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4100 North Ocean Drive, 804D * Singer Island, FL

Zapitman@aol.com * Home (561) 842-6784 Mobile (561) 262-5589

Enthusiastic, dynamic, highly motivated professional seeking a position within a

n organization in need of a qualified individual to provide sales, marketing, op
erations/general management, and business development and support that will bene
fit from initiative, analytical and organizational skills, hard work ethic, and
multi-tasking abilities

Accomplished and results driven professional with years of progressively respons

ible business experience in maintaining fast-pace and pivotal programs in dynami
c environments. Highly adept at managing through corporate change, economic vola
tility and competitive markets. Skilled in customer relation building; believes
strongly in getting to know unique needs and expectations of customers in order
to maximize sales. Knowledgeable of principles and methods for showing, promotin
g, and selling products or services including marketing strategy and tactics, ag
ency relationship, product demonstration, advertising, sales techniques, and sal
es control systems. Proven ability to consistently maintain established relation
ships with professionals. Established history in strategic planning; able to suc
cessfully orchestrate complex projects and generate rapid return on investment.
Able to handle projects and meet deadlines under pressure. Strong interpersonal
and communication skills, coupled with vision, business acumen, and astute negot
iation abilities.
Spearheaded company's growth from $1 Million to a profitable diversified busine
ss of over $6 Million
Established reputation in developing aggressive promotional campaigns; designed
creative catalogs/collateral
Played a pivotal role in new product development as company rose to leadership
position in niche market
Successfully generated $1.2 Million revenue by introducing telemarketing depart
ment; served as a creative strategist with exceptional business acumen adept at
cutting costs and improving operations
Succeeded decreasing 60% inventory from $1.5 Million to $600,000; maintained pr
oduct availability for clients by analyzing past sales trends to anticipate futu
re demand
Upgraded to state-of-the-art information systems tward optimizing customer serv
ice while streamlining internal procedures
Coordinated several business relocations as company grew


Proven record of sales/marketing success in maintaining and updating product kn
owledge, strategic business planning, increasing thousand dollar sales and excee
ding sales to plan, enhancing market share, customer service, forecasting and bu
dgeting, and building sales through creative sales strategies
Additional sales and marketing communication abilities include training and mot
ivation, extensive customer relations, generation of leads, reports and memos, a
bility to work effectively with senior managers, education of sales staff, publi
c relations, and developing a loyal customer base
Consistently noted by senior management, staff, clients, and customers for deta
il-oriented management skills, ability to prioritize tasks to accomplish maximum
results, and ability to solve organizational problems with innovative solutions
Skilled in all aspects of consumer buying consultation, identifying and evaluat
ing emerging trends, assessing individual lifestyles and needs, and researching
competitor pricing and selections
Strong leadership and motivational skills; proven ability to quickly build rapp
ort, establish trust, train and motivate people of all levels to achieve their m
aximum potential while attaining corporate objectives
Excellent strategies; Effective in developing and implementing business strateg
ies and techniques from concept to completion, resulting in greater revenue volu
me and team efficiency
Resourceful and well-organized; Skilled in activity planning, task management a
nd follow through
Keen sense of responsibility; solid professional standards; excellent track rec
ord of dependability
Insightful and articulate; adept at group dynamics and motivating staff to achi
eve company goals

Mordecai Claim Service Lake Worth, FL
Vice President of Operations: 2007 - 2010
Served as a Vice President for Sales and Marketing branding the company for two
years period
Started a radio program dealing with public adjusting and interviewed contracto
rs about their relationship to property damage claims
Oversaw responsible tasks in producing various commercials and print ads while
administering office duties
ZIBC, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL
Marketing Manager: 2001 - 2006
Purchased and developed property for the construction of affordable housing
Responsible for finding property lots, selling the homes, and working with the
customers from the time of sale to closing on the house
Grew the business from building one house to building and selling of over 20 ho
Nutrition Superstores.com, Inc. * West Palm Beach, FL
Vice President of Franchise Sales: 1999 - 2001
Worked with the team to develop programs meant for presentation of franchise co
ncept at International Franchise Show
Involved in promoting company through pre IPO 506 placements to doctors who wer
e on the Scientific Advisory Board
Involved in health and nutritional business in development and sales through va
rious gym club stores and doctor's offices
USL, Inc. Orlando, FL
Director of Marketing and Research: 1997 - 1999
Zapit, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL
General Manager/Senior Vice President: 1993 - 1998
Wenoka Sea Style (Division of Schur, Inc.) West Palm Beach, FL
General Manager: 1980 - 1993
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: John Carroll University Clevela
nd, OH
Major in Marketing
Completed AMA President's Course and other Business Management Courses
Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster in Florida
Diving Equipment Manufacturing Association, Board Member
Palm Beach Marine Institute, Past Chairman
Palm Beach County Chapter of the Holiday Project, Past Chairman
Palm Beach School of Autism, Board Member