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Turning the world Ägreen³. We just want give as much joy as possible to our followers
who take part in our vision.

For a good assesment we need to create a core values guide which needs to be
followed at all times. The data there would include statements and facts.



The idea is to present ourselves as innovative and modern with a strong feel for the
environment. We never stop working towards innovation and deliver everything we do
with care and joy.
A good and an open relationship with our customers, our partners and with everyone
who has anything to do with us. The main goal is to be open ± to new ideas, solutions,
business practises and contacts.


Besides the data which we get from our customers and our partners of course the one
from our own employees. The data helps us to move foward and correct any arisen

Data is there surrounding us and it is there to be used. Ignorance is not tolerated so all
the data will be taken into account and according to its relevance, then used.

We belive that a part of joy is feeling safe and secured. So our hidden-moto is
underpromise but overdeliver and that brings joy to the customers which brings them
back the next time. If our customers had a joyful experience, we belive that he or she
will, through word-of-mouth or what ever media, describe this encounter to others who
will upon this information choose us over our competitors.

We use the information provided by our customers and relevant people connected to
us. Also the information provided by our industries leaders and trendwatchers.
The data varies from answers from customers to complex riskanalysis.


As our company deals mainly with other companys, the information is highly confidential
and our sales are through highly-qualified salespersonel which makes our actions highly
professional. As our apporach is being open, we try to fix all the aspects that would
create any issues with clear understanding.

We try as we go, to create a lot of positive buzz around us and that means of getting
relevant references to our plans and actions. These would include some seals or any
other markings from relevant institutions.


The data is being gathered and distributed among the relevant parties who then try to
take the most of it and implement it. An example would be a recommendation/complaint
from a customer or a newly released market data which will lead to better customer
service and our products to new markets.


The data received from customers and partners ± feedback, new regulations or
directives, etc.

We need good relationships from our partners who we rely upon getting the required
parts and materials. Also good customer service and marketing skills to keep our orders
in flow.


Information from our partners which would help us optimize our work and orders better.
Aswell information from our customers to ensure the best contact and
information/product/service delivery. New and emerging trend reports would help us
plan our approach towards a new market. Data would include timelines, answers from
customer research, some contract points and trend reports, etc.


Their response ± one-on-one answers, through intermediaries and through social
media. Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.


They have to respond and show their needs. We also try to conduct some surveys
through our online and offline campaigns.

Internal communication, SEO and socialmedia related applications.


We have selected people (outsourced) who handle IT-releated questions and one
manager to implement good internal communication.

Research results about customer demands and market research ± trends and current

We are following relevant trendwatchers and employ on a situation-basis consultant to
check and describe the situation with possible scenarios.


Requests from customers and partners. About their plan, needs, requests, budget etc.
Also relevant overall information from all the people around and connected to us.


We contact them for a meeting to go through all the points Äaka³ simply chat and see if
anything has changed from the purchase.
Yes, of course. We strive for innovation and challenges which means there is always
something new for us to search and implement.

Yes. We keep a file about our customers information.

We go by the moto of efficiency through underpromise and overdeliver. We try to be
realistic with a gap but when delivering, we try to push for a bit of extra ± a short
waitingtime or a quick set-up of the product.

We use phone-interviews after delivering an order, about what the customer thinks of
the deliverance and service of the products.

It is built to be as efficient as possible. After getting the info from the website we move
towards an filled in order. All the necessary products arrive from our partners which will
be put together at our local plant. Then the customer will be notifiyed to start the set-up
of the product at the customers location.

Depends on the growth of the company but we´ll try to keep it stable for our partners
although not compromizing the innovation.
An informational webpage with contacts to the salespersonel. The rest is the same as in
point 5.3.

We use different modules to keep our systems in work. In the long run perhaps think
about SAP.


We look for people who share the vision of our ÄGreenWS family³. We look for
motivated and action-hungry employees who want to go and make the world a bit better
and greener.

The information provided by the employee through his or her cv and interview. Its
relevance to our values and needs.



We use our own common sense to run the operations. The common sense has to
correspond to our stated values and business operation methods.


Particular information gathered by managers looking over their employees. Good bonus
systems together with a good and free working environment.

Because of our small workingteam, HRM is really on a personal level but still connected
to the values and interests of the company
Our working environment and community activity helps to support our ways on HRM.
Vision Assessment Design Rules Development Implementation Maintenance
& Scenarios

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Data Research Follow trends Their plans, Phone survey Innovation never A file manager
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