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No. 1 Mabilis St., Bgy. Pinyahan, Diliman, Quezon City

Res. Tel. no.: 921-18-84
Cell phone no.: 0928-797-6942
E-mail address: maruventura@yahoo.com

OBJECTIVE: To provide efficient accounting services up to the extent the management requires and
utilize my potentials to the fullest.



Company : Coastal Management Center

Nature of Business : Research of coastal resources

Accountant (Consultant) (September 1999 – Present)

♦ Summarizes monthly transactions and prepares bank reconciliation

♦ Prepares monthly financial statements including fund status report
♦ Handles taxation and other government requirements matters
♦ Prepares financial report to donors
♦ Monitors expenses against fund budget
♦ Gives recommendations in improving financial status

Company : AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Nature of Business : Manufacturing & exporting of pharmaceutical products

Cost Accountant (August – October 2001)

♦Handled inventory/non-inventory importations recording

♦ Handled recognition of inventory materials accrual
♦ Monitored foreign accounts payables including preparation of registration of invoices required by
Philippine Central Bank
♦ Reconciliation of various accounts such as inventory materials, foreign accounts receivables/
payables, fixed assets, labor hours, goods in transit, prepaid items
♦ Maintained fixed assets register including acquisitions and disposals
♦ Prepared summary of import VAT and duty analysis

Company : Int’l. Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management, Inc.

Nature of Business : Research of coastal resources

Accountant (Free-lance) (November 2000 – June 2001)

♦ Processed travel and collaborators’ liquidation reports in compliance with company policies and
♦ Summarized Philippine office expenses every month
♦ Coordinated with external auditors in conducting special project audit
♦ Processed other matters related to accounting

Company : DC Coolmakers and Power Builders Corp.

Nature of Business : Airconditioning services and contractor

Accountant/Auditor (Consultant) (April – December 2000)

♦ Audited company books and provided audit findings and recommended solutions
♦ Updated company transactions
♦ Designed better accounting system
♦ Trained accounting staff

Company : Int’l. Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management, Inc.

Nature of Business : Research of aquatic resources (NGO)

Project Accounting Supervisor (May 1997 – January 2000)

♦Supervised accounting staff in Project Accounting Section

♦ Maintained updated fund balances per project and alerted Finance & Mgt. Info. (FMI)
Manager on any upcoming fund deficits.
♦Recorded and monitored recognition of revenues and overhead recovery of restricted projects
♦Prepared schedule of grant revenues, receivables, payables and overhead recovery
♦Assisted project proponents in the preparation/review of project budget
♦Reviewed journal entries related to project expenses
♦Ensured that approved policies and internal control measures relating to project management
are in place
♦ Ensured that actual expenses incurred per project are within the budget and highlighted
budget overruns to FMI Manager
♦Highlighted the nature of expenses overruns in the financial reports required by donors to
to the FMI Manager for immediate resolution
♦Ensured prompt and proper liquidation of project operating funds
♦ Checked and analyzed prepared monthly expense reports by detailed expense items
♦Supervised preparation of monthly project accounting reports for distribution to management
♦Recommended improvements in project management and accounting policies and procedures
♦Coordinated with Program/Project Leaders
♦Participated in improvising computerization of accounting system using Platinum System

Senior General Accountant (July 1995 – April 1997)

♦Prepared monthly bank reconciliation statements

♦Prepared schedules as support to monthly financial statements
♦Prepared accounting entries
♦In-charge of inputting Journal Voucher entries to Accounting Module
♦Analysis of accounts such as Advances to Officers and Staff, Advances for Liquidation,
Project Operating Funds, Receivable from Collaborating Institutions
♦Prepared statements/notices of receivables
♦Accommodation of center-wide queries & clarifications of personal and official advances
♦Prepared/composed follow-up letters for outstanding receivables and memo in answering
♦Conducted surprise cash counts and reconciles count results with book balances
♦Accomplished U.S. Internal Revenue Services annual returns for the Center with
supporting documents/schedules
♦Prepared monthly BIR remittances and Annual Withholding Tax reports
♦Prepared individual Expanded Withholding Tax forms for the suppliers/creditors
♦Conducted workshop for orienting/updating non-accounting staff regarding Center’s
accounting policies and procedures
♦Assisted in the formulation of accounting policies and procedures including accounting
forms needed and undertook/monitored its strict implementation and compliance

Accountant (March 1992 – June 1995)

♦Processed/prepared monthly payroll for locally hired staff

♦Prepared monthly SSS remittances
♦Handled payables including processing of daily requests for payment and scheduling
of outstanding accounts payables
♦Coordinated/reconciles with various suppliers
♦Prepared aging of accounts payables and accrued expenses
♦Analysis of accounts such as accounts payables, accrued expenses, reserve for transportation
services, expenses of three divisions of the Center
♦Assisted in the formulation of accounting policies and procedures including accounting
forms needed and undertook/monitored its strict implementation and compliance

Company : Trans Pacific Construction and Fabrication Corporation

Nature of Business : General Engineering Contractor
General Accountant/Accounting Supervisor (January 1988 – March 1992)

♦Supervised accounting staff

♦Assisted Chief Accountant in designing and implementing accounting system
♦Prepared monthly financial statements
♦Handled analysis of monthly financial statements
♦Verified validity of disbursements through cash/check and its entries
♦Checked materials issuance and its costing
♦Prepared entries in and maintained General Journal
♦Handled various subsidiary ledgers
♦Handled Cash Receipts Books and General Ledger
♦Prepared monthly bank reconciliation statements
♦Monitored Daily Cash Position and availability of collateral for Letter of Credit
♦Participated in semi-annual budget preparation
♦Provided suggestions in cost savings for the company
♦Did other functions such as preparation of Standby Letter of credit, provides company
financial information to outside users.
♦Coordinated with external auditors, bank personnel and government agencies such
as SEC, BIR and SSS
♦Negotiated with bank/financial institutions for the ff:
- higher interest rate for temporary investments
- refund for bank charges in securing Standby Letter of Credit
- higher exchange rate

Bookkeeper/Secretary (August 1986 – December 1987)

♦ Prepared vouchers and checks
♦ Handled revolving funds
♦ Overall in-charge of keeping books such as Disbursements Book, Cash Receipts
Book, General Journal and General Ledger
♦ Designed and implemented difference accounting forms
♦ Implemented better accounting system
♦ Prepared monthly financial statements
♦ Prepared semi-monthly payroll and monthly BIR & SSS remittances

♦ Received phone calls
♦ Prepared appointment papers/employee contracts
♦ Coordinated with different persons for business inquiries
♦ Prepared application for bid bonds
♦ Typing of correspondences/others

Company : Stanford Microsystems, Inc.

Nature of Business : Manufacturing semiconductors

Cost Control Clerk (September 1985 – February 1986)

♦Prepared manufacturing supplies budget

♦Responsible for controlling the manufacturing supplies’ daily withdrawal
Company : Velprint Corporation
Nature of Business : Printing services

Payroll Clerk/Bookkeeper/Purchaser (August 1984 – May 1985)

♦Prepared payroll every week

♦Prepared monthly BIR and SSS remittances
♦Handled Disbursement Journal, Purchase Journal
♦In-charge of canvassing and purchasing of materials
♦Did physical inventory every month
♦Prepared monthly inventory report
♦Prepared vouchers
♦Maintained stock cards

Company : Rosario Investments, Inc.

Nature of Business : Chain of lodges

Audit Clerk (December 1983 – February 1984)

♦Prepared reports after field observation in various lodges

♦Verified vouchers and receipts for its authenticity
♦Performed actual inventory on securities and other properties
♦Prepared cash flow report


♦ Owns and manages a bakery (December 2006 – Present)

♦ Operated a school canteen at Lourdes School, Q.C. (June 2002 – March 2006)

Date of Birth : July 27, 1963

Place of Birth : Cagayan de Oro City
Civil Status : Married with 4 children


School : St. Joseph’s College, Q.C.

Field of Study : General
Date Graduated : March 1979
Degree Received : Secondary

School : Phil. School of Business Administration

Field of Study : Accounting
Date Graduated : October 1983
Degree Received : Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


♦Licensure Examination :
Civil Service Examination -Subprofessional Level - June 1983
Certified Public Accountant Examination - May 1987

♦Typewriting speed : 38 WPM

♦Can operate computers using MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Powerpoint


♦Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)


♦Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review - Aug. 2008

♦Evaluating and Documenting Internal Control Weaknesses given by
Joaquin Cunanan & Co. - Sept. 1996
♦Platinum System given by ABM Computech Enterprises, Inc. - Aug. 1995
♦Update of all Kinds of Withholding Taxes given by NCR Research &
Development Center - Sept. 1993
♦Supervision given by Guthrie-Jensen Consultants - Feb. 1991
♦BIR and SEC Rulings given by Phil. Association of Management Accountants - Feb. 1989
♦Construction Accounting given by Trade & Commerce Center of the Phil. - Apr. 1989
♦Wordstar in Pacific Automation - Aug. 1985
♦Basic Assembler in Manila Data - Jan. 1985
♦ANS-COBOL in Manila Data - May 1985
♦Dbase III in Pacific Automation - Aug. 1985
♦Basic Computer System in Manila Data - Nov. 1984