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Mission Statement Eddie Wenrick ewe4ec12@westpost.

net 949-742-2500 cell

As a long time entrepreneur, I have reached a point in my career in which I am s
eeking a Senior Management position with a growth-oriented corporation where my
knowledge and skills will have an immediate impact on corporate profits and prod
uctivity. In addition, my network contacts and relationships would be utilized w
ithin any area of the entertainment world including, music, film, television and
Executive Summary
Unique blend of exceptional technical skills - combined with solid business mana
gement experience. Building a substantial client data base, I have built 30+ yea
rs of not only contacts but relationships within the entertainment business both
international and domestic. Helped clients grow revenues, managed rapid growth,
minimized labiality exposure, chaired multi functional teams, and increased sha
re holder value. Maintaining over thirty years of management experience, I have
also demonstrated strong revenue building history. Revenues included, personally
selling of over 50 million records and generated over $500 million in gross rev
enue from many major recording artists. In addition, I also have the innate abil
ity to develop or turn around distressed companies by creating and nurturing a b
alanced, strong, and passionate management team.
* Highly accomplished in conventionalizing, maintaining and closing all tasks at
* Extensive experience in team building and negotiation
* Able to motivate and move toward consensus
* Excellent interpersonal communication skills
* Proven history of solving complex operational problems
* Detail oriented, strong analytical skills
* Driven and passionate
Tap out Las Vegas.com, NV
* Former interim CEO of True Sport Entertainment and Alliance
* Built gyms, training centers and equipment for the UFC and Strikeforce
* Because of underfunding, the position dissolved
Hitlab.com; Montreal, Canada and Santa Ana, CA
Former President and CEO, June 2006-February 2010
* With Artist and Producer, Akon we developed a platform for new talent to be fo
und similar to "American Idol" on the internet
* Listed as one of the top 25,000 websites in the world
* Strategic partnering with all major media companies world wide
* Chaired multifunctional teams
* Managed rapid growth
* Developed worldwide strategic partners to increase media awareness of artists
and events
Wenrick Entertainment Group; Mission Viejo, CA
CEO - 2003-2006
* Helped clients grow revenues
* Senior Consultant for film, television, and records
* Pursued development of entertainment projects in Las Vegas
* Internet marketing promotion and video streaming in major hotels
* Manager of Recording Artists
Jeff McClusky & Associates; Chicago, IL
Senior VP of Consulting and Concert Department, 1997-1999
* Top independent promotion company in the US.
* Promoted approx. 100 radio shows per year in markets
* Developed non-traditional income ranging from $10-20 million per year
Marathon Media; Chicago, IL
President of Music Division of Major Broadcasting, 1995-1996
* Company operated, bought, and sold radio stations ($50-$100 million dollars in
Weintraub Entertainment Group-Concerts West, and Tom Hulett & Associates; Santa
Monica, CA
Senior Vice President and Partner - 1989-1995
* Minimized liability exposure
* Increased shareholder value
* Developed worldwide strategic partners to increase media awareness of artists
and events.
* Company operated 17 amphitheaters (Collective gross revenue of $200 million)
* Managed major gold/platinum recording artists such as The Beach Boys, Moody Bl
ues, Three Dog Night, Warrant, Harry Belafonte, Frank Zappa
Caribou Records and Films - Country Music Television (James William Guercio); Be
verly Hills, CA and Boulder, CO
Senior VP - 1987-1988
* They Facilitated the selling of the company for $100 million to Gaylord Broadc
asting , then they sold to Viacom CBS FOR 200 million
Headliner Entertainment Magazine; Los Angeles, CA and Boulder, CO
Senior VP and Co-Publisher, 1985-1987
* Facilitated the sale company of the company to Billboard, which netted $1 mill
Aucoin Management and Rock Steady Productions; Los Angeles, California and New Y
ork City, NY
Senior Vice President of Rock Steady Productions, offices in LA and NYC, 1980-19
* Company managed the group Kiss; Mr. Wenrick assisted Bill Aucoin
* There was a showroom with 5,000 items with the group Kiss's name on them.
* Multi-million dollar publishing deal accomplished with MCA
W and L Productions; Los Angeles, CA
Co-CEO and Owner, 1976-1980
* Developed worldwide strategic partners to increase media awareness of artists
and events.
* Signed artists to production companies and placed artists with major labels, p
ersonal management, music publishing and concert promotion
* Re-established Concert Express generating $50 million in revenue
* Promoted 200-300 shows with Fleetwood Mac
* Placed over 25 artists with major record labels
* Bob Eubanks and Bill Leopold were partners
Epic Records; Los Angeles, CA
Vice President and General Manager, 1973-1976
* Ran the entire West Coast - 1,000 employees with $200 million in gross revenue
* All departments reported to Mr. Wenrick
* Signed and developed numerous multi-platinum artists
Columbia Records Division of CBS; New York, NY
Director of A&R, 1970-1973
* While there, the company generated billion in revenue
* This was during the time Columbia signed Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Car
los Santana
Welk Music Group; Santa Monica, CA
Professional Manager and Song Plugger, 1969-1970
Paul Handler & Associates; Seattle and Spokane, Washington
Agent and Promoter, 1965-1968
* Principal in the early stages of Concerts West, which promoted the tours of El
vis, John Denver. Neil Diamond, the Moody Blues, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Led Z
eppelin, Jimi Hendrix and the Beach Boys.