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7201 Fourth Avenue, Apt. F-7 (718) 630-5759
Brooklyn, NY 11209 E-mail: jfebca2@westpost.net
Seasoned operations professional with over 25 years experience, including Behavi
oral Health, Ambulatory Care, Performance Management, Community Practices and Oc
cupational Health. Key competencies include:
* Program Development * Corporate Compliance
* Oversight of Multiple Sites * Working with Diverse Populations
Providing operations management consulting services for start up of New York Cit
y Human Resources Administration funded WeCARE Medical Assessment Unit.
* Prepared site for opening. Developed working relationship structure with cont
racting agency.
* Created job descriptions, policies and procedures. Organized orientation and
training program for staff.
* Reviewed and formalized Medical Assessment Unit workflows, including referrals
, tracking and reporting.
* Served as Interim Manager, overseeing staff and operations. Oriented new Medi
cal Unit Manager.
Occupational Health Provider with 100,000 visits/year in seven locations in New
York City area.
Practice Administrator
Senior manager overseeing operations, business development, and administration o
f multiple site private practice providing occupational and disability medicine,
pain management, physical therapy, and related services. Responsible for all a
spects of practice, including quality, data, marketing, and site development.
* Created organizational structure, including job descriptions, evaluation proce
ss, and policies and procedures. Initiated staff incentive program to increase
visits and reward positive behaviors.
* Contracted for space to relocate sites to new locations. Developed mutual ref
erral arrangements with physician groups owning sites, providing increased visit
s and more accessible services for patients.
* Established relationships with various physician groups, radiology services an
d hospitals to provide enhanced access to quality providers experienced in asses
sing and treating injured workers.
* Recruited physicians of various specialties to expand range of services provid
* Worked with billing vendor and Workers? Compensation Board to enhance revenue
* Oversaw processes to obtain approvals from Workers? Compensation Board and max
imize payments.
Lutheran HealthCare's outpatient arm, FQHC with 500,000 visits/year and communit
y programs.
Site Director, Medical Partnership 2004-2007
Administrative Coordinator, Medical Partnership 2002-2004
Senior manager responsible for operations and direction of several Article 28 cl
inics primarily serving Russian communities. Responsibilities included contract
management, program oversight, regulatory and corporate compliance, performance
improvement, site development, budgeting, and strategic planning.
* Initiated corporate compliance metrics to address State, HIPAA and JCAHO requi
rements, resulting in 97% visits within part time hours and 99% of encounters wi
th appropriate documentation.
* Established quality improvement and Report Card monitoring of financial, patie
nt satisfaction and health maintenance indicators. Primary Care indicators 61%-
97% compliant, surpassing benchmarks.
* Introduced quarterly and unannounced JCAHO style reviews, including psychiatry
and physical therapy. Survey findings have demonstrated overall improvement fo
r indicators.
* Instituted mechanisms to verify ancillary tests billed as ordered and visits p
roperly documented.
* Identified and closed underperforming/noncompliant sites, reducing $13 million
budget to $2 million.
* Selected sites for conversion to full time extension clinics, based on program
matic, regulatory and other criteria. New contract terms developed. Submitted C
ON to State Department of Health.
* Prepared sites for full integration into network, including incorporating poli
cies and protocols, staff training, ensuring services are offered to meet patien
t needs, and integration of network IT systems.
Community Coordinator, Brooklyn Alliance to Strengthen the Safety Net
Under Community Access Program, responsible for overseeing outreach of community
based organizations and health care providers of a 400-member coalition includi
ng program development and operations management.
* Member of management team that developed and implemented this new program.
* Initiated and maintained partnerships with community organizations, schools, c
oalitions, and institutions.
* Developed web site featuring insurance screening, educational tools, and resou
rce directory for services.
* Implemented strategies for program direction, outreach initiatives, and target
ed coalitions.
* Provided coordination of Best Practices collaboratives for pediatric asthma an
d prenatal care in Brooklyn.
* Chaired several committees, coordinating goals and agendas, and served on vari
ous coalitions.
CONEY ISLAND HOSPITAL, Brooklyn, NY 1983-2001
A 450-bed general hospital with approximately 250,000 outpatient visits annually
Associate Director, Emergency Services 1990-2001
Senior manager with full operations responsibility for 55,000/year visit Emergen
cy Service, leading various hospital-wide and cross-department initiatives. Res
ponsible for planning, budgeting, staffing, provision of community oriented serv
ices, program development and oversight.
* Initiated and directed transition of Emergency Division of Community Medicine
into independent operation, increasing revenues and generating significant incre
ase in referrals to other departments.
* Achieved cost reductions, increased accuracy of information, and improved pati
ent satisfaction with a streamlined registration process that reduced average ad
missions time by 65%.
* Developed and implemented several new programs and protocols to enhance patien
t services and operations, resulting in improved efficiencies and increased mark
et presence.
* Increased collections and implemented physician billing.
* Developed a post-discharge OPD follow-up appointment system.
* Coordinated on-going Quality Improvement and CQI projects.
1983-1990: Positions with progressive levels of responsibility in Psychiatry Se
rvices, Community Medicine and Emergency Division.
1979-1983: Management positions at Westchester Community Health Plan and New Yor
k State Department of Health Office of Health Systems Management.

MBA, BARUCH COLLEGE, Zicklin School of Business, 1999
MA in Health Care Administration, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, 1978
Board Member, New York Association for Ambulatory Care
Associate, American College of Healthcare Executives