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It gives me immense pleasure to present before you our opening newsletter, on

behalf of my entire team. Today as I stand before you, we’ve grown from two
students with a dream of building race cars to a 20 member strong team working day
and night with a common goal. With this newsletter, we hope to reach all our
stakeholders, i.e. the sponsors, the faculty, the administration and our fellow
students, and will present before you the aims of the team and the design

First of all, I thank our faculty advisor, Dr R. P.

Gakkhar and our HoD, Dr. S. C. Sharma, for
giving us such an opportunity to showcase our
talent. I also thank our alumni, Mr Subodh
Sharma, Mr Kamendra Kumar, Mr Pramod
Saxena and Mr Pravesh Srivastava from the
bottom of my heart for supporting us in all
possible ways.

We welcome our seed sponsors! Announcing the names of our initial sponsors, they

 Anand Automotive Ltd.

 Oxigen Services (India) Ltd.

We are open to your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to write to us at
fsae.iitroorkee@gmail.com. You can also visit our website iitrms.in and like us on
facebook.com/iitrms.in. Looking forward for your motivation and support, we hope
that you have a fascinating experience with us.

Ashmeet Singh Sidhu

Team Captain
About the competition: Formula SAE

Formula SAE is an international engineering design

competition in which students design, build and
compete their own race cars. It is a yardstick for
engineering principles and teamwork of the
participating teams. There are specific rules for all
systems on the car; failure to comply with, results in

More than all that, Formula SAE is an experience

every engineering student yearns for during his
college life, and the lucky ones cherish it the rest of
their lives.

<< Formula SAE cars at Formula SAE 2010 (above) and

various FSAE cars from around the world

Our Aim this year

The competition is in December this year. We will build a racecar and successfully test it before
the competition and aim to complete the endurance section at Australia.

Also by undertaking a project of this stature, we will

 Make all our stake holders proud of what we are doing – faculty, administration, alumni,
and sponsors.
 Establish an FSAE culture in the institute: will attract raw talent and turn them into a
team of highly motivated engineers year after year.
 Instill in the present and future teams, values and ethics of working towards a common
goal as a team.
 Prepare the members for tomorrow’s hardships by making them find the solution
Form follows function – Overview of the design process
Design of our racecar started with listing performance goals on one hand and analyzing tires on
the other. As tires are the only source of external force for a car, the performance of the car
solely depends on how well it uses its tires. Thus the goals were adjusted accordingly. The basic
parameters of the car having fixed (give or take, since the process is iterative) and the tires
analyzed, it was time to connect the dots. The suspension system was modeled around the
tires, such that the system’s geometry will use the tires in optimum fashion.


Anand Automotive Limited is a leading manufacturer of automotive components and systems in India,
supplying to virtually every vehicle and engine manufacturer in the country.

With the large range of automotive components, the Group has a sales turnover of USD 700 million,
targeting to achieve $ 1 billion by 2012.

Overall, the strength of Anand Companies lies in their strong brand image, widespread distribution network,
product range, excellent quality, extensive Original Equipment coverage, Export markets, its Cellular
manufacturing and JIT Systems, Technology up-gradation and International tie-ups. Additionally, the Group's
capability to set up the state-of-the-art and highly productive plants with in-house expertise, gives it a
competitive edge.

Oxigen has emerged as the undisputed leader in Single Point Pre Paid Recharge, Bill payments &
ticketing services in the country. It has pioneered the idea and execution of electronic virtual
distribution of Prepaid airtime, Prepaid DTH, The primary focus of Oxigen Services has been on
Recharge, Subscriptions, Billing and Payments through electronic distribution (POS/WEB/SMS/GPRS) on
behalf of ALL service providers Pan India. The Oxigen services range from Mobile recharge, TV recharge ,
Railway Tickets, Air & Bus Tickets, Movie Tickets, Bill & Utility payments, Internet Payments, Calling
cards Payments, Cash Cards. “Oxigen aims to be an instrument of financial inclusion, for the bottom of
the pyramid (B.O.P) people of India”

An internal arrangement of all the components was decided upon and packaging of all these
parts (ie drivetrain, driver, steering etc.) was fixed. The chassis is just a large bracket that holds
all components of the car together. It was modeled keeping in mind the strength to weight
ratio and packaging. We have also modeled custom parts that we’ll be using in our suspension
The engine we’ll be using: Honda CBR 600RR (below)
Regarding the drivetrain, we’ll
be using a Honda CBR 600 RR
engine modified to suit the
competition requirements.
The intake and exhaust
systems are custom designed.
All the air into the engine will
pass through a 20mm Ø
restrictor (as per rules). The
final drive ratio has been
modified accordingly. The
limited slip differential will be
chain driven via a 62 tooth

Design Specifications of our Formula-SAE car

Overall Length, Width, Height 2750 mm long, 1575 mm wide, 1050 mm tall
Wheelbase 1700 mm
Track 1400 mm (Front) 1350 mm (Rear)
Weight with 70 kg driver 139 kg (Front) 161 kg (Rear)
Suspension Type Double unequal length and non-parallel A-Arm. Push rod actuated angularly
oriented spring and damper
Tire Size and Compound Type 20.5x7.0-10 R25B Hoosier
Wheels 13" x 7", Keizer 3pc Aluminium Wheels
Frame Construction Tubular Space Frame
Frame Material 1020 MS Tubing / 25 mm OD / 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm wall thickness
Manufacture / Model 2006 Honda CBR600 RR
Max Power @ RPM 76 hp @ 11,400 RPM
Max Torque @ RPM 39 ft-lb @ 7,700 RPM
Top Speed 105 kmph