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2241 Russell St.

Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 644-6290 Lamppost
May 1, 2011 SILENT AUCTION is SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011
Cheryl Wilson– Principal BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!!!
Jill Wang – PTA President
Spring is nature’s way of saying, “LET’S PARTY!”-R. Williams
Whatever you plan to do over the next few weeks, be sure to plan to
Important dates attend our Silent Auction. Treat yourself to an evening of unending delicious
MON. May 2 – 6 food and live music; you can dance to as you help raise funds your child’s
CALIFORNIA STANDARDS education. This event is held at Pizzaiolo Restaurant, 5008 Telegraph
TESTS Avenue, Oakland, (510) 652-4888, and begins at 5:30PM. You can purchase
a ticket online or from our school secretary, Marie you may volunteer and
pay a reduced cost. Please contact Petronella (petcabo@yahoo.com) or
WED., May 11 Melissa (Melissa@policylink.org) for more information. I certainly hope to
School Governance Council see you on Sunday, May 22nd.
Meeting, 6:30PM, Library Onward, in less than 40 days, this school year will be over and yet
TUES., May 17 we still have a few very important tasks and events scheduled: completion of
PTA Meeting, 5:45PM – dinner all assessments, including the California Standards Tests, Teacher/Staff
6:00PM - meeting Appreciation Week, recognition of Asian American Heritage Month, Open
House, fifth grade promotion, and the end of the year Community Kidz
THURS., May 19 celebration.
English Learner Advisory
Committee Meeting, All students will be assessed to determine their final grades and
6:00PM, Room 106 progress and students in grades 2 – 5 will be taking the California Standards
Test beginning May 2 through May 6, the following week will be used for
SUN., May 22 make up exams. To help make our CST schedule run smoothly and to help
LeConte Silent Auction your child perform to the best of her/his ability, please make sure your child
Pizzaiolo, 5008 Telegraph Ave., gets at least 8 hours of sleep and arrives to school no later than 8:10AM.
Throughout the week of testing, please praise your child for doing his/her
MON. May 23 – Holiday best and give your child lots of hugs before s/he leaves for school. Your
SCHOOL CLOSED child has to feel confident, alert, and capable. Teachers have done their best
to prepare the students for these final assessments; however, the CST is a
THURS., May 26 high stakes test so gently remind your child of how important it is to follow
Coalition of Families for instructions and carefully answer each question. If you have questions about
A-American Students Meeting
the CST and whether or not your child should take it, please notify your
6:00PM, Library
child’s teacher ASAP. Also, if your child is going to be absent during this
FRI., May 27 time, please let her/his teacher know now so arrangements can be made for a
Celebrate LeConte Assembly make up exam.
MON. May 30 – Memorial Day We are still confirming performances in honor of Asian American Heritage
SCHOOL CLOSED month so the date of the assembly has not been confirmed. This event will
include a special recognition in support of the families in Japan trying to
TUES., June 14 recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Fifth grade teachers
Fifth Grade Promotion are coordinating several events leading up to promotion. They may be
contacting families to volunteer so please help if you can.
Please see the Calendar for the full list Principal Wilson
of LeConte events.

1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
NOTICES: SCHOOL CLOSED: Monday, May 23 (Malcolm X’s Birthday)
and Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)


California Standards Test (CST)—TESTING BEGINS MON., MAY 2 thru FRI., MAY 6
If you would like to see the standards that are being tested and the types of questions students will be
asked, please visit this website, http://www.cde.ca.gov/index.asp, search for testing and standards to see a
copy of the grade level standards (what students are expected to know) and then search for “release
items” to see the types of test questions assessed.
Standards Test in Spanish (STS)
If your child is in grades two through eleven and meets either of the following criteria, he or she is
required to take the STS (Education Code Section 60640):
 All Spanish-speaking English learners who receive instruction in Spanish (regardless of how long
they have been in school in the United States); or
 All Spanish-speaking English learners who have been enrolled in a school in the United States for
less than 12 months (cumulative).
This test will be given the second or third week of May.
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
Please show your gratitude and appreciation for our teachers and staff by supporting the events outlined
on the attached flyer. Feel free to bring a special treat, card, flowers, or gift for your child’s teacher and
our support staff-- Farm and Garden, PE, Cafeteria, Librarian, Custodians, after school staff, etc.

Fourth grade field trip, Sierra Outdoor School, Sonora, May 18 – May 20
Fourth grade students will be attending Sierra Outdoor School to experience aspects of California History
and science in a natural setting. All permission slips and payments should have been given to the teachers
by now. Additional information was sent home to parents or guardians of students who confirmed
attendance. This information includes a list of supplies needed and a form requesting medical and dietary
information. Again, the cost for each student is $162 for the two nights. We ask that all fourth grade
parents/guardians pay whatever they can afford toward the cost of the trip. If you are unable to pay the
total cost, please notify Principal Wilson to let her know the amount you would like the school to
pay. Please make your checks payable to LeConte PTA.

Fifth Grade Promotion, Tuesday, June 14

The program begins at 7:00PM in our auditorium. Families of our fifth grade students will receive more
information about this event and student expectations before the end of the month.
Physical Education Classes
Since we have had so much rain, students have been having their PE classes inside the auditorium. This
works out fine for shelter but because of surface of the floor can be slippery if students are not wearing
rubber soles or tennis shoes. Students do a lot of running during PE so it’s really important that they wear
shoes that allow for physical activity. Sandals, flip flops, shoes with open toes and heels are not
appropriate for PE and can be hazardous when students are playing during recess as well. We encourage
you to have your child wear closed toe, rubber soled shoes daily, or to have them available for PE class.
The schedule of classes is attached.

2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
LeConte Calendar
Truancy Letters
If you received a letter in the mail about your child being truant, it means that your child was absent for
three or more days or your child was over 30 minutes late three or more times. These letters are
automatically printed every month. All schools are required to send these letters to families to inform the
parent or guardian of the concern about students missing instruction and to remind families to submit a
note or call the secretary or teacher whenever the child is ill. If your child missed school because s/he was
ill, please submit a note again and please give it directly to our school secretary, Marie. If your child was
absent because s/he was on independent study, then please ignore the letter until the issue about the
Independent Study Program has been resolved. To date, the use of independent study to document an
absence is still unclear.

Also, please note that our school loses up to $35 per day each time students are absent. Attendance is
especially crucial since we rely on the State to support our district’s budget.

Support Tamales los Mayas

If you’ve ever eaten some of the tasty tamales provided during the PTA meetings, then you will
understand why we are supporting Alicia Villanueva. Alicia is not only the wonderful mother of two
LeConte students but also a new entrepreneur. She has realized her dream to launch Tamales Los Mayas,
a mobile tamale cart. Though she recently received approval to sell her delicious tamales at Justin
Herman Plaza in San Francisco, she welcomes your business too. Please contact Alicia at (510 ) 981-1493
to place an order. To learn more about Alicia, visit Kickstarter at http://kick.st/fgymAN and see her flyer

Zumba Classes!!! Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays at LeConte

One of our LeConte parents, Graciela Hernandez Záldivar, has started leading Zumba classes every
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5:00 to 6:00PM in our auditorium. The cost is only
$2.00 per person. With Graciela’s enthusiasm and energy and the upbeat music you definitely will have a
good time dancing and losing weight. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy yourself. It is not too
late to join!


School Governance Council (SGC) next meeting: Wednesday, May 11
Most of last month’s meeting was spent discussing goals for our 2011-2012 School Site Plan for Student
Achievement. Every spring, schools are required to complete and submit a plan to the school board. The
SGC committee is responsible for helping to develop this plan. The plan has three major BUSD goals that
are related to student achievement and parent involvement. The final plan will be completed by April 30.
The group also approved purchase of Response Cards which are a type of remote control device used by
students to complete multiple choice and short answer assessments. The value of using this technology is
that teachers will now be able to not only track students’ progress but also obtain and analyze results from
assessments immediately. This data will be used to help teachers adapt instruction to the needs of the

PTA General Meeting, next meeting: May 18, 5:45 dinner, meeting 6:00
New PTA officers were established for the upcoming school year as follows:

• Jose Figueroa - President

• Amy Khoshabian - VP Fundraising
• Cathlene Richmond - VP Communications
• Iain Boltin - Treasurer

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
• Open position - secretary
• Open position - room parent coordinator
• Elena Topete and Karen Meckstroth - After School Programs Coordinator

Newly elected board member, Josh Daniels, attended the meeting. He discussed concerns about the
pending budget, his role as a board member, and the chain of communication for parent concerns.
Questions were asked about teacher evaluation and possible layoffs. Teachers are evaluated every other
year by the school principal. The process includes three formative evaluations (how the teacher is doing
based on suggestions and recommendations) and one summative evaluation (final documentation and
rating of performance). If teachers receive an overall unsatisfactory evaluation, then the teacher can be
referred to the Peer Assistance Review (PAR) board. The following year, the teacher may be assigned a
mentor who will help the teacher reflect on and improve her/his practices based on the California
Teaching Standards. As of this date, no teachers have received layoff notices. All teachers hired this
school year, 2010-11, have a “temporary” contract which means they are not guaranteed a position for the
next school year. We may not know the status of these teachers until mid May or later depending upon the
final budget from the State.

PTA fundraising opportunities to help our school include:

 Great America fundraiser: 50% of purchase goes to support LeConte
 Chinook Books - $20 book of coupons to use around the East Bay at green businesses with $10
per book sold going to LeConte. Chinook Books may be purchased at the LeConte office (check
or cash).
 Berkeley Bowl (BB) Scrip (Gift Certificates). LeConte PTA earns 4% of every sale! They are
available in $20 denominations. LeConte PTA earns over $2000 a year from these sales. You can
buy BB scrip from Gloria Park (wearing jester hat) on Friday mornings or leave a check (made
payable to LeConte PTA) or cash for her with our school secretary Marie, anytime. You can also
reach Gloria at 510-517-7133 or gloriapark@post.harvard.edu. If you shop at BB, please take this
extra step to support our school!
 Escrip.com. You can sign up with Escrip.com and earn money for LeConte whenever you use
your registered credit or debit cards at participating vendors. You can also register your Macy’s
and Safeway cards on Escrip to earn money every time you use these cards. Get your friends and
family anywhere to register on Escrip.com! LeConte ID # 137116693. If you need help, call or
email Gloria Park at 510-517-7133 or gloriapark@post.harvard.edu.
 Whole Foods Gift Card program. For each $100 gift card purchased through the PTA, the PTA
earns $4.00. If you regularly shop at Whole Foods, this seemly small contribution can add up to a
significant amount for LeConte. Please purchase your cards (in $100 denominations) from Peter
Shelton at morning line-up. Peter will wear his black and white checkered hat. Cash or checks
made out to LeConte PTA, please. Any questions, please contact Peter at
Peter@PeterSheltonLaw.com or at 510-529-5483.

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) next meeting: Thursday, May 19th, 6:00PM
There was no meeting held in April.

Coalition of Families for African American Students next meeting: Thursday, May 26, 6:00PM
Though the attendance was low, the April meeting was very fruitful. Members decided to do
more one-on-one outreach to families of African American students with the goal of finding out
ways our school can better support these students and families. The majority of LeConte’s
African American students are not achieving to the degree that best supports their academic

4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
LeConte Calendar
success in middle school and high school graduation. This coalition is planning to address this
concern by speaking with families and gaining more involvement from families at our school.
One of the ways proposed to encourage families to come to school is to host an ice cream and
sports event that will be scheduled in May or June.

Outstanding Balances for the Cost of Lunch
If you received a letter or phone call stating that you owe for lunches your child received, please pay the
balance as soon as possible. Our food service workers have been instructed to deny a hot lunch to all
students who have outstanding balances. However, all students can have fruit and items from the salad bar
free of charge. If your financial circumstances have changed and you think you may qualify for free or
reduced lunch, please obtain and complete a meal application. Applications are available in our office.

Online Payments for School Meals

BUSD is pleased to announce “mySchoolBucks.com” a new online Payment Center for families. You can
now make payments to your child’s school lunch account any time of day throughout the year. You will
be able to pay for meals, view cafeteria purchases, track meal account balances, schedule recurring
payments, etc. Visit www.mySchoolBucks.com to create your account. You can call Marni Posey or Sara
Leon at (510) 644-6200 if you have any questions.


As you may know, schools receive funding based on the number of students who attend each day. The
amount per child is between $32 and $35 dollars. Though the amount may appear small, it adds up when
several students are absent throughout the school. Within the guidelines of the State, students must arrive
at school on time to be counted as present. Therefore, it is not only important that your child come to
school but also that your child be on time. When you make doctor or dentist appointments for your child,
please try to make the appointment after 9:30AM, so that your child can be counted as attending school.
Also, please write a note or contact your child’s teacher to explain all absences. Our school secretary is
required to maintain and turn in notices of all excused absences. Finally, please note that you will
automatically receive a “truancy” letter if your child is chronically 30 minutes late to school meaning s/he
arrived at 8:41AM or later. If the pattern continues, three letters will be sent home and then the parent or
guardian will be required to attend a Student Attendance Review Meeting at the site and then district

Our school bulletin, the Lamppost, will be sent home on or near the first Monday of every month along
with other school and classroom announcements. You can obtain weekly updates on email by going
online, www.leconteonline.org, and signing up. We have two moderated email groups – one for
announcements only, and one for “announcements plus discussion.” To join either group, please visit our
website, www.leconteonline.org, and follow the links on the right side of the home page. We also have an
“all-call” system to notify you by telephone of any emergencies, special requests, and reminders. You can
reach your child’s teacher by telephone or email. Teachers should be sending home written information at
least once a month or contacting you by telephone.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
LeConte Students Enhance Learning with Free Educational Software
Our district is going to continue funding our subscription to the Compass Learning educational software
program. All students enrolled in LeConte are able to access the program from home or school. This
software is aligned with state and national standards and provides a stimulating (and fun!), customized
learning environment for each child. Compass Learning is at www.childu.com. To get your child started,
you will need your child’s user name and password. Most user names and passwords follow the following
standard format: User Name: LeCFirstNameLastInitial. Password: FirstInitialLastInitial School: BUSD.
For example, John Smith has a user name of LeCJohnS and a password of js. Contact August Fern at
august.fern@gmail.com if you are having difficulties logging in or would like to set up a parent account
to monitor your student's progress.

Next Lamppost: Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To submit information for The Lamppost, please email Principal Wilson at
Cheryl_Wilson@berkeley.k12.ca.us or Cathlene Richmond at cathlene.richmond@gmail.com. The
deadline for our next issue is Friday, May 20, 2011.



New LeConte Summer Camps Webpage

There is a new page on the LeConte website with information about Summer Camps. It will
include any information that is sent home via flyers or email regarding summer camps or
summer activities for kids. You can find the page under Resources > Summer Camps or at this
url: http://www.leconteonline.com/default/index.cfm/resources/summercamps/

Berkeley YMCA Summer Camp Programs

The Berkeley YMCA summer day camps provide a range of programs that encourage fun, self-discovery,
and group adventures while teaching important character values. They offer free extended-care, before
and after camp. Camp Director: Noelle Boero
nboero@ymca-cba.org, 510.665.3271, or online at: http://www.baymca.org/dt/downtown-Summer-

City of Berkeley, Parks Recreation & Waterfront: Summer Day Camps

The City of Berkeley offers a variety of summer camp programs for children. For information, call (510)
981-5140 or email camps@cityofberkeley.info. You may also view their online information page at:

Flyers Attached:
1. Silent Auction Tick Form
2. Get Ready for Summer Reading, Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore
3. Berkeley Summer Program Site 2011 (English and Spanish)
4. K- 4th Grade BUSD Student Summer Literacy Scholarship Application (English and Spanish)
5. Office of Families & Community Partnerships May 2011 Parent Education Series Calendar
(English and Spanish)
6. May School Menu
7. Photos

6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
LeConte Calendar

MAY 1 – JUNE 4
Updated LeConte News & Calendar: www.leconteonline.org
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
California’s California’s California’s California’s California’s
Standards Standards Standards Standards Standards
Test Test Test Test Test

8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
PTA Fourth Grade ELAC
Meeting Field Trip – Meeting
5:45 – Sierra Outdoor 6:00PM
dinner School Room 106
6:00 -
meeting Mrs.
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Silent Auction SCHOOL Coalition of LeConte
Pizzaiola CLOSED Families Assembly,
5:30 – 9:30 Malcolm Meeting 8:15AM
X’s 6:00PM,
5008 Telegraph

29 30 31 June 1 2 3 4

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
LeConte Spring Auction TICKET FORM
When: Sunday, May 22, 2011 from 5:30-9:30 PM

Where: Pizzaiolo Restaurant, 5008 Telegraph Avenue (@ 51st St.), Oakland

Includes: Small bites, wine, beer, house cocktail, live music, raffle and SILENT AUCTION!

Ticket Price: $20-$40 per person

Please support this important fundraiser for LeConte programs and the LeConte community!

Name #1 _________________________________________________________________________________________

Name #2 _________________________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________________

Email _________________________________ Phone _____________________Total # of tickets purchased ________

Please provide payment by cash, check (make out to LeConte PTA) or purchase online at:



*Note: CHILDCARE will no longer be provided at the school, it has been cancelled. Thank you!

► Volunteers needed during auction event! Free or reduced ticket prices available for volunteers, please email for
more information. Questions/Preguntas? Reach us at:

 Melissa Saavedra at melsaavy@gmail.com or 510.220.6960

 Petronella VanBerry at pvanberry@gmail.com or 415.806.4055
 Preguntas en Espanol a Catarina Negrin a canoa@sbcglobal.net / 510.435.9043 Revised Form 5.13.11
Formulario para Boletos de la Subasta Silenciosa
Cuando: Domingo, 22 de Mayo, 2011 de 5:30-9:30 PM

Donde: Pizzaiolo Restaurant, 5008 Telegraph Avenue (@ 51st St.), Oakland

Incluye: Comida, vino, cerveza, cocteles caseros, música en vivo, rifa y Subasta Silenciosa!

Precio de Boletos: $20-$40 por persona

Porfavor apoye este evento para recaudar fondos para la escuela y los programas de LeConte!

Nombre #1 _______________________________________________________________________________________

Apellido #2 _______________________________________________________________________________________

Domicilio _________________________________________________________________________________________

Correo E ____________________________ No. De Tel. __________________ Cantidad de Boletos Comprados ______

Favor de pagar en efectivo, cheque (a nombre de LeConte PTA) or compre sus boletos en línea en:



*Desafortunadamente no vamos a poder ofrecir guardería en la escuela durante el evento


► Necesitamos Voluntarios para la noche del evento! Hay entrada libre o con precio reducido si quiere ayudar el
día del evento!. Dudas/Preguntas? Contáctenos:

 Melissa Saavedra at melsaavy@gmail.com / 510.220.6960

 Petronella VanBerry at pvanberry@gmail.com / 415.806.4055
 Preguntas en Espanol a Catarina Negrin a canoa@sbcglobal.net  / 510.435.9043 Revised Form 5.13.11
Aplicación de Becas de Verano en Alfabetización para Estudiantes
de Grados K-4 del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Berkeley
Esta beca ha sido posible gracias al generoso apoyo de
UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund

Si su hijo/a asista a una escuela pública de Berkeley, usted puede solicitar una beca para ayudar a cubrir el costo de la
matrícula de su hijo/a en un programa de verano que incluye BUILD, tutoría en el desarrollo de la alfabetización. Las becas
serán otorgadas en base a necesidad financiera familiar y en su compromiso de ayudar a su hijo/a a mejorar sus
conocimientos en las áreas de alfabetización y lectura durante el verano. La beca no cubre todos los costos del programa, por
lo tanto solo aplique por su hijo/a si puede contribuir por lo menos $20 semanales (por 6 semanas). Además de esta
aplicación de la beca, también debe llenar una aplicación de inscripción con el programa que escoja (ya sea un programa de
la Ciudad de Berkeley,o Berkeley Youth Alternatives.) Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor de llamar a la oficina del
programa que ha decidido aplicar:
James Kenney 981-6651; Frances Albrier 981-6640; Live Oak 981-6690; BYA 845-0155; BEARS 544-7770

Para que su hijo/a pueda ser considerado para la beca de verano en alfabetización:
Favor de llenar esta aplicación.
Añade prueba de sus ingresos (por ejemplo un recibo de pago, declaración de SSI, o su más reciente W2)
Favor de traer esta aplicación y prueba de ingreso a la Entrenador de Alfabetización (Literacy Coach) a la escuela
de su hijo/a el viernes 6 de mayo. También puede enviarla a Becas de Verano a 1835 Allston Way Berkeley, CA
94703 antes del lunes 9 de mayo. Usted sabrá si se le ha concedido una beca a partir del primero de junio.

Información Personal

Nombre del estudiante Apellido del estudiante

Dirección Ciudad Estado Código Postal

(Favor de indicar dirección donde pueda recibir informes acerca de su aplicación de beca.)

Nombre del padre/tutor Apellido del padre/tutor

Teléfono del padre/tutor Correo electrónico (si se aplica)

¿Cómo prefiere ser contactado si tenemos preguntas acerca de su aplicación?
Por correo Por teléfono Por correo electrónico
Información de la escuela

Escuela primaria del estudiante Grado Número de identificación del estudiante (esta en la cartilla escolar)

Información sobre el Programa de Verano

¿Cuál programa de verano le gustaría que su hijo/a asista?
James Kenney Community Center Frances Albrier Community Center Live Oak Community Center
Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA) BEARS Extended Learning (este programa de BUSD se ofrece
inscripción gratis si las familias demuestran su elegibilidad de ingresos directamente con el personal de BEARS)

Si su hijo/a recibe una beca, ¿usted se da permisión a la programa de verano BUILD el acceso a las calificaciones
de su hijo/a de alfabetización, de prueba, e información acerca de la lectura del Distrito Escolar Unificado de
Berkeley? Esta información ayudará a nuestros tutores en qué trabajar con su hijo/a, y también a medir su
crecimiento. Sí No Firma de padres/guardián

¿Su hijo/a recibe almuerzo gratis en la escuela? Sí No

¿A usted llenado una aplicación de inscripción para el programa que marcó arriba? Sí Aun No
Si recibe una beca, ¿Se compromete a que su hijo/a participe íntegramente y asista al menos 6 semanas al
programa? (Si su hijo/a no participa la beca será suspendida) Si No

Informacion del aprendizaje del estudiante

¿Que piensa su hijo/a respecto a la lectura?
Le gusta bastante Le gusta a veces Usualmente no le gusta No le gusta

¿Cuantos libros tiene su hijo/a?

0-5 5-10 10-20 20-50 Mas de 50

¿Que tan seguido va su hijo/a a la biblioteca?

Varias veces al mes o más Una vez al mes De ves en cuando Nunca

Diría que su hijo/a está leyendo:

bajo el nivel de su clase al nivel de su clase más avanzado del nivel de su clase

¿En qué aéreas académicas necesita mas ayuda su hijo/a?

¿Cómo cree que la participación en un programa de verano (Summer BUILD) lo ayudará

¿Ha participado su hijo/a en un programa de verano en Berkeley? Sí No

Sí participaba, ¿cual programa? ¿En qué año?

Información financiera
¿Cuál es el ingreso anual de su familia? ¿Cuántas personas viven en su hogar?

¿ Cuál prueba de sus ingresos ha adjuntado a esta aplicación? su pago mensual su W2 mas reciente
su SSI prueba de su Medi-Ca otra prueba (describa aquí):

Por favor describa cualquier cosa que este influenciando su situación económica y que dificulte que pague el costo
de inscripción en un programa de verano (puede usar otra hoja se necesita más espacio para escribir):

La aplicación de becas y la prueba de sus ingresos tiene que ser recibidas al fin del día Lunes 9 de Mayo.
Puede dejarlas o enviarlas a <<Becas de Verano 1835 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94703>> o darlas a la Entrenador de
Alfabetización (Literacy Coach) a la escuela de su hijo/a antes del viernes 6 de mayo.

¿Preguntas? Llamar al programa al cual está aplicando.

El personal que trabaja en 1835 Allston no puede responder preguntas.
Será notificado del estado de la beca el Miercoles1 de Junio.
K-4th Grade BUSD Student Summer Literacy Scholarship Application
This scholarship is made possible by the generous support of the
UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund

If your child is a student in a Berkeley Unified School District public school, you can apply for a scholarship to help cover
the cost of your child’s enrollment in a summer program with BUILD (Berkeley United in Literacy Development) literacy
tutoring. Scholarships will be awarded based on family financial need and commitment to having the child attend the full
hours of the summer program. This scholarship does not cover 100% of program costs. You should apply only if you
can contribute at least $20 per week. This scholarship will pay for up to 6 weeks of a program listed below. If you are
accepted for this summer scholarship, you will have to fill out an enrollment application with the program you are choosing
and a program scholarship application (for City of Berkeley programs only). If you have any questions about the different
programs, call the program office you are applying to:
James Kenney 981-6651; Frances Albrier 981-6640; Live Oak 981-6690; Berkeley Youth Alternatives 845-0155; BEARS 644-7770

For your child to be considered for the Summer Literacy Scholarship:
Fill out this application.
Attach proof of your income (such as a paystub, SSI statement, or your most recent W2)
Turn into the Literacy Coach at your BUSD elementary school by Friday, May 6, 2011 or drop off or mail
to Summer Literacy Scholarship 1835 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94703 so that it is received by
Monday, May 9, 2011 (Please note, staff at 1835 Allston cannot answer questions about the scholarship)

Personal Information
/ /
Student’s First Name Student’s Last Name Student’s Birthday (month, day, year)

Street Address City State Zip Code

(Please list an address where you can receive a letter notifying you about your scholarship application.)

Parent/Guardian First Name Parent/Guardian Last Name

Contact Phone for Parent/Guardian Email Address (if applicable)

How should we contact you if we have questions about your application? by mail by phone by email

School Information

Student’s Elementary School Grade they completed Student I.D. Number (this is on their report card)

If your child receives a scholarship, do you give the Summer BUILD program permission to access your child’s
literacy test scores and information about their reading from Berkeley Unified School District? This information
will help our tutors know what to work on with your child, and will help us measure their growth.
yes no Parent/Guardian signature:

Does your child receive free or reduced price lunch at school? yes no

Summer Program Information

Which Summer Program would you like your child to attend?
James Kenney Community Center Frances Albrier Community Center Live Oak Community Center
Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA) South Berkeley YMCA Learning Academy (NOT ACCEPTING)
BEARS Extended Learning (This BUSD program offers free enrollment if families demonstrate income
eligibility directly to BEARS staff. Students who do not meet income eligibility cannot enroll in BEARS.)
Have you already filled out an enrollment application for the program you checked above? yes not yet

If you receive a scholarship, do you commit that your child will participate fully and will attend for at least 6
weeks in the program? (If your child does not participate, the scholarship can be suspended.) yes no

Student Learning Information

How does your child feel about reading?
Likes it a lot Likes it sometimes Does not usually like it Dislikes it

Would you say your child is:

Reading below grade level Reading at grade level Reading above grade level

How many books does your child own?

0-5 5-10 10-20 20-50 more than 50

How often does your child go to the library?

several times a month or more once a month every few months never

What academic areas does your child need help in the most?

Is there anything you would want a reading tutor or mentor do know about your child?

Has your child participated in a summer program in Berkeley before? yes no

If yes, which program? What year did they participate?

Financial Information
What is your household’s annual income? How many people live in your home?

Which document are you attaching to this application to demonstrate your income?
paystub most recent W2 SSI proof of Medi-Cal other (describe here):
Please describe anything influencing your financial situation and making it hard for you to pay for a summer
program’s enrollment cost. Attach another sheet of paper if needed.

Scholarship applications & your income proof must be received by end of the day Monday, May 9.
They can be mailed or dropped off to Summer Literacy Scholarship 1835 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94703 or you
may give them to the Literacy Coach at your child’s elementary school by May 6.

Questions? Call the program you are applying to.

Staff at 1835 Allston cannot answer questions.
You will be notified of scholarship status by Wednesday, June 1.

This is a partial list of summer programs in Berkeley that dedicate time to working on literacy or reading.
Please note that literacy is not the main focus of all of these programs. Some are recreation programs
that dedicate an hour or two a day to reading or group literacy activities. The goal of these programs is to
help students keep their literacy skills over the summer. Read more about each program, participation
fees, and registration information below.

BUSD Summer BEARS Program (at Thousand Oaks and Malcolm X Elementary Schools)
BUSD Summer BEARS program includes sports, arts & crafts, reading, fun with Math, literacy activities, access to
school library & field trips. All classes are taught by qualified teachers with a 14:1 student-adult ratio. Breakfast,
lunch and snacks are provided. College students from UC-Berkeley’s BUILD Literacy program lead small group
literacy activities for an hour each day. Space is limited. Registration packets will be available from school offices.
Start/End Dates: June 27 - July 29 (limited August spaces are available at various locations)
Camp Hours: M-F, 7:30am-5:30 pm
Location: Malcolm X: 1731 Prince St.; Thousand Oaks: 840 Colusa Ave.
Ages: Grades K-4
Enrollment Fee: Fees based on State guidelines for need of care and income eligibility. In some cases
there is no cost. Students must be BUSD students to enroll.
Register: Pick up application packet from elementary school sites and send completed application
packet to: BEARS 1720 Oregon Street, Berkeley, CA 94703 or have your child’s school
send via district mail to the Oregon Street Building. All applications must be received
before May 27 . Call 644-8942 or 644-7770 for more information.

James Kenney Community Center Explorers Camp

Explorers Camp offers a weekly program of group games, arts and crafts, sports, environmental programs, and
field trips. College students from UC-Berkeley’s BUILD Literacy program work for an hour and a half each day with
youth on reading, storytelling, and creative writing to help youth maintain their literacy skills over summer.
Start/End Dates: June 20-August 12
Camp Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm (Core Program); Lunch provided
Location: 1720 8 St.
Ages: 5-12 years old
Enrollment Fee: $98/week (core program). Income based scholarships available for qualifying Berkeley
residents. Extended care available for extra fee from 8am-9am and/or 3pm-6pm.
Register: Register at James Kenney (1720 8th St.) or 1947 Center St., or call 981-6651

Frances Albrier Community Center Discovery Camp

Discovery Camp provides a weekly program of games, creative writing, theater, dance, and arts & crafts. College
students from UC-Berkeley’s BUILD Literacy program work with youth for an hour and a half each day, 3 days a
week on reading and group literacy activities to help youth maintain their literacy skills over summer.
Start/End Dates: June 20 - Aug 12
Camp Hours: M-F, 9am-3pm (Core Program); Lunch provided
Location: 2800 Park St.
Ages: 5-12 years old
Enrollment Fee: $98/week (core program). Income based scholarships available for qualifying Berkeley
residents. Extended care available for extra fee from 8am-9am and/or 3pm-6pm.
Register: Register at 2800 Park St., or go to 1947 Center Street, or call 981-6640

YAP Fun Camp (MLK Youth Services Center)

Camp will include a variety of activities including sports, dance, cooking, and leadership. College students from
UC-Berkeley’s BUILD Literacy program work with youth for an hour and a half each day, 3 days a week on reading,
spoken word, creative writing, and group literacy activities to help youth maintain their literacy skills over summer.
Start/End Dates: June 20 - Aug 12
Camp Hours: 10am-4pm; Lunch provided
Location: 1730 Oregon St.
Ages: 6th-8 graders
Enrollment Fee: Free for Berkeley residents in middle school
Register: Register at 1730 Oregon or 1947 Center Street, or call 981-6670
Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA) Summer Jam
Summer Jam encourages children to discover individual and unique talents through sailing, computers, swimming,
art, sports & recreation, hip-hop, music, nutrition education, and much more. College students from UC-Berkeley’s
BUILD Literacy program lead storytelling and group literacy activities for 1.5 hours/day.
Start/End Dates: June 20-August 19
Camp Hours: M-F, 9am-3pm
Location: 1255 Allston Way
Ages: 6-14 years old
Enrollment Fee: $90 per 2-week session for Berkeley residents.
Register: Contact Summer Jam at 510-845-0155 or 845-9010; www.byaonline.org, or go to 1255
Allston Way, Berkeley

Camp Live Act at Live Oak Community Center

Camp Live Act will include a variety of activities such as science, sports, crafts, hiking, and swimming, and several
field trips. All participants must bring their own lunch. College students from UC-Berkeley’s BUILD Literacy
program will lead reading and literacy activities for an hour, 3 days a week.
Start/End Dates: June 20 - August 12
Camp Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm (Core Program)
Location: 1301 Shattuck Ave.
Ages: 5 years – 13 years
Enrollment Fee: $98/week (core program). Income based scholarships available for qualifying Berkeley
residents. Extended care available for extra fee from 8am-9am and/or 3pm-6pm.
Register: Sign up at 1301 Shattuck Ave or 1947 Center St. or call 981-6690.

Multicultural Institute’s Youth Writing Festival

The Writing Festival provides under-served students, including non-native English speakers, a fun opportunity to
develop literacy skills. Experienced writing coaches work with participants to improve students' writing habits and
expressive abilities. At the end of the month students will present their work at an open community event, and
select pieces will be included for publication in the Festival's Anthology of Creative Works.
Start/End Dates: July 5-July 29
Camp Hours: M-F, 9:30am-12:30pm
Location: To be determined; in West Berkeley
th th
Ages: Students entering 4 -9 grade
Enrollment Fee: $100/student; scholarships available directly from Multicultural Institute
Register: Go to www.mionline.org, or contact Suzanne Plank at 510-848-4075

You can find out more information on summer programs at the

Summer Kick Off/ Bike Rodeo

Saturday, May 7, 11am-3pm, San Pablo Park
(Park and Oregon Streets) in South Berkeley
Esta es una lista parcial de los programas ofrecidos en Berkeley durante el verano que dedican tiempo a la lectura
o alfabetización. Favor de tomar en cuenta que la alfabetización no es el enfoque principal de todos los programas.
Algunos son programas de recreación que dedican una o dos horas al día a la lectura o actividades alfabéticas
grupales. El propósito de los programas es ayudar a los estudiantes a mantener sus habilidades alfabéticas durante
el verano. La siguiente información habla más sobre cada programa, cuotas de participación, e información sobre
como registrarse.

BUSD Summer BEARS Program (at Thousand Oaks and Malcolm X Elementary Schools)

El programa “BUSD Summer BEARS” incluye deportes, arte y artesanías, lectura, matemáticas, acceso a la
biblioteca escolar y excusiones. Todas las clases son enseñadas por maestros capacitados con una proporción de
14:1 (estudiante-adulto). Desayuno, almuerzo, y refrigerios serán proporcionados. Tutores del programa BUILD de
la Universidad de California, Berkeley conducirán actividades de alfabetización con los estudiantes una hora diaria.
El espacio es limitado por lo tanto se recomienda registrarse lo más pronto posible.
Inicia/ Termina: Junio 27-Julio 29 (hay places limitados en augosto)
Horas de campamento: Lunes-Viernes, 7:30am-5:30pm
Localización: Malcolm X: 1731 Prince St.; Thousand Oaks: 840 Colusa Ave.
o o
Edades: Estudiantes de K -4 grado
Cuota de inscripción: Para necesidad y elegibilidad, cuotas son basadas en directrices estatales.
En algunos casos no hay costo. Algunos espacios estarán disponibles para
familias de costo total, pero se necesitan ser estudiantes en Berkeley
Registro: Llame 644-8942 o 644-7770 o usted puede inscribirse a todas las escuelas de K-
4 grado. Se necessita inscribirse antes del 27 de mayo.

James Kenney Community Center Explorers Camp

“Explorers Camp” ofrece un programa semanal de lectura, actividades físicas, arte, artesanías, y excursiones.
Tutores del programa BUILD de la Universidad de California, Berkeley trabajarán 1.5 horas diarias con los jóvenes
en lectura, narración de cuentos, y alfabetización grupal para ayudar a los jóvenes a mantener sus habilidades
literarias durante el verano.
Inicia/ Termina: Junio 20-Agosto 12
Horas de campamento: Lunes-Viernes, 9am-3pm; El almuerzo será proporcionado
Locación: 1720 8 St.
Edades: 5-12 años de edad
Cuota de inscripción: $98 semanal; becas disponibles para residentes de Berkeley basadas en in
Ingresos, guardería extendida por costo adicional de 8am-9am y/o 3pm-6pm
Registro: Ir a 1720 8th St. o 1947 Center St., o llamar al 981-6651
Frances Albrier Community Center Discovery Camp
“Discovery Camp” ofrece un programa semanal de juegos, escritura creativa, actividades físicas, arte y artesanías.
Tutores del programa BUILD de la Universidad de California, Berkeley trabajarán 3 días por semana (1.5 horas
diarias), enfocándose en lectura y alfabetización grupal para ayudar a los jóvenes a mantener sus habilidades
literarias durante el verano.
Inicia/ Termina: Junio 20-Agosto 12
Horas de campamento: Lunes-Viernes, 9:00am-3:00pm; El almuerzo será proporcionado
Locación: 2800 Park St.
Edades: 5-12 años de edad
Cuota de inscripción: $98 semanal; becas disponibles para residentes de Berkeley basadas en
ingresos, guardería extendida por costo adicional de 8am-9am y/o 3pm-6pm
Registro: Ir a 2800 Park St. o 1947 Center St., o llamar al 981-6640
YAP Fun Camp (MLK Youth Services Center)
“Yap Fun Camp” incluirá una variedad de actividades como deportes, baile, la cocina creativa, y abilidades de
liderazgo. El almuerzo será proporcionado. Tutores del programa BUILD de la Universidad de California, Berkeley
trabajarán 3 días (1.5 horas diarias) por semana en lectura y alfabetización grupales para ayudar a mantener las
habilidades literarias de los estudiantes durante el verano.
Inicia/ Termina: Junio 20-Agosto 12
Horas de campamento: 10am-4pm
Locación: 1730 Oregon St.
o o
Edades: Estudiantes de 6 -8 grado; El almuerzo será proporcionado
Cuota de inscripción: No hay costo para residentes de Berkeley
Registro: Ir a 1730 Oregon St. o 1947 Center St., o llamar al 981-6670
Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA) Summer Jam

“Summer Jam” motiva a niños a descubrir sus talentos únicos e individuales con natación, computación, arte,
deportes, hip-hop, música, nutrición y mucho mas. Tutores del programa BUILD de la Universidad de California,
Berkeley, conducirán actividades de alfabetización con los estudiantes 1.5 horas diarias.
Inicia/ Termina: Junio 20-Agosto 19
Horas de campamento: L-V, 9am-3pm
Localización: 1255 Allston Way
Edades: 6-14 años
Cuota de inscripción: $90 por sesión de dos semanas para residentes de Berkeley
Registro: Llame al 510-845-0155 o 845-9010; visite www.byaonline.org, o ir al 1255 Allston
Way, Berkeley
Camp Live Act at Live Oak Community Center

Camp Live Act incluirá una variedad de actividades tales como las ciencias, arte, deportes, senderismo, natación y
excursiones. Todos los participantes deben traer su propia comida. Tutores del programa BUILD de la Universidad
de California, Berkeley, conducirán actividades de alfabetización con los estudiantes tres horas a la semana.
Inicia/ Termina: Junio 20-Agosto 12
Horas de campamento: Lunes - Viernes, 9am-3pm
Localización: 1301 Shattuck Ave.
Edades: 5–13 años
Cuota de inscripción: $98/semana; becas disponibles para residentes de Berkeley basadas en
ingresos, guardería extendida por costo adicional de 8am-9am y/o 3pm-6pm
Registro: Ir a1301 Shattuck Ave o 1947 Center St. o llamar al 981-6690.

Multicultural Institute’s Youth Writing Festival

El Festival de Escritura ofrece a niños de bajos recursos, incluyendo niños que no tienen ingles como idioma
nativo, una oportunidad divertida para desarrollar sus habilidades literarias. Los participantes trabajaran en
pequeños grupos y de uno en uno con tutores de escritura para escribir y revisar sus escrituras hasta el final. Los
estudiantes presentaran su trabajo en un evento de la comunidad y será en el Festival's Anthology of Creative
Inicia/ Termina: Julio 5-Julio 29
Horas de campamento: L-V, 9:30am-12:30pm
Localización: Por determinar; en West Berkeley
o o
Edades: Estudiantes de 4 -9 grado
Cuota de inscripción: $100/estudiante; becas disponibles de “Multicultural Institute”
Registro: Ir a www.mionline.org, o contactar con Suzanne Plank al 510-848-4075

Usted puede encontrar más información acerca de los programas en el

“Summer Kick Off” el Sábado 7 de mayo,
mayo, 11am-
en el San Pablo Park
(intersección Park y Oregon) en el sur de Berkeley