivered Billing
Decoupling Analysis documents to key stakeholders.
* Defined Data Input/Output Attributes for the Billing Functions. Analysis inclu
ded development of import/export procedures for data referenced and the identifi
ed billing functions transactional data. Analysis also included extraction of SQ
L statements and definition of interface inputs and outputs for the Billing Func
tions and migration of Database Engine to a new platform. The Analysis documents
were developed and served as input for Requirements Documents (SRS and Use Case
* Also developed Object Sequence, Object Interaction and Functional Data Flow Di
* Incorporated the Analysis Documents into a Star Team Version Control System.
* Performed the Data Analysis and Implementation for the migration.
* Analyzed source system for data model analysis. Strategized opportunistic and
deterministic master data match and merge techniques. Developed data flow diagra
* Provided ongoing ad hoc support of analysis relative to data validation and da
ta quality.
* Tools utilised: MS-Project, Visio, Rational Requisite Pro , SunOne UDS Forte 5
.2, Toad, Oracle.
Dupont, Richmond VA
Analyst Lead/Snr. Staff Specialist
Sept 2001 - Oct 2006
Business Analyst for the diverse Manufacturing Operations, QA, Lab, Production
Management and Shipping.
* Utilized ISO-9001 compliant RUP and Six Sigma methodology and coordinated mode
ling and implementation of nine Adapter Systems interfacing with various banking
* Collaborated with the User Interface, Workflow and QA teams for requirements a
nalysis and decomposition utilizing incremental version control of the specs sto
red in a repository as well as design, interfacing and other issues by conductin
g and coordinating JAD sessions. Interfaced with SMEs to prepare BPR documents f
or ongoing projects.
* Translated business expectations to technical teams and design/execution plann
ing via diagrams, Use Case Modeling and GUI mock ups of finished products. Devel
oped use cases, workflow, screen mock-ups, and conversion requirements.
* Optimized and modified the triggers, complex store functions, procedures, user
base datatype etc.
* Elicited, gathered, analyzed and managed requirements for a large-scale Produc
tion Shopfloor for the manufacturing department.
* Conducted Analysis, Design and Data Requirements Specification for enhancement
s on the Nomex(R) Shopfloor Manufacturing Production System. Deliverables for th
e Analysis and Design included use cases specification, development of Dynamic
and Functional Models, CRC Cards which were consolidated in Rational Suite of pr
oducts used as the repository for the RUP deliverables.
* Leveraged CERP standard for development of the Production ShopFloor Applicatio
* Performed requirements gathering and developed data dictionary and Logical/Ph
ysical Models for production through all stages of manufacturing which was model
ed using a ISO 9001 Compliant Object Oriented methodology (RUP). ERWin was utili
sed as the Database Modeling Software.
* Worked on design and analysis of a data warehouse. Elicited user input through
JAD sessions. Developed data replication and synchronization and security proce
dures for the development, test and production databases. Concurrency Control, S
ecurity, backup and recovery procedures.
* Managed all aspects of data quality within the Production Shopfloor. Identifie
d areas of opportunity and implement procedures to monitor and improve accuracy
of information used in reporting and analytics.
* Developed of a data export and import/ backup and recovery procedural document
for the database schema including replication and synchronization procedures..
* Worked with SQL queries for data manipulations.
* Conducted Integration testing, system testing (data analysis), regression test
ing and UAT.
Royal Bank of Canada - RBC Centura, Atlanta GA
Business Analyst Lead/Snr.Software Engineer
July 2000 - Aug 2001
Business Analyst for the web based online banking operations and services. The
scope of this engagement included the analysis, modeling and implementation of n
ine Adapter Systems interfacing with various banking vendors including Deluxe, C
heckFree, TSYS, MSys, SOne, FedLine, for the online banking operations and serv
* Collaborated with the User Interface, Workflow and QA teams for requirements a
nalysis and decomposition utilizing incremental version control of the specs sto
red in a repository as well as design, interfacing and other issues by conductin
g and coordinating JAD sessions.
* Liaised and partnered with SMEs to prepare BPR documents for ongoing projects
and also interfaced with stakeholders for Certification, Technical Issues and Ve
ndor Interfacing.
* Coordinated work plans between project manager and client using MS Project(R).
* Developed Test Cases for the application functional enhancements and reviewed
scripts for testing and data analysis. Worked with QA team to design test plan a
nd test cases for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
* Elicited, gathered, analyzed and managed requirements for a large-scale Web En
terprise system for the Bank.
* The existing data model had not been created using best practices and this res
ulted in a business intelligence layer that had an unusually long and error pron
e development cycle, poor data quality, and poor query performance.
* The new process resulted in dramatically improved data quality, system managea
bility, and communication between the business and technical teams.
* Migration included complex re-architecturing of the existing system.
* The re-architecting included development of distributed, scalable, platform in
dependent and service oriented, n-tier framework which was a paradigm shift from
the current system.
* Development of a data export and import/ backup and recovery procedural docume
nt for the database schema including replication and synchronization procedures.
* Tools utilised: MS-Project, Visio, SunOne UDS Forte 5.2, Toad, Oracle, SQL Ser
State of New York - Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS), Albany NY
Business Analyst
July 1999 - July 2000
Business Analyst for NSOR, DEA and Store and Forward Applications. Worked on th
e National Offender Registration (NSOR) and DEA system for the Department of Cri
minal Justice Services. Work involved single-handed analysis and design of a Sto
re and Forward customized solution system and functionality.
* Interfaced with business users to elicit requirements utilizing cooperative JA
D sessions.
* Leveraged RUP Use Case Analysis to delineate, narrate. and storyboard user fu
* Reverse engineered the application to develop Object and Dynamic Models for th
e NSO system.
* Worked on requirements gathering and elicitation via user and stakeholder inte
rviews. Specification, elaboration and corroboration of use case scenarios and s
toryboarding via User Screens, Problem statements.
* Articulated Iterative and incremental requirements gathering using Lean and Ag
ile Rational RUP methodology to deliver business value at the end of the project
* Worked with QA team to design test plan and test cases for User Acceptance Tes
ting (UAT).
* Developed a Project Plan, Object Model, Dynamic Model to be used for applicati
on development. Was also responsible for architecture and quality control.
* Developed the Object, Dynamic and Functional Models for the Drug Enforcement A
uthority (DEA) system.
* Coordinated QA regression and testing to enhance system is a must as well as i
dentify bugs, etc.
* Conducted Integration testing of interfaces (batch process: 20% of overall tes
t execution), GUI testing (5 % of overall test execution), regression test / rec
onciliation of Production and Test feeds (25%), coordinating with Vendor system
and testing the application (10%), Validation of Data (70%).
* Developed Test Cases for the application functional enhancements and reviewed
scripts for testing and data analysis. Worked with QA team to design test plan a
nd test cases for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Commonwealth of Massachussets, Department of Transitional Assistance, Boston MA
Business Analyst
Aug 1997 - June 1999
Business Analyst for Account Receivable for the Department of Transitional Assis
* Determined user/business/functional requirements. Created vision, scope, and u
se case documents; business process models, use case diagrams, activity diagrams
, and State Chart Diagrams.
* Validated technical designs created by IT developers against functional specif
* Modeled, documented and developed specs for system requirements for the busin
ess process model, Developed specifications for the business process,
* Developed the Requirements Specification, Use Case Analysis Documents, Project
Plan, Object Model, Dynamic Model to be used for application development. Was a
lso responsible for architecture and quality control.
* Articulated process modeling; conducted and participated in JAD(R) sessions wi
th system users; helped with design walkthroughs with stakeholders for base lini
ng architecture.
* Participated in detailing project mission, data process flow diagrams, and tim
* Liaised with QA team to design test plan and test cases for User Acceptance Te
sting (UAT).
* Worked on SQL queries for data analysis, manipulation and data definition util
izing TOAD.
Carlson Hospitality, Minneapolis, MN
Consultant/Analyst for the Forte National Practice
Feb 1996 - June 1997
* Harnessed iterative development to slice the deliverable business value into i
terations. In each iteration a slice of functionality was delivered through cros
s-functionality for the model/requirements.
* Authored GUI Centric Design Use Case specification and GUI Flow Diagrams incor
porating Usability Evaluation of Human Factors, Ergonomics and Prototype Fidelit
* Articulated the Object Oriented analysis and modeling of a Central Reservation
Delivery System for Carlson Hospitality (Radisson). System was responsible for
Queuing, Prioritizing, Batching, Scheduling, Routing and Delivery to Radisson an
d three other vertical market properties using varied communication protocols fr
om dial -up, FTP to Satellite Communications.
* Reviewed business process and functional requirements. Deliverables included f
unctional specification of business rules, Analysis and Object Oriented Static a
nd Dynamic Models and the use case scenarios/process as well as specification of
the Data Model and User Interface Analysis Tools.
* Articulated Use Cases, SELECT(R) Case Tool for the Object-Oriented Analysis an
d Design.
* Re-architected the application for development of distributed, scalable, platf
orm independent and service oriented, n-tier framework which was a paradigm shif
t. from the current system.
Time Warner Communications
Business Analyst
Mar 1994 - Feb 1996
Business Analyst for leading Telecommunications company. Project involved EDI-ba
sed application called ASR (Access Service Request) database for storing user fi
* Identified project scope, risks, and requirements (functional and non-function
al) at a high level but in enough detail that work can be estimated. Interviewed
stakeholders and coordinated requirements elicitation using JAD sessions, revie
wed existing documentation, business rules and policies.
* Strategized the development lifecycle with proof of concept, vertical slice an
d pilot projects articulated by multi layered architecture.
* Adopted and Leveraged OMT based methodology adhered to using IDE-STP (R) Objec
t Oriented Case Tool to develop Use Cases and Activity diagrams; Assisted develo
pers in creating sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams.
* Partnered with solution architects, project engineers, application development
management, data modelers, database administrators and other stakeholders for i
nput, support, and detail.
* Developed a prototype of the new information processing application. Helped el
icit functional requirements and prepared business requirement documents using V
isio and MS Word.
* Compiled the Requirements Specification assembled from the Analysis of multipl
e functionalities and a rules based system implemented as a Finite State Machine
. Utilised Object Oriented methodologies such as Rumbaugh OMT(R), Enterprise Mod
eling, CRC Cards.
* Adopted and adhered to a GUI and web style guide. Expert Evaluation was also p
erformed to certify the UI.
* Conducted risk engineering to the Project Plan for the Access Service Request
* Tools utilised were IDE-STP(R) CASE tool. Implemented the system using Visual
Works/SmallTalk Ver 2.0. Was involved in the development of a standard object or
iented software architecture that was to be used for all Time Warner Application
InterWest Bank, Oak Harbor, Washington
Principal Software Engineer
July 1992 - Mar 1994
Worked as Analyst Lead on a Banking Client Server Application Solution.
* Analyzed the Front Office and Back Office functions and services of the bankin
g operations for End of day batch transactions and Year Start and Year End Accou
nting Transactions.
* Developed a framework for development of all Banking Applications in the enter
prise utilising VMS(R) C, RDB(R), DEC(R) Forms, DEC(R)-TFM (R)(GUI tool), Routi
ne Transaction Management (RTM(R)), and MS Windows(R).
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Eng. - Nov. 1988 (Honors)
KEYWORDS: Systems, development, life cycle, liaison, systems analyst, functional
, analyze, communicate, validate, processes, process, policies, information, pro
blem resolution, project, scalability, security, usability, BA, System Requireme
nts., Business Analysis. Data Analysis, requirements, distributed environment, d
istributed systems
Furnished upon request