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Adapted by Frater LUXAOUR 6 = 5


Once the candles are properly loaded and blessed, we light

the candles as follows:

1) Place a lighted match in the middle of 2 candles a little higher than

their bit and say: "Fiat Lux KETHER"

2) Direct rapidly � match above the candle right, without

� the turn, and say together: "Chokmah"

3) Can quickly turn left into the candle saying: "Binah,


4) Take a match, ignite it with the candle on the left, then turn

the candle right in saying: "Chesed, Netzach,

Amen "

Then we must exorcise the place and spend or � one makes � operation:


Being naked, put the lead pentacles pentagram and hexagram.

NB: It is very important to proceed with the lighting of candles �

God as stated above, because by doing so we place ourselves under the

powerful protection of God and reduces the risk of being Max

Parasitize the Forces of Darkness, Demons, astral shells, larvae, diagrams,

� etc. It must be very careful about that.

Recite facing the East � the following prayer:

Eheieh, ROUACH ELOHIM CHAIM Schin Schin Schin

I purify thee O Fire, I'll spend in the name of the LORD � IHVH, and the
Virtues and
M � powers that were given by Him So be ordained and consecrated by my

word and my intention for the service intended and I'll be me

the assistance of spirits that I � relies, according to the power that is innate
in me

the origins. So be fair and truthful as were the lights that

Elected privileged Creator employed in their operations, combined for

the spiritual regeneration of my fellow men. For most

Eternal glory of Thought: ROUACH ELOHIM CHAIM, for the most

glory of the Eternal Will: RAZON ELOHIM, for the most

glory of the Eternal � Action: Elohim Gibor, Amen.

Then light the coals of the censer � and say:

I t � exorcises creature of fire, I consecrate to you, (+) I will sanctify the

Name of

� the LORD Eheieh, Elohim Gibor, ADONAI, AGLA, HA KADOSH

BAROUK HO, in the name of the person who does � created that appeared to
His servant Moses

� the form of a burning bush, so that on the spot you're purified

all dirt and filth of evil spirits, that you may be able,

as once on the altar of perfumes � the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, to bring

� up to the Throne of God Most High: ADONAI EL ELION � the incense which
is due to

his glory and his goodness.

Short silence

Then perform the ritual of the small pentagram and hexagram in the �

banishment from the earth and recite the following Psalms:

PS: 2 (Quare fremuerunt gentes � etc. (Order of the Vulgate).

Quare fremuerunt gentes and populi sunt Inania meditate?

Astiterunt reges terrae, and principles in unum adversus Dominum

convenerunt and

adversus Christum ejus "Dirumpamus vincula eorum nobis and has


iugum ipsorum! "

Habitat in which Caelis irridebit eos, eos Dominus Subsannabit.

Tunc loquetur ad eos in furore will sua and suo in eos conturbabit:

"Ego autem regem meum super CONSISTING Sion montem sanctum meum! "

Praedicabo decretum ejus: Dominus dixit ad me: "Filius meus es tu, ego hodie

genui you.

Apply dabo tibi gentes me and hereditatem tuam tuam and possessionem

terminos terrae. Reges eos in virga ferrea tamquam and going Figuli
confringes eos.


Et nunc reges intellegite, erudimini which judicata terram. Servite Domino in

Exsultate ei cum timore and Tremors.

Apprehendite disciplinam, quando do irascatur pereat and Via, cum exarserit

in brevi will ejus. Beati omnes in eo quiu confidunt.

Then reload the censer with the incense and the � � hyssop.

(1) Can lowering and raising the incense burner in succession starting

Is � to turn in the clockwise � clockwise (E, S, O, N) and the mean

purificator formula.

(2) The operator � then sprinkles with holy water � crosshair (+) the

four cardinal points, beginning with the East � in clockwise

� of a watch, and said the formula purificator.

(3) Then facing the east � holding the stick pressed against the pentacle

the left hand and � sword in his right hand, draw a circle (the largest
possible) by turning on itself in the same clockwise � a watch, and

say the formula purificator.

(4) Then take the candle right of the altar in the left hand and sword in the
right hand , then go around the place in the clockwise � a watch

pronouncing the formula of consecration followed by the blessing of the


(Now the site is dedicated and can draw the magic circle, and to

place accessories.)

Purificator formula:

Nostrum in nomine Domini adjutorium that fecit caelum and terram.

Exorcizo te: (N) * per sanctissima nomima Dei ROUACH ELOHIM


Elohim Gibor, IHVH Eloha VE DAATH, IHVH


ADONAI HA Aretz, puritatem ut sit in te.

Exorcizo te: (N) * per potestatem Archangelorum: Metatron,


puritatem ut sit in te.

Exorcizo you: (N) * per ignem, per aerem, per aquam, per terram, ut

puritatem sit in te. Amen

Formula of consecration:

Consecro te: (N) * per nomen: AB + + VE BEN ROUACH HA

KODESH +; consecro te: (N) per nomen Domini ad IHVH

magiam; consecro te: (N) * utilitatem meam ad solum. Amen

Blessing of the formula of the oratory:

Benedictus locum istum Domine, ut sit sancta sanctitas in eo, castitas,

mansuetudo virtus, victoria, sanctimonious, humility, bonitas, plenitudo

legis; oboedientia Patri, Filio, and Spiritu Sancto. Exaudi me Domine

sancte Pater omnipotens, Aeterna Deus sanctum and mittere digneris

Archangelum tuum MICHAEL me custodiat protegat, foveation

visitet habitantem me that in hoc habitaculo, and per sanctissimum

nomen tuum ineffabile: TETRAGRAMMATON Yaweh hvhy that vivis

and reigned in aeternum.

(*) Locum (� place of operation)

Once the place is purified and devote the operating � must do its

own consecration:


Facing the front of the altar in the east, on their knees, reciting the
confession of your sins;

and Psalm 50: (Have mercy on me Lord, in your mercy ... etc.

� then to where it is written, you water them with me hyssop sprinkle self
with the holy water 3 times with the right hand, then continue until � psalm
at the end.

Miserere Mei

(Psalm 50)

"Have mercy upon me, O Lord Jehovah, according to your great mercy. And

erase my sin according to the multitude of your goodness. Wash me more

and more

my blemishes, cleanse me of my sins.

For I know my transgressions and my sin s � student ever against me.

J � have sinned against you, and j � have done evil before You. You've
allowed the �

order to be recognized � faithful in your promise and your blameless


J � have been designed in � iniquity, and my mother � m resulted in sin.

You, Lord, You love truth, and you've shown � m the mysteries

Your Hidden Wisdom.

You m � sprinkle with � hyssop, and I will be purified. You shall wash me,
and I

will then be whiter than snow. You will hear words in my ear

consolation and joy, and my bones broken � thrill of joy.

Divert your eyes from my sins, and erase all my iniquities.

Create in me a clean heart, O my God, and renew my soul in the Spirit of �


Do not reject me from Your Presence, and do not remove

Your Holy Spirit from me. Give me the joy of your support healthy and

Strengthen me by Your Spirit With powerful.

So, I teach your ways to � bad and the wicked shall be converted to

You. O God, God Savior, deliver me from the blood that I've paid � etma

celebrate your Justice. Lord will open my lips and my mouth

sing your praises.

If you had desired sacrifice, I would have given You. But

You are not burnt at all agreeable. The sacrifice pleasing to God is a

broken soul in pain. You do not despise, O my God, a pure heart

humilié.Ensuite and recite the following formulas:

"Dominus caeli; Dominus terrae, cui Dominus omne genu flectitur,

caelestium terrestrium and infernorum: te Domine invoco per simplicitatem

meam; scientiam per meam; fortitudinem per meam. " Amen

Note: When we say or �: Dominus cui omne genu flectitur; genuflect to the

Then light the candles of the circle and the light color of the triangle


I purify thee O Fire, I'll spend (+) I will sanctify the name of the LORD IHVH,

and the Virtues and Powers were given me by Him. So be ordered

and spent by my word and my intention for the service which I will

and is intended to make me watch the spirits that I � relies, according to the

power innate in me from my Origin. So be fair and truthful as

the Enlightenment that were the Chosen privileged employed by their Creator

operations, together for the spiritual regeneration of men my

similar. For the greater glory of the Eternal Thought: ROUACH

ELOHIM CHAIM, for the greater glory of the Eternal Will:

RAZON ELOHIM, for the greater glory of the Eternal Action: ELOHIM

GIBOR, and through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Censing of the altar and the circle � magic censer chain in Hand

left and right candle in his right hand to recite the following prayers:

1 ° round

O Lord IEVAH (+) Tr perfum that is offered in these

circumferences, a true picture of the purity of my speech and my

intention, for your greater glory and justice. Amen

2 ° round

O Lord IEVAH (+) May the perfum that is offered in testimony to the

purity of my soul have the same success as that offered to You by

Zerubbabel in

Babylon, for the deliverance of the Israel. Deliver me from the bondage

of Darkness surrounding me and from privation of Your Will and

Your Science, hear my prayer, as far as my word and my will. Amen

3 ° round
O Lord IEVAH (+) that my prayer is now the real perfume that I

will offer you for an eternity, this perfume is the emblem of the fervor

which I call upon him for my reconciliation to Him so that my word


Virtue and Spiritual Power shall be as it was before the Fall of Adam, the

first man, and this for your greater glory for ever and ever.


Prayers of censing the theurgical Circle: One starts at East and makes 3
clockwise revolutions around the circle.

Then with your right hand, sprinkle the outside of the Circle starting from the
East �

in a clockwise direction and asperges center of the circle in the form of a


(+) Being careful not to extinguish the candles and say the following formula:

Lord sprinkle me with hyssop � for me to be pure and you shall wash me

I shall be whiter than snow. Take pity on me, O Elohim, in the

measure of thy goodness, according to the greatness of thy mercy.

Asparagus and me Domine IEVAH hyssopo mundabor lavabis

me and super nivem dealbabor cum aqua.

And now with the wand in his right hand while we load the Location of the

Triangle and the theurgical circle with a very bright shinning orange light;

which is withdrawn from the Light of the Universe � (on this see the first

(Initiation into Hermetics) by Franz Bardon)

NB: � altar is in the circle and the triangle face. The triangle is placed

tangent to the circle toward the � East.

Then you must load the ball of rock crystal (Quartz white) with a

Light color of the sphere the Angel (HOD - mercury) which will be
orange light, in order to cause the materialization of the Entity; This

Clear orange light will be so focused and so strong that it will

radiate throughout the ritual space.

Focus during the loading of the light , that his objective will allow

the Angel to manifest with such intensity, we can see and hear it with
physical eyes and ears.

Note: When loading the Place and the Crystal Ball, will be specified in his will

� the accumulation of the orange light will light up � at the end of the
operation �

� Evocation of the Angel �.

For added security operative one can, if desired load a Mirror

Magic with the Akashic Principle (w), to repel any negative entities or debris
that enters the Oratory � and Magic in your area.

Now you have to load and activate the Seal of the entity, and Lamen,

Pentacle of the macrocosm; So with the Magic Wand in the right hand one

traces the mental and astral Subject visualizing a very bright light orangeout
of the wand, we do that we focus on the qualities

and capabilities of the angel, recognizing that it is the Divine Power that we

are in giving the charge to which the Angel � fully obeyed.

Can we do something lamême with the Circle and the Triangle and again we

reproduces the contours with the wand held in right hand (it runs in the

clockwise � wise). By doing this we focus on

Symbolism of the circle that represents Eternity and the

Microcosm/Macrocosm; Do the same thing with the triangle that is being

astrally and mentally, bearing in mind that � this figure represents the

tripartite world: mental, astral and physical, so that the Angel appears on the
mental, astral and physical. Then we determine the form and degree
� of efficiency that will make Angel � for its materialization.

Then we put the Seal of the Angel � center of the Triangle and we add

coals in the censer �.

Then with � Sword main hand facing the East � turn in the direction of

� needles clockwise to close the circle.

(Now take a break to meditate)

Caput mortum, imperet tibi dominus per vivum et devotum serpentem!

Cherub, imperet tibi Dominus per Adam Yod-HaVah!

Aquila errans, imperet tibi Dominus per alas tauri!

Serpens, imperet tibi Dominus Tetragrammaton, per Angelum et Leonem!

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Anael! Fluat udor per Spiritum Elohim! Manet in
terra per Adam Yod-HaVah!

Fiat firmamentum per Yod-HaVah-Sabaoth!

Fiat judicium per ignem in virtute Michael!

Angel of the blind eyes, obey, or pass away with this holy water!

Work winged bull, or revert to the earth, unless thou wilt that I should pierce
thee with this sword!

Chained eagle, obey my sign, or fly before this breathing!

Writhing serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by the sacred fire and give
way before the perfumes that I burn in it!

Water, return to water! Fire, burn! Air, circulate! Earth, revert to earth!

By virtue of the Pentagram, which is the Morning Star, and by the Name of
the Tetragram, which is written in the center of the Cross of Light!

Amen. Amen. Amen.


Then vibrate, kneeling, facing the east:

Eheieh ............................... Schemya téflou

IAH ..................................... Schemya téflou

IHVH ELOHIM .................... Schemya téflou

EL ....................................... Schemya téflou

Elohim Gibor .................. Schemya téflou

IHVH Eloha VE DAATH ..... Schemya téflou

IHVH TZABAOTH .............. Schemya téflou

ELOHIM TZABAOTH ........... Schemya téflou

EL SHADA SHEI ................ Schemya téflou

ADONAI MELEK .................. Schemya téflou

Aiah ............................ Schemya téflou

Biah ............................ Schemya téflou

Giah ........................... Schemya téflou

Diah ........................... Schemya téflou

Eiah ............................ Schemya téflou

Viah ............................ Schemya téflou

Ziah ............................ Schemya téflou

Chiah ......................... Schemya téflou

Ziah ............................ Schemya téflou

IIAH ............................ Schemya téflou

Kiah ............................ Schemya téflou

Liah ............................ Schemya téflou

Miah ........................... Schemya téflou

NIAH ........................... Schemya téflou

SIAH ............................ Schemya téflou

Aiah ............................ Schemya téflou

IPHA ............................ Schemya téflou

TZIAH .......................... Schemya téflou

Kiah ............................ Schemya téflou

RIAH ........................... Schemya téflou

Shiah ......................... Schemya téflou

Tiah ............................ Schemya téflou

Sword held in his left hand pointing down, wand in right hand

right foot straight forward recite:

POWERS of the Kingdom, be beneath my left foot, and within my right hand.

Glory and Eternity touch my shoulders, and guide me in the Paths of Victory.

Mercy and justice be ye the Equilibrium and splendour of my life.

Understanding and Wisdom give unto me the Crown.

Spirits of Malkuth conduct me between the two columns whereon is

supported the whole edifice of the Temple.

Angels of Netzach and of Hod strengthen me upon the Cubical Stone of



BINAHEL, be Thou my Love!

RUACH CHOKMAHEL, be Thou my Light!

Be that which Thou art, and that which thou willest to be, O KETHERIEL!
Ishim, assist me in the Name Of SHADDAL

Cherubim, be my strength in the Name of ADONAL

Beni Elohim, be ye my brethren in the Name of the Son, and by the virtues of

Elohim, fight for me in the Name of TETRAGRAMMATON.

Malachim, protect me in the Name Of YOD HE VAU HE.

Seraphim, purify my love in the Name of ELOAH.

Chaschmalim, enlighten me with the splendours of ELOHI, and of


Aralim, act ye; Auphanim, revolve and shine.

Chaioth Ha-Qadosch, cry aloud, speak, roar, and groan; Qadosch, Qadosch,

Halelu-Yah! Halelu-Yah! Halelu-Yah. Amen.

First Evocation: Wand grip right:

Thus saith the LORD � "Heaven is my throne and earth my footstool.

What house will you build me? What will be the place of my rest. For all
these things exist by themselves ". Thus saith the LORD So I'm glad

when I said to myself "going to the house of the LORD God .It stops our feet

in your gates O Jerusalem, Jerusalem builded as a city well connected! That

Peace be in your walls and security in your palaces. For if the Lord build the

house, its builders labor in vain, if � Lord keep the city

those who keep the guard in vain!

God of strength and greatness, Being of Beings, sanctifying the Almighty who

created everything from nothing, despise not thy servant, but that � it
please thee to sanctify

Dedicate this area and devoted to your service. Therefore directs your Angel

RAPHAEL � to go down, stay and stay for the Glory of Your service.

AMEN + + + +

(With the Wand in right hand, draw a cross in front � East

South, � the West and North): +

My strength is in the Nomdu Lord who made Heaven and Earth! Lord

Hear my prayer and my cry goes up � to You.

Lord, God of Mercy, very very patient Benin, liberal and wise, who

give your Graces thousand ways and generations, who forget the sins,

iniquities and transgressions of men, whose presence has never been � n

find any innocent who visit the failings of fathers in children and

nephews, and those � up to the third and fourth generation I know my

misery, and I know I am not worthy to appear before your Divine

Majesty, nor even to implore and pray � your goodness and your mercy for

With less!

Yet Lord of Lords, the ELOHIM ELOHIM, have mercy on me,

Take me all iniquity and malice

Wash my soul of all filth of sin

Renew my spirit within me that � he is able to understand the mystery of

Your Grace and the treasures of your Divine Wisdom!

Sanctify me with your Sanctification � oil, with which you

Hallowed your prophets (1). Purify me in everything that belongs to m � I

may one day be worthy of your conversation Holy Angels. And your Divine

Lore m � Grant finally the power delivered to your prophets, on all spirits

unclean! Amen! Amen!

That � LORD God of Israel is blessed with � Never � everlasting to



(1) Here you have the right thumb dipped in � � anointing oil and draw a
cross (+)

on the forehead and vibrate the formula of consecration:

Sanctifica me Deus me and adjuvant REET manu

animam meam uniquitatis.

Invocation to the Deity:

Note: During playback of ritual texts (Invocation to God

And the conspiracy � Angel), the operating � stands at the center of

circle, the pilot of SCHINA between the two legs, and face

the East � the � Censer filled with embers and fragrance.

"O KADOSH! O KADOSH! O KADOSH! Who m � grant of � be

j � now as I was in my � Origin of Divine Creation, and be �

returned to the Virtues and Spiritual Powers that I had received a �


"O LORD ELOHIM TZABAOTH it rained at your Mercy

to establish � Most Holy Spirit, for sure, and Work in my favor. You

have made the Strength, Virtue and Power on Earth and in Heaven,

all things which thou hast ordained for the accomplishment of your � Orders.

Let O ELOHIM TZABAOTH, I lay at the feet of thy throne

my prayers by � through your Angels Heavenly for my needs and

I hope, gives strength to my speech and my Power


I t � invokes and calls you to that effect for the entire life course and dema

especially in this cult.



yet I beseech Protect against my treacherous enemies who seek

my health and my happiness here and my material wealth, as well as to �

those who are dear to me, that the right hand of God Almighty Yahweh

hvhy falls upon them and destroyed their projects with all my powers

and faculties, with all your virtues and by the formidable name of God the

Yaweh Exterminator and ADONIS, Eheieh, AGLA, ELOHIM

TZABAOTH, Yahweh, Elohim, El, ADONIS, and I curse Shatan

evil spirits, I renounce all their works of any kind, either

nature, either appears or in thought, will and action, and everything would

contrary to the purity of my body and my soul.

By these names:


CAE CAE CAE VABE 10 (+), VABE 10 (+), VABE 10 (+), VAOUR 10 (+)




and your help: RAPHAEL, MICHAEL, GABRIEL, Uriel,


GOB, I � stops � effect of all kinds of dangers, temporal and spiritual, that

perverse spirits could cause me or against my form, or cons

my being passive or against my spiritual being. J � adopt any

any communication between them and me, that they � n � have more on

me (on my brothers here) and all those for whom we pray,

no action either in this life or the next. Amen

By the same names of God: IOH, IOAH, IAOH, which gave m �

Power over all created in this Universe, I summon you and beg you

all spirits that I've relied �, especially RAPHAEL (+),

MICHAEL (+), GABRIEL (+), Uriel (+), Chassan (+), ARLA (+),

TALIAHAD (+), FORLACK (+), Paralda (+), DJIN (+), NICHSA (+),

GOB (+) you that I've � attached at the corners and the center of RAPHAEL

triangle � evocation that is before this circle.

Conspiracy of Angels:

I beseech you all, emancipated spirits in Creation in order to

operate the Powers and Faculties that Yaweh hvhy you divested

according to His will and the need for other creatures!

O ye zealous officers and ministers of Glory, Justice and

Mercy of Yahweh, just RAPHAEL, MICHAEL GABRIEL

Ouriel, Chassan, ARAL TALIAHAD, FORLACK, Paralda,

DJIN, NICHSA, GOB, and come unto me, O pure spirits, come, acknowledge

Now your brother, for Yaweh hvhym � heard, his Mercy

taken place in me and I am purified. My speech has returned to what it was �

in principle, she returned to her state of Virtue, Strength and

Power. The Lord Yahweh � m � presented with all of you my first

place of spiritual glory! Praise therefore YAWEHh v h y! Amen

O you, the spirits who live and travel through the regions and Celestial

Land, I implore you all:


O (+) Ouriel, O (+) Chassan, O (+) ARAL O (+) TALIAHAD, O (+)

FORLACK, O (+) Paralda, O (+) DJIN, O (+) NICHSA, O (+) by GOB

Holy Name of Yahweh � LORD, ADONAI, Eheieh, AGLA, Yahweh,

ELOHIM, EL, ADONIS Schina Schina Schina, you go to

look at me, visible and invisible, in the angles of this work,

that I've spent � for your home and your minds, so that

you might be witnesses of my work temporal and spiritual, that I � operates

at this time. Come O Spirit (+) RAPHAEL, O (+) MICHAEL

O (+) GABRIEL, O (+) Ouriel, O (+) Chassan, O (+) ARAL O (+)

TALIAHAD, O (+) FORLACK, O (+) Paralda, O (+) DJIN, O (+)

NICHSA, O (+) GOB Assist me in that day, I put entirely under

� your Guard with the Help of God hvhy my astral body, mental and


and I also commend � to all my brothers here in this house, come to

me according to the strength and power of my word and my command

on you.

I acknowledge the rights of the Creator and � � the subject of what he

created � yea

c � is for my use for my purpose and my happiness, that he created � all

Books. Be true and faithful to my prayer, through the power

that I have � you at that time, in the Name of God living IOH, Gifted Minds
from different faculties in favor of � man

I urge you all to bring your looks, your care, your expectations and

Virtues on me N. .. (Nomen mysticum) on each of my brothers here

assembled in the name of Yahweh, ADONIS, Eheieh, AGLA, Yahweh,


I beseech you on behalf of AB (+) BEN (+) HA VE ROUACH KODESH (+)


I beseech you, O ye spirits that I just invoke the four �

regions, to ensure that I am not seduced by � Spirit of evil,

ever, wants to disturb our work with their own. I urge you to

you have to Mark by any character, or other Hieroglyph

FIG Fire Pass theurgical you must exist in this place

dedicated to the Most High, then go to my wishes and my farm

will, I conjure you spirits, by the Mighty Names of the Creator:


CHAIM, Eheieh Eheieh ASHER, IAO, IAO, IAO, VABE 10 (+),

VABE 10 (+), VABE 10 (+), EMMANUEL, VAOUR 10 (+), Yahweh,

ADONAI, Eheieh, AGLA, Yahweh Elohim, EL, ADONAI, ELOHIM



Eheieh Eheieh ASHER, EMMANUEL, CAE, CAE, CAI, VABE 10 (+),

VABE 10 (+), VABE 10 (+), VAOUR 10 (+), AGLA, Yahweh, ADONIS,



ARETZZZ Schina Schina Schina, ELOHIM TZABAOTH. Amen

O thou, that I chose to be my moment and my Guardian

Guide, O (+) Angel Raphael, come to me without delay, give you my

appeal before this circle in the triangle, be clothed and equipped with all the

Spiritual and Divine Power, so that I can fortify all my


And that our virtues and powers together operate together in all

my special and general works, both civil servants

temporal or spiritual, whether you are right and conducive to my requests

in all circumstances of life, I beseech thee, O (+) Angel RAPHAEL

Name of the Creator Yahweh Elohim TZABAOTH, to warn me

with certainty that all the events any happy or unhappy

that must occur to me in all my businesses and temporal

spiritual suggest me all the precautions I should take,

Reflections all I gotta do, both for my preservation for

my needs in the temporal as in spiritual, Keep me in sight

Defend me from the snares of the devil to help me conquer my enemies,

accompanies my will and my actions, by my association with you

my enemies, temporal and spiritual are all confused and terraces,

their virtues and powers perverse never prevail on mine

I wish, for your help, keep pure. That their projects and

pitfalls are notified and destroyed by my power and become

double by my desire Sanctified, and by � increase my Faith

� ELOHIMTZABAOTH the Lord Yahweh. Amen (+)

Now we must observe the walls and compass points to show

if Pass appears, then it must be projected by the display in

the sphere of Hod (mercury) and then calls the mentally � Spirit

RAPHAEL by the name of God is Elohim and TZABAOTH

visualizes his seal in orange, as soon as we caught � response

� of Angel and that one is sure � c � is really him, he was asked to come

materialize in the triangle, then we go back in and we malkut

conjures � Angel.


I beseech you, O Raphael, on behalf of twenty-four elders, in the Name

Nine Choirs, which you, O most powerful RAPHAEL!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the Name of Angels, Archangels,

Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, of

Kerubim, the Seraphim! In the Name of Four Mysterious Forces that

bear the Throne of the Most High, El Elion, and have prominent eyes and

back! In the name of everything that contributes to our Hi!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, Spirit of Light, the True Name of God,


In the Name of the Seven Candlesticks Mysterious who are in the Right Hand


In the Name of the Seven Churches of Asia �! In the Name of � Ephesus, in

the Name of Smyrna,

In the Name of Pergamum, in the Name of Thyatères, in the Name of Sardis,

in the Name of

Philadelphia, Laodicea Name!

I beseech you, O Raphael, by Heaven and Earth, the Sun and

Moon by Day and Night! For all that is in the � Universe

by all the virtues that are enclosed by the Four Elements

Paramount. For all that can be said or thought of the Creator

Sovereign, His Supreme Will, or the Celestial Court reigns!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, By Him who has everything produced from

nothing, from the

beginning, by the Phalange Glorioso which you are! By

Saints, for all those who, night and day, of � one voice, never stop

sing "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God ELOHIM TZABAOTH

the Armies of Heaven! Heaven and Earth are filled with His Glory!

Hosanna in the highest heaven!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL Intelligence Illuminated, Messenger


I beseech you in the Name of O RAPHAEL Uriel, Guardian of the North!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL at NomdeMICHAEL, the Guardian of the South!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the name of Raphael, the Guardian

� the East!

I beseech you, O Raphael, on behalf of Gabriel, the Guardian


I beseech you, O RAPHAEL Divine Messenger, the Seven

Candelabra of gold shining � � before the Altar of God! By

Blessed cohort following the footsteps of the Immaculate Lamb �!

I beseech you, O Heavenly RAPHAEL, in the Name of All Saints as


soon and well before the creation of the world! Their merits pleasing to God!

I beseech you, O Raphael, but this Hidden Power!

by the formidable power of the Name of the Lord! SHEM ELOHIM!

ELOHIM TZABAOTH For the Glory of the Divine Name revealed in the

World or to reflect the finest attributes of God!

I beseech you and implore you, O Raphael, on behalf of these attributes


! What � � to appeal their Syllables All-Powerful, You leave the

Heavenly Holidays! What � their evocation You leave the celestial abode,

You deign, O Illuminating Power, Down to this place, there Manifesting

your presence and give this servant (Nomen), the True and Living God:

Eheieh, ELOHIM TZABAOTH and all those present in this room

saving your event, despite our human indignity.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------


Silent, vibrate inside the Tetragrammaton divine name by calling

with fingers to HVH -------------------------------------------- -----------------



I beseech you, O RAPHAEL in the Name of Adonai Melek, the Master of

United Shapes!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL in the Name of Shad, Mirror of Truth!

I beseech you, O Name of the ELOHIM RAPHAEL TZABAOTH, Lord

and Master of Divine Words!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL the Name of YHWH TZABAOTH, Sovereign

Essence of Beauty!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL in the Name of Jehovah Eloha DAATH VE,

Principle of the Kingdom of Glory!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL in the name of Elohim Gibor, Principle

� of Infinite Justice!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the Name of EL, the Divine Mercy!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the Name of YHWH Elohim, the intelligence �


I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the name of IAH, the uncreated Wisdom!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the Name of Eheieh, � Horizon of Eternity! ...

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, Celeste illuminator, the name of


I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the Name of Eheieh!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, In the name ELOHIM!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, in the Name of ELOHAH!

� that it be so in the name of the Lord Blessed + + + ...

I beseech you, O Heavenly RAPHAEL, in memory of the Seven � Arc

Colors, which appeared in the cloud showing the alliance between � � LORD

HAKADOSH BAROUK HO and the patriarch Noah!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, remembering that the Light Column

about l � � Ark of Alliance, showing the alliance between � � LORD

HAKADOSH BAROUK HO and the Sons of � Aber!

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, Celestial Powers, in memory of Signs

that you made appear in the clouds shortly before the destruction of the

I beseech you, O RAPHAEL, Spirit of Light and Truth! In remembrance

Signs that accompanied the Nativity of the Savior! Remembering

Alleluia � the Valley of Bethlehem! Remembering Your Message to

Shepherds! In memory of the bright stars that guided the Magi!

"Have I therefore impure form of matter (and that of all those who

attend this evocation), so that � they are, at this very moment,

get your own hieroglyphic sign, the disclosure of your

Heavenly Thoughts, and contemplate Your Face.

I beseech you therefore, O Heavenly RAPHAEL, Earth Healer, by

IOH the Living God, by IOAH, the true God, by IAOH, Holy God,

You appear to me (us) in a form sensitive to my (our) eyes

and my (our) other direction, at this moment and in this place, this area

devoted to your service.

Seem, then, O Divine Raphael, Healer of the Earth! Seem

Torches Heavenly Palaces, Parvis of � Light on High, Lord

Watcher of the Greatest Monarchs!

Exit the Heavenly Stay!

Hurry in this place! And that Your Glory breaks out, tangible reflection of the

Glory to God! "

Come, O Heavenly RAPHAEL, to name Eheieh

ELOHIM TZABAOTH your Creator and mine!

C � is why I urge you again, oh by the name RAPHAEL God

True and living in four letters YOD HE VAU HE hvhy so you

you show and appearing in the Triangle!

Come, O RAPHAEL To Name � Heavenly Archangel Michael who is your

Supervisor, show you now the moment to my �

physical eyes!

NB In pronouncing the Divine Names (IOH, IOAH, IAOH)

it hits the air � cross (+) with the Verge of � Almond.

(Display the seal of the Spirit � very bright orange light, or

form of the Angel Raphael � facing triangle):

O thou mighty angel of Mercury RAPHAEL!

I t � evokes and I beg you very powerfully;

By the Majesty of the Name of God Terrible ELOHIM TZABAOTH,

And by name: MICHAEL, Great Archangel of God, who governs

in the Sphere of Hod, I t � evokes and beseech you by the angels of the


For and on behalf of the Sephira Hod and on behalf of thy orb Kokab. That

Now to come here in the present day and time, and appearing in a form

visible to me in the magic triangle outside the circle.

I evoke and implore you once more, by the magical figures which are

drawn on the floor. By the lamen that I wear on my chest.

The orange of the eight magic lamps burning around the

circle, so that you come here now to present day and time, and

appear in visible form and material before me in the magic Triangle outside
the circle.

I evoke and appeal to you once more: the Wisdom of ELOHIM

TZABAOTH Great True and Living God, by the Light of magic Flame, by
ineffable splendor of divinity that is within me (us), by

Names all the powerful and Rites, so that you come here now to

present day and time, and appear in visible and material form to

me in the magic triangle to outside the circle.

I evokes and implore you once more, by the powers of speech and

the will by the authorities of the number and name, by the Powers of

color and shape, by the Powers of the Seal of God, that thou mayest

come here now to me in the present day and timr appearing in visible form
and material manifestation before us in the magic triangle outside �

this circle.

I evoke and conjure thee again: for all the Magic of Light;

by Red Rose on the Cross of Gold by the splendor of the sun and the

moon shining by the radiation of the image � magic by Names


KOKABIEL, HOD, For you to come here now in the present day

and time, and appearing visibly and materially before me in

magic triangle outside the circle.

(Here say Psalm 90), PS 90: He who lives under the protection of the Most

Back rest in the shade of God. He says the Lord: "You are my Hope and

my refuge, You are my God. "For it is He who has freed the laces

hunter. He will overshadow and you will find refuge. His Truth to you

Keep the terrors of the night of the arrow during the day, the plots of

night and the devil of noon. A thousand shall fall at your left, ten thousand at
your right and

you will not be affected. You will look and see what will be the reward of

wicked. Lord, You are my hope and my refuge. The misfortune

touch thee not, and no evil shall thy house. For God ELOHIM

TZABAOTH told his angels to keep you on track.

They shall bear thee to thy foot against no stone. Walk on

the asp and the basilisk and trample you to your feet the lion and the dragon.
He will deliver you and

guard for thee because thou hast put thy trust in Him. You invoke it and it

answer you. He will accompany you in tribulation and glorify you. You'll

long days and he will be your Hi.

Pause to see if the Angel appears, and then after that it has

appeared to proceed to the Pledge of the Entity and make the request!

NB If Angelo does not yet show itself in the triangle, the fault

plot 3 times, more the prayers above. (We can make

� it up to 9 times). So after being conjured nine consecutive timed the Angel

should appear, but if the angel doesnot appear in the

triangle, after all these conjurations, in which case it will be necessaryt to


the Ritual two or three days at the same place and at the same time.

Then again project themselves mentally and conscientiously

in the sphere of HOD, focusing on what � Angel leaves

I � oratory and returns HOD, then returns to his astral body

Physical and being aware that we are united � with God then we

returns to the ordinary human consciousness � and it terminates the

operation �

� Evocation of the Angel � reciting three times the formula � Action



Angels of Light and Peace! O RAPHAEL Messengers of Glory

Divine Powers Illuminations and Glorious! The fume of this

incense is for you, the pledge of my gratitude and my


Deign, O RAPHAEL Spirit of Light and Knowledge,

continue to me grant, the wonderful treasure of your inspiration,

Your assistance and your support. And now that peace Divine:

ELOHIM TZABAOTH is between You and Me (us)? Amen (+)

Now burn the pure incense and recite the praise to God 3 times

kneeling facing the east:

Praise and Glory to You, True and Living God EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH ,


EHEIEH, AGLA, EL, ELOHIM TZABAOTH for ever and ever.


(Make a short pause)

Then follow the little ritual pentagram and the hexagram �

Earth to banishment, then with the Sword � Open Circle

Theurgical, then the display you will dissolve in

the Universe � the orange light that was accumulated in � oratory

Can you turn off all lights in the opposite direction of their

ignition and storing all materials carefully.

Angel perfume of � RAPHAEL:

1) Incense � of frankincense, benzoin siam,


2) Pontifical Incense, Benzoin White