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James P.

323 West 11th Street, #7
Upland, California 91786
E-mail: jme7ba14@westpost.net
Cell (909) 268-7040
Possess a diverse career background in business, management, public relations, l
ogistics and marketing. Grasp strong analytical skills which are required to acc
ess, interpret, understand and implement executive decisions and policies within
all environments.
Recognize the importance of:
* Time management
* Delegation of responsibilities
* Effective leadership and professionalism within all business environments
* Comprehend the ineffectiveness of micro management
* Inspire productivity, achievement and success
* Ability to shape and guide a company to reach short and long term goals
* Expand existing and unlock new and untapped markets
* Develop strategies required to remain competitive within changing business
Professional Experience
* Aflac, Inc. Burbank, CA 2009-2010
Upon recently attaining my "Accident, Life & Disability" insurance licenses, I
enrolled in Aflac's training program. Upon completion, I have become an active i
ndependent agent developing business within the Southern California region. As I
now have acquired experience in the industry and possess a greater understandin
g of the existing marketplace, my goal is to obtain additional licenses during t
he course of 2010.
* PanAmerican Plastics, Inc. City of Commerce, CA 2004-2008
Director of International Sales
Small plastics compounding manufacturer where fresh leadership was sought and ne
w strategic policies were required to drastically increase sales and implement e
ffective business methodology; to combat a changing industry amidst an unstable
Spearheaded all aspects of the business operations where responsibilities includ
e the
* International Sales
* Target Marketing
* Management
* Customer Service
* Logistics
* ARP & Credit Management
* Human Resources
* Database Development & Management
* IT Systems
* Vendor Development & Relations
Working directly with the Chief Executive Officer, Rui Zhi Wang, and company
employees to ensure that manufacturing operations and sales operate harmoniously
; so as to ensure both JIT logistics and all custom polymer quality standards ar
e met.
Under assistance of the CEO, routine factory staff training is implemented to va
lidate their understanding of the complexity of each compound and any special ha
ndling procedures.
Over a period of 4 years, PanAmerican Plastics has experienced a 500% sales grow
th; resulting in annual sales of approximately $2.5 million. This revenue has al
lowed for the acquisition of vital new equipment, the lease of a 29,000 ft2 inde
pendent manufacturing facility and the company to become the largest custom comp
ounding facility in Southern California.
The increase in revenue of PanAmerican Plastics has allowed Mr. Wang to divert a
portion of the profits towards the development of a sister company, PanAmerican
Polymers, in Asia. The objective of the sister company is to market wholesale n
oncompounded materials to the thermoplastic polymer, thermoplastic elastomer, co
lorant and chemical industries. We have also ventured into the Asian markets wit
h VCO systems to combat the growing expenditures related to the cost of crude oi
l and fuel resources.
* H. Sattler Plastics, Inc. Ontario, CA 2003-2004
International Sales Executive
Brokerage company providing a mixture of polymers, elastomers, and industrial ch
emicals internationally. With three domestic operations, the Asia Pacific, Europ
e, Mexico, and Canadian markets are targeted effectively; allowing responsive cu
stomer service and maximizing profit margins.
The Rancho Cucamonga, CA division General Manager, Greg Smith held daily
briefings to discuss business operations, customer leads, pending sales, invento
ries, and techniques to expand into additional industries. These meetings includ
ed "brain storming" sessions to determine what, which, and how procedures may be
introduced to the company; to increase sales, lower overhead costs and maximize
profit margins to all regions of the world.
Oversaw the allocation of resources and associated expenses pertaining to person
ally acquisitioned inventories. Bi-monthly reports permitted analysis of market
trends, turnover rate, warehousing costs and overall ROI.
During a period of economic instability, downsizing in the domestic production,
and a growing import market, was able to produce the vital revenues required to
eliminate overall sales loss.
Extensive telephone cold calling is mandatory within the industry to source and
sell prime, post consumer polymers, and dead inventory(s) to the molding, extrus
ion and fabrication industries. With the development of an extensive customer an
d contact database, Sattler Plastics possesses the resources for ongoing, long t
erm sales growth.
* California Department of Food and Agriculture 2002-2003
Logistics, END Task Force
End Task Force was the union of the four government agencies to combat the
infectious END disease which was rapidly infecting birds and farm foul in Mexico
, Nevada, New Mexico, and California. Primary task force was established and ope
rated out of three Southern California cities located within the Los Angeles and
San Bernardino counties. Government and private enterprise were aligned to prov
ide manpower, resources and disposal services.
With extensive management experience and problem solving skills, provided
unlimited authority to implement new management for effective tactical and logis
ticalsupport to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Co
nversation Corps, California Department of Forestry, and the United States Depar
tment of Agriculture agencies. Accomplishments include the following:
* Overseeing research and GPS mapping
* On-site field support
* Contract Negotiations
* Direct communication with all department and agency heads
* Daily briefings with FDA, CDFA, private veterinary physicians and on-site
* Acquisition, scheduling, waste and gas and resource management
* Documentation and expense Excel reports for the CDFA and FDA.
* Resolution techniques to all emergency applications
* Ensured all logistical requirements were met In a timely manner
During brief tenure with the Task Force, led the execution of decisive procedure
s, vital management, and effective resolutions during a time where rapid control
and time management was imperative to the disease's isolation, extermination an
d the task force's success
* Dytec Environmental. Tucson, AZ 2000-2001
International Sales Representative
A research, engineering, consulting and treatment equipment provider for the
commercial/industrial liquid filtration industries. During a 18 month tenure, cl
osely interfaced applications with the company's owner, Mr. Rich Polak. Directed
the company to sales and revenue through new and existing networks, referrals,
and cold calling to assorted manufacturing and mining industries.
With a long term filtration engineering background, provided international clien
tele with:
* Application Analysis
* Complex Systems Engineering
* Air & Liquid Filtration Systems
* Application Consultation
* Customer Service
* Systems Training
* Operation Manuals & Literature
Interfaced with OEM's and suppliers to ensure proper construction, timely shipme
nt of orders, and that all orders remained within budget. Sales revenue increase
d by 15% or $1.2 million during a weak economy and a strengthening Asian equipme
nt presence.
* Everfilt, Inc. Mira Loma, CA 1999-2000
Senior Applications Engineer
Original equipment manufacturer of small commercial/industrial liquid filtration
technologies. Under new ownership, skills and experience were sought so the
company could proceed into new areas of technology, equipment, and provide sales
growth. As a Certified Water Specialist in the industry, enabled Everfilt to r
each a broad client base and provide complete treatment equipment packages. The
systems were developed from the ground up and each system was custom tailored to
satisfy the customer's needs and fulfill all application requirements. In addit
ion to international sales, responsibilities included:
* Marketing
* Literature & Catalog Design
* Systems Blueprints
* Database Implementation and Management
* Customer Service
* On-Site System Analysis and Technical Support
* Complex System Engineering
* Application Consultation
* Product Training
Designed and implemented new engineering and manufacturing filtration
technologies that will allow the company to maintain future product sales in the
presence of a stagnant market.
* NEW AGE Water Technology San Bernardino, CA 1992-1999
Sales & Management
Original equipment manufacturer of liquid filtration technologies for both the
residential and small commercial treatment applications.
Upon joining the company, developed a close business relationship with both the
Sales Director, John Spears, and fellow sales colleague, Randy Johnson. Rapidly
erudite the industry, its diverse equipment technologies, and required engineeri
ng skills within 6 months. Highly respected and knowledgeable in the industry, b
ecame a Certified Water Specialist, Level V through the Water Quality Associatio
n. Upon John Spears and Randy Johnson departure from NEW AGE Water Technology, p
rovided the position as the Sales Manager and worked closely with the President
of the company, Kurt Zimmerman and Director of Manufacturing, Jan Gross, to ensu
re all facets of the company were achieved. Oversaw all facets of the duties of
the sales department, implemented: new technology, aided in the creation of equi
and/or techniques to cut manufacturing expenses, and ascertained product trainin
g programs required. Over the course of 7 years, the company relocated from a in
dustrial business complex controlling four offices to a 35,000 ft2 stand alone m
anufacturing facility; subsequently becoming the largest original equipment manu
facturer of its kind on the West Coast. The company's growth rate, profitability
, broad liquid filtration product catalog, and size ultimately led to its acquis
ition by R&M Manufacturing; which in turn was acquired by one of the largest dom
estic company's only several years later. Contacts, knowledge, and experience en
abled sales to meet and exceed foreign markets by 20% or $7.8 million in sales o
ver the course of my last five years of my employment and direct leadership.
California State University, San Bernardino
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Emphasis: Marketing
Year: 1991
Insurance Licenses
California Department of Insurance
James Paul Mulick
License #: 0G75658
Resident Insurance Producer
Accident and Health Agent
Life-Only Agent
Other Qualifications
Proficient and/or Familiar With:
* Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, 2000ME, & XP
* Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Works 2000 / WordPerfect 2000
* ACT & My Database