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Linda J.

9439 San Jose Blvd, Suite 131,Jacksonville, Fl 32257: 904-739-7735:
Corporate Trainer/Training Director leading cost effective solutions and change
management for Fortune 500 companies. Creates/delivers and evaluates training pr
ograms. Grows profitability and challenges organizations to surpass competition.
Skyrocketed annual revenue to $42 million in the US and $72 million internationa
Designed and lead customer service training centers for trust officers.
Sparked client satisfaction and uncovered new assets for portfolios.
Accelerated trade margins in three years by forming 10-member sales teams.
Forged partnerships with five third-party intermediaries to introduce revenue ge
neration incentive plans and slash discounts; heightened sales with Merrill Lync
h, Sun Trust Bank, Chase Bank and Bank of America.
Change Catalyst implementing and facilitating enterprise-wide learning opportuni
ties on a global scope. Increased productivity and employee performance with tec
hnical systems, sales and supervisory offerings.
* Selected by the US Agency for International Development to train Russian bank
ers in capitalism.
* Amplified net revenues 33% in six months, innovating process-based mastery se
ssions and sales techniques for 20 participants.
Garnered $33 million in additional revenues from existing clients, enabled acqui
sition of new clients.
MS/Education/Bank Street College-BA/Human Development/Connecticut College
State of Florida: Professional Certificates in Exceptional Student Education and
Elementary Education
States of New York and New Jersey: Teacher of the Handicapped, English, Elementa
ry Education
Proficient in Spanish
Professional Overview
Independent Trainer and Tutor, 2006 to present
Created and delivered curriculum for reading, English composition and grammar, b
iological sciences, Spanish, elementary French, and test preparation, escalated
student performance.
Special Education Teacher, Mattie V. Rutherford Alternative School, 2005-2006
Improved aptitude, academic potential and rehabilitation of "at risk" students.
Vice President, Training and Development, Sun Trust Bank, 2003-2005
Boosted retail brokerage revenues 30% in six months.
President and CEO, Millennium Resources Corporation International, 1993-2002
Authored and presented client-centered training, delivering process improvement,
enhancing efficiency, and instilling workflow organization. Partnered with seni
or and executive level management to formulate corporate-wide business strategie
Vice President, Training, Cohen Brown Management Group, 1982-2002
Engineered development, sales and service mastery sessions for financial profess
ionals in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.