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1719 North Bissell
Street, Chicago Illinois 60614 (973) 876-4401,jmichels4@comcast.net Re
located to Chicago, Illinois September 2010
Masters of Education - Saint Peter's College, 3.98 GPA
Masters of Arts and Education Program - Loyola University 4.0 GPA
Bachelors of Arts - DePauw University
New Jersey State Teaching Certification: Elementary Education K-8
Applying for Illinois State Teaching Certification
Pequannock School District, North Boulevard Elementary School, Pompton Plains NJ
2005- 2010
5th grade teacher and inclusive special education classroom teacher -
* Created developed and implemented curriculum increasing NJ ASK scores in Langu
age Arts, Reading, Spanish and Math to become a blue ribbon school.
* Generated and implemented Character education, Harcourt Reading, Science, Soci
al Studies, Math, Health programs.
* Received tenure in 2008.
* Increased comprehension by 85% and marked increase in analysis, synthesis, app
lication, grammar and creativity.
* Utilized data to drive instruction towards advanced proficiency. 50% students
became proficient and other 50% became advance proficient.
* Students that were part- proficient and basic skills became proficient to adva
nce proficient.
* Integrated curriculum using cooperative learning, hands-on use of manipulative
s and constructivism strategies.
* Schedule planning to maximize blocked instructional and common planning time.
* Organized and implemented special events in language arts, social studies, cha
racter education, Spanish, Reading and creative expression.
* Implemented effective behavior management strategies for each student and indi
vidual education assessments and small group instruction to reach goals.
* Incorporated cross-curricular components into lessons and unit activities.
* Planned and implemented learning activities for students with extremely varied
ability levels.
* Attended regular PLC and IEP meetings and worked as a team member to increase
student achievement and social skills.
Morris Plains School District, Mountain Way/Borough School, Morris Plains NJ 20
04 - 2005
Spanish (K-5) and ESL (K-8) teacher - Created, developed and implemented curricu
lum increasing fluency in languages which resulted in higher academic comprehens
Saint Mary's Elementary School, Denville NJ 2003 - 2004
Long-term substitute teacher for Kindergarten, 3rd, 6th and 8th grades - Filled
in as main math teacher and developed reading program increasing math and readin
g scores by 35% and 50% respectively.
Saint Philips Academy, Northfield IL 2001 - 2002
Substitute Teacher - Generated and implemented creative ideas including dramatic
read along, readers' theatre, role playing, Venn diagrams and other activities
not originally in reading program which resulted in increased student interest a
nd improvement of reading scores by 45%.
Sheraton North Shore Hotel, Northbrook IL 1989 - 1997
Bilingual Director of Training - Taught managerial leadership skills, team build
ing skills, job requirements, guest satisfaction, and English as a Second Langua
ge resulting in increased communication between management and staff, improved j
ob satisfaction, which increased revenue for hotel.
Motivational Speaker - Trained owners, CEOs and presidents of large and small co
mpanies to use games and role playing in order to create interdepartmental team
building skills.
Quality Assurance Specialist - Ensured quality of hospitality, staff job satisfa
ction and loyalty, and wrote human resource benefit and incentive programs and d
etailed job descriptions resulting in 75% decrease in turnover and 35% increase
in hotel revenue.
Center Grove Elementary School, Randolph NJ (through Saint Peter's College) 200
3 - 2004
* Created reading program for new 4th grade literacy requirements increasing com
prehension by 60% and marked increase in analysis, synthesis, application, gramm
ar and creativity.
* Significant team member in implementation of "Everyday Math Program" throughou
t the 4th grade.
Greeley Elementary School, Chicago IL (through Loyola University) 2002 - 2003
* Conducted extensive research and assessment on dyslexia throughout Chicago res
ulting in increased identification of dyslexic students producing more specific
IEPs for special placement and intervention.
* Provided private tutoring and assessment of student academic problem areas. C
reated IEPs and successfully incorporated programs resulting in 75% increase in
skill development.
* Major participant with district Multi-Resource Center for development and impl
ementation of increased hands-on activities in the classroom.
Nettlehorst Elementary School, Chicago IL (through Loyola University) 2001 -
* Second and sixth grade classroom teacher
* Instrumental in improvement of staff interpersonal environment resulting in st
udent emotional and self image stability, students reading scores improved by 75
New Trier High School, Chicago IL (through Loyola University) 2000 - 2001
* Created and implemented small group special programs for special education stu
dents resulting in positive learning and behavioral changes.
* Clarified and updated detailed IEPs resulting in increased understanding and r
eadability to better serve the student recognized by administration at school an
d Loyola University.
Provided essential assistance and support including substitute teacher, teacher
assistant, reading teacher, curriculum development, head room mother, librarian
assistant, CCD teacher.
* Shongum Elementary School, Randolph NJ 2003-2005
* Resurrection Parish, Randolph NJ 2003-2008
* Saint Faith Hope and Charity School, Winnetka IL 1999-2001
* Crow Island Elementary School, Winnetka IL 1999
Professional Workshops: Differentiated Instruction, lexile, Good Habits Great R
eaders, Writers workshop, Reading strategies for test taking, Kagan Cooperative
learning, Writing Strategies, RTI, inclusive classroom strategies, technology in
classroom. Words Their Way, These are a few workshops. Received over 100 worksh
op hours.
Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Macintosh Groupwise, Internet sa
vvy, Web Site design, Smart board, on-line classroom.
Interpersonal Skills: Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution, Team Buildin
Athletics: College Varsity basketball, HS Varsity basketball, soccer, tennis, la
crosse, Junior Olympics swimming
Professional Association Memberships: Phi Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Illino
is Literacy Council, Illinois Reading Council, FLENJ, NJEA
DePauw University: Public Relations Coordinator, Journalist, Head of Scholarship
Committee, Head of Social Committee for University and Kappa Kappa Gamma