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The Festival of Light

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside Too

By Matthew Delooze

IN 2004 I wrote an article called ‘Oh I do like to be beside the
seaside’. I had visited Morecambe, a sleepy run down seaside town,
in August 2004. It is located on the Fylde Coast in, Lancashire ,
Northwest England , UK . There was a festival going on at the time
and it was called the Festival of Light (Fire) and Water. It is
available here if you have not read it. Towards the end of the
article, written in September 2004, I said this;

I wondered how many seaside resorts were having “festivals”. I wondered

how many cities in the world were spending a fortune building domes only
to abandon them, at tax payers’ expense, when they have served their
purpose - after the ritual had taken place. So let us re-cap. On Morecambe
promenade, at the festival of “Light (Fire) and Water”, at full moon on
August 28th & 29th 2004, I saw a large eye, golden arches, a large dome,
obelisk (disguised as a clock tower), images of an eye on top of a pyramid,
and an illuminated 5 pointed star surrounded by circles. Is it just a
coincidence? Are these things going on at other seaside resorts? I know
Blackpool has a large obelisk and it is building a large dome; coincidence is
it? Let's see if "festivals" are arranged in the future there as well.

Little did I know at the time, consciously anyway, what was being planned for
Blackpool in the autumn of 2005.

The Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool is a very famous seaside resort based just a few miles down the
Fylde Coast from Morecambe. It’s most famous and popular event of the year
is the ‘Illuminations‘. As I have previously told you I have lived in Lancashire
all my life and I am well aware of Blackpool and its illuminations. ‘Blackpool
Lights’, as they are known to us northerners, have been going on every
autumn since 1879. They were officially known as “Artificial Sunshine”. The
Blackpool illuminations are supposed to be the most famous in the world.
They usually last from early September to early November, for around 66
nights, each year.

2005 seems to have been a very special occasion for the Blackpool
illuminations. For the very first time in 125 years, the authorities have decided
to have a ‘Festival of Light’ at the same time. Here is the official explanation
from the visitblackpool.com website.

Councillor Eddie Collett, Portfolio holder for Tourism and Regeneration


“Blackpool Illuminations and innovation have walked hand in hand along

the Promenade since 1879, when just 8 electric Siemens Arc Lamps drew
over 100,000 people to the Promenade for their first display. Since then, the
Blackpool Illuminations have grown into a spectacle that draws people from
all over the world.”

In order to remain a frontrunner in lighting technology, Blackpool Council

this year unveils the Festival of Light. Festival Director, Philip Oakley

“Blackpool Illuminations are testament to the early pioneers of electricity

and lighting. Their existence is a result of the ingenuity, ambition and
creativity of people over one and a quarter centuries ago. The Festival of
Light is about those same desires which push technological and creative
boundaries forward.”

Oh righty-right then. There you have a full official explanation as to why

Blackpool had its very first ‘Festival of Light’ in 125 years of staging the yearly
event known as “The Illuminations.’ Let’s have another look at the main
points shall we?

“In order to remain a frontrunner in lighting technology, Blackpool Council

this year unveils the Festival of Light”.“The Festival of Light is about those
same desires which push technological and creative boundaries forward.”

Oh I see, it’s not about covert symbolic ritual then? Should we go back to sleep
then? Have I not to bother writing this article? I see that councillor Eddie
Collett fails to mention that Morecambe council, just down the road had just a
few months before decided to cancel their own Festival of Light for 2005
despite its massive success in 2004. Lack of “funds” was the excuse.

Strange but true. I can assure all of you that the Festival of Light and Water in
August 2004 resulted in every hotel being sold out and every bar, restaurant
and takeaways being packed full of people, spending lots of money, in
Morecambe. I had never known Morecambe to be so full before. I don’t accept
for one minute that the festival was suddenly abandoned for money reasons. It
is all bollocks.
So you can imagine my surprise when I heard that there was to be no Festival
of Light in Morecambe in August 2005. Yes? Well please take time to read this
below (the Festival of Light part only) or at least grasp the basics. The decision
to abandon the festival was scrutinised.


It is obvious to me, due to my experiences with my own local council, that

Morecambe abandoned its own Festival of Light for reasons it is not truthfully
or willingly prepared to explain. No Festival of Light took place in Morecambe
2005 despite the scrutiny over the decision to cancel it. It is obvious to me and
has been for quite a few years that most, if not all local councils are totally
corrupt and run by faceless people hiding behind the scenes, not the elected
councillors themselves.

The average elected local councillor is usually as thick as two short planks and
they are simply used for voting tactics on certain committees for whatever the
puppet council, or party, leader tells them to. Some do mean well but those
that do rarely stay on the council long. The Serpent Cult controls all local
councils from behind the scenes. It is that way to control all ‘local events.’
They exploit committees, and employ puppet staff in the most important
departments. They decide what business operates in whatever area they want
it to, and what monuments are erected where they want them to. Indeed
festivals are planned through local councils, and everything is controlled from
giving a hotdog seller a licence, to hiring a top of the bill pop singer. It is vital
that you grasp the understanding that locally elected councillors are just a
public face for more sinister forces operating in the background, if you are
going to understand how covert rituals are planned and take place, and how
symbolic monuments are erected.

The removal of the Festival of Light in Morecambe, only for Blackpool to

suddenly announce they are having one, is a very good example of how the
Serpent Cult have created a network of corrupt councils to suit their own ends.
They covertly implement their ritual needs without raising too much suspicion
through local puppets elected onto or employed by the local council.

Anyway, let’s go back to events in Morecambe in August 2004, can I remind

you that I mentioned that the big wheel was being used to show ancient
Egyptian Illuminati symbolism, such as a pyramid and an eye. I didn’t have
any photos of the big wheel in Morecambe. Behold the same being symbolism
being used over 13 months later in Blackpool!
Blackpool 2005

You can imagine how easy it is to create any sort of special effects they want to
these days, by rigging the lighting. A pyramid and an eye is easy. You can still
make out a pyramid shape out in the picture above.

The meaning behind pyramid shape symbolism

I go into more details about this in my book ‘The Stars Are Falling’, soon to be
available from
www.experiencers.net. The pyramid shape was known as the ‘Benben’ to the
ancients. The top part of an obelisk (pyramid shape) is known as the ‘Benben
Stone’. Briefly, the Benben is symbolic of the marker point where the ancient
Sun God RA landed on dry land after being guided there, in a solar boat, by
Nun the God of the watery chaos. The pyramid shape represents the very first
mound of Earth formed and ruled over by Ra. This Benben or pyramid shape
is said to have rose out of the water.

A brief simple explanation is here:


Symbolically a Ferris wheel on or near water, and one that can be shaped into
a pyramid, represents Ra rising out of the watery chaos. The circle symbolises
a solar disc (The Sun). The ancients believed everything was created from the
chaos which was symbolised by dark waters. The Ferris wheel, or should I say
the illuminated symbolism on the Ferris wheel, is over the sea on the pier at
Blackpool, therefore the symbolism on the wheel, especially the pyramid
shape shown on the wheel below, can be interpreted as the first mound of
earth rising from the watery chaos.
I took this picture from a distance
It symbolises the Benben (pyramid) and the solar disc rising from the watery
chaos (the sea)
Order out of Chaos (order ab chao)

I realised straight away when I visited the Festival of Light at Blackpool that I
was again witnessing a symbolic ritual. A well planned deceptive symbolic
ritual. There was far more to it than just a seaside show. The festival at
Blackpool was on a larger scale than the one, thirteen months earlier, in
Morecambe but it was still telling me the same story and more.

Here is the official website address for the Blackpool Festival of Light. Have a
nosey round and you will see that no expense has been spared in producing
the festival. Why is this?


It was a full moon weekend at the time of the 2 day long festival in Morecambe
in August 2004 and it was a new moon weekend at the start of the 66 day long
Festival of Light at Blackpool in September 2005. Two different meanings that
fitted in exactly with the proceedings…

The Full Moon occurs between 14 and 15 days after the New Moon, and is
shaped like a complete disc. The Moon's illuminated side is facing the Earth.
The Full Moon reflects the maximum light from the Sun. This moon phase is
the time of abundance, ripening and completeness - fertile and shining with
the full power of feminine secrets and mysteries

New Moon
The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction,
occupying the same part of the sky from the viewpoint of Earth. During this
time the Moon doesn't reflect the light of the Sun, and so cannot be seen
(except during a solar eclipse). The Moon's un-illuminated side is facing the
Earth. The New Moon phase is the time of new beginnings


The festival at Morecambe felt like a short celebration, like a thank you
worship ceremony sort of situation. The Blackpool festival, the sheer scale of
it, felt like a ceremony dedicated to worship a renewal. It may be sheer
coincidence that that these festivals opened during the exact cycle of Full
Moon and New Moon respectively.

As soon as I hit the promenade at Blackpool I instinctively knew that the

Festival of Light, being promoted in conjunction with the Blackpool
illuminations, was symbolically linked to the Sun God Amen Ra. A ritual to
show respect to the illuminated ones. As at Morecambe, many “pop stars”
were being employed to promote the Festival of Light at Blackpool. In
Morecambe it was a two-night pop concert using the songs I mentioned at the
time. I soon realised that the Festival of Light at Blackpool was more of a
festival for the masses to show their respect. Whether they consciously wanted
to or not. It was a festival to show respect to Ra.

Who were the pop stars hired to open the Festival of Light on the second of
September 2005? Well, there was “McFly”, S-Club’s Rachel Stevens, Lee
Ryan, Mica Paris and a duo of stars brought back from the past, “Erasure”.
There is usually a celebrity hired to switch on the illuminations, just as
celebrities switch on the Christmas illuminations in towns and cities around
the world at Christmas time. This year it was Christopher Heavens, sorry I
mean Chris Evans, who acted as the light bringer by switching on the
illuminations at the Festival of Light and playing host at the opening


The artists at the opening ceremony were mostly unknown to me and I didn’t
really recognise them, but after some very quick research I realised that there
was some symbolism connected with them. I do recognise “Erasure” though.
In the opening ceremony at Blackpool they sang “Give a little respect to me”.

A nostalgic touch came from 80s popsters Erasure, fresh from their sell-out
UK and international tour. Vince Clarke and Andy Bell celebrated 20 years
of hits in a half hour performance earlier in the evening, returning to the
stage during the live broadcast to showcase their new single Breathe and
that all-time favourite A Little Respect.

I have previously mentioned, in ‘Beside the Seaside’, how the masses are
conned into symbolically worshipping “Gods” by being deceived into joining
in with ambiguous lyrics provided by Serpent Cult owned pop performers. I
feel I have to mention the “Give a little respect to me” song, by Erasure. The
lead singer of Erasure is Andy Bell.

Give a little respect to me

Written by Vince Clark/Andy Bell
I try to discover
A little something to make me sweeter
Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart
I'm so in love with you
I'll be forever blue
That you gimme no reason
You know you make-a-me work so hard

That you gimme no

That you gimme no
That you gimme no
That you gimme no

Soul, I hear you calling

Oh baby please give a little respect to me

And if I should falter

Would you open you arms out to me
We can make love not war
And live at peace with our hearts
I'm so in love with you
I'll be forever blue
What religion or reason
Could drive a man to forsake his lover

Don't you tell me no

Don't you tell me no
Don't you tell me no
Don't you tell me no

Soul, I hear you calling

Oh baby please give a little respect to me

I'm so in love with you

I'll be forever blue
That you gimme no reason
You know you make-a-me work so hard

That you gimme no

That you gimme no
That you gimme no
That you gimme no

Soul, I hear you calling

Oh baby please give a little respect to me

Soul, I hear you calling

Oh baby please give a little respect to me
I realise it is hard to see the symbolism and trickery on the surface, but simply
put, e-RA-sure (Or Bell) is requesting you respect (worship) him, and do not
to refuse him your soul. That is how I see it anyway. I only felt I should point
out what was sung at the official launch of the Festival of Light. This festival
went on for 66 days so very many pop songs were constantly played at all
venues there. Working on the same basis that we can be made to symbolically
worship Mercury through the lead singer in “Queen” (Isis) through “The
Queen” group or a tribute band, we can be made to symbolically worship
Amen- Ra (The hidden one) or Belle or Baal, through Erasure the group, and
the singer A. Bell. This deceptive form of worship is rife in the serpent
controlled music industry, and is very effective in the manipulation of the
collective consciousness. The vast majority of pop performers don’t have a
clue what they doing.

It is not pop songs I want to discuss in this article. As I have already indicated,
I believe this festival was one to request spiritual respect from the masses, and
the things they wanted symbolically respected were on display. Just as the
Crown Jewels are on display in the Tower of London, the Serpent Cult wants
millions of people to pass by and respect the illuminated monuments on
display, and the symbolism behind them.

More than 3.5 million visitors, on average, come to visit Blackpool when the
illuminations are on. That’s a lot of people. These people, from all over the
world, acknowledge and accept the Illuminations. They literally pay homage to
the illuminated symbolism. This year it was very special because the term
‘Festival of Light’ was used.

The London Eye

I have become more and more aware of rituals going on around the UK using
the Ferris wheel for occult symbolism, especially since the arrival of the
London Eye in London. The Eye was officially opened by Tony Blair on
December 31st 1999. I don’t know why, because no members of the public were
allowed on it until March 2000. Anyway the point I am trying to make is the
symbolism involved.

I have already mentioned the rising of the Benben out of the chaos with ‘Ra’
symbolised at Blackpool Illuminations through the Ferris wheel that stands
over the sea on the pier. According to the ancient Egyptians the pyramid
(Benben) represents the first mound of land created out of the chaos (water)
and the solar disc (circle) represents Amen Ra the Sun God. I can only say
again that I go into the Benben and Amen Ra situation far more deeply in my
ebook, “The Stars Are Falling”, now available at minimal cost at

Let us have a quick look at the British Airways sponsored London Eye for a
moment. Maybe you will understand the symbolism better? Here are some
pictures of the creation of the “B.A.” London Eye.
Can you see? The Benben (pyramid shape) and the circle (sun disc) are raised
out of the water (chaos). Order out of Chaos. It has become obvious to me that
this symbolism is very important to the Serpent Cult. "Ordo Ab Chao" is a
Latin phrase meaning 'Order Out Of Chaos' and is the motto of the 33rd
degree of the Masonic Lodge.

The same symbolism applies to festivals held at seaside resorts, with the use of
wheel symbolism. Spiritual powers were trying to tell me this when I walked
on Morecambe Promenade in August 2004.

Let us also look at some interesting facts about the “BA” London Eye. The
foundations are 33 meters deep, the same number as the degrees in
Freemasonry. There are 32 “pods” on the wheel, so if you include the main
frame circle as well you have a symbolic 33 degree monument. Coincidence is

I don’t want to drone on about the eye. I will say it’s losing millions of pounds
a year. Ferris Wheels are notorious losers of money. Although the BA London
Eye is not technically a ‘Ferris Wheel’ it still loses loads of money. A massive
white elephant financially. British Airways sold it years ago but are still the
official sponsors. Want to know why? It is for occult symbolism reasons in my
opinion. “BA” in ancient Egypt, simply means soul or “personality”.

BA The ba can best be described as someone's personality. Like a person's

body, each ba was an individual. It entered a person's body with the breath
of life and it left at the time of death. The ba is associated with divinity and
power. It had the ability to take on different forms, in this respect the gods
had many bas. The ba of the deceased is able to move freely between the
underworld and the physical world.

(Source Wikipedia free online encyclopaedia)

So the Ba entered the body with the 'breath of live' did it? Anyone thinking I
am loopy for suggesting Erasure were, unknown to them of course,
demanding respect at the opening or renewal ceremony through their song
'Give a little respect', at Blackpool should try and remember what other song
was used by them. It was called 'Breath'. A newly created and released song at
the time. As a famous illuminati expert says. 'Its all coincidence, nothing to
worry about'.

Calling the London Eye the “British Airways London Eye” is no accident. “BA”
added to the other symbolism creates a symbolic soul for the London Eye. It
represents the personality of Amen Ra. The Ba of Ra so to speak. That is why
it is still named the BA London Eye despite the fact that British Airways as a
company no longer owns the Eye. It’s all deception to create the spiritual
symbolism. The symbolism will only stop when the Serpent Cult wants it to,
and it has nothing to do with finances.

Here are some brief facts from the Wikipedia website.

The Tussauds Group owns 66% of the Eye, with its creators holding the
remainder. British Airways initially held a 33% in the attraction, but sold
this to the Tussauds Group in November 2005 for £95m. The airline remains
the principle sponsor of the attraction, however, and extended its franchise
at the same time it divested its interest.

Despite its popularity, the London Eye continues to be something of a

financial black hole. Its debt stood at more than £150 million by mid-2005,
increasing at the rate of £25 million per year. Much of this is due to the
costly loans taken out to finance the construction of the Eye, with its
operators Tussauds taking 4% of all ticket sales as a "management fee".

It is obvious to me the London eye will be called the BA London Eye for the
foreseeable future. It will be interesting to see what corporate logo, if any,
takes over from BA. They are certainly not wax dummies are they? £25 million
a year losses every year? Yet it is still operating. Anyway, hoping you have
grasped the wheel symbolism, let’s take our Ba’s with us and get back to the
seaside eh?

Morecambe monuments
I believe a Serpent Cult, agents for alien beings, continually use hypnotic
triggers to keep us, the masses, constantly under hypnosis. Is it possible that
after a festival or ritual has taken place that monuments are placed in certain
spots, either before or after the event, as subconscious reminder for us? A
hypnotic trigger? I have noticed things have appeared at the seaside at
Morecambe and Blackpool over the last few years that do not fit in to the
background or history of a seaside working class holiday resort.

Let us start with monuments that have appeared at Morecambe?

Please note that this stone jetty faces the sunset. Here are some pictures I

The Stone Jetty. Photo by Matthew Delooze

The Maze? Photo by Matthew Delooze
The Word Search. Photo by Matthew Delooze
The Word Search close-up (and I have certainly found a few words!)
Photo by Matthew Delooze
The Magpie Hopscotch. Photo by Matthew Delooze
The Magpie Hopscotch close-up. Photo by Matthew Delooze
The Compass. Photo by Matthew Delooze

I believe these stone circles are linked to ancient ritual and ancient Sun God
symbolism. Also take a look at this one stuck right in the middle of the Jetty,
on an obelisk. It is literally over the water in a large stone circle, a large
“bird”. It is named as the “Mythical Bird”
The Mythical Bird. Photo by Matthew Delooze.

Before I go any further I would like to show you an aerial image of the Stone
Jetty. A friend of mine only very recently alerted me about this. I did have the
impression that the Stone Jetty would resemble a group of crop circles from
above. I had this feeling whilst I was on the Jetty. I was literally in awe when
my friend sent me this image.
The Stone Jetty from above

Now then. I don’t even pretend to understand the symbolism presented here.
What I do know, because my intuition is churning inside me, is that the
arrangement of circles is not an accident nor is it meaningless. They mean
something very important to somebody. What do you think? What is your gut
feeling telling you? Is it simply bucket and spade stuff or is it symbolic signs to
the heavens? Anyway, is it possible that these modern monuments mean more
than the “Authorities” claim? Can certain monuments act as subconscious
triggers and/or act as symbolic statement?
Let us look more closely at the “Mythical Bird” statue.

The Stone Jetty. Photo by Matthew Delooze

The “bird” stands eerily aloft in the centre of the jetty (above) please note the
large derelict hotel in the background.

Mythical Bird. Photos by Matthew Delooze

Why could Morecambe possibly want to stick a large “Mythical Bird” on top of
an obelisk? I pondered on this for a while. I was gob-smacked when I visited
The Temple of Horus at Edfu in Egypt last summer. I saw this…

This statue is at the entrance of the Temple of Horus at Edfu

Is it possible that Horus symbolism has been placed in the ‘ Great Bay ’, as it is
known, at Morecambe? If so why? Does the Serpent Cult use the stone jetty at
Morecambe for more sinister events?

I can tell you that Morecambe Bay was called Aestuarium Moricambris by the
Romans. This can mean different things depending on the Latin translation.
Morecambe Bay is also surrounded by ancient stone circles all around
Lancashire and Cumbria. It is obvious to me that rituals have been taking
place in the Morecambe Bay area since ancient times. Is it possible they still
go on today? It is also an interesting fact that a Poulton Hall is linked to the
Washington family who produced George Washington, a 33rd degree Mason,
first president of the USA.

Poulton-le-Sands linked together with Bare and Torrisholme and is now

known as Morecambe. So Poulton is really Morecambe. The word Poulton is
believed to stem from Poltune or Pooltown. There is another Poulton much
closer to Blackpool. That is called Poulton-le-Fylde. I haven’t time to go into
details of the Poulton-Washington links in this article because I want to
concentrate on monument symbolism, but I hope to in a later article.

Anyway back to the monuments in Morecambe. Away from the Stone Jetty,
but still close to the seafront, there is a monumental reference to Genesis and
the Flood. What do you make of this? Not your usual seaside attraction is it? I
thought I was in Salt Lake City, for a moment, when I saw this.
A Flock of Birds. Picture by Matthew Delooze

A Flock of Birds. Closeup

Note the same derelict hotel in the background. The Stone Jetty is directly
behind it. This pyramid shaped obelisk seems in direct line to the jetty. It is a
30 foot high pyramid shaped obelisk presenting the Dove. I am no expert on
dove symbolism. A famous Illuminati symbolism expert claims;

“Joseph Smith carried a dove medallion given to him by an English Masonic

lodge. The dove is Illuminati symbolism for Queen Semiramis, the female
deity in their Babylonian trinity”

Flock of Birds. Photo by Matthew Delooze.

Flock of Birds. Photo by Matthew Delooze.

Genesis quotations about The Flood are carved all over the bloody place. I
found this quite shocking because Morecambe hit the headlines in recent
years because of people dying in the bay, drowning, by allegedly getting caught
out by the flood of the tide.


Morecambe Bay is notorious for its fast-rising tides and quick-sands. There
have been many deaths on the bay, dating back centuries, through drowning.
So who in authority (the council) decided to put up a great big obelisk about a
famous flood? Are they having a laugh? There are court proceedings going on
at the present time regarding the deaths of 21 cockle pickers who drowned in
Morecambe Bay.

I think I have shown you enough of the monumental symbolism at

Morecambe, for now anyway. I find it amazing that a shit-hole like
Morecambe can raise funds for the monuments I have showed you, yet the
rest of the town is literally falling to pieces.
“Wishing the dome away”. Photo by Matthew Delooze

Even the bloody wishing-well is tatty! Please take time to look at the official
site of the Tern Project.


Blackpool Monuments
Anyway, let’s move on to Blackpool and its Festival of Light. Oh I do like to be
beside the seaside….

Where do I start? I have already showed you how the big wheel can be used to
flash symbolism of the rising of the Benben and the solar disc from the watery
chaos. So let us have a look at some recently created symbolism beside the
seaside at Blackpool. I would like to concentrate on the south end of Blackpool
but first I’d like to mention an old “inn” at Blackpool. It was called the “Gynn
The Gynn Inn

Please click the link above if you want to read about its official history.

The Gynn Inn is no longer there. It was demolished in 1921. A traffic island
stands in its place. Here is a picture. Please note that this tree is fake and only
used, decorated with lights, for the illuminations and the Festival of Light.

Blackpool Monuments
Anyway, let’s move on to Blackpool and its Festival of Light. Oh I do like to be
beside the seaside….

Where do I start? I have already showed you how the big wheel can be used to
flash symbolism of the rising of the Benben and the solar disc from the watery
chaos. So let us have a look at some recently created symbolism beside the
seaside at Blackpool. I would like to concentrate on the south end of Blackpool
but first I’d like to mention an old “inn” at Blackpool. It was called the “Gynn

The Gynn Inn

I remember the traffic island being used for a carousel illumination a few
years back. I took this picture of the carousel in the Solaris Centre located in
the south promenade Blackpool.
Gynn Square was used for “The Magic Tree” in the Festival of Light in 2005

As I said, due to the size of the illuminations I only wish to concentrate on the
area heading south.

From Gynn Square to Starr Gate

‘The Promenade’ runs from Gynn Square to the pleasure beach and the ‘New
South Promenade’ runs from The Pleasure Beach to Starr Gate. Simply put it
is one long promenade. When I travelled in this direction I got some very
strong vibes that I was viewing the symbolic mechanics of an ancient ritual.
On my left hand side beside the north pier was this obelisk.

The Obelisk and the ferris wheel. Photos by Matthew Delooze

I then passed Blackpool Tower on my left hand side and approached the
central pier with the Ferris wheel. I headed past the south pier and spotted
‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ Photo by Matthew Delooze

That’s me in the picture. I am nearly 6 feet tall, so you can guess the size of
this thing. A massive mirrored globe resting on an obelisk. It is called,
strangely, ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ After some research I came to the
conclusion that it is based on the movie of the same name. That is on a
conscious level anyway.

Poster for ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’

Source moviegoods. com
“People are the ultimate spectacle”. “ Yowza -Yowza- Yowza”. I bought and
watched this movie. Although it is 37 years old I found it fascinating. I highly
recommend viewing it. It is set in 1930’s USA during the Depression. Here is a
brief description about the movie from images journal.com

They Shoot Horses, Don't They? is as uncompromising a vision today as

when Pollack filmed it 30 years ago. It introduces us to a dance that
seemingly will never end. The contestants go round and round while people
in the stands shout them encouragement. When the dancers fail, hundreds of
hours of sweat and pain suddenly disappear. As Rocky (Gig Young) smiles
and bids them farewell, and as they stumble back to the dressing room, we
know their dreams of a better future have been destroyed and their guts
have been ripped out. But the show continues. "Yowza! Yowza! Yowza!"
shouts Rocky. "As the clock of fate ticks away, the dance of destiny continues,
the marathon goes on and on and on...."

Again I highly recommend viewing ‘They Shoot Horse Don’t They’. I watched
it from the viewpoint that the dance floor represented planet Earth and the
desperate dancers represented the human race.

Across the road from the mirrored globe on the promenade was The Solaris
Centre. Strangely outside the Solaris Centre there were two massive horses. I
believe these horses were from the carousel that used to be on Gynn Square
(mentioned earlier.)

The Solaris centre. Photo by Matthew Delooze

The view from the horse outside the Solaris Centre to the ‘They shoot horses
don’t they’ monument.
The horses were removed after the festival. Photo by Matthew Delooze


It is obvious to me that the “Solaris” centre has great symbolic meaning. Not
only the Latin word for “Sun” reference but also the book written by
Stanislow Lem that was made into a movie. I also found it very eerie that the
mirrored globe was directly across from the Sun Centre at Blackpool. It made
the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Indeed the whole situation on the
Blackpool promenade reminded me of ancient Egyptian festivals, maybe
something similar to the ancient Egyptian “Festival of Opet.” (Click link for
brief description)


This Opet festival usually included the ritual of using a “boat”( barque) in a
procession, passing food and drink booths. Icons and statues were placed on
view in honour of Amen Ra. Please feel free to research the Blackpool
illuminations. I guarantee you will be able to link it to ancient festivals like the
Opet Festival. Indeed food booths, restaurants and bars line the promenade at

The festival of Opet was also connected to celebrating “the flood” (Of the Nile )
. I remind you of the flood monument at Morecambe. Blackpool also uses
solar boat symbolism during the illuminations. Take a look at this.

This is the symbolic solar boat (“named the Gondola”) that used to ride up and
down Blackpool prom during the illuminations. They created this effect by
decorating a tram with illuminations. I believe this and other illuminated
trams were used to symbolise the solar boat used by Amen Ra the Sun God in
ancient festivals.

Ancient solar boat at Solar boat museum, Giza,Egypt.

Photo by Matthew Delooze

Is it possible that the Blackpool Illuminations and the Festivals of Light are a
covert ancient ritual to honour the Sun God Amen Ra? I bloody well think so.
Lets face it though would the dumbed-down public care about, never mind
actually notice, what was going on?
There are many references in ancient Egypt to ‘procession festivals’ taking
place, using solar boats to symbolise travelling across the sky or to ferry the
soul. The Illuminations and the Festival of Light at Blackpool are an ideal way
for the Serpent Cult and the ‘Illuminati’ to carry on with the covert rituals.
Indeed is it possible that a procession through the Blackpool illuminations
ending at ‘Starr Gate’ is an exact replica of ancient Sun God procession
festival? Does ‘Starr Gate’ represent something other that just the place where
the Illuminations end at the southern end of the promenade? Or does it mean
a symbolic gate to the stars to those that understand what’s going on?
I am convinced that it is and it was arranged by the Serpent Cult. Anyway.
Close to the Solaris centre on the promenade is the “High Tide Organ”. Now
this thing really hit my eye. It is 45 feet high approximately. What do you
make of this then? It is located next to the Sandcastle Water-world and in
front of the famous Pepsi Max ‘Big One’. Now then.
Do you see an ‘organ’ or do you see a lumping great serpent? What do you see?
My greatest fears were confirmed after seeing this raised serpent standing
proud and high amongst the illuminations overlooking the Irish Sea. It makes
a humming sound when the wind blows through it. What else does that?
(Sorry couldn’t resist.)

couldn’t resist.)

High tide organ or high tide Serpent? Photo by Matthew Delooze

You can read more about the official high tide serpent through this link here
and by You can read more about the official high tide serpent through this link
here and by clicking on the high tide organ.
I believe I have shown you enough monuments that have sprung up in
Morecambe and Blackpool. Both areas are where official ‘Festivals of Light’
have taken place.
After a friend showed me the aerial view of the stone jetty at Morecambe I
decided to have a look at the new promenade at Blackpool from the air. Firstly
I was surprised by the similarity. Have a look and ask yourself why it is so
similar, from the air at least, to Morecambe when the projects were funded
and designed by different organisations? Blackpool Council stole their ideas
from Lancaster Council then did they? Or were they both just dancing to the
tune of the high tide organ on Blackpool Promenade?

did they? Or were they both just dancing to the tune of the high tide organ on
Blackpool Promenade?

Centre of New Prom at Blackpool

Wider image of New Prom

Full length image of New Prom. The picture is incomplete on the right hand side but now the
High Tide Organ has now been completed and is located at the far right hand side. The left hand
side ends at ‘Starr Gate’. The path to and from Starr Gate is serpent shaped.

What do you think? ‘Bucket and Spade’ or symbolism for the heavens? Again
I don’t pretend to know what this symbolism represents but I do know it's not
Again I believe the Blackpool Festival of Light and the illuminations are a
covert ritual to honour Amen Ra. This festival has been financed and arranged
by agents of what I call the Serpent Cult and it has been on going for a very
long time. This has been done through the corrupt network of councils and
puppet local councillors and through misuse of government and private
The dumbed-down public blindly allow festivals to take place (or to be
cancelled) without question, simply because they are unaware that there may
be other motives for having them. Monuments are also erected without
question or any understanding, from the masses, of their symbolic meaning.
We leave these things to the local council without even thinking about it, don’t
we? The same scenario applies to all towns and cities around the world. We
see some monument or statue of art appear in our towns or cities and just
blindly accept it simply because we think some boring council committee has
arranged it all.
This is not the case. Yes, a boring committee has voted for it, under
instruction, but the original plan for the erection of important Serpent Cult
monuments is sorted out by unseen faces long before some committee votes
for it. The public just sees the end product and that’s only if they notice it in
the first place.
I believe these monuments mean far more to the Serpent Cult than we can
imagine. Is it possible that millions of people are led, deceived, to the Festival
of Light and similar ones, to spiritually endorse a ritual of respect to the
Serpent Cult?
I also believe that a race of malevolent alien beings is determined to carry on
having these covert rituals and while the masses fail to realise, and act against,
what is actually going on they will continue to do so. There has been massive
investment at Blackpool to put on this show. This goes on while the rest of the
town falls into decline. Blackpool is now awash with the unemployed living in
the guesthouses and drug abuse.
I am not suggesting that every monument or every statue erected is used for
ritual. I am suggesting that in certain locations, certain monuments are used
for ritual. I am claiming that Morecambe and Blackpool are two very good
examples of locations where these monuments are being used though.
I only hope that I have made you think twice about what really is going on
under your nose without you giving a second thought about it. My eyes have
been opened to what is going on beside the seaside. I have only tried to pass
that vision on through this article. I also go into more details about this sort of
thing in my e-book “The Stars Are Falling”.
I hope you have enjoyed your little trip to the seaside with me. Maybe next
time you can bring your bucket and spade and help me dig a little deeper?
It does not matter to me if your gut feeling tells you that something is not
quite right at Blackpool and Morecambe or your intuition tells you that I am
simply a raving lunatic for suggesting it is. I just thank you for reading this
Best Wishes,
Matthew Delooze
You may be interested to know that Blackpool want to have all year round
‘Artificial Sunshine’ and are trying to get more finances from the ‘lotto’ fund.
‘Lights to become year-round draw’
'Blackpool's world-famous illuminations could become a year-round
attraction if a £50m bid for lottery funding is successful.’ (Please click on

Victims of the Flood and the Snakeheads

On Friday 26th March 2006 a verdict was returned finding three people guilty
of manslaughter .


The symbolism is pretty easy to work out.

The people who drowned were placed in the Bay by ‘Snakeheads’. Coincidence
is it?

The bodies were found on the 6th February 2004. A full moon. Coincidence is

Guilty Lin and Eva

Not guilty Dave and Tony Eden

It appears that the fall guy, for 5-sense reality purposes anyway, in this case is
Lin Liang Ren and his girlfriend Zhao Xiao Qing, ‘coincidentally’ known as
‘Eva’. Two businessmen were acquitted, a father and son team who
‘coincidentally’ bring another symbolic name into the frame, David and Tony
Is it possible that spiritual forces created a sacrificial slaughter to take place in
the bay on the 5th- 6th February 2004.

Best wishes

Matthew delooze