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34851 Aquarius Dr A150, Sterling Heights, MI, 48310

CELL: 570-295-9707 E-mail:sl66a0e6@westpost.net
To find a position that offers both a challenge and a good opportunity for growt
University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit , Michigan, US M.S. (2010)
Major: Electrical and computer Engineering
Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Yunlin ,Taiwan B.S. (2006)
Major: Electrical engineering
Related Skills:
Language: Fluent in English, Chinese (Mandarin) , Taiwanese.
Hardware: IBM PC, Analog design, Digital design, Intel 8051 Microprocessor,
Hardware design tools : Function generator, Oscilloscope ,Digital voltmeters , L
ogic analyzer,
Design tools: Matlab, AutoCad,
Computer Operation system: Microsoft Dos, Windows, MAC, Microsoft office.
Software Programming: C++, Assembly, Java. programmable logic controllers(PLCS)
Cold heading company
Quality Engineer (September 2010)
Make the quality inspection plan for the new product then make the sample for th
e plan.
Set the electronic inspection machine for product.
Analysis the failure of the electronic inspection then fix the problem.
Maintain the electronic inspection machine and fix it when function failure.
Troubleshooting and fix the electronic inspection machine when the machine has f
unctional failure.
Record and analysis the result of the electronic inspection system.(e.g the rate
of accept part)
Make sure the specifications of the package meet the customer's require.
Research and Development engineer,
Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition team-University of Detroit mercy (January
~July 2009)
Analysis the environment of the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
Collected the data from laser sensor, camera and D-GPS then analysis the data.
Used Matlab to implement the code of artificial intelligent of goal selection fo
r vehicle.
Used the player stage to simulate and test the code which we implemented the cod
Analysis the result from player stage and optimal the code which we implemented
on Matlab.
Built the testing field to test the code on real vehicle.
Work with cross-functional environment to integrate activities for projects.
Prototyped vehicle Electrical systems and designed the control system of the veh
Computer system Engineer,Taipei, Taiwan -(March2008~June2008)
Sido computer company - Customized computer builder.
Installed and maintained of software and hardware related products.
Set up the wireless connection for customers.
Technical help desk (communication on telephone with customers and solve the tec
hnical problem)
Technical support customer with hardware and software(e.g windows O/S and wirele
ss connection)
Maintenance Engineer - Communications and Electronic equipment,,
Taiwan government, Army Toning, Taiwan Rank: Corporal (November2005~March2007
Certification and tested of communications equipments (e.g. the communication qu
ality, the bottoms of
the equipments)
Maintenance functional and outward appearance of the communication equipment .
Troubleshooting equipment failure (e.g. the communication quality, the bottoms o
f the equipment)
Leaded the five people specialty unit to set up the communication station at the
battle field.
Oversee inventory, purchase and disposal of communication equipment.
Special Project
Information Assurance Management- Defense in depth plan (2010)
Description of environment and specific threats
Description of requirements specific to the industry and any
Defensive Strategy - include examples of defense-in-depth
Personnel Security Policy
Incident Response Plan
Artificial intelligent for vehicle: Goal selection
Analysis the environment of the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
Description of requirements specific to the Autonomous challenge.
Implement the code of the goal selection for the goal of the Autonomous challeng
Vehicular Electrical Power Systems: Battery and ultracapacitor (2008)
Description the character of the battery and ultracapacitor.
Simulate the motor system and analysis the effect of the battery and ultracapaci
Change the value of the ultracapacitor and analysis the effect of the system
Digital Design: Sonar sensor Digital Distance Measurement, (2004)
Description the principle of the sonar sensor.
Design the circuit of the sonar sensor digital distance measurement.