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808 Toro SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123
Cell # (505) 280-5615
Objective: Social Worker in Behavioral Health Field
LICENSURE: Masters of Social Work
Degree: Masters in Social Work
Location: New Mexico Highlands; Albuquerque, NM
Graduation: May 2010
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Technical writing
Location: University of New Mexico; Albuquerque, NM
Graduation: May, 1992

Internship Assignments:
UNM Hospital, Managed Care Department
Trauma Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Mother-Baby Unit, and Obstetric
s Specialty Care Unit (2 semesters)
VA Hospital, Mental Health Intensive Case Management, MHICM in the Behavioral He
alth Unit (2 semesters)
Employer Catholic Charities
Title Case Manager
Location Albuquerque, NM
Duration March 2006 to August 2008
Job Duties Case Manager for homeless and single parent families who are particip
ating in the housing and self sufficiency program. Duties include advocating for
all entitlements, helping families find suitable housing, as well as developing
and utilizing assessments and service plans to guide families toward achievable
financial independence and stability. Responsible for creating and maintaining
client files which must be audit ready at all times. Knowledge and appropriate a
pplication of Housing and Urban Development regulations and grant requirements,
Housing Quality Standards, and fair market prices are required of this position.
Integral to this position is the ability to develop and maintain community rela
tions with such entities as landlords, property managers, and external social se
rvice agencies. Additional duties include staff training and monitoring of the H
omeless Management Information Systems (HMIS). Aided in the standardization of H
ealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) forms and assured com
pliance with the pertinent regulations.

Employer High Desert Family Services

Title Treatment Coordinator
Location Albuquerque
Duration February 2004 - March 2006
Job Duties Responsible for a case load of six to eight adolescent clients and th
e supervision of their foster parents who were also employed by High Desert Fami
ly Services. Accountable for devising and implementing treatment plans for at ri
sk children and their family members. Facilitate and coordinate all necessary su
pport services such as individual and family services, medication management, oc
cupational therapy, and speech therapy. Coordinate efforts of all outside agenci
es involved in treatment and facilitate treatment team meetings. Additional duti
es included reporting progress and incidents to High Desert Family Services, Chi
ldren Youth and Families Department, children's court, schools, psychologists, a
nd probation officers participating in the treatment team.
Employer Youth Development Incorporated
Title Case Manager /Job Developer/Visitation Supervisor/Accounts Receivable
Location Albuquerque
Duration February 2002 - June 2003
Job Duties Served as a Case Manager assisting the University of New Mexico (UNM)
Career Works in the Welfare to Work Program by tracking and assuring clients re
ceived appropriate services. Worked as a job developer at the Roma Family Center
where clients are provided help with job placement, interviewing skills, and re
sume writing. At The Neutral Corner, a supervised visitation center for children
and their non-custodial parents, I functioned as a visitation monitor and accou
nts receivable and collection agent.
Employer Albuquerque Housing Services,
Family and Community Services; City of Albuquerque
Title Tenant Services Specialist
Location Albuquerque
Duration July 1994 - October 2000
Job Duties Responsible for approximately 250 families receiving Section 8 housin
g services. Determined client program eligibility through family composition and
income, assessed social service needs, and referred families to the appropriate
support agencies. Coordinated with landlords, tenants, neighborhood association
s, and police in assuring community and individual rights and needs were accommo
dated. Inspected housing for federal quality standards and fair market values.
Employer Public Housing
Family and Community Services; City of Albuquerque
Title Administrative Aide II, CL14
Location Albuquerque
Duration August 1993 - July 1994
Job Duties Responsible for editing and composing general correspondence for the
section manager and five tenant advisors. Reviewed tenant rental payment history
and apprised tenant advisors of delinquencies. Responsible for coordinating ven
dor services, and also acted as Recording Secretary for the Fair Housing Committ
Employer Human Rights Office
Family and Community Services; City of Albuquerque
Title Administrative Assistant II, CL14
Location Albuquerque
Duration February 1993 - August 1993
Job Duties Contributed clerical support, technical writing, and word processing
necessary for the planning, preparation, and scheduling of the 1993 Human Rights
Awards Ceremony.

Available Upon Request