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www.linkedin.com/in/cheryl_mailloux a (704) 502-3020 a cme1f1e2@westpost.net

International Trade Professional with expertise in import duty management, trade
compliance regulations, and import/export supply chain logistics. Direct inter
action with US Customs and Border Protection, import brokers, duty drawback brok
ers, and internal customers/business units.
THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY (formerly Rohm and Haas Company)
International Trade, Import and Trade Compliance Specialist, Charlotte, NC 200
a Identify and Implement duty management savings projects with deliverable resul
ts including duty drawback, duty suspension and special trade programs
a Handle trade compliance process and documentation related inquiries from custo
ms and business units
a Evaluate implications of import operational procedures and practices to meet a
gency requirements
a Coordinates activities related to US Customs and Border Protection programs an
d initiatives (ex C-TPAT, ISA, etc)
a Ensures import processes continue to meet ISA requirements through identificat
ion of potential risk areas, escalating issues for prioritization and resolutio
n (risk management)
a Oversight for Import process activities. Identify day to day processes throug
h effective use of metrics and reports, and facilitate the resolution of issues
a Audit and monitor import broker performance
a Implemented a US bond review for continuous and drawback bonds for all IRS#as
resulting in significant savings.
a Successful team member working off-site for 5 years
Inter-Regional Supply Process Designer/Trainer, Philadelphia, PA 1999-2001
a Develop and implement export training curriculum (incl. Documentation) for the
Export Team (14 individuals) for the newly introduced SAP mainframe system. Ev
aluate/implement export process improvements: cycle time/lead time reduction, co
mplaint reduction, improved documentation accuracy.
a Represent and provide support for Inter-Regional supply team, as well as chemi
cal logistics/traffic group on SAP implementation during go-live rollouts
a Received Vice Presidentas Award for excellence in implementation team for valu
ed contributions to the success of the project
Corporate Trade Compliance Team Member
a Process Owner of the Export Restriction and Licensing processes by applying fo
r licenses when product/end user/application dictate
a Responsible for auditing export files, tracking export licenses, and provide r
eports to internal businesses as required
a Develop and conduct Trade Compliance training for internal business units
Export Team Leader, Chicago, IL 1993-1999
a Coordinated a group of five Export CSRas a" responsible for managing efficient
order processing performance including customer service activities in order to
ensure external customer satisfaction and minimizing customer complaints.
Illinois State University, Normal, Il a" BA International Business
AS/400, SAP 6.00, GTS 6.00, BW, E-Focus. Canadian Customs EZ-Tariff,
Customs and Border Protection ACE Entry Summary data portal