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K. C.

3363 Hartwell Ct. Pleasanton, CA 94588
(415) 667-9341 (office) or (925) 963-1359 (Cell)
e-mail: KC.Hsieh@schwab.com
SUMMARY Director in Financial Planning & Profitability Analysis and Schwab
Data Warehouse, responsible for production of P&L Report for all Business Segme
nts, profitability and capital data management, and development of financial mod
els as well as economic analysis.
11 years of experience in Financial/Economic analysis and forecasting models, a
nd associated reporting solutions
3 years of experience in developing statistical targeting models for Marketing
campaigns and client behavior models such as predicting the risk of attrition
1 year of experience in Derivative Pricing Models
passed three exams (Calculus, Compound-Interest Theory, and Numerical Methods)
for the associate of society of actuary
33 publications in various technical journals and books
EDUCATION MBA (May 1999, concentrated in finance and marketing), WSOM, Cas
e Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1987, Pennsylvania State University, Univ. Park,
3/02 present Director of Financial Planning and Profitability Analysis at Char
les Schwab
Responsible for integrating the profitability and planning systems to provide 6
-quarter rolling forecast based on regression model results (relationship betwee
n GL expenses and business volume/economic data)
Responsible for managing profitability data (business ruled applied to Schwab w
arehouse data), a 6 terabyte SQL server data base
Responsible for the monthly production of P&L reports for all business segments
Responsible for the monthly production of Client level profitability data, whic
h feed into Schwabs Relationship Pricing Model used by field representatives to
make pricing decisions (margin loan rate and trade commission discounts given to
Responsible for developing new cost drivers in the Schwab Profitability Analysi
s System
Worked very closely with business partners in various business units to build a
framework (methodology of cost allocation according to the principles of Activi
ty-Based Costing) to reflect business activities and cost drivers in the P&L rep
Worked very closely with Schwab Technology group to build a database for captur
ing the capacity utilization (both on the mainframe and cluster servers) at the
end-client level via various channels
Analyzed the shared services (Mainframe) in Technology group in terms of the da
ily usage patterns of the system capacity and the volatility of daily capacity u
tilization, which is the foundation for the forecast model
6/01 3/02 Director of Advanced Analytics at Charles Schwab
Built models to measure the return of various marketing programs
Worked very closely with marketing groups in various business units to build a
framework for monitoring the marketing performance metrics based on the balanced
scorecard approach and link them to business activities and cost drivers
Built scoring system at the end-client level for targeted marketing programs su
ch that the response rate can be optimized
10/99 6/01 Senior Marketing Manager at Charles Schwab
Conducted segmentation and attrition analysis based on daily data of customers
trading activities. With the knowledge of customers behavior dynamics, early war
ning signals of customer attrition can be captured and predictive model for cust
omers life cycles can be established. In conjunction with the time series analys
is on customers behavior, a segmentation analysis is conducted in order for the
strategic group to develop a retention program.
Developed targeting models with high precision based on both customers profiles
and behavior data. The model has been optimized via iterations between initiall
y developed model and the response data collected from marketing campaigns.
Studied customer segmentation based on their life cycles. A 10-year historical
database has been established to understand customers life cycles. These cycles
will be segmented to reflect several types of customer behavior over their entir
e life time with Schwab. Within each cycle, multiple stages will be identified f
or optimizing the timing of marketing campaigns.
Built asset-propensity model based on customers asset movement activities and p
ortfolio performance. Results will be used to support Charles Schwab Retail Mark
eting Group in enhancing customers asset.
1/98 10/99 Senior Scientist, National Center for Microgravity Research, Cleve
land, OH
Conducted fundamental research and software development for the magnetorheologi
cal fluid instabilities and developed mathematical model as well as software for
the instability phenomenon of magnetorheological. The developed software will s
erve as a tool for designing high-performance nonlinear optical devices with tun
able index of refraction. The software can also be used to design a high-sensiti
vity space acceleration measurement system (SAMS, to measure the acceleration in
space vehicles).
Managed projects as a scientist, responsible for leading a science and engineer
ing team in supporting fluid-physics experiments conducted on space shuttles and
to be conducted on the international space station. The role of the project sci
entist is to serve as an interface between the principal investigator of a space
-experiment project and the engineering team, which is responsible for designing
and fabricating the hardware. Specific responsibilities include: motivating the
team members, monitoring the progress, enhancing the efficiency, controlling th
e budget, and negotiating with the principal investigator on the day to day basi
1/95 10/99 Research Consultant, Office on Naval Research, Washington, D.C.
Developed a computer program for simulating two-phase turbulent reacting flows
for internal ballistic cycles based on most advanced numerical algorithm. A GUI
was also developed for the online display of the numerical results.
Developed a numerical scheme and computer program for simulating DDT phenomenon
in pulse detonation engines.
1/94 12/97 Senior Scientist, NYMA, Inc., SETAR Team
Developed numerical algorithms for studying capillary surface instability.
9/91 - 12/93 Senior Scientist, Sverdrup Technology, Inc., SETAR Team
Developed an efficient and accurate numerical code for time-dependent three-dim
ensional flow simulations.
Served as a project scientist and conduct related research on flight experiment
s such as micro scale hydrodynamics near a moving contact line and magnetorheolo
gical fluids.
12/90 1/94 Research Consultant, UT-CALSPAN Center, Tullahoma, Tennessee
Developed numerical programs to study two-phase flow phenomena in rocket propul
sion systems.
6/87 - 9/91 Research Engineer, Sverdrup Technology, Inc., SETAR Team
Developed numerical algorithms and computer codes for surface-tension-driven fl
ow with free surface deformation.
Developed numerical algorithms and computer codes for both subsonic and superso
nic flows, involving chemical reactions, was solely responsible for developing a
mathematical model as well as an advanced numerical algorithm for both subsonic
and supersonic turbulent flows, involving chemical reactions fuel droplets; imp
lementing the model into a numerical code. The transport equations of probabilit
y density functions for characterizing the turbulent structures were solved usin
g Monte Carlo Method. As a part of the entire framework, physical models and com
puter code module for droplet combustion in high-pressure environment were also
developed. The overall software system, consisting of the flow-dynamics module a
nd the droplet combustion module, provides the simulation of processes involved
in a liquid-propellant rocket motor. With the developed software, the performanc
e of any prototype liquid-propellant rocket can be evaluated and the guidance of
hardware design modification can be obtained. The performance (efficiency) of t
he overall software was optimized based on the parallel processors on Cray compu
ter. Specific responsibilities include: development of the mathematical model fo
r the underlying physics; design of the module for simulating the flow dynamics;
development of a module for fuel droplet combustion in high-pressure environmen
t; incorporation of droplet combustion module into the flow-dynamics module.

Citizenship: United States